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I understand what you are saying but most people would, I think, get out a check their car upon

Posted By: Laura E. on 2005-07-25
In Reply to: As I stated right at the beginning.... - another mt

hearing, what I am sure was quite a thump or bump, unless it was a bunch of kids who were drunk or high, etc.  Maybe the person(s) did get out and check and then panicked and bailed, who knows.  But regardless I hope they get them.  I am sure those parent's will blame themselves, then the friends at some point, until the day they die.  It's unfortunate they could not have had the dad stay home with kid #1, and the mom go to the hospital with her mother or close friend, etc.  This is how we handled the birth of our 2nd daughter.  My husband was there the first time so I did not need him there the 2nd time, just my mom....plus it was midnight when I went in to the ER anyway.  I just hope the parents don't inadvertentely blame child #2 for the death of #1 in some way. Weird things happen in grief.

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I really do not understand people like you
I personally appreciate warnings about a company. Whether I heed those warnings or not is my business and no one else's. I personally hope that MTs who have a good OR bad experience will keep posting such info. I appreciate more than anyone will ever know.
You should get out now. I don't understand why people are still
organization.  Dysfunctional organization. Now, THAT'S an oxymoron if I ever heard one!  AAMT or whatever they call themselves now is a JOKE and anyone still involved with them obviously like throwing their money away.
I think most people do not understand our job
they have no idea what it's like.  You tell them you are a medical Transcriptionist and try to describe the job but I think they still do not get it.. they think it's sort of like being a medical secretary. If they actually tried to sit there and type a job they might get the idea that not everyone can do it. And working at home? You have to explain to people that while you are at home, you actually are working, as if you were in a real office. Once someone asked me if I got paid less for doing this because I worked at home.
I understand completely and people must
be acccountable for themselves.

I just feel that if we ever want compassion and understanding and tolerance in our own lives, we must give it as well.

No arguing from me. No more to you on this subject here.

I've much to accomplish today and vowing no debating or arguing!

Hope you have a fabulous day!
I think I understand, now if people love VR
they either are lying, are management or newbies right? Seems like the chickens have come home to roost. You are talking about folks who donít hate their jobs. Let me think about this. I did not see any encouragement about people last week trying to tell about working on VR, only you are a plant, management, lying, and on and on.
I think people don't understand what an audio hour is.
It's typing a one-hour long tape for $20. If it takes 3-4 hours, that's only actually $5-6.67 per hour. Hmm, I wonder why Guru didn't send that one to me! LOL
I don't understand why people turn CHRISTMAS

Growing up, it never occurred to me that people would get drunk on Christmas.  There was never any alcohol involved in our Christmas celebrations.

Marry DH and his family shows up at any kind of get together at all with booze in hand - Christmas, birthdays, funerals, weddings, graduations, doesn't matter - never without the booze.    Very low-life behavior if you ask me.  I'm no prude but geez.  Life's not all about alcohol!

People who wanted to leave were bussed out, but you have to understand

that every year we hear the same thing, this is gonna be THE storm of the year, so it falls on deaf ears.  I used to live in the New Orleans area and went to LSU in Baton Rouge.  You can't blame the Mayor because so many people stayed.  The majority of the people there, stayed of their own accord because they didn't think it was going to be as bad as it was. 

However, the mayor should NOT have allowed the people staying in the Hyatt to be put to the front of the line over the people that had been in the Superdome for days waiting to be bussed out.  He'll suffer mayhem over that move.

How many people run spell check here? sm
Am I missing something?  In word, the errors are immediately underlined in red and so I correct as I go or when doing a quick proofread.  Isn't running spell check more time consuming?  Is there any benefit from running spell check opposed to what I am doing?  Thanks.
Check with the people from the old account.
I believe the standard for keeping records is 4 to 7 years, depending on contract.  If it were me, I would check with the facility.  They may want a copy of your old records before you destroy them.
Maybe it is to check and see if you have spellchecker. Some people dont
A regular spellchecker doesnt catch these words. Either way they want to know if you have a way to come up with the correct spelling regardless how you get it.

I love to see people exercise their minds (and their rights)...will check it out...
Thank you, for sharing...

