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I just double the last letter, i.e. chff to spit out the long

Posted By: version - x confuses my finger! n/m on 2005-11-02
In Reply to: abbreviations - Ole MT


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That is What I am asking Obama-here's my letter to him (long)

Dear President Obama:

How's the new job?  Keeping busy?  Financial security?  I'll bet.  Are the American people keeping the mortgage on the White House up to date?  Great.  Kids have everything they need?  Wonderful.  The American dream.

Me?  I lost another job to offshoring - AGAIN!  It's funny, I can't seem to find any concrete figures on just how many U.S. jobs are offshored.  There are only estimations by different agencies and economists.  The Population Reference Bureau stated in October 2008 that it was nearly impossible to get an accurate scale and scope on this, but they estimated about 30 million U.S. jobs are offshored and increasing as I write this.  Nothing about the tax implications.  Does the government know?  See what you can find out.  I imagine definite figures are a difficult task since the companies do not seem to want to fess up about just what percentage they are offshoring.  You stated you were going to eliminate big tax cuts on these companies doing the offshoring.  When did you say that was going to happen?  Mr. President, I don't think they care.  Just this last quarter they have increased the offshoring significantly due to that very fact.  Is there a Plan B, because jobs are leaving the U.S. faster than you can create them.  Did you take that into account in your stimulus package?

Now about we the people and that stimulus package.  I read that these big banks who received stimulus payments of about $150 million actually requested 20,000 new visas for foreign workers (up one-third).  That is not going to happen, is it?  With our own money?  See what you can find out.  We the people have always stimulated the economy, worked hard, and paid taxes.  You know, the American dream.  Now our jobs are being given to foreign workers who do none of those things.  What gives?  What impact does the loss of tax dollars and funding toward social security have on this country?  No one seems to know.  See what you can find out about that too.  These figures must be astonishing.  If that is not a drain on the system, then the people in line for unemployment income certainly is.  The stimulus money is not going to trickle down to us.  You see what they are doing with it.  The best stimulus package you could give we the people is to save our jobs NOW so we can return to stimulating the economy.  We can not spend what we do not have, right?  Wouldn't this go a long way toward economic recovery?    See what you can find out.

While you are checking on these astonishing figures, let me give you mine.  The pretty simple fact is that my unemployment income is only going to be 50% of what I was making and only for a period of about 6 months.  Now you know companies are not hiring, right?  That would mean that in approximately 3 months something in my budget is going to have to be cut; food, health insurance, heat, the mortgage.  Which would you choose? 

We the people look forward to hearing from you on how we can just simply get back to work.  No bonuses thank you, just our jobs.  You know, the American dream. 

Jobless in the USA

P.S.  Mr. President, I know this was way before your time but no one told me.  Did bin Laden win back in 2001?  See what you kind find out about that too.

I do a minimal amount and the letter was about 2 pages long but mostly about ASR.
another letter that I'll share if anyone wants to copy (long).
President Barack Obama
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear President Obama and Secretary of State Rodham Clinton:

Please take the time to read this important letter from an industry that has remained silent for much too long. I speak for a large number of United States medical transcriptionists, many who have made this their career for 20-30+ years. Our job is one we take great pride in, but are often unheard from because we work "behind closed doors." I'm sure you are aware of what our job entails, but I would like to elaborate. The patient's important medical record starts with verbal dictation by the doctor, nurse, etc. The qualified and experienced medical Transcriptionist produces a formal, legible, and information correct medical record based on this verbal dictation, which is of utmost importance for patient care. As a medical transcriptionist, I take great pride in my job and have spent many years perfecting my skills.

We are experiencing an astonishing number of lost jobs, not because the need for our services is down because of reduced medical doctors visits or hospitalizations by our U.S. citizens, but rather because our U.S. citizens' medical records are being sent offshore to other countries whose medical transcriptionists are being paid at a lower rate. Not only are U.S. medical transcriptionists losing jobs at a rapid rate, but we are allowing medical transcription services that advertise as U.S. transcription companies to shuttle the work offshore for a cheaper rate.

