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I really LIKE this, Amanda, thanks for sharing

Posted By: MAX on 2008-10-17
In Reply to: A challenge... - Amanda

I did this a few years back and it did help so am trying it again - great tip

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You are right Amanda (sm)
It can be very difficult to work at home with children.  I hear this a.m. "all you do is work, work, work, Mom".  But, when we are doing other activities such as swimming at the community pool all afternoon in the summertime, I don't hear her say "All we do is swim, swim, swim, Mom".  Kids will be kids.  When you are working, you feel you should dedicate your time to your children.  When you are dedicating your time to your children, you feel you should be working.  I am fortunate in that I have chosen positions where I do not have to sit in front of the PC all day to meet a line count.  In my personal opinion, that would make me crazy.  I like the flexibility.  However, working on-site, you must still have to ask to leave if you child is sick or you need time off, so...  lesser of two evils?  
I must be the 3rd Amanda
I haven't responded to this thread and there are already 2 Amandas?!
I could have written that post myself today and I have been doing this for 23 years!!!  There are some days I can produce a lot and other days where I STILL have to look everything up.  What specialty are you in?  Some are a lot more difficult than others.  Maybe finding the right specialty for you is the key.  It does take a long time to get all that information in your head.  Some terminology is easy because you hear it every day.  Other terminology is more difficult because it is seldom used.  Stick to it.  My kids grew up with me doing this at home and they still say they loved having me here when their friends' mothers had to go to an office.
Thanks Amanda

Amanda, thank you for your kind words.  I would type on my head if that is what my client told me to do.  I have been on this account from the beginning, and I have not heard from QA in probably 2 years.  Like I posted before, we have always been instructed to type "the patient."  This is highlighted in my account instructions.  Jane Doe was just a random name I used here, thought that would just be understood.  There were other things wrong, but I really do not feel it is worth going into here to just be told what a crappy MT I am.  I have addressed my issues with QA but have yet to hear back from them.       

Are you the same Amanda?
Are you the same Amanda MT who types over 400 lines per hour?
Hi, Amanda
Ok, Amanda, I am sorry, but the last 2 years something is really wrong with this profession, outscourcing, ASR, EMR, etc....
? for Amanda
Thanks for a possible ray of hope during a frustrating time for MTs these days. There is definitely no harm in trying.  I was just wondering during your experiment how much time you would spend on looking up for defi''s and such.  Some times between looking in my reference bks and googling for an med,etc. 10 minutes can easily fly by. Whats your take on that. 
Again, sorry, I feel with you,
My point is:
Can we keep up with all those changes, pushing ourselves harder and harder. It is so sad seeing so qualified and excellent MTs having to give up a job in which they are so efficient, having to resort to little tricks to compete with the new technology.
MTs who have been in this business for 20-30 years taking tests and being rejected. I read this on this board. So sad.
That's what I mean.
Thanks to Amanda
Thank you Amanda for posting this. I, too, have found this to be true. It is one of the traps of working at home. I forget that I am still supposed to be working and get distracted by the things going on around me. then I would wonder why I wasn't earning as much. simple answer: I wasn't working as much. Once I eliminated all the extraneous activities I did during my "work" hours, my income rebounded. Those posters who are criticizing you here are the ones who think they are entitled to do personal things on "company" time.

From the other post I quote
"No talking, no emails, no telephone, no nothing? When do you eat and pee?
Don't you have a husband or children, who want to interact with you? What's the advantage of working at home, if you work like this? This is a 'sweatshop', what a life! No, thanks"

Okay, I would like to understand this. Is this person working or not. If you are working, then work. If you are talking, emailing, eating, interacting with your husband and children, then don't expect to be earning much! Those are choices you are entitled to make but you are also responsible for the consequences. We would all like to get a check every week for spending time with our families and friends but it isn't going to happen.

For me, the advantages of working from home are many and include the fact that I don't have to drive anywhere. I don't need a wardrobe. I don't get caught up in the office politics. I don't have to eat the donuts every Friday morning!!! I set my own hours. And many, many others.

Again, Amanda, your post is a breath of fresh air on this predominantly negative board. I am glad I still like my wok!!!
Thank you, Amanda

I applaud this sentence in your comment:

 ' I am going to college to get into another profession and be done with all of this.'

And for THIS I say 'Thank you, Amanda!' . For being so courageous and honest. 



Thank you, Amanda

I applaud this sentence in your last comment:

 ' I am going to college to get into another profession and be done with all of this.'