After all, if no one would have stood up years ago, we would still be called the 'typing pool' and making probably $7/hour, AND answering phones, filing, etc.

AAMT did have a huge role in that happening, but I have not seen them do anything for the American MT in a very long time.

According to the Advance Health mag (which is turning into a 'rag' in my opinion), their latest article is how MTs with disabilities are now being trained in INDIA...and elsewhere overseas, and just how wonderful and joyous that all is - !?#@$#@

Sisters, it is TIME we do something and take a stand.
I don't understand. I didn't get email from MT Stars, I got email from offshore people
is what I'm talking about. I'm not a liar and take offense to your insinuation.
if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
Check the connections from where the cable originates to wear it comes into the house. Also check t
had a similar issue with TWC and they had done some upgrades and the modem I had was no longer compatible.  The tech knew what the problem was the minute he saw the modem, only it took me about 3 months and threatening to cancel for them to get out here. 
No brainer here. Stop payment on first check before you issue 2nd check.
I have had a check bounce over a boo-boo in the check book...NOT A DEADBEAT!!
DID you check with Social Security& does your son receive a check???

Go to SSA.gov and research the payee options.  You may have to use the search engine, but your answer to this particular issue should be there.

I am disabled and while my kids were minors, I had to fill out a form each year on how I, as the payee spent each and every penny of the money they received.  I don't see how his mother can justify how she spent his money for things that you normally would pay.

That said, he is getting Social Security right?  Is your son receiving a dependent check?  Under law, if a parent is disabled and has minor children, each and every one of those children also receive a check until they turn 18 or graduate from high school, which ever comes first.

The check is a percentage of your husbands, so for 800.00, your son should receive at least 350.00.  If you have not been getting this, they would pro-rate it back to when your husbands disability started and that in itself, could solve a lot of your financial problems.  You can also find this out on their website,  HTH

no - don't check out wildblue. check out hughesnet. sm
i was on wildblue. i absolutely HATED it. i paid $400 for install and equipment and bill was $51.51 a month for smallest plan. no bills, had to be direct debit from credit card or bank. wasn't a lot faster than dial up and i frequently went over my download limit so i had to upgrade to the $80/mo plan. speed was no faster on their "fastest plan". they had a 1-yr contract and only 1-yr warranty. well 20 days (kid you not) out of warranty my tria (the eye on the dish) went out and it cost me a total of $275 for replacement and tech call (had to wait a week and a half before tech could come and then he no showed and rescheduled for the next day stating he didn't have the equipment he needed to fix me and the repair order had been in for over a week by that time. no call to say he wasn't coming either, just no showed). they TRIED to sell me the entire package all over again to get me locked into another 1-yr contract and i declined. it was best in their book so your warranty and equipment would be "new". i had to tell them for 5 months to change which credit card to debit from, never could get it right. had to tell them for 3 months when my phone number changed. i could not wait until the day my 1-yr contract was over. have heard really good things about hughesnet. i think it is a tad more a month, but supposedly a lot faster than wildblue and not near as many problems from what i have heard from others. wildblue was down for an entire week at one point throughout the year i was on it. always got lost signals and page cannot be found multiple, multiple times throughout the day. i used wildblue with VPN (with transtech) and could not keep a connection enough to get a decent line count as i was dropping signals too much and it did slow it way down. i finally got clinic work rather than acute care where time and speed wasn't a factor. research message boards for complaints about wildblue and hughesnet before deciding. also hughesnet i think told me a 2-yr warranty rather than only the 1-yr with wildblue.
Check the classified board here and check
E-bay.  Some companies will provide them for free or a small rental fee. 
so many people was wishy-washy nowadays...love to see people make
a stand for what they believe in...

it is kind of wierd those statements have to be made in the first place but guess we are an ever-transitioning country and are still young. so many different beliefs yet not much tolerance.

I found your post respectful, and right on as to how you feel. it does not seem that difficult to sift through to read and respond to messages someone might not care for...
Just remember that it is not the people on this board who short changed their people and ONLY after
caught did they (after they were suied) make an effort to look good by sending out these checks. Now, think about this--had they done this many years ago when they short changed everyone, that would have been honest. Does it not bother you that only after they know they are under the gun that they are doing this to try and make themselves look good?

