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Taylor is the Vote for the Worst choice. nm

Posted By: xx on 2006-05-18
In Reply to: I downloaded Dial Idol this week - Claymate for Taylor


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My vote goes for Taylor
I must admit the first few weeks watching him was soooo annoying, but he has grown on me and I actually enjoy watching and listening to him sing and perform. He's good and I think he deserves to win! However, I must say I was confident that Chris would win, but unfortunately not. Therefore, my vote is for Taylor!!!!

I agree, my vote is definitely for TAYLOR!
Myrtle Beach has my vote. No passports, no airports, customs... Just kick back & relax!! My vote!!
Their skin is not a choice. To commit sodomy with a man is a choice.
I don't care if they are attracted to men or dogs or goats. I care that they act upon it.
Worst types for me are oncology and ENT. Worst dialect
definitely Arabic, Indian, Pakistani.  No problem with Asian though.  Of course, warp speed, mush mouth American dictation can be the pits, also. 
E. It is not my choice to make, it is their choice.
Every job has its pros and cons.  The more US MTs we can bring in is that many fewer jobs going overseas.  Besides, I like my job.
Regarding Taylor... Is it just me or....

has he gone from a rather sloppy looking spazz to looking pretty sexy?  Okay, maybe it's because he seems a little older than the rest because of the gray hair (he's 16 years my junion), but he's kinda HOT these days!  Last night when he was danced I was thinking........ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  

Can't wait to see him do Elvis next week. 

Go Taylor! nm

I hope it's Taylor...I'm anxious to see if anything goes on tonight about last week's shocker when Chris got kicked off...lots of stuff on the 'Net about voting being wrong, etc...have to wait and see.



NO, YA NUT - Taylor isn't on anything....nm

Taylor will win. sm
Last week, all of Birmingham greated Taylor back home, and Kat only filled half a gym.  Taylor has never been in the bottom 3 and Kat has.  They are both going to be very rich, but Taylor will win.
I loved Taylor tonight. I really liked the last song he sang. I just got done having an argument with my husband who thinks that Katharine will win and should win and that if Taylor wins he won't sell any records. He just doesn't get it. My daughter and I have been trying to vote for Taylor since the show ended, but can't get through.
taylor fan
Yes, Taylor, you make me PROUD!  He was so cute tonight!
I hope it's not Taylor!
He just had a bad week. Please spare Taylor :) My prediction is that it's Ace.
You are right--TAYLOR is HOTTTTT!
He gets hotter by the week! Yowza!!!! I know he's not married and haven't heard anything about a GF. Somebody better snatch him up, and quick! He's about 6 years younger than me--I can live with that!
Go TAYLOR!!!!!.....AI wants a male to win!! n/m

Taylor or Elliott
I'm rooting for Taylor or Elliott now that Chris is gone. I really don't want Katherine to win, but I have the feeling she will. Supposedly people are saying she's more "marketable"
Agree Taylor!
I think Taylor will win it all. And I agree with what the poster said about Katharine. There is just something about her. When the judges say something bad she always has this look like, well that's what you think, but you're crazy.
According to Diaidol.com, Elliott is at the bottom, but it's very close. They're been right three weeks in a row.
I really like Elliott the best but I think Taylor
will win. I just think it's a shame if Kat is in the final two. I think Elliott completely deserves to be at LEAST 2nd. I think he will do well regardless and hope he gets a record deal out of this at least. He's different, Taylor is different, but nothing about Kat is anything but ordinary. Of course Chris was different too. I thought it would be cool to be down to the three guys. I think they're all unique, they all have completely different styles, and that's great. I think they ARE American Idols. They each highlight a different kind of music that Americans love. I really hope that Elliott stays tonight!
No worries, Taylor has it in the bag!!!!!! :-)
No doubt!
Taylor's family
Someone told me the woman with Taylor's dad is his stepmom.  Has his mom ever been on the show?
Taylor's LAST song did it for me!!!...sm

TAYLOR HICKS IS GOING TO BE THE AMERICAN IDOL......he's just more genuine!!!  Kat is good but whoever posted about Tori Spelling......I don't think Tori is THAT well liked......by the general public...so I don't know how that other poster thinks Tori can pull strings for Kat....

