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rude people? I would take good pay over polite people any day

Posted By: no name on 2005-09-05
In Reply to: Bad. Good pay, but bad accounts and rude people - nm

Besides that they have never been rude to me and I have been here for almost 2 years. What do you consider a bad account?

I know my account is a little tough, but I am used to it. I am tough!

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Bad. Good pay, but bad accounts and rude people
stay away IMO
Rude people? I hardly think so. They are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. sm
Not just management, but QA as well. No one is rude. They are a very understanding staff. There is one account that is hard but all it takes is getting used to it. Once you are used to it, it is no harder than any other ESL account that you would do anyplace else. I have heard all these things about TH from the archives and I have yet to come across rudeness or any kind of thing that I have read about in the archives. I would definitely pursue them if I were you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
yep, people are rude

I've had many experiences in fast food with people thinking they can just talk to me any way they please because i'm behind the register and they are having a bad day. 

One place was Dunkin Donuts.  This was my first week on the job (I lasted two weeks).  These drunk girls came in late one night, and thought it would be fun to pick out doughnuts, have me put them in the box, then change their mind.  I was back and forth with this for about 20 minutes, and they were having a good old time.  It was humiliating to say the least.

Another was at Jack in the Box.  Also my first week, they had me on the front counter AND drive through.  That night, unbeknownst to the manager, was the Garth Brooks concert.  It was me and the cook, and a line of cars wrapped around the place and in the front.  Anyways, since it was just me (getting the orders wrong left and right trying to go fast...people are so picky, wanting no pickle or pickle added, they do not know there is no key on the register for that, so I basically winged it)the people had long waits, and a very angry man and his son pull up and give me an ear full...WE'VE BEEN WAITING 20 MINUTES FOR A COKE AND A DIET COKE...just swearing, yelling, and was just in a rage over this.  I tried to apologize, nothing seemed to work, I couldn't calm this guy down.  He slams the money down in my hands, i give him his cokes and throw his change at him running out crying.  That was the last day I did fast food after working at it for about five years.

Working for the public really stinks, and its no wonder people at McDonalds are so darn rude, I really don't blame them!

Look who is rude here? You or People?
It is Aranesp...sorry for the rude people. nm
rude city people
I hear you....twice in the past couple of months I have caught two different SUVs driving through the brush our our very well posted private property.  Apparently, they see our property as an off road play land.  It certainly is frustrating.  I hope they put some scratches in their pretty city SUVs.  Wishing for a fence and electric gate or a moat and alligators. 
That's very rude and offensive to many people (nm)
if you live among trashy people, low income people, people w/o goals or direction,
content to just get by, you by default become a part of a group. "people" have decided to group trailer people as trash. that is because there are enough people in that group to earn the title and even if you aren't trash, you are categorized by others. did i think i was trash in lower class neighborhood surrounded by people who drank and fought all weekend? no but i knew i wasn't staying and did not try to pretend that all the fools in the neighborhood were just nice folks who ended up where they were because high horse snobs deemed their neighborhood low class. people for the most part live exactly where they belong because they don't want to educate themselves, they don't mind "trash" around them and they don't want to be bothered trying just a bit hard to extract themselves from that world. they justify everything to themselves i guess saying everyone who doesn't like their lifestyle is a snob and the comedians (Jeff Foxworthy/Chris Rock, etc) who make fun of them are just ill-informed.

As for me, I fought hard to get out and don't even want to look back. It amazes me people stay for generations.
You will run across some pretty rude people around here as you've seen...(sm)
but not everyone is like the one above.  Welcome.  I don't have any of my own clients, but the service I work for recently lost the account I worked on pretty much out of the blue.  It's a real shock to have the work yanked from you like that, and I agree it was pretty cowardly for the wife not to just come out and admit when you directly asked.  I don't know what to tell you but just wanted you to know that you can expect some real nastiness around here at times, but don't let it keep you away.
Yes people can be rude here, including yourself. You just called
Wow, I'm glad I'm not a newbie. You people are rude to newbies.
People will be rude, and impose themselves, as long as you allow it. Once you put your foot down, a
It's just that it's too easy to impose on you. You have to stop them, kindly but firmly. I'm working now, and I cannot do that for you. They learn, they learn.
You're rude. That being said... Some people just work alone for a couple doctors and don't
It was rude in nature. 'Thanking' people for cherrypicking was uncalled for.
No, out east ... lots of rude people running the show, it seems ... sigh. nm

I agree, nasty and rude people lately, where are the grownups is correct in a former post.
I agree with all you said. I come here sometimes just to share thoughts, experiences, and to really help others as it helps me to help. There are some unnecessary, hurtful responses on here. The admin cannot police all and she should not be expected to. Have a little consideration, people, we are all in the same lifeboat here. As for leaving the profession, think about it. I have been tempted many times, have tried working in other fields but totally boring after hearing all that I've heard as an MT. I can't read a non-fiction book as it all seems so shallow and ridiculous to me. For too many years I have shared the lives of people on a real, non-fictional basis through my work. It is an interesting and informative profession and even doctors are amazed at how much information I have  in this little brain of mine. I have on occasion saved many people in my family (including myself) from unnecessary harm or eary intervention. Please think about it before you leave us. As for this board, I llove it except for the nasty posts, but that's life. As we all know, it takes all kinds. Most people here belong in the helping profession. If they're in it for the money, it shows. Character shows up in the positive posts on here. We are, after all, supposed to be in the helping profession, not the kill or be-killed attitude some have. I would say most of us come in here for  knowledge, friendship and just plain sharing. If we have a little laugh once in awhile, it helps, but not when it turns into a cat fight. IMHO, of course!
so many people was wishy-washy nowadays...love to see people make
a stand for what they believe in...