President Obama, many articles have addressed the shortage of U.S. medical transcriptionists. This is simply not true. It is a "cop out" to justify the tragedy that is taking place in the U.S. MT industry with sending medical transcription offshore to countries such as India and the Philippines. There are many experienced and qualified U.S. Medical Transcriptionists, so statements indicating a shortage here in the United States are simply unbelievable in my opinion. Unfortunately, the U.S. medical transcriptionists are losing their jobs to offshoring, and little seems to be happening to make changes to put a stop to offshoring of our citizen's personal medical information.

A large majority of our profession is female. Many have devoted their careers to medical transcription and are close to retirement, others are single mothers who have put themselves through school with hard work and training, and are working hard to raise their family with a full time job without relying on governmental assistance, but are losing their jobs because large national medical transcription companies are being allowed to contract with offshore transcriptionists, thus causing our U.S. transcriptionists to be out of work. The pay scale in our profession is currently comparable to what it was 20 years ago. We have not seen a pay scale raise despite the cost of living increase, but we can even settle for this with the economical turmoil at present, just to keep our jobs. Sadly, we cannot even have our jobs because offshore transcriptionists are doing the work cheaper.

I am not sure how many governmental officials are actually aware of what is happening in the U.S. medical transcription industry. I would estimate that twenty some thousand or more U.S. transcriptions are displaced from work, and sadly because no one will take a stance and put a stop to offshoring our U.S. citizen's medical records. Security risks are high with the age of the Internet, but private citizen medical information is being allowed to leave our country where HIPAA laws are not regulated or enforceable.

These two crucial issues of offshoring medical records for transcription in a foreign country need to stop.

1. We are endangering the confidentiality of our own citizens' medical records by sending them to a foreign country where no regulation such as HIPAA is enforceable.

2. The U.S. medical transcription profession is losing jobs at an astonishing rate, not because the need for our services is down, but because offshoring our citizens' medical records overseas is cheaper and thus foreign workers are replacing us. Why is this being allowed to happen without any legislation against such practice that is not only destroying a U.S. profession, but endangering the security of U.S. citizens?

Please take seriously the need to stop offshoring our citizens' medical records. As a medical transcriptionist, our work has always involved the patient as top priority along with the confidentiality of the work we do. There are great risks being taken when this information leaves our country and laws here in the United States are not applicable once this information leaves our borders. I truly believe with the coming age of the Electronic Medical Record, changes must be made now to keep our citizens information in their own country. Each country, in my opinion, should have access only to their own citizens' medical records. Of course, emergency situations will exist if a patient were traveling abroad, in the military, etc. In this age of security issues and the implementation of Homeland Security, please consider where our citizens' medical records are being allowed to go, and unfortunately many times without the patient's knowledge. As a U.S. citizen, if my doctor was obligated to inform me that my medical records would be leaving the country to be transcribed into a report, I would no authorize this to take place, and if necessary would change to a provider who does not contract with a medical transcription service who sends work outside the U.S. The patient deserves to know this is happening.

Please, Mr. President, give U.S. medical transcriptionists the opportunity to get their jobs back and save our profession by supporting our workers first, as well as protecting our citizens' rights to confidential medical information by keeping this information in their own country.

Please work together with the Dept. of Health and Human Services in revising HIPAA laws to restrict the offshoring of medical transcription. Other countries do not place their citizens' security at risk by sending their personal medical information to the United Sates for transcription purposes, so why are we letting this happen? In the process, we are losing a profession that has been so valued here for many years, but we are a profession that has not been heard from much in the past. It is time we speak our minds on this issue, and we hope that you will sincerely consider making major changes to offshoring medical records for transcription.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

A concerned U.S. Medical Transcriptionist

Really? That's just a spit above PP...sm
See?  Tis a small world after all.....Plantation is only 20 miles from my home!!  Small world....*S* 
I always yell SPIT IT OUT ALREADY!!!