And for THIS I say 'Thank you, Amanda!' . For being so courageous and honest. 

Thanks Amanda!

I was just thinking of doing this same thing myself but have forgotten to pick up a timer.  I just added it to my grocery list.  I get distracted a lot too and end up not being as productive as I could be. I've complained alot about this job but taking a step back I have realized I am not working smart because I have been mad because I'm not making the amount per line I was making 10 years ago.  I like working at home, I like taking off when I feel like it or going on vacation for 2 weeks at a time without someone telling me I can't so I'm going to try to make the best of it.  Thanks again.


I appreciate your challenge!!!!!  I think you were very kind to post this and I personally am taking it to heart.  You did nothing in malice at all.  You just posted a challenge and a suggestion.  I am not a new MT.  I have been transcribing for 20 years.  The first 5 years in acute care, then 14 years of psychiatric/psychology, and now another year of acute care.  The change from psych back to acute care you can imagine has been challenging.  I am doing whatever I can to get my production up.  I had never used Expanders other than my autocorrect.  I am now doing this and it has helped tremendously, and in that frame of mind, I accept "your excellent challenge" as you so kindly suggested.  I find myself being distracted a lot, and I am sure when I take this challenge I will see this. 

I love being an at-home transcriptionist.  This profession has been wonderful to me and my family.  I raised two children being an at-home Transcriptionist and never took time away from them in doing so.  I would get up and work an hour before I had to get them up and ready for school, get them up and off, and then work while they were in school, throwing in a load of laundry here and there "on my breaks", etc.  When they got home from school I was done and spent time with them.  In the summer, I changed shifts and worked nights while they slept.  You tell me what other profession gives you that type of flexibility.  None!

Yes, things have changed for us as MTs, but as a working mother and wife, I find that it is still the best.  This being said, I also just plain love it.  I find it challenging, mind-stimulating, and I am always challenging myself to do better, which to me makes it a FUN profession as well. 

Again, Amanda thank you for your post.  I am one MT who is going to take this challenge to see where I can IMPROVE myself.  We will never arrive to our potential if we do not challenge ourselves.  The challenge is on!!!  THANKS!




Amanda, you sound like you
know how to make a buck stretch, and I congratulate you!  Most of my life, especially when young, I was always making my dollar stretch as far as it would go.  I was a young working divorced mother of two, having to KNOW how to live on a song and a prayer. Nobody can do it for you.  I am probably quite a bit older than you, probably old enough to be your mother, and I have noticed that a lot of young women today just don't know how to make good suppers from nothing, I mean without the best of cuts of meat, without all of the amenities, and how to make it taste fit for a king.  Been there, done that.  As far as ice cream, candy, and sweets, that was far and inbetween, mostly saved for the Holidays.  My kids didn't even care for candy and sweets, really.  They would have rather had green peppers, carrots and fruit, and to this day, they still don't eat a lot of junk food.  They have healthy teeth and strong bones it didn't hurt them in the least not to have all the junk that kids get nowadays, and way better off.  Don't mean to offend anyone but just use common sense. If you only have X amount of dollars, and that includes more than the other way around, then you have to do without some things, and it won't kill you!  Well my 2 cents for what it's worth...
Good for you, Amanda! sm
Are you going to take the CMT when you are able, Ms. RMT? 
Question for Amanda
Amanda--low long would I have to live in Georgia in order to take advantage of this great program?
Okay, I took your challenge, Amanda. SM
ME: Below-average typing talent. Sad but true. I'm a clutz. Use an expander, though.

I'm paid good but not top-level industry rates.

I work 35 hours per week, not 40.

So-so account, lots of ESL, mixed transcription and editing.

CHALLENGE: Worked in my usual manner for two hours of average work flow, i.e., not fast or slow. One coffee-refill break.

RESULTS: 291 lines per hour X my pay plus incentive = $32/hour = $56K/year for a 35/hour week.

IF I worked 40 hrs/wk, that would be $64K, but I prefer not to. Like you, I do prefer to work fairly intensively while I am working as a tradeoff to a shorter workday.

