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West Coast Hasn't see the show yet. Please keep this in mind next time. NM

Posted By: waaa on 2006-05-17
In Reply to: AI - EmptyMT


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West coast prices are usually higher (I work for a west coast company) sm

for one thing. I am in a rather economically depressed area and I START my price at .14 and drop a penny for each of several things - no tapes, sending electronically, etc.

This job of the OP may be a bugger-bear to transcribe. Even .14 may be too low.

I think 8:00 PM gives those on the west coast a little more time and
im sure it will be... maybe moderater is on west coast time?
I dont know how the moderating works, but if I got emailed and my post deleted because i said the name of another website just in asking a question... then this surely must be deleted
East Coast and West Coast are both comparable
as far as line rates.
Where are you located, HE? East Coast, West Coast? nm


West Coast to Amherst
I am a little confused--areyou located on the West Coast and your account was transferred to Amherst, did your office close?? It seems that any account that Foxboro or Amherst gets, they just load up with as many MT's as they can, this could be from over hiring and it could from the lose of existing accounts, whatever, it does not make sense, you don't go around making thrats about hiring other people. Is upper management getting bonus's from this??
West coast here - still daylight! - nm
Did the west coast get to see Big Brother yet? nm
Thanks, but this company is only on the west coast. nm
Out of considertion for people who may have DVR'd it or are on west coast, put
Come on over to the west coast too where interracial marriage
It is very small minded to think that crossing races to marry is wrong.  Again, we are all people, no matter what color we are.  For example, I would rather my daughter marry a black man who treated her with respect, love, kindness, being an equal than married to a white man who treated her like trash.  Note that I said EXAMPLE, the race could vary of course.
west coast metropolitan area gets 14 cpl
yes, 14 cpl with pick up and delivery. Probably one of the highest in the nation. But, my friend who did local work for 20 years was just outsourced to India along with the other gals, the whole large clinic, so there goes THAT job !

BTW, do you already do local work? Do they supply the transcriber and set you up, or do you have to have that set up already and set THEM up? That has been a mystery to me as I have only worked online with nationals....how to get started with local work.. Maybe a counselor or something like that. My friend is no help as she started 20 years ago for the same company and does not know how things go nowdays.
It hasn't been called AAMT in a long time. nm
11 to midnite East coast time
is when they'll be watching it.
looking for part-time Emdat work, preferably with clients in the East Coast
I have been making an average of 10,000 lines per pay period (bimonthly), on QA-optional status, but my accounts are based in the West Coast while I am in the East Coast. I usually work from afternoon to night to reach my daily goal of at least 1000 lines, which is not good for my family.

I would like to find part-time work to keep me busy in the mornings instead of nights. I prefer clinic accounts, ESLs or American dictators. I am willing to take a test anytime especially in the mornings EST.

before you take the time to show her how everything...
works/goes on/is handled in the office, have her type a few of the harder reports. She will realize she is unable to do the work. If she doesn't realize it, you will have more ammunition as to why she should not have been hired. Good luck.
If this doctor changes his mind one more time . . . . .

I'm going to scream.  I told a friend that I had been watching too much British television because I yelled at the computer and called him a f'ing wanker.


Keep in mind that you have plenty of time...
...so do not rush.  Before you finish each part (there are 2 of them), go back over and check your answers.  Good luck!
I spent the entire time after the show trying to vote
You have got to be kidding right!!?? That was the worst halftime show of all time! Never was a Stone
I am in the younger crowd - 34 years old, and would have appreciated Motown more than the Stones.

He looked older than dirt! I am a huge football fan, and the Janet Jackson malfunction was a better halftime show than the Stones. Sorry!
Great opportunity now. Work full time, show
Yes--it airs at noon in the Pacific time zone after a repeat of last week's show. nm
If you can show proof you did this work for them, they then have to show they paid it in order
I had said 8 PM EST, not west.
Your mind was in the gutter up there with sauteed stool, too. Would you please take your mind out of

West Virginia...nm
Been looking for a copy of "True West" which
was a play on PBS in the 80s! Also starred John Malkavich.  A wonderfully funny play.  Wish I could get my hands on a copy. 
Montgomery, West Virginia
and longing to go home
Hasn't happened yet.

Has your pay already been cut by MQ?  I am an IC for MQ and this has not happened to me yet.  Is it a proven fact that this is going to happen or just speculation?