Yes, it is! I'm in Flagstaff, AZ more than a spit from where you are though.
I almost spit out my coffee on your
last sentence! However, I am not certified. Back in '70 if you could pass an English spelling test, you got the job and hard knocks was the teacher. When this whole AAMT started, the hospital really did not want us taking off for this stuff, made it clear there would be no increased monetary benefit, so we just never did. We never had a CMT in there until about 7 or 8 years ago, boy was she an eye-opener, we were totally out of the loop in a lot of different areas. We had never heard of abbreviation expanders. Catchup is a devil. And a lot of comments from all different areas of the country are almost identical - "all you do is sit there and type" is probably #1. A retired botanist once told me, "you're a transcriptionist? where have you been all my life?" These are so few and far inbetween that I remember all three of them!
I AM SO MAD I COULD SPIT! I can't believe what the posters below are telling you!
My husband installs hardwood floors for a living. Because of the house boom there are times when he works for 2 or 3 weeks straight. On his day off, he sleeps most of the day - which is probably what your hubby is doing. Like another poster stated, he probably does not realize what it's like on your end. He's looking at a day off with peace and quiet. Sure he misses you and the kids, but for some reason men always seem to see things differently. Just don't mention coming to see him and I bet he calls you and asks you to come on his next day off. Just give him time and DON'T LISTEN TO THE MANHATERS BELOW!
Eeeeewwwww! Can you hear him spit? (nm)
If it's a business letter you use a colon. if it's a personal letter you use a comma. nm


Blankety-blank platform. Makes me growl and spit. NM
Double Wow sm
Could you please e-mail me that recipe, I promise I won't disclose it to anyone!
Double what you'd pay an IC
probably. I'd say the MTSO I work for probably makes double what I do in order to pay me. Makes sense.
Double applause! nm
double space

Geez, I thought I asked a simple question, but I guess not.  I could care less what Medquist or AAMT say.  I get paid hourly so I didn't ask the question because I was worried about money.  I was asking in general style terms - are newspapers, magazines, i.e., anything in print spacing this way now?  I just wanted to know if I was behind the times.    

double (sm) I mean triple for me

Double standard
So we expect MDs to always have their complete attention on every word out of their mouths, which would be nice, but some of them put in 70 or more hours a week at the office/hospital, and have mountains of dictation to complete each week. But we expect them to never make a misspeak, even though on these boards we have a heart attack if one poster points out another poster's spelling or grammar error. Never mind that we are supposed to be better at English than the MDs, but we don't have to use our skills in writing posts (which is MUCH easier to do well than never making a misspeak), even if the post has to do with getting a job. That's quite a double standard, if you ask me.
thanks for that - but I need help with double spacing - sm
not with spacing between sentences. Its when a doctor dictates a paper for a journal and he wants the whole thing double spaced so that he can write between the lines or make corrections or for easier reading for him.
double ditto!
My hands feel great at the end of the day. Will never be without one of these keyboards! :-)
I use double ?? and have alt+R set to jump to them. nm
Double bind for an MT
You know, spouses tend to undervalue what we do when we are trying to do it. We put up with a lot to work at home (I know I did when I was married). He had no trouble spending the money, despite is constantly berating my efforts and undermining my contracts by calling the companies I worked for and pitching a fit about my not being paid enough, or I was working too much or he couldn't figure out why I could not take any old time off I wanted...again not respecting that this is a REAL JOB that has to be DONE ON A TIMELY BASIS. I could rant all day, but I won't, you get the idea.

Then, when we divorced he wanted to know what it is was worth. Ummm nil since you managed to lose most of my work for me? I was holding only one contract my own for about $3000 a year when they bothered to get me paid.

Just an observation because some men seem to think they can have it both ways.

I am joyfully single now, and have been single for as long as I was married. The single time has flown by in a flurry of doing my own thing, working when I want to, sleeping when I want to, eating what I like, when I like. So much nicer than doing everything on HIS terms.
Double spacing in an H&P

Where and when, if anywhere, is it acceptable to double space between anything in an H&P or any other report?  We have a double-spacing queen in our department getting paid by the line like the rest of us so I feel cheated on both line count and paydays. 

Thanks and hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine Day!