Good post, Amanda! Back to work now.
Amanda's Challenge
Until two days ago, I had several accounts. One of those accounts I used to smile and call "butta." (As in butter). I've been an MT for close to 30 yrs, Amanda, and this account that was taken away from me had tons of challenging ORs, not colonoscopies, etc. I made great line count--now I have an account that is populated by physicians who don't organize their thoughts before they start dictating, open their mouths and spew absolute nonsense (and the patient's safety is OUR responsibility-HAH). One doc in particular says each sentence at least three times and changes each version subtly (on a verbatim account, yet), leaves sentences dangling, hops all over the place and in general is a pain in the butt. You know, Amanda, I challenge myself every working day and with this latest smack in the head by my employer, I'm thinking of asking my doctor for antidepressants. You're a Republican, Amanda, and you have to act like this general mistreatment of MTs over the last five or so years is our own fault. Sorry, honey, the Obama sign stays on my front lawn.
Are you the eTransPlus Amanda?
What happened?
Thank you Amanda, what a boost you made for me.
Yeah, like Amanda said, mine works on ...
COM1, 3 pedal, but you could try what she tried too - VEC, 3 pedal. I just tried all until I found one that worked.
I call for Amanda's head on a platter!

  Just kidding!  Geez, people!  Amanda tries a little experiment and shares who results with his and people start jumping on her like a pack of lions on a zebra (okay, I watch too much animal planet).

She makes a very valid point and obviously has hit very close to home for a lot of MTs judging by the tone of the posts below.  Be honest, people!  None of produce near where we would be producing if we were in the office.  In the office, there are no husbands bothering us every five minutes, no kids wanting mommy to do something they are capable of doing themselves, no phone calls from mom or sis to fill us in on the latest gossip. 

All Amanda is alluding to is we should all take a little responsibility for our careers and our paycheck.  What's wrong with that?  Sure, sometimes the deck is stacked against us and we aren't being paid what we are worth and the dictators mostly suck.  But a lot of the time, we get interrupted, piddle on the internet, and I myself will get distracted in a good game of Solitaire!

So instead of jumping all over Amanda, take a good long look in the mirror and just accept a little, tiny bit of responsibility for your paltry paycheck.

Okay, Amanda, you've made your point..sm
How about giving it a break and get on something else?  Other would like to be heard, too!
take Amanda's challenge. it's down a lot of posts with a fire tag.NM
no message.
Amanda, did my 2 comments help you? Mine is working,,,nm
I agree with Amanda. How many people reading this should be working right now?! nm
Hi Amanda from WV (I once lived in Morgantown!). No drivers to download, has a USB optical device.
Thanks for sharing... sm

I have friends just starting out in MT (many still in school), and I think this is valuable information for them.  I've said the same thing to them all, that if you take this as seriously as you would any job you were doing in an office, devote your work time and attention to it, and do what is asked of you while trying to improve yourself, you will be able to succeed.  I have only been doing transcription for a few years, but I can see that I will be here for probably as long as transcription is around.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom...

Thanks for sharing
Yes...That's it! Thanks for sharing what you know. nm
WOW! Thanks for sharing!
I've been trying to build up my Google search links on surgical and radiology sites because I find it easier to Google than to flip through all my books. That one about covers it all!  Thanks again!
Thank you so much for sharing this
Thanks for sharing...

It appears that I am not alone then IF this is truly the cause of my symptoms. I have only been off of Nexium for three days and haven't noticed a significant difference but I know it may just take some more time to get back to where I use to be as I had been on Nexium since the first part of January and I have been terribly sick for several months. 

The doctors have all ruled out just about everything they can think of so won't it be ironic if Nexium is the cause of my sickness after ALL the testing I have gone through?!? I don't care, as long as I get my health back. :)

I think it would be best not to talk to the woman, because it would just escalate the tension and might get out of hand.

Just let your kids continue to play with them, and when the other kids ask you or your kids for anything, other than a drink of water, just politely remind them that your family has a policy against that.

However, I myself would probably invite them to share Kool-Aid or popsicles with my kids once or twice a week, invite them in for games and toys.

In my entire childhood and teen years, the only thing I ever borrowed from a friend or neighbor were Nancy Drew books, which I always returned as soon as I finished reading them.

We were taught not to ask for things from people, but I realize times have changed. Some kids are still taught that, but many are not.
thanks so much for sharing
I'm adding it to my favorites!
Thank you for sharing!

As tears roll down my face and I sit here sobbing, I want to thank you for sharing this story.

Believe me, since my brother's recent passing (my only sibling) a few months ago, my life was really put into perspective and my goal is to let everyone I know how they have touched my life and how much I love them.