taylor hicks
It seemed strange not to be able to watch AI this week.  Just saw Taylor on the Today show-I love him!!!!  By the way, does anyone know about the black bracelet that he wears on his left wrist?  I noticed it when he was on AI and he still had it on today.  
As Paula would say, Taylor is infectious!!
Elliot and Taylor, oh and what about Chris?
They are all great! It is for sure a man this year!
They do need to learn some dance moves though!
I predict that Taylor and Mandisa ....sm
will be the 2 finalists in the end. I can't stand Kelly - she's too flirty and gets on my nerves. I did laugh at Simon's comments about Bucky having the Jessica Simpson hairstyle!
Nawwww, Taylor reminds some of us

I do like Elliot...but I Love Taylor..
Taylor looks constipated when he stands still
Hope to see Taylor go. Can't stand him.
DialIdol says Taylor got more votes than anyone. (nt)

I think that only he and Taylor will sell their records....sm
I can't envision ever buying anything that Katherine or Elliott recorded.

Katherine should have gone home last night.
TAYLOR all the way now for the WIN. He's the TOTAL package.
Spunk, energy, personality, showmanship, and voice. He's got it all going for him.

Kat should never have gotten this far. She's not singing well and had a bad week. There are songs that she can sing, she's just not well-rounded to do any kind of music.

Lots of people will buy Elliott's CD. He's got a great voice.

I wish they'd publish the vote counts. I can't believe that Chris got the boot! Just shows you how sick this can all get. We'll all be angry if Kat goes on to win. Probably more of the sick "vote for the worst" revenge.
Taylor - Dancing in the Dark
first Springsteen song ever done on AI...first time approval has been given
I think Taylor will sell records
I have his second indie CD and it's fabulous. All original songs, written by him, and it's great. Grab it if you can. I really don't think Kat will do all that much after this, really. I don't think she has the draw to bring people out to a concert. Obviously, Taylor does. I think Kelly Clarkson could have taken that song that Kat butchered and at least tried to do something with it...made it something worth listening to. Kat really, really messed that one up.
just gotta love taylor!
I will watch this over and over--putting it on my favorites!
PRD+ Taylor Medical Word List
I am looking for the rules from the original PRD+ Taylor Medical Word list.  If anyone has it, please let me know, I would like a copy.  I really need the original document if someone has it.  Thank you so much!
Mine is definitely Taylor. He does his own thing and if he doesn't win

he'll be regularly employed that's for sure. 

Taylor, Chris, or Mandisa..can't decide.
Taylor/Elliott finale would be my dream
Then, I wouldn't be disappointed no matter who won and who came in second.  I thought Chris was great in the beginning, too.  Now, he just does nothing for me. I thought he was really contrived last night.  Katherine did really awful on that second song, and she has never shown that spark, either, at least to me.  Taylor I've loved from the beginning, and Elliott has grown on me a lot.  I think he's the contestant who has grown the most in the competition, sort of like Clay.  I'm waiting to see what Zaba Search says in about an hour, but they had him in last place last night.  I hope Dial Idol is correct this time, but I just don't know. I will be very disappointed if Elliott goes home tonight instead of Katherine. It could be a big shocker like the first year and maybe Chris will go home? Doubtful.
I agree Taylor/Elliot. I think I would get bored with sm
Chris and Katharine's music. Though they are all in good positions to be picked up by a record producer. Look at Josh Gracin. He was 4th.
Goodbye Katherine. I am rooting for Taylor..sm
He is the only one with a personality.  I love Chris' voice but he is soooo boring!  And Eliott is just alright for me.
l love Taylor, I think he's a sweetie and seems genuine.
McPhee is too screechy. Love Taylor, but sm
he might not be versatile enough. Last week Elliot surprised me with his ability to sing the blues! He just might pull this off. I hope so, because he seems to genuinely nice. Love Taylor, though. I can't get enough of him. I'll buy his first CD for sure. Both guys would represent the USA well. I think Mattola will hook onto McPhee--he seemed smitten with her.
the lines were busy but I reached Taylor's 3x's..
I tried calling in again and again after the 4th reach and couldn't get through again (wanted to give Elliot a vote or 2 as I think all 3 of them are very very good)
Heard his song on the radio-it's a hit-Go Taylor

I vote for nobody should :-)
That's one thing I really miss about living in AZ, no DST ...... If I could figure out how to move Camelback Mountain to Texas, that's where I'd retire LOL.
i vote for
Pam gets my vote nm
I vote for B
I vote always
I always vote. Mandisa, Chris, Taylor, and Katharine to me are the best. I wish Kevin would go. He is sweet but to me the worst. Kellie was really bad last night I thought. My BF loves her. She is funny but dingy.