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Level I

Posted By: really? on 2005-09-08
In Reply to: something is wrong with that picture - msbeanctr

what's wrong is having 5 accounts to switch back and forth from and running out of work....

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I came from low level neighborhood. I know the effects low level people have on a child's
mind. I fought very hard to get out of there. If you think narrow-minded high-horse thinking people are the only ones who are making trailer park comments, YOU ARE DEAD WRONG. I know white trash people who live for the weekend to get drunk and party and make just enough to get by. I am educated in the "real world" and whether you like it or not, the "real world" doesn't want to be anywhere near a trailer park for real or imagined reasons and does ostracize trailer park people along with ghetto people and section 8 people. Crime, drugs, do come from low income housing. BTW, people are outraged at black-on-black ghetto crime. That does not happen in higher working class black neighborhoods. Same deal with white trash people. Low class white people get drunk fight and end up in jail. If you read the newspaper or watch it on TV over the weekend, you know what I am talking about. Crime, drugs, etc is rarely an ONGOING problem in upper class neighborhoods because most of these people have goals for the future. Lower class neighborhoods and low class people are what they are because that's what the people in the neighborhoods settle for.
Level I
After 25 years as a MT and I'm only a Level I? I think not, but with MQ, yes, that's all I've been able to get...
I never once said they were on the same level--sm
It is just my personal opinion that killing of any breathing living being is wrong. and since there are different *punishments* for killing a man and killing a beast, a *punishment* is still a *punishment* and I personally prefer not to be *punished* in any context. This life alone has been *punishment* enough. I simply prefer not to be *punished* in the after life for causing harm to another, be it human or animal. I try very hard to live my life by God's laws, which are far more important than any self-serving laws that man can think up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Since I am not looking to debate this already dead issue any longer, I will not respond to any more posts concerning it. This was just my opinion and I am entitled to it without having to be criticised for it. Have a great day.
well on that level, i'm with you
100%. I think the vast majority of Americans are frustrated at the loss of jobs and the illegal immigration situation.
It is exp. level....sm
Newbies up until 2 years are MT level 1. I know 2 years and up is level 2 and I am not sure of MT level 3 how much exp that is.
And your educational level is?
and the more I read this board the happier I am that I'm getting out of this business. Too many "bully wannabes" in here with their name-calling and misplaced aggression. If your life sucks so much that you need to get off on "winning your little pretend cyber battle for the day" ROCK ON. I'm going to use my degree and talk to  intelligent people in the real world. Have fun!
Entry-Level MTs

Hello to all!

Can anyone give any advice on where I may be able to go and find an entry-level MT position?  I greatly appreciate all the responses I hope to receive.  Thanks all!

Entry Level MT's
MedQuist hires entry levels with good testing scores. Fax them your resume. Its worth a try. Good luck
High Level 4
I don't know if we're allowed to post it or not on here, but it's very decent for the MT world, plus they supposedly do raises periodically without you having to beg.
and your educational level is?

It's obvious, my dear. No need to respond but I know you're too angry not to.

Your turn.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.
It would take a new level of destitution, that's for sure
Entry level MT's
Hello.................I know all of you are tired of hearing about how hard it is to find a job at entry level.  I have two certificates from two separate programs.  I have been working for a clinic here where I live part time typing clinic notes.  It is only about two hours per day.  I found a lady on this site who said she would hire anybody if she could find somebody willing to work.  I emailed her and she promised to get me started asap.  That was a few months before Christmas and she still hasn't contacted me.  Does anybody know how to get started as entry level.  I truly need the work.  My part time is paying well but two hours a day is not very much.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.................
I'm in Level Cross, NC
Yep, he is from Level Cross
he lives about 1 1/2 miles from my house. See him at the gas station now and again.
Spheris pay to level 3/4
Recently began working for Spheris. After a month in mentoring received half the paycheck expected. Told the offer letter was wrong and there is no training pay. Also told after mentoring if blanks are left for a certain percentage of reports, incentive bonus is taken away. Is all this true? Can anyone respond to what is happening here? These are on ESL accounts. They take away incentive if the docs are not speaking English?
entry level
It is very true, I graduated college in 2004 and I am still looking to find a company that will hire me at the entry level.
No bonus level for IC as far as I know.
I know of no bonus level. On hold they limit how much you are permitted to type. I am just searching for something better. Tired of being bullied for things I did not type.
Depends on your exp level...sm
And whether you think it is a fair offer?
There is a certain level of decency,
and hate to break it to you, but docs make mistakes like everyone else. Everyone has a right to their opinion, such a shame you can't respect others'. Most every normal considerate doctor dictates it right the first time. How would you feel if EVERY report dictated had 2-3 or more corrections in 2-3 separate dictations. Impeding your linecount, impeding your productivity and for what?! Because some overeducated bozo with a sense of entitlement can't make up his/her mind?!
we are on a tier level sm--
.10 it is 1600 lpd
.095 it is 1400 lpd
.09 below 1400 ldp

paid every 2 weeks

Entry-level position

Hi, I received my MT diploma in August of 2004 from The Career Development Institute.  My average grade was 97%.  I was very excited about finding an MT position but soon discovered that I was in a catch-22 situation.  I had the training and medical terminology education but no experience.  Every advertisement that I found required at least two years of working experience.  Is there any advice anyone could give me to get my foot in the door?  How do MT's begin working when they are new to the field?