Even my Dad told me he loved for the second time that I remember in my whole life just a few months ago. Now, we both say it every time we see each other or speak to each other. That is a most precious gift to me. While my family was never affectionate, I knew they loved me and my mom & I were always close and said that to each other but having my Dad say this, well, I just can't describe the feelings. I really don't think he thought of saying it to tell you the truth, that he didn't realize it was so important for me to hear it until I got so sick, and I told him about how I only recalled him telling me he loved me once (before he had open heart surgery and was being wheeled to surgery).  I guess it just goes to show that people can change and do change - even at the age of 76! :D I love you too Daddy!

Thank you for sharing

Thank you for taking the time to share what experiences you have encountered with those with PKD. It really helps for me to hear what others have gone through and have more of an idea of what to expect.

Believe me I have been reading a lot and I think I have a pretty good basic understanding of it all and what to expect but still hearing or knowing of what others have experienced puts things in a different perspective I think too. I know each course is going to be very individual as everyone is different.

Before I was even found to have the PKD, despite my labs being quite normal except for a couple values, I was so deathly ill and I "knew" I was dying. I was so desperate in finding help. My family saw me wasting away and felt I had little time left until I stopped some of my Rx meds on my own out of desperation and the nausea subsided where I could eat again. It was the most horrible thing I endured for that long of a time. This leads me to believe that the laboratory values are not the end all and that I may be just more sensitive than some and now maybe I can convince the doctors to take me more seriously. When they didn't know yet what was wrong, of course, as a last resort they thought depression. :( I was not depressed (upset, angry, frustrated-YES!) I am a very positive, happy-go-lucky type of person, and that is just my nature but when you are too ill to eat only about 400-500 calories a day for many days for weeks, it takes it toll quickly.I LOVE to eat and I was not anorexic by choice, let me tell you. :)

Again, thank you so much. 

Thanks for sharing, I was one of those
who thought MySpace was just for teens to post X-rated pictures and pick up people. I may just look into it, it sounds like a good way to keep in touch. Is there a IM or chat, also? Or just blogs? Does everyone have to join to see your info or nonmembers can see it too? Thanks! :)
Thanks for sharing with us...
It sounds so beatiful and peaceful!! I'm glad you described it for us. I know I enjoyed reading all about it! Just wanted to say, also, that I have often taken note of your posts and how you seem to have a real handle on life and your business and MT. I get the impression that you have had some adversity in life to deal with and have been a strong enough person to come out on top. It's nice to hear that sometimes there is a silver lining somewhere if only a person knows where and how to look for it! Enjoy!!
LOL!! thanks for sharing! nm
Thanks for sharing that with everyone! (sm)
At first I thought you were going to say the person you wrote to brushed you off. Anyway, your post has renewed my resolve to keep bringing this issue to the attention of the public. I think the 60 Minutes TV show should seriously consider doing a story about the subject of offshored medical records, not only for the obvious reason of identity theft and loss of confidentiality, but also to bring to light that it has taken an entire white collar profession in this country from self-sufficiency to food stamps in just a few years.
Wow! ... Thanks for sharing this with us ...
and congratulations on your well-deserved success ...
Thank you so much for sharing your

experience!  Now I feel much more comfortable taking the plunge and calling them.  This will be great to not have to count my minutes anymore! 

Thanks for sharing that....
Until I had my granddaughter (3 years old) I would not have been able to relate to this LOL We watch this show often and I actually find myself getting into the show and plot, even if she falls asleep!
thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing sm
There is an old saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way." You were very gracious to share, I hope it helps someone else. We MT's are very industrious. Thanks again! You are probably saving yourself from a DVT, just make sure you get up and walk once in awhile.
Thank you so much for sharing this.
I understand that unemployment wages are based on last quarter of earning and in this job, production has falled as the transition has taken place.

With regard to applying for jobs while on UI (unemployment insurance), is is correct that if a job comparable to the one laid off from is not available, a person does not have to take the job? In other works, I am FT with ins and top tier so I would want to move into a job similar and if unable to, collect UI until I do find one?

This sucks but I agree with the semi-paid summer off. The stress of this job has done a number on me and I could use some sleep. Downgrading my lifestyle will be necessary, of course, and a room mate.
Thank you for sharing....
I found the article very interesting. 
Thanks for sharing!! nm
WoW - thanks for sharing

Good resource.

Thanks for sharing that, cause that's what I'm thinking it must be. So
if you had to type each and every report from "scratch", no normals, do you think 200 to 250 lph is a ballpark figure you would hit??