I used to work for MQ and I used to like what I did. I never can say I really liked the people that I worked with, but I really think they had some of the best accounts that I have ever come across in the MT industry. I loved working the major teaching hospitals that I did, but that certainly does not mean that I enjoyed being cheated out of pay.

So chill already. People have been cheated, were lied to, and only AFTER they got caught have they tried to return some of the money they robbed us of (as well as cheated their clients).

We all have reasons not to be happy with this company and you go off on us because we are complaining of things like small refund checks of a penny or a few cents or a few hundred dollars and NO WAY to even check to find out if this is correct?

I am sorry you are unhappy all of us thinking that there is still a dead rat in the cellar, but there is still a dead rat in the cellar and nothing will bring the dead rat back.

I would hold no love for a company that I know willingly cheated the very people who helped THEM make money out of their hard-earned money.

Go take a deep breath and think about that.
My people skills are just fine. I just want to hire people who want to work.
I've not been ugly, I've asked questions, legitimate ones.  Please tell me what is wrong with that.  This site is not just for MTs, it is for QA Editors, Supervisors, Service Owners, there's even sections for Billers, Coders, and Nurses.   
rude people? I would take good pay over polite people any day
Besides that they have never been rude to me and I have been here for almost 2 years. What do you consider a bad account?

I know my account is a little tough, but I am used to it. I am tough!
Rude people? I hardly think so. They are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. sm
Not just management, but QA as well. No one is rude. They are a very understanding staff. There is one account that is hard but all it takes is getting used to it. Once you are used to it, it is no harder than any other ESL account that you would do anyplace else. I have heard all these things about TH from the archives and I have yet to come across rudeness or any kind of thing that I have read about in the archives. I would definitely pursue them if I were you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
2 people to do that amount of work, is she nuts? More like 20+ people - nm
Certain people getting raises, certain people not. Guess who is?
Say what you will about unions, the good and the bad. But, one thing they did ensure is a raise, good benefits and that you would have a job in the morning.

Yeah right, OF COURSE! How could there be other people who don't like QA people?
Could only be one.   Hahaha.  Dream on.
I agree, some people will never get it but, then again, what does it say about them as people? Not


I would be over there too.....but I also understand where
people are coming from when they say she is criticizing their gov't, etc. I can't say what I would do because I don't know what she is going through, but you can't just assume someone is guilty when there is no evidence to that. Those 2 brothers were held way too long and think about how their parents are feeling. There is no evidence that they did anything and we wouldn't be able to hold them like that over here w/ no evidence.
Don't understand

   I love it when I hear that an MT, at whatever company, is doing 2000, 3000, or more lines a day.  I love to hear that because I am trying to increase my line count and this gives me encouragement.  I love to hear how they do it and try to take their advice.  I don't understand why some get so upset when they hear that an MT has a great line count.  Why do they automatically have to be liars or cherry pickers?  I think we should be picking their brains to find out how they are accomplishing this so that we can benefit from it. 

So I say, keep on talking about your line counts for those of us who want to improve ourselves, please!    

what if you can't understand the
customer service rep.....I've had many,many instances while dealing with CS reps from India where I was completely at a loss to understand what they were saying.  I say, I you can't speak clearly get out of the field!
Hope it makes you feel better to know that not all of us out here expect you to keep it to yourself. It gets kind of lonely, and bad days are the worst for that. I have relatively good accounts also, working for a small MTSO, but some days it is all I can do not to come on here and whine. I say, if it makes you feel better, that is all that counts.
Here's what I don't understand - sm
Say we use a template and end up having to delete a lot of unused headings. How is that calculated into the line count? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if we are typing to make up for the deleted headings, if this makes sense.

And, yeah, I suppose I could ask a company representative but I wouldn't really expect an answer and don't want to rock the boat.

