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Will all of the final 12 be there next week? (nm)

Posted By: Taylor fan on 2006-05-18
In Reply to: AI - EmptyMT


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My husband is in withdrawal. We were on vacation last week and he missed the final 2 episodes!! sm

Is there any kind soul out there who recorded it on either VHS or DVD who could send me a copy???? I would pay shipping! He wants to go on ebay and "buy" it, but I told him that one of these kind ladies from mtstars will help him out!

I personally have never seen the show. We were in another state visiting MY family and bless my husband's heart - I remember where we were last Monday night - sitting in my aunt's living room in the middle of no where in Oklahoma. Poor guy. He was so kind and nice, but I bet the whole night he was really upset because he knew he was missing THE SHOW of the decade! I had no clue this was going on....LOL

Any takers?????

Give them a week's written notice...I'll be leaving xx/xx, please forward final check to . t
why would you have to say anything else?
Doctors should read final report as they are final say if
Is there engineer week? Astronaut week? Veterinarian week?
My sis-in-law did not do well enough on the final
she just started applying everywhere anyway. Needless to say, she got a job and is doing QUITE well. She is making more than me actually!! Go figure.
My final thoughts
Wow, not only do you need a new sense of humor, new come backs, new bifocals, you also need a new brain. You make absolutely NO SENSE in what you said. You are saying that I AM IMMATURE because I am arguing back.......who am I arguing with......YOU!!!!!! You keep responding, so what the heck are you saying? OMG - It amazes me that we have people roaming around out there without a brain - UNBELIEVABLE!!!! GOOD NIGHT - ADIOS AMIOGOS -

and in the final analysis

It will always boil down to memorization.

I have a very old version of IT and ran the compilation for VR (helps improve accruacy), but there is no way I could remember all the different phrases they have. I'm lucky I remember the traditional chfx = congestive heart failure.

I gat a yawner the other day. UGH! The final

My main complaints with QA are when the individual QA's opinion regarding commas and such affect my QA scores, with the threat of deductions to pay, withholding of raises, benefits, etc.  I did actually receive a payroll deduction once, but it was due to the QA's error.  Thankfully, I discovered their error and was able to prove it.  It was extremely inconvenient, however, because I received no advanced notice that my entire paycheck would be reduced by 15%, and I had to wait for the next paycheck to receive the correction.  I also resigned that position based on the rude treatment I received from the payroll department and the subsequent hassles that I experienced while proving the QA's error.

Again, it seems that QA has very little to do with patient care or document accuracy.  Recently, there was a big controversy with our QA regarding the proper way to indicate military time.  QA had decided that a colon was required and deducted points because I did not use a colon for '1925 hours', while the BOS indicated that a colon was not required and the customer specs didn't specify anything about it.

I have some Stedman books, but it galls me when a company says that Stedmans is THE SOURCE.  Most of the time, I have found answers on good Internet sources; accuracy is easily confirmed.  My books are not easily searchable, and I have not invested in the electronic versions.  Also, I have found discrepancies/inconsistencies between different Stedmans books.  I just purchased my BOS Second Edition 3 years ago, along with the PDF searchable version.  I'm not anxious to purchase the Third Edition so soon.

Again, I believe that all this stuff is more about control than about providing accurate reports for the benefit of the patients.  IMHO, there is more than one accurate way to form a sentence, and this QA grading process is a bunch of unfair baloney.  If the dictators were grading according to a similar QA process, it may seem more fair.

Maybe the persons who began the QA points/grading process were just bored and needed some drama.  Or maybe the objective, again, was simply to devise a method/excuse to reduce MT pay and prevent payout of benefits?


Oklahoma and I don't know what the final disposition is yet nm

But like MT, isnt the dr the final say on report?

