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It doesn't sound right to me. That one MINOR error should only be counted

Posted By: 99.4% - fight it on 2005-12-20
In Reply to: I have a QA question. Is it normal to divide your errors by your total lines? I thought - sm

as 1/2 point because it's not critical to patient care.

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error.error.error, should be a bad home life, sorry (nm)
That doesn't sound right.
I had student loans and still did work study.  Also, contact the school's website and financial aid office for information about scholarships.  Local private scholarships are available through the National Guard, VFW, Elk's Club, BPW, etc.  They're for maybe $500-1,000, but there's very little competition for them.  You can find information about scholarships online, too, without having to pay or buy a subscription to anything.  The information's out there if you look for it.
Thank you. It doesn't sound like it's for me then.
Doesn't sound right to me.
I used to re-record for Medquist many years ago and they reimbursed based on my volume. I would certainly not call a client as I am an MT, not a secretary and don't get paid to talk on the phone.

If you need a long distance provider for a small flat fee, try Vonage. I have heard good things about them.
No, it doesn't sound legal.
I'd be contacting the department of labor, better business bureau, FTC, etc.  There are lawsuits out there where MTSOs tried to withhold pay from ICs.  The ICs won.
I have to agree. Doesn't sound right somehow
Especially the line about "now I only eat 2 doughnuts and half a gallon of milk for breakfast," and also the part about not understanding why the exercise machines make noises when she gets on them.

Call me cynical, but it sounds like someone is trying to stir up some controversy.
doesn't sound cute...

No, it doesn't sound crazy at all.

Doesn't sound like she deserves one.
It doesn't sound to me like you were heard.

"Um, yeah, we got your email, and, um, could you do these right away, please?  Thanks."

If I were in their shoes I'd be thinking, let's give this poor girl a break.  I hope they wake up soon!  Maybe at 3 a.m.!

Doesn't sound too good sm

I wonder if there is something else we could use our skills in that makes more money, maybe in medical records or billing and coding.  Maybe being paid in something that pays hourly would be more beneficial.  I am aware there are medical transcriptionists who really do make good money with benefits.  Guess they have the right accounts to do so.

Doesn't sound real
Sounds like a game to me....
Thanks, doesn't sound like something I want to work on. nm
Doesn't sound good, does it?
Since it's the line coming to your house that matters and TW apparently has the monopoly on that, you may have to crunch some numbers to see if it's worth it to rethink how you pay for your entertainment bundle. Ours is bundled as satellite TV/phone/DSL. If we had cable as opposed to DSL, it would definitely be easier to regroup. I wish you luck.
so whose job was it to hire these MTs? doesn't sound like they did a good job.
who else you want to relieve of their work duties? the recruiters, the testers, the trainers, the owners?
Yuck! That doesn't sound good...thanks! :) NM
Something doesn't sound right, here. Testing centers
That's it??! Doesn't sound like a lot of lines to me in 4 hours. nm
This doesn't sound right. Your MTSO was paying
I thought they could only charge for COBRA what their premium is, plus a small (2% ?) administrative fee.

I'm sorry. This must be a nightmare for you
Doesn't sound fair or worth it at all, to me. (sm)
Hi Hayseed,

I definitely know where you're coming from. First of all, I never heard of being on a pager for transcription. Especially if you work for a big company, which you would think have people who work a graveyard shift. I can see it for certain circumstances, for instance during normal working hours, or if you work for more than one company, and they're paging you to let you know there's tons of work or something. But if you've just put in a full day of transcribing (which I think for most of us is much longer than a standard 8-hour day!), then by all means you need to be able to get a good night's sleep.

Any supervisor worth the big bucks they're getting paid should be told what this is doing to you. But it sounds like someone is taking advantage of what sounds like a very strong work ethic that you have, and if you give 'em an inch, they'll take a mile.

Back in the old days when I concurrently ran a small horse-transporting service in addition to transcription, I was 'on-call' 24/7. After nearly running myself ragged too many times, thinking I could save all the horses in the world that had colic and needed emergency surgery at U.C. Davis, I finally had to draw a line somewhere and know when to say 'no'. One time, after working a full day in the office, then getting called at 6 pm to take a horse with a twisted intestine to UCD for surgery, I finally made it back home and into bed at about 3 AM, and had to be at work at 8 AM. And then the phone rang. It was the SAME vet that had just sent me to UCD earlier that evening! I hated saying no, because it put him and everyone else in a real bind, but I knew that I just couldn't physically do it.