it is kind of wierd those statements have to be made in the first place but guess we are an ever-transitioning country and are still young. so many different beliefs yet not much tolerance.

I found your post respectful, and right on as to how you feel. it does not seem that difficult to sift through to read and respond to messages someone might not care for...
Just remember that it is not the people on this board who short changed their people and ONLY after
caught did they (after they were suied) make an effort to look good by sending out these checks. Now, think about this--had they done this many years ago when they short changed everyone, that would have been honest. Does it not bother you that only after they know they are under the gun that they are doing this to try and make themselves look good?

I used to work for MQ and I used to like what I did. I never can say I really liked the people that I worked with, but I really think they had some of the best accounts that I have ever come across in the MT industry. I loved working the major teaching hospitals that I did, but that certainly does not mean that I enjoyed being cheated out of pay.

So chill already. People have been cheated, were lied to, and only AFTER they got caught have they tried to return some of the money they robbed us of (as well as cheated their clients).

We all have reasons not to be happy with this company and you go off on us because we are complaining of things like small refund checks of a penny or a few cents or a few hundred dollars and NO WAY to even check to find out if this is correct?

I am sorry you are unhappy all of us thinking that there is still a dead rat in the cellar, but there is still a dead rat in the cellar and nothing will bring the dead rat back.

I would hold no love for a company that I know willingly cheated the very people who helped THEM make money out of their hard-earned money.

Go take a deep breath and think about that.
My people skills are just fine. I just want to hire people who want to work.
I've not been ugly, I've asked questions, legitimate ones.  Please tell me what is wrong with that.  This site is not just for MTs, it is for QA Editors, Supervisors, Service Owners, there's even sections for Billers, Coders, and Nurses.   
not good with people either, so that really

The thought of working for the public just makes me cringe.  How do waitresses, cashiers, etc., put on that happy face all day long?  Props to them.

Some people (definitely NOT me) are good at SM

ESLs and know that companies will usually pay more per line for ESL accounts.

I personally would want to commit hari kari (sp?) if I had to do ESLs day in and day out.  JMHO.


2 people to do that amount of work, is she nuts? More like 20+ people - nm
YEP, and some people have good taste and....sm
and some others have NO taste/class....*lol* 
Yes there are people actually good enough to hit 98% accuracy. Happens every day!!!!! sm
QA has only become a real job in the last 10 years. Before that there was 1 QA person for every roughly 100 MTs!!!
Of course it was - too many people still believe we went there for a good reason. nm
what some people have to do to feel good about themselves

"What do you all do when you have to type an expletive?  I am working on an account where this comes up often.  I refuse to type the actual expletive so I usually just put (expletive) and go on.  No one has ever said anything, but I was curious as to what everyone else does."

That was my ORIGINAL POST.  I wanted to know what any other MT in the field did regarding expletives.  I didn't ask you to judge my character.  I didn't need anyone telling me to "put my big girl panties on."  All I was looking for was for you all to tell me what you did in that situation.  I guess it makes you feel good to pound on a person rather than address the inital question - if that's what you need to do, then so be it.  I am not new to the field.  Been an MT for over 10 years and have never typed an expletive, though it hasn't come up often.  Found this board and am mostly a lurker and thought I would finally run it by some others.  Should have just kept it to myself.  No wonder I like being an MT - you don't have to deal with other people very often.

Go ahead and feed the piranhas if that's what gets you through your day.

I know people who have not had such good luck online
But good for you!!!
Good 4U! Fellow people-pleaser here LOL.nm

Thank you, sounds like you work for good people....
I think no matter where you go it has its little ups and downs. Have a good day and thank you for responding.
Of course, it is only as good as the people entering the data...
Also, when computers make mistakes, or are hit with malicious worms or viruses, etc., it could be devastating, could it not?

Also, more and more lately we are noticing actually a lot more mistakes with things that are automated, and once there is an error, it has been extremely difficult to get it corrected. Such as - errors at the DMV (?), errors in our car computer (? - again, it is always a mystery when trying to get things fixed), lets see, then there is the mixup with our phone number that belongs to about three other people (still not fixed because we are told it is all done on computer (?)...

Also, who takes responsiblity when there is an error, because with everything automated, there seems to be little or no accountability - you can hardly get through to real people in a lot of businesses today.

The idea of technology is awesome; however human error will always have an affect...

my humble opinion and just an observation. most information still has to be entered by humans. perhaps we will be obsolete.
Good advice but some people refuse to
split "amicably." I know for a fact in my case it would be a blame game and a huge mess. Been there many times and resorted to other ways of handling it. I wonder if what you suggested would still work for me?