SS is my 1st MT job and while it never quite passed the smell test to me, it was easy to get and quick to get started and is certainly giving me invaluable experience with ESLs, if nothing else. Yeah, the money stinks and I could certainly do without the nasty emails, but the thing is what it is: A foot in the door. And I may even try to keep SS as a backup if my new job turns out to be slow.
as i understand it,
QA addresses the body of the report or dictation, and QC's job is making sure the patient information or ADT is correct.
I understand what you mean sm

I definitely think people who get off on being rude, hateful and just plain nasty to others are not happy people.  A happy person is usually cheerful, pleasant and helpful and that isn't always because they live in a bed of roses.  I've known people who were always cheerful, pleasant and helpful even when they were dying inside.  I guess their attitude gives them a serenity that makes them able to cope, I dunno but I would wish I could be more like those people.  Some of them have had problems that would have, seems to me, weighted down a saint.

Hope your editor is in a better mood; meantime, just feel sorry for her/him, I'm betting he/she is way more miserable than he/she tried to make you.

I understand thanks
I can certainly understand, been
there myself, but I am currently working on an account that the second shift person does 5 to my 1, not because I pick or choose when I work or what dictations I transcribe but because of the difference in hours we work I get the responsibility handed to me to take care of things like corrections, researching problem dictations etc, that take away from my production but the other MT thinks I am also a cherry picker but I cannot do anything about what people think, so I do not complain either but rather just do what is required and I know more about the system we work in than anyone else on this account and still produce enough lines to make a good paycheck.
I don't understand. Why should they have to? Maybe they-sm
do a lot of it in-house, or maybe they use a smaller service. I don't know the answer, though. :)
I just don't understand....

How people get off demonstrating such grossly childish and rude behavior.  Something's making you unhappy honey--you really should do something about it. 

I understand now.
been working so long my eyes are crossing
I understand what you are saying
I was on one account that I always had to fill in some of the info in order to have the ADT do the search to fill it in completely. Most of those reports were short ones as well. The account I currently work on, fortunately, almost always has the ADT filled in and are longer reports. However, you are correct, we do not get paid for the cc info and that can be time consuming when the doc/address is not in their drop-down list and you have to type all the info in yourself. You made a very good point about not getting paid for this.
I don't understand why someone
who has a 4 year degree would be a manager for K-Mart. It seems weird to me.
I don't understand
Well now, call me crazy, but I didn't respond to you yet. There must be an imposter out there.
don't understand

I must be dense but don't understand your question, do you mean how much does this equal if you were to get paid for spaces?    Also how many characters in a line or is this a gross line?  A simple test would be to check a document you had typed, using Word, see what your character count is with and without spaces divide by whatever your line count is and see the difference.  Also see what your gross line is.  Again, my brain could be dead on a Saturday after a very busy week but I don't understand what you are looking for as you don't give enough info.

Yes, I understand both of those

what if there are words following the quantity and unit of measure that make it end up sounding more like a sentence?  Here is another example:

ANESTHESIA:  50 mg of Demerol were given along with 75 mcg of fentanyl.

It just looks wrong to me.  Most of the time I end up flipping it around to say ANESTHESIA:  Demerol 50 mg... etc., but I'm still wondering if it's okay to just leave it the original way.


Try to understand.
There are are three MTs scheduled to work 8-5 and 200 jobs to type. A fourth MT comes on at 8:00 A.M. because he sees a high volume of work. He/she sits down and begins typing for two hours at the end of which time there is no work. The three MTs who should have had 200 divided by 3 work to do for the morning have had 200 divided by 4 work and now have nothing left to do but sit and wait for the next flow of work. The fourth MT goes to have lunch, nap or play with the kids. (His/her schedule does not start until 3:00 PM. But at noon, she/he sees another drop of work, and she/he sits down and types for an hour. Then, the initial three MTs finish up their shift and the fourth MT comes on to begin a shift by clocking in.

Do you see where I am going with this?

When there is an unusually high number of reports, and TAT is threatened, calling for help is necessary but otherwise, I just do not see it as anything but intrusion and theft.
I think I understand her. Unfortunately, when there is
no required signature, people feel free to say what they wouldn't if they had to sign. If the negative posts could just be ignored, that'd be great, but you really have to see both to know which not to click on. Even people trying to be helpful here get attacked. It's very strange.
don't quite understand

I've usually worked at in-house jobs, so am clueless about this stuff....what do you mean by "double-dip"??