My son is only 7, so he hasn't caught on yet
that I'm not talking to him. He still says "what" all the time...lol. So, I'll look at him and say, "do you know what flagginationalization means?" Cracks him up every time.
Very little hasn't changed...sm

since the beginning of time. It's not just the 'religious fanatics' who have changed. The human race has evolved in their beliefs since Adam and Eve. Christians don't follow the rules of the Old Testament per se, because Jesus fulfilled the laws. There aren't too many religions who still make animal sacrifices. A woman who is having her period is no longer considered unclean. Pork is not considered taboo in the Christian faith, and Catholics aren't limited to eating only fish on Fridays. There were religions who believed in human sacrifice, but I doubt that goes on very much any more.

People have evolved in that we no longer believe the world is flat. We don't believe you are going to get AIDS by touching someone who has it. We no longer believe that a woman who is having her period can't go swimming.

Who believes the same things they believed when they were six? How different are your beliefs than your parents? Not just about religion, but about anything.

I see it as a career BUT so far it hasn't ...sm
paid like a career. I hope that will change the more exp I get.
How do you know the physician hasn't
reported it. No, I do not believe it is our place to do so.
Your sister hasn't been looking in the right places. (sm)
There are companies that hire coders to work at home. Tell her to try www.aviacode.com, www.lexicode.com, www.amphionmedical.com, www.btcworldwide.com, and www.peakhs.com. Tell her to subscribe to the AHIMA jobs board. They have plenty of jobs (some are in-house and some are work at home). Hope this helps.
Central FL hasn't increased at all yet. nm
Dixie also hasn't worked as an MT (sm)
for years and years. Weird stories about that woman!
MQ has no work. Hasn't had for many days. What are you being

There are requirements for insurance if you are FT

There are requirements for certain equipment if SE

I can't seem to get anything in writing from them, the rules are fluid.

What are you all being told?

She hasn't filed for a divorce yet -

Because the state she lives in does not recognize legal separation, she had an agreement drawn up by her corporate atty.  This agreement handed the house (quick claim deed) and business over to her, while her "future ex" draws his pension and moved to warmer weather (California).  This all happened when things were friendly. Now she wants a divorce so she can get on with her life (with her new beau she is buying the house with).  BAD idea since she has not filed for a divorce.  Anyway, thanks everyone.  I think I'll be visiting her in jail.    

he hasn't actually said, "i killed her." He has only stated, "i was with her when she d
i think he is totally obsessed with the case. whether he did it or not, i am not sure. he can't give details?? the puzzle i am not fitting is the 118,000 ransom note that patsy new about. he has admitted it was a hostage gone wrong. i am wondering if maybe somehow he and patsy worked together on this one and now the reasoning it is coming out since patsy is no longer here. he lived in Georgia where they did but jonbenet was a baby at that time. it states that were vaginal abrasions but no semen? maybe that was a cover up to make it look like an intruder but they kinda left out an item called semen to make it real. makes me wonder if her hymen was intact. he is saying he drugged and raped her but yet autopsy says no drugs in her system.
You can't transcribe what hasn't been dictated. I don't see
He hasn't EARNED our respect. (nm)
Too bad it hasn't dawned on her that paying you
Major 'duh' for her.
It hasn't crashed your computer?
or let any bad 'gremlins' in to get your information? That's mostly what I'm afraid of.

And thanks for your response.
No it hasn't. It's still owned by Ahmed

One who hasn't forgotten that subordinates are
Were you on the west side of Richmond? In Aylett we were out only 2 days! - sm
We were very lucky....were blocked in though on our private road, 11 trees fell over the road. Took 2 hours of all the neighbors pulling together and going nuts with the chain saws to clear the road....fun!
Are you hourly? Benefits? Pay? East/West/middle?nm
Great West covers Botox for headaches.
Otherwise, go to a neurologist. It only costs $425 and worth every penny.

It sometimes is really hard to transcribe patients complaining about their headaches when your own head is about to explode. I did learn how to take charge of my own care, which happened to be extremely useful because the pain management physician I was assigned to ended up being the biggest idiot on earth. I was finally able to change doctors.
Apparently hasn't been fired enough times

Texas Coast
just had the CBS affiliate on here in Miami and they are saying Ike is now a Cat 1, but expected to strengthen to a Cat 3 with landfall either in TX or Mexico by Saturday morning.
Why hasn't Mayo clinic signed on with a large
Like Spheris or Medquist??? What is so special about them?