Eventually I got better at knowing what I could do and what I couldn't, and it really did help my state of mind immensely, especially once I started getting 6-8 hours of sleep per night, again!

Anyway, I think you were totally within your rights and thinking very clearly when you emailed them to say you wanted to get rid of the pager. If you only got paged once in a blue moon, and got BEAUCOUP BUCKS for your time when you did the STAT work, it'd be one thing. But to be paged to the point of being totally sleep-deprived and feeling like you're losing it, is quite another.

I'm amazed that an employer would do this to you. Is it always the same person that pages you, or are there many, and they all think they're the ONLY one paging you? Whatever. Either way, I think those middle-of-the-night STATS are why the Graveyard Shift was invented, and if that's not your shift, then they should be paging someone else.

So don't feel guilty for having to put your foot down and say enough is enough. You should probably tell them a lot of the things you said in your post above, too... someone definitely needs to have their eyes opened.

I seriously doubt anyone is going to fire you for simply needing a night's sleep! But on the off-off-off chance that happens, all I can say is, you didn't lose much, but THEY sure did.
but then again, your "empty folders" symptom doesn't really sound like a
Doesn't sound round, makes no sense.
It doesn't sound HATEFUL to me, this person is just saying that suddenly

those who celebrate Christmas are forced to conform for a few minority religions? That's not right. A friend of mine who is Jewish regularly has her children out of school during Hannukah and the school doesn't penalize her children for it.  As far as Christmas plays are concerned, I don't think it's right to force children to be in a play that consists of a bunch of different beliefs if they are not of that particular belief system.  If that is how it is going to be, then they need to completely do away with Christmas/Holiday plays altogether.  There are many holiday songs out there that don't recognize ANY religion at all.  If religion is the issue, than children can easily sing Santa Clause is coming to town or, Jingle Bells, etc. without offending since those songs lean more toward the commercial aspect of the holiday season.  And then, those who want to participate in separate PRIVATE plays can do so.  There are options that can be chosen without hurting anyone's feelings about their religious beliefs.

What is acceptable error rate (i.e. error ratio to line count).
i'd worry more about that's getting into the food, from the bowl. Microwave doesn't sound

that doesn't sound like insurance, sounds like a discount plan:
Your error made me chuckle, which is, ya know, fitting for the error. Not a big deal, and no we ALL
make mistakes! Heavens! I remember starting out, I actually typed CABBAGE! Can you imagine?  Scary thing, though, is when you get an MT out 10 years and they type cabbage.  There are errors like yours, and there are major-absolutely-no-clue-of-our profession errors, which are mind boggling when you see them in print.  I've been on both sides, typing and proofing, and I never dreamed of the quantity and quality of errors some MTs make - HUGE errors.  That said, yes, we all make them, but its the ones who are unlearned and then arrogant when you point out the error - we have to, ya know, and its done kindly, so that they learn, and still that type of MT flips out and has a hissy! No win situation for both parties, really, as the MT really can't grow in the field if they aren't accountable to themselves even for their work.  I can't give more specific examples, as I could potentially hurt some MTs who would recognize their errors, but I assure you, some are unbelievable. 
I agree - doesn't sound like it's worth your time to fight her anymore. NM
No, it just freezes and I get an error box that says "printer error". nm
The OP said a minor had to have at 17
in case they had breast cancer!! Yep, I guess if a 17 year old should have breast cancer they would not be able to drive a car. I wonder what elderly ladies who actually have the disease do for getting around?
Because his minor was in business..sm
Ummmm...he didn't go to college to be a K-mart manager, per se.

He was a history major and after graduation was a high school history teacher. When my mother was pregnant with me they decided that having a nice house, etc would be harder on a teacher's salary. My mother was also a college graduate but they both decided it would be best for her to stay home.

So....my dad started in the manager's program. My dad likes business and he likes people. You'd be surprised how much money K-mart and Walmart managers make. Managers in smaller retail stores do not make the kind of money that those in the larger stores make.

I'm assuming you feel like retail management is beneath someone with a college degree? My sister has a four year degree and is the general manager for a small radio station and makes 2-3K less than I do transcribing.
Plus....minor inconvenience but still....