You are right Fingers/Carole, I am not an MT.  I am a consultant for many big businesses.  All businesses are the same, in it to make money.  The bottom line is that the MT biz is going downhill consistently.  Those of you who are happy with your jobs, benefits, pay scale.... GREAT!  But what about the tons that are not.  Do you not care for your fellow American!!  It won't be long and you will ALL have the same problem.  Pay cut and fixes other VR and off-shore work.  I did not come here to start any war, only to open eyes, that it is imperative to stop the AAMT type who do nothing for you and organize yourselves to get accomplished what is necessary to keep your pay and benefits going up, NOT down and out of the country or to VR with you doing the corrections.  There is nothing wrong with making things easier with VR, but you should still get paid for your expertise while transitioning to this.  VR will NEVER be able to take the place of the qualified MT. 

I hope in some small way I did something good here.  My intentions were in the right place.  I wish you ALL well and full pockets!!


Typically this week is a slow week in lots of places

because it is a big vacation week.  Typically things slow dow a bit in the summer too because people are putting off elective surgery, but at the same time lots of people going on vacation so it should balance out.   



Lowest runs $900 week, highest $1400 week (sm)
Get paid 12 CPL. Been doing transcription for about 12 years.
FINAL update on "Direct hit to cherrypickers."
Cherrypickers complained about the difficult doctors, TAT went haywire as they struggled thru 'em, so MQ "unlocked" the "send back to pool" key. So victory for the C-pickers. I knew it couldn't last!


(Pulling number 88)
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Agree..and state this is the final chance
You guys are great!!!! One final question..sm

I have got my foot pedal to work with Express Scribe.  Now, how do I get the dictation over to it?  I received the dictations through email attachment. 


I'm glad that you were able to make a final decision...
and am sorry for your current living situation. It must be very difficult to be going through having your husband in assisted living. I sought an in-house position thinking it would alleviate my loneliness and help me to make new friends/colleagues. I was only in the office for about three weeks, had brought in donuts, bought soft-drinks, etc. just trying to fit in. My initial excitement didn't last long. The two girls in the office would take breaks and order lunch without even asking me. Maybe being home so long has made me naive or hypersensitive, but my feelings were hurt nonetheless. I heard them make remarks about how "chatty" I was. I was just excited to be around people again. After a short period of being around them, I questioned what I possibly missed.

Maybe you could get involved in a local church (if you haven't already). This has been my main source of outside interaction and support.

I wish you the best on your decision. I've been there and know how you feel. Please feel free to email me anytime you'd like to chat, give an update, or even vent a little. :)
Okay, I understand that...but judge was wrong in the final decision.
These judges need to get off their high horse. They're lawyers for crying out loud!

Taken from article: Far too much injustice is perpetrated on individual plaintiffs and defendants because of questionable judges. Even more important, people's faith in government and in our society is seriously undermined by the presence of too many such judges presiding over our courts.
Divorce will be final in 2 wks, can I stay on my ex's health insurance?

My ex is willing to leave me on his health insurance.  Is it legal to do this?  Will we get ourselves in trouble if he doesn't take me off? 

Changing to Final only hides the tracked changes, it does not remove them. sm
To make sure that all your tracked changes are removed from the document, you must accept all changes. In Word 2003, click the little arrow beside the Accept Change button on the Reviewing toolbar, and choose Accept All Changes.
And should you not receive your final paycheck in a reasonable amount of time,

notify them that you will be filing complaints with the Department of Labor, the BBB, the FTC, the state attorney general's office, and small claims court.

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I work 6 days a week every other week

Due to my company's payroll (it runs Sun-Sat), I'm able to work a rotating schedule with every other weekend off. Week 1 I work Sunday through Thursday with Fri, Sat, Sun off.  Week 2 I work Monday through Friday with Saturday only off.  Then I'm back to week 1 and get that following weekend off.

I've found that I'm more productive with shorter shifts and I have kids in school anyway, so I work a lot of split shifts during the week.  If possible, you might want to consider cutting back your hours to 30 hours and just work five 6-hour days in split shifts, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. 

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I have no AC. Will be in 90s again her in WI next week...

Ugh. Ugh. Worst part is my little kids. And, everything feeling sticky. I hate that.

*send me cool breezes* LOL!

