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husbands suck

Posted By: linda on 2007-08-06
In Reply to: Burnt out - need advice

it sounds to me like you have a husband problem not a transcription problem. my first husband was like that too, his days off were his, I took care of all of everything else 7 days a week. Am divorced now and much happier, as I am not dealing with that pig anymore. My work is going great, I make $35 to $40 per hr, put in 6 hours a day and support myself and kids well. Think about dumping him, he sounds like a jerk. Don't give up! Your speed will increase, and as far as looking up every out of state school, employer, etc. DON"T DO IT. they will learn to spell them if there is a blank every time.

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What do your husbands do?
old supervisor put her ex-husbands
with on a rad account because "she was in nursing school" and had learned the terminology by process of "osmosis"
That's more than my folks did, or my husbands.

I think that you thinking you "put yourself through college" when your parents were paying your tuition and rent kind of says this is the pot calling the kettle black. 


Does it take husbands and kids? LOL

That is funny and how many of our husbands have asked
Stepford husbands, maybe? Sign me up!!!
And mom isn't doing such a hot job of picking husbands, either. THAT should be addressed. nm
Clients are like husbands - sometimes ya gotta train em
Suck it up...
You are getting priceless experience, which you badly need, since you do not want to invest in any more training. Ignore the rudeness the best you can and learn, learn, learn. Realize that you will not be working with this woman forever. Remember this experience for when you are in her place (training a newbie in the future).
Suck up?
I do have a student loan to pay off. The fact that you do not does not surprise me. It shows in the superficiality and lack of logic in your post.

My original post was tongue in cheek - that means humorous - and the fact that you didn't get that tells me everything I need to know about you. As far as your comments about your kid, I disregard that completely because you obviously have a huge ego and of course your kid is perfect. I bet the office staff has another version.

I've been in this job a long time and I know how things have changed. I have seen the dumbing down of America, including its medical practitioners. These dictators are not just too fast, they stutter, they lose their place, they can't even get the patient gender correct - because they aren't paying attention to what they are doing. IMO, that means their patients don't mean much to them. If you care about something, you pay attention to it.

When I started this job long ago, a bad dictator was a rarity - that has been turned on its head and now the good dictator is a rarity. Those are the facts and if you don't like them, too bad, but it doesn't change the facts.

By the way, well-educated by definition means articulate. Going through school for a number of years does not necessarily translate into well educated.

People like you are part of the reason our wages are down - you're so busy basking in the glory of the doctors you worship that you can't see reality.

I'd tell him to suck it up and go back
And this situtation is not unusual. A friend of mine was phased out of a 75 grand a year job and when they called her back several months later she said she wouldn't work for them anymore. I said - Hey, Gerri - what's their number? I'll take that friggin job if you don't want it!
dang I suck!
LOL.  I have only had a job for the last 3.5 weeks.  Yesterday I hit 700 lines in a day.  Thank goodness I have no minimum.  But the first day I actually worked, I only hit 279 lines.  I get faster and faster everyday.  I also learned how to add things into the AutoCorrect option in MicroSoft Word, so that helped too.  I expect to be able to hit 1000 lines per day in another 3 weeks.  I also can only get in 5 hours during the day while the kiddos are at school.  If I choose to work in the evening I have to stop A LOT.  Part of the reason it takes me all day to hit 700 lines is that I hear words I am not familair with.  Or meds I have to look up.  I also go back and proofread all documents twice.  Seem I have no minimum requirement I can truly spend a little extra time on each document and be sure it the best I can do.  I know, over time, I will not to proofread every document over and over, but I am still learning.
taking all into consideration, they both suck.
The reason I said suck it up, is because you are new to the industry...
and have to put your dues in...we all have had to do that...I care about my work also and obviously not in it just for the money..
Apparently are husbands and kids are supposed to be lower on the totem pole...

than our jobs?!?!?!  Geez!  You are probably single with no kids or no kids at home anymore and no hubbie either!  Or you're Burned Out's boss and you are not so subtly letting her know how you feel about vacations.  This isn't a third-world sweat shop, ya know.  We all deserve time off!

How dare you try to make the original poster feel guilty for wanting to take a vacation!  Don't you think women have enough pressure guilt from society what with the guilt we feel for having to work and send our kids to daycare or the feelings of inadequacy career women give stay-at-home, full-time moms because they've chosen to raise kids instead of chase dollar signs and career?!?!?

We should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down! 

Fat can be lost but ugly is forever. It must suck
I hate the ones that suck their snot up through their nose! UGH!...NM
Anyone suck at tests and do great transcription?
I absolutely SUCK at taking transcription tests yet my work is always 99%+ correct.  I think I just choke on them. 
I don't. Have the unlined version, they suck too. I use reading glasses that
I hear mine suck hard candy all day. LOL sm
He's also done a few of those breathier burps. Yuck You'd think with his ability to edit over the dictation, he'd want to get rid of them, or at least say excuse me. LOL
No actually I plan to suck everything out of them at my line rate this year and then quit in January
when they start the new pay plan. Yep, that is exactly what I plan to do. Yep, I have it all planned out. This sick sick lady has it all planned out. The best of MQ is over.
recommend the newbie MT join AAMT online chapter and suck the SM
dickens out of their "We Ment Well" (play on We Mentor Well) forum, to which non-newbies are excluded, and for which there is a plethora of talented folks of all types of persuasions more than willing to help.