When I worked in-house, we started getting some really bad static on our dictation (so much so we had to leave blanks), and our IT person finally figured out it was because the doctors would have their cell phones turned on and sitting right next to the speechmikes.

Try telling a doctor to keep his/her cell phone turned off. Not happening.

If your daughter is a minor...
the doctor has to get your approval and permission.
The ones who are the first to take a drug that came on the market, are always the 'guinea'pigs'.
They are the ones on whon the 'studies' are done.
If the study has negative results, the drug is withdrawn from the market, and the guinea pigs are the victims. E.g. Hormone therapy, antidepressants, etc.......

If you are skeptical,I would not allow it.

BA in chemistry with a minor in biology
Please calm down. Minor MRI findings are usually accompanied by (sm)
the message, "Correlate with clinical history." Radiologists don't know the patient' history in detail. They are often noting findings that can't be interpreted without knowing the patient. That's why radiologists will so rarely talk to patients; they aren't your doctor and aren't able to match findings with symptoms and clinical findings. I suspect, but can't know, that your MRI is perfectly normal ... FOR YOU. Let your MD mull it all over. If he/she is not certain, he'll send you to a specialist.
True, but typos and minor mistakes aside... SM
I is a MT and I can post without sounding like I be uneducated.
Pointing out minor errors is not amusing. It is simply rude.
An addendum, minor corrections are one thing - being a slob dictator who consistently cannot put his
How errors are counted
Unfortunately, there isn't a universal way of counting errors to quote a per cent accuracy. Basically, where I work, 98% accuracy would mean there were 2 noncritical word error in 100 lines (not characters).

When you hear quotes of alleged 95% accuracy in speech recognition, it probably means 5 errors in 100 characters, not lines.

Again, with offshore companies claiming 98% accuracy, who knows how they are counting?

But you are right, we all make errors, and I have seen stupid ones in my own reports that I would have felt bad if I hadn't caught them. I am sure doctors sometimes get laughs out of our bloopers the same way we get laughs out of theirs.

IC - 8-10 cpl but line is counted

The main factor really with IC work is the flexibility.  So many companies offer IC positions, but they want you to work certain hours - wrong, wrong, wrong!  JMO.  It is so funny because I sit and think, "wow", "I can work online and not have to go anywhere", but it sure is nice to go old-school once in a while and throw a tape in the old microtranscriber and type away making $$$ out the ying-yang.    

The original poster got me, and that's what counted!
Sorry to disappoint, but she got my point!
How about counted cross stitch
I've been doing it since I was 16-17 yrs old and it is the one thing I constantly go back to after doing anything else crafty.... just so relaxing
Don't overuse but have to blank and counted off for it?
Right now am really bumfuzzled as I do not know in my MTing career if this has happened before. I was just told from a company where I have worked for some time that blanks are counted off. I do not just leave to be leaving, absolutely cannot make out and really taken aback to be truthful. Do most places do this to their MTs? Is this just another way to make their pockets fuller?
MQ not paying for spaces -- just manually counted and it don't add up

anyone know?  Just went from straight line count to DQS...

used to type 500 lph, now barely 150 lph....



Gross lines are not counted in characters.
A gross line = any number of characters on a line counts as a complete line. The actual number of characters per line will vary.
If you are typing in Word or WP, every character will be counted.
If you are being paid by keystroke, that would be different, like the other poster said.

I once worked for a company that paid per 1,000 characters.

My beginning rate was $1.25/1,000 characters (0.00125/character) which was the same as 0.08/line.

I was gradually raised to $1.85/1,000 characters(0.00185/character)which was the same as 0.12/line.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
Really? I never save mine in .rft, only .doc, & they are counted just fine.
line counts are counted within the report
and depend on how it is set up. They can vary the line lengths and also whether or not it counts blank lines. There is no spellchecker. I think the most important thing to learn is whether or not you sign on through a Citrix server. In that case, you will more than likely get lag, which will kill your radiology line count.
If the names are in the header they won't be counted by Word. nm
Well, counted my lines for first hour and I made
602 at 4 cents = $24.00 for the hour. Not bad, huh?
If they have access to how the lines are counted on the back end - see inside
They can go in and maybe make changes to what their counts actually were.  Anything is possible.  It does sound fishy to me.  I would go to your supervisor and ask in such a way as could the other girls possibly show you any tricks they are using that might benefit all of you and open up communication that way.  That way you are not accusing anyone of anything.  Worth a try.