Maybe twice a week. That is enough for me. nm
$60 a week ($12 a day) nm
Did see that one, but saw one last week where...
this anti child predator group posed as young teenagers on the internet and lured men to a house where  NBC cameras were set up.  In 3 days about 20 men showed up to have sex with 12/13/14 yo boys and girls.  What was shocking was that not all of them were non-functional anti-social types.  Many of them were professionals including a TEACHER, rabbi, ER doctor, etc.  You should have seen their reaction when they realized they were speaking with NBC  Primtime and their faces were going to be showcased on national TV.  Needless to say, the  professional men's lives  have been ruined.  It is scary to  think there are so many seemingly trustworthy men who would show up to have sex with a child.  VERY SCARY.  Lesson for parents.  Don't allow you children to use chat rooms PERIOD!
I wish I saw this last week sm
I just ordered a bunch, but I'll keep track of your web sites and check them out. Thanks for the tip.
She already said 50 hrs per week and
That means she's making around $25 an hour, which is about right for an experienced MT with their own accounts and lots of shortcuts, templates, and expanders. Working for a company and working for self are two completely different ballgames. If you work for a company, then the person you are working for is making 3-4 cpl (at least) more than you are in order to pay you what you make and still earn a profit to run the business. If you work for yourself, then you set the rates based on what you need to make to earn a living. I would say a good average CPL rate for MTs with their own accounts is probably 12-13 cpl so you can do the math. If an MT is working for self making 12 cpl, in order to earn $25 an hour, they'd need to produce 208 lines. Not exactly unrealistic for anyone with experience and expanders, etc.

Sorry if you all aren't making that kind of money, but it can be made if you are good at what you do and you utilize production aids and don't settle for measly 6-cpl jobs.
my first week on my own
Wow.  I started with two companies at once which was dumb, but on is limited and pays better.  Only thing is their software is the most unuser friendly thing and I can't seem to understand.  I have to download the voice files from their site, transfer that name -DSS onto the text name, type the reports in Word and transfer them over too.  It's ridiculous.  Then I started with Infomatics which seems like a sweat shop.  If i made $75 all week, it's a lot.  They finally sent me a food pedal, and would you believe it was defective?  I've used either hot keys or the screen on the monitor. Takes 4 hours to do a 20 minute job, no joke.  They are like a sweatshop.  Got offer from Ameriscribe but don't want to work weekends.  I ran my own service, apparently from the stone age, and this is really a hard transition.  The typing is easy if I had a footpedal and with the other company could understand their stupid, stupid software!  HELP!
I had one the other week who...
kept slamming the receiver down on a hard surface while she paged through the chart.  And then when she picked it up again, she started speaking before she had it close to her mouth, so I lost a lot of what she was saying.  What a pain!
By the way, I was going 2 x a week at first, then 1 x a week and - sm
as I said now once every 2 weeks. As mentioned below avoid those that want to see you every day (I did that once years ago....bill was $600 after 3 days...needless to say I argued the bill and got it knocked down to about $200 and never went back) or use weird gadgets, etc. There are good ones out there.
This is the second week that

I didn't enjoy the show.  They all seemed nervous or off.  Kelly's twang is getting on my nerves. She reminds me of Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies.  Is there anyone else out there that thinks Kenny Rogers looks like Merv Griffin? His plastic surgery certainly is subtle.   

I am going to do it once a week. (sm)
I'm so excited. I may finally be blackhead free. I was just about to buy some expensive stuff. This cost me a whole doll-hair!!!!
mt week
is MT week next week?? thanks
What do you think this week?

And again Taylor and Elliot take the cake in my book.  I thought Katherine did poorly again.  She should have thanked her lucky stars that she didn't get sent home last week and picked up the pace, but obviously she didn't.  Chris was just okay in my opinion.  He is actually boring me lately.  I used to think he was great.  Still think he has talent, just not entertaining anymore. 



MT Week.......................nm
MT week
Thanks a bunch for the good wishes! It means a lot to all of us.
MT Week
Happy MT Week to All!
mt week
nothing so far, i did send an email to the group. 
MT week, that is
MT Week
Yeah.  I never ever win anything.  That just made my day.
MT week

I took my I/C's out to a nice lunch, gave them a raise and am taking myself to Vegas on Monday for three days.