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I downloaded Dial Idol this week

Posted By: Claymate for Taylor on 2006-05-18
In Reply to: Scary how close it was! - Taylor fan

on my laptop and had it do my dialing and voting for me this week. I've never done that before but it sure was easier...and I usually need to be working every evening, too, so can't just stop and vote for 2 hours..or 3 next week.  I have such anxiety or this show. I don't know what my problem is. When I told my son last night that Taylor made it to the finals, I said "Do you know what that means?"  He said, "He'll come in second and you'll be disappointed again?"  Yep..he knows how it goes.  Obviously, I absolutely loved Clay and cried the night he didn't win. I didn't really get too wrapped up in season 3. I liked Bo and was disappointed but didn't cry when he lost.  This year, I have the feeling for Taylor like I did for Clay.  I will be so, so disappointed and upset at this dumb show if he doesn't win.  As many times as Kat has been in the bottom, and Taylor never, I will just not understand it if he doesn't win, and on the other hand I guess I will just not be surprised at all, either.

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Dial Idol
It's at www.dialidol.com.  It's free to download.  I have high speed internet on my laptop but also have the regular old phone line modem.  It was so easy.  I just downloaded the program.  Plugged in the cord from the phone.  It pretty much configured itself.  Then when the show was over, I opened up the program.  This last week, they only did two lines for each contestant instead of three.  You don't have to put in the phone numbers or anything.  You just select where you want your votes to go.  You can split them if you want...but being you are Soul Patrol (Whoooo!) I don't think you will :)    It does all of the dialing and redialing for you after that. I just walked away but came back to check on how it was doing.  It also tracks who, according to it, is ahead based on number of calls, percentage of busy signals, etc.  It's been about 85% accurate, and Taylor has been on top every week.
Idol this week
Elliott seems genuinely goofy.  I'd like to see the guys perform a female artist's songs after Katharine was required to perform Elvis songs with all the guys.
I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

Is there engineer week? Astronaut week? Veterinarian week?
Hey! I went and downloaded that! I like it! THX
no message
Ok, it's downloaded. Would you rather SM

e-mail me?  I left my e-mail address above.

Thank you so much!


I have downloaded it & used it, which is why I
Typically this week is a slow week in lots of places

because it is a big vacation week.  Typically things slow dow a bit in the summer too because people are putting off elective surgery, but at the same time lots of people going on vacation so it should balance out.   



Lowest runs $900 week, highest $1400 week (sm)
Get paid 12 CPL. Been doing transcription for about 12 years.
Idol top 12
Bo seemed very happy. I think he had been careful to look cool while he was a contestant, but last night he could just have fun and not worry about a cool image. I don't think Ayla is snotty, but she's not as good as Katharine, and she also has her basketball to concentrate on. I think Melissa was shocked that she snuck through. And Kevin was blown away that he made it. I'm glad he did. He has a wonderful voice, though the music he chooses isn't exactly pop idol material, so he's not the total package. Will and Gideon leaving was okay with me. I figured Ace would make it through, though I don't enjoy him.

Now there are only one or two guys and one or two girls I won't mind getting the boot, though in the end I think the winner will be Chris or Elliott or Lisa or Katharine. I think Lisa is holding back to wow everybody at the end.

Okay, I guess I'm one of the few who have never watched this show!  However, i just had a doctor dictating, said "Katherine McVeigh is gonna do well only cause she is so bloomin' good looking.  She cannot sing worth a hoot".    I cracked up!


Idol Fan
I think Chris was just as shocked that "Cat" of all people beat him out! She has always been my least favorite! My favorite has always been Mr. Soul Patrol!! Of course you have to love Elliott too! Chris will be fine and probably have a record deal very soon.
Idol Nothing New
Unfortunately, I think the show is "fixed" every year. They latch on to a particular contestant and you can just see how much they favor that one person. It happened last year with Carrie. A few days before the finale, an article was posted on the internet from a newspaper that said when speaking about Carrie, "the winner of American Idol" even though the final show hadn't aired yet. Needless to say a day later the article disappeared
I think Katherine is great if she sings the right song.
I downloaded it and it's working, but
how do I know if someone has been watching me? TIAjavascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
just downloaded shorthand
It is a little intimidating. Did I make a mistake? Guess I got a little too used to Autocorrect.
Expanderic - has anyone downloaded the (sm)
free trial of Expanderic.  I did and I seem to be getting some weird stuff, i.e., it will create a space every time the "s" is typed.  Thanks for any info.
Thanks...just downloaded it on new laptop and
Yes, I've had it downloaded for a while
I wasn't sure how to get a host, username and password. Is it easy to do.
American Idol
I missed the first 6 minutes.  What did I miss???
American Idol

I think, BY FAR, the guys are better this year. Of course, I thought that last year too...Bo was robbed!

Anyway, I just love Taylor...there's just something about him that is genuine and warm, I don't know, I hope he wins! 

What are your thoughts? Who's outta there tonight? I think either Kevin or Will...sorry to say, cause they're both cuties!

As for the girls,  eehh...who cares? They just aren't...as Randy says...bringing it this year...nuff about them.

Ace is hot , Chris is just plain good ...but Taylor's still my pick!