I double space

My docs want double spacing between their headings in their consults/H&P and paragraphs in letters, guess you count that double spacing when you leave a blank line.  Also in chart notes, my GI's want me to double space between paragraphs even in their SOAP notes.  Up to the account. 

double hmmm? What gives?
Double aargh!!
I just finished one doc who must have had something horrific for lunch ... a normally terrible-to-listen-to ESL who burped and belched his way through a 10-minute report without ever even thinking to say "excuse me".  Sure glad he does not treat me.  Very rude and disgusting.
I always double space...sm
I saw that rule in the new BOS as well.  I tried it, but the document looked too cluttered and hard to read.  I also put two spaces after a colon, regardless of what the BOS says.  It had always been proper to it that way, and it is what I was taught in typing class, clerical practice class, and when I started in MT over 17 years ago.  The BOS seems to try to make up its own grammar and punctuation rules regardless of what has been done nearly forever.
Double GRRRR
Been there, done that. It's awful isn't it? Tomorrow will be better maybe? Hope so.
Do I hate VR yup and double yup! nm
I hate Instant Text. It is expensive, long long learning
curve, and too much distraction for me.
P.S. You should be able to just double click on the header.
Sorry about the double post. Lagged here. nm
Usually double your original rate or at least 1.5x. nm
I do ER and do double that. Lots of templates, etc.
I don't live in a double wide
Oh honey, you got it all wrong. I have the TRIPLE WIDE right next to YOUR DOUBLE WIDE.

Don't be jealous and all because you don't got the triple wide!!!

Used PayPal for Ebay and they took out double the (sm)

money.  Have tried ever since to get the second deduction back but as yet, no luck.  Don't trust PayPal and certainly don't trust ebay anymore.

The double standard existed before
we got involved, i.e. they supposedly have more education and certainly make more money than we do, so why should we be expected to not only be perfect, but to fix their mistakes too??
thanks for the tip, but as stated, our specifics say double. nm
Lucky us. Double the hostility. nm
okay I'll double check that - thank you. nm
Doubling my hours would not double my pay
Transcribing is a part physical/part mental job. As the day gets longer, my line count tends to get lower and lower. To double my pay, I would probably have to work 2.5 times more.
Not an editor, but can you double space it & use
Double last letters are so easy sm
I second this, though I use x to eXpand. chff is CHF and chfx is congestive heart failure. I tend to use x to expand and double letters for shorts.

xr is x-ray, but xrr is XR specifically. You just put in the order you use them the most.

Another hint if you put in neurology versus nephrology words. Use NU for neuro words and NE for nephro words. Penu=peripheral neuropathy. dine=diabetic nephropathy and dinu=diabetic neuropathy.

Also, if you want a glossary for your SH, you can email me and I'll give you one you can convert with the converter in SH which I believe has something like 20,000 abbreviations in it. I'd be happy to tell you how things are coded too so that you aren't memorizing codes which is a bad idea, in favor of thinking in the code patterns which is far easier.
The double space is old fashioned.
In the old days of the typewriter the font was monoface. Every letter was the same size. You needed the double space for a visual break between sentences. Now with computers the font is more proportional. We don't need that extra space to break up the sentences anymore. One space after periods is now the general rule. (The Gregg Reference Manual)
How long should I wait after applying for a position before I follow-up. It has been as long as two
without hearing from some.  Just wondering if I should send an e-mail to follow-up to see if they received my resume or not.  I don't want to offend anyone but feel two weeks should be long enough for someone to at least acknowledge my resume and that I have applied for a position.  Right now I would accept anything even a note saying no thanks.  Any advice would be appreciated.  I haven't had to apply for a job for the past 10 years so I am a bit rusty at this.  Thanks again for any advice. 
double click the glossary that the error is in; sm
when it brings up the box, find the word/phrase you want to delete or change. once your cursor is on the line in the error, hit the delete button. FYI, you can also edit it rather than delete it.
check with the labor board. Would they pay you double
if they let you go without notice?
Quite honestly I dont know anyone who has double their lines with ASR.
Breitner's paying double time
Anyone ever work for a company before that paid actual overtime?  I haven't. I have worked for Breitners now for 4+ years and they are great, but was totally shocked this weekend when they asked for overtime help and offered to pay us double time AND bonus money if we typed more than 2 hours of dictation......  Just wondering if there are any other companies out there that do this, as Ive never ran into it before....... 
Please, please double check with your doctor before taking
:) NM
sounds like double-speak - no money but...nm