Not the OP but helped by your advice.

Good advice. I wish more service IT people (sm)
that I have met were more helpful. They should realize that faster PCs = happier and more productive MTs = more $$$ for company and maybe an increase in his own pay! KWIM?
I have had the good, the bad and the ugly in QA people in the past sm
It shapes the way I do my job, on both sides of the equation.

Right now, I am teaching an MT to do acute care with my feedback. I must be doing something right (she is too and trying very hard) because she is progressing so nicely. She does rad too and she said that my help is making her a better rad MT as well.

I so rarely send anything to QA at my other FT job and I had to send one yesterday, the first in over a month! I was so p o 'd, but the doctor threw some obscure equipment at me and I had 7 blanks, but that was for only 3 words I could not document well enough to suit me. My favorite QA gal grabbed it and gave me some feedback on the words and she went on to tell me what a good job I did (not!) because she said that most MTs have 10 to 20 blanks for this same doctor. I almost never have a blank with him, but this one time...it was a complex lower extremity interventional vascular procedure and I am not up on the equipment for those just yet with the switch to cardiovascular from OP notes. I felt like a fool, but she was great.

I have some really awful ones and there is one in particular who comes to mind because of her extremely condescending and childish manner. I actually have the QA position for a gal who was fired because of a similar attitude problem.

As QA, we are around to be the MT's safety net. We here for an extra set of ears so that the document is as full and correct as possible. Providing feedback helps an MT so that the quantity of their work going to QA will diminish. If you really want a justification for your existence as a QA, it is in the number of blanks you fill in and low numbers of jobs you have to review. IT IS NOT a promotion! IT IS NOT job advancement! It is using the knowledge you have gained to help others.

I can sort of understand the attitude because MTs seem to be having more issues with quality than they used to, or so it seems to me. The quality most lacking is a sincere wish to do the job well.
Nice people, good price
Well, thank you for that. It's about time we get some decent service and good prices on equipment for the work we do. Maybe things are changing for the better. Do ya think????
Good grief people, what;s up with all this drizzle stuff??

You people are having a real good time condemning me....

Don't you know that you can DEACTIVATE your current OS when you upgrade to the next level?  Obviously not. But then, most people here don't seem to be all that computer literate. I asked a couple of computer questions below which got absolutely NO answer.

Don't go jumping to conclusions that someone is a "scammer" and "ruining it for everyone else" until you do your homework.

Certain people getting raises, certain people not. Guess who is?
Say what you will about unions, the good and the bad. But, one thing they did ensure is a raise, good benefits and that you would have a job in the morning.

What I think is so sad is that people may give up good jobs to go there to find out these things all
to late. The newbies can learn and use MQ and move on which they do but of course the clients suffer then with all the people learning on them but this is what MQ causes and when they lose clients with poor quality or people that just throw out work then they caused their own problems. You cant keep good MTs with no work I dont care what incentives you offer because they mean nothing with no work ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I wish people would understand that when MQ hires them.
well oldtime, I'll bet that you have good work ethics. But, people like you are far and few in
6 to 8 MTs only a couple actually work out.  That is an absolute shame, but it's the truth.  How do I know this?  Because I surveyed several services asking the very same question to each and this is what the averages were.  Of course, someone here will whine about how many services I surveyed, were they friend, etc., but I can say with absolute certainty that I was completely fair in my end figures.
My attorney tells me "A contract is only as good as the two people who sign it." nm
Never had this happen either. Email the SH people. They're very prompt with help. Good
Yeah, but good times or bad, people still get sick, hurt
I do mainly pediatric oncology, orthopedics and GI, and it seems to be increasing, not slowing down.
oh good grief. Haven't we heard enuf of this? Educated people are just

Good for you, I love people who rescue homeless pets. I take in cats myself
hire people with solid longstanding work background with good references; like myself
Yeah right, OF COURSE! How could there be other people who don't like QA people?
Could only be one.   Hahaha.  Dream on.
I agree, some people will never get it but, then again, what does it say about them as people? Not


Good old Amherst and couple with their ridiculous QA point plan. They people in AMHERST ARE NUTS. I
hope MQ loses all of its good MTs and then the hospitals can yell about quality and leave. My account just disappeared after being transferred up there and then find they have hired new people for it.
Have most people had good luck with their MQ office closing and moving to the regional office. Have
things gotten better or worse for you.
You're probably right. Plus we're losing our percentage of good people by .... (sm)
allowing every loser from every 3rd world country on the planet to just stroll on into our country, some legally, most illegally, and take advantage of the social services all us hard working little gerbils pay for by having money taken out of our pay every month. But I don't think we're all lazy. Just the ones on permanent welfare driving around town in brand-new Cadillac Escalades. Saw one just today on the Bayshore Fwy. Brand-new black Escalade with expensive spinner wheels, with 5 or 6 Mexicans in it. Well, who knows - maybe they stole it and it was on its way to a chop-shop. Smart-and-hungry people aren't always hard-working and honest.
I don't like people