American Idol
Taylor is something else - but so is Chris - he sang "Broken" like he really felt it last night. I am for either of them winning - as for the girls - Mandisa has it handsdown.
American Idol...sm

Ok, last night's show...

First, I can't believe that Kevin dodged the bullet and got into the top 12...but I'm glad, he seems like such a sweet kid.  Kinda figured Will would go, but I liked Gedeon too.

I'm glad Ayla (sp?) got the boot, didn't like her.  She was snotty!   Kinnik was nothing special either, so guess she had to go too.

As for Bo's performance, I don't know...he seemed kinda off or something.

Now it gets good...the top 12...who's your pick to win?  Mine's Taylor...or maybe Chris!

This weeks Idol
Hi all!  What are your thoughts on last nights performances?  I thought Kelly was just absolutely awful.  Although, Katherine should be thanking her lucky stars that Kelly was as bad as she was, otherwise, I am sure that she would be getting the boot tonight.  I thought that Elliot was the best by far last night.  Chris is my second place.  Taylor and Paris both did a good job. My final three are still Elliot, Chris, and Taylor. 
I agree with your Idol Fan!
Kelli has been needing to go home for weeks now, luckily Bucky was worse than her.  Elliott is also my favorite, has been since Day 1.  And Chris is also my second favorite.  Although I don't think Taylor has as strong as a voice as some of the others I absolultely love him!  That show won't be the same without him!  Hopefully Kelli goes home tonight!!!!  I'm SO over her blond attitude!  Elliott all the way!!!!
American Idol

There are only three left now.  Who will be the winner? amj

Idol Tickets
Dress up like a major fan with Idol T-shirt and other accessories and stand in front of local supermarket with a karaoke machine singing some famous Idol songs, "I believe", "A moment like this"! Oh, c'mon, that would be good! lol
I used to have a free little toolbar that I downloaded and

there was also a website where you could sort the feedback of ebay users.  I deleted it because I'm just not into ebay as much as I used to be.  However, if you check Google or Download.com, you ought to be able to find something.  GutCheck is one of them, but I've never used it.

I typed the following into Google to find GutCheck.

ebay sort negative feedback

And "ebay feedback" without quotes at download.com to find BayCheck.

I downloaded H&A Timeclock off of Download.com
I just downloaded the ones I needed from the IRS site, I think. nm
filling downloaded IRS forms
Okay, I'm supposed to be able to fill in the 1099-Misc form I just downloaded but for some reason I can't add any information.  Am I missing a plug-in or something?>
I didn't like it either, but when I downloaded the video
and relistened, I had to change my opinion. He sounded great. On the video, the fiddler and the background singer are less distracting and you can really hear Taylor sing.

I mean there were no jobs to be downloaded...sorry your having trouble though..nm



Has she downloaded the required audio
Try Winamp. Can be downloaded online FOC.
I downloaded 2 last night without a problem


This isn't a hoax, they are legitimate Stedman's electronic downloads, just older versions.  I downloaded 2 files and ran scans on them both prior to installing....they were clean files.  They were also full versions, third edition, but hey when your own Stedman's books are nearly a decade old and mainly first and second editions, a third edition electronic seems cool.

Files work fine for me.

I downloaded Abacus. doggone if sm
I can figure out how to use it! That is what happens when you work for a one company forever and ever. Don't keep up on the other stuff. I did see the counter on Word so I guess I will have to wait and see how they do things.

Some companies don't explain things very well.
I already downloaded express scribe sm
and took the test. Thanks!
can't she just do a systems restore to the day before she downloaded it? nm
Any American Idol Fans out there ?
Brenna - American Idol
I was also very happy to see Brenna get voted off and the crap she said about making her own record.  She sucked! 
American Idol tonight!!
American Idol Results.....SOON

The results are in............who is leaving American Idol tonight?  We will know in about 30 minutes from now.  My feeling is that either Kevin or Kellie are going home tonight......I like Kellie, but she really doesn't have the voice like the others, and Kevin, well, he speaks for himself - CHICKEN LITTLE - LOLOLOLOL!

I see it coming down to Chris and Kathryn!!!!!!!!

American Idol--who are your favs?

 Mine are:

  1. Taylor (he just makes me happy)

  2. Mandisa (love her)

  3. Chris (he is awesome)

  4. Paris (so spunky)

  5. Katherine (so talented and controlled)


American Idol last night
How did everyone think it went last night?  I was again disappointed by some of my favorites.  I just love Mandisa and Taylor, yet they were not up to snuff at all last night.
American Idol Tour
Has anyone here ever gone to any of the tour shows? 
american idol tour

Do Simon, Paula, Randy and Ryan go on the tour or is it just the idols?

thanks, C-msg...I downloaded 'sount pilot' which is the trial...
I just downloaded the home typist and will check it out...Appreciate your help!
HELP!! How do add a new dictionary to shorthand. I just downloaded it and want to use the free one
they have but I am doing something wrong!!!
Have you downloaded Express Scribe. It works
with most files.    I know that Start/Stop can play multiple file formats by doing a conversion and there are probably other programs that do the same thing.   If you bought your foot pedal from a company that you worked for it could possibly be proprietary and not work with any other program. 
can Express Scribe be downloaded off internet - sm
Is there a cost? Where can I purchase it?