Any info. would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Jane L. Creppel

Entry-level Position
Thanks so much! I appreciate the info.

Entry-level position
Thank you. I will contact the school. Hopefully they can help.
Does anyone ever get on a personal level with anyone they work for?

Do you ever get to know the people you work for personally when working for these nationals? Ever have any faces with those QA names? I was just wondering. I find it a little difficult not knowing the people I work for, and I work for a smaller MTSO. They are all nice enough, I suppose, but all business. I can't imagine working for these people for years and not even know what they look like. Is it just me and my curiosity or what???

Tip on how to break into entry level...
Could you post the tip? I think I missed it. There's someone else above looking for tips, and it might help her too. Thanks!

Entry-level jobs
Does anyone know of any companies that hire new graduates?
You have no clue who I am so you don't know my level of peacefulness.
Actually, I am a kind person and considered to be "peaceful".  Lennon was "in his time" back when drugs was the thing to do along with peace, love, no war, but it was ok to do every drug imagineable, participate in orgies, the sit ins, not wearing bras.  It was a change in time that young people of the time were going through.  It doesn't mean John Lennon was some sort of hero.
Is your monitor at direct eye level and sm
is your keyboard on a tray that puts it at an easily reachable level..you don't want to be reaching UP with your arms and looking UP for the monitor. Everything should be at an easy reach.
If I could get the top level salaries at MQ, I would consider it. I have not seen $400K EVER.nm
Being aware of level of concentration
Have learned to be sort of aware of when not really paying attention, rechecking those more carefully. When I'm at my best, just a 10/20 second scroll down page eyeballing it. On the medications/dosages though, I try to get it right the first time/pay attention. Problem area used to be putting off researching something til the end & forgetting, now either do right away or in some cases mark out a bolded section to go back to if waiting for question to become clear later on, so will catch bolded area on 10-second proof scroll.
Entry Level Jobs

Hi everyone! I have a quick question for anyone who has the time to answer. I am looking in to a career in the MT field. I have not started classes yet but I am going to check them out next week. I did a search for MT companies in my area. I noticed that on alot of their websites you had to have so many years experience before you could gain employment with them. If I decide to take classes in medical transcription, how likely is it that I will be able to find employment with someone on an entry level? I have heard from some people that it is nearly impossible to get a job without the experience even if you have certification. Is this true?

Not to me. My MTSO pays me at CMT level and says
my work is better than any CMT she has ever seen.  I'm not one of those people who need initials after their name. 
multi-level marketing nm
Pay Rate For Entry Level MT

Could someone give me an idea as to what an acceptable pay per line rate would be for an entry level position?

Is there any advice you can give a gal just starting out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great day!



Make sure your forehead is level with the top of your
monitor. You should not be looking up or down, just straight on. And try to relax your shoulders. Do not lean forward. Practice simple yoga stretches to elongate your muscles. Transcribing is like playing a sport. You use muscles and they must be stretched to stay limber.

Also, you can increase the size of your font on your screen to avoid having to lean in to see the screen. Try running the Accessibility Wizard under Programs.
the stress level, the extreme pressure on the job
The only thing good out of my years in the industry was I had terrific insurance when I got cancer. The bad was, when I got back to work, the whole atmosphere had changed. They thought I should be ready to take on the world, and I was still with secondary illnesses from the chemoradiation. In fact, even today (3 years later), I still have problems.
Mid-level manager in research and development.
He'd love to give it all up and do something "fun."

Golden handcuffs and three kids in college make that a little hard right now.
I think tier level should be based on the ability
to transcribe jobs assigned to the particular tier. My first job as an MT (I worked in house) required that I do all work types including OP reports. We, of course, did not have tier levels assigned; we were paid hourly. But, we were required to do all work types.
Unfortunately, real estate investing at that level
is really only for the already wealthy who can afford to take risks. Sounds like you both got in over your heads. A $700 profit is not real good on four homes, also. There is always lots of money needed for repairs, etc. Unfortunately there's always a catch to these get-rich quick schemes. Good luck to you and your family.
Keep copies of all jobs and when you hit the bonus level,
You punch a level so you know you are making money?
I would never set something up like this to make myself go faster. I know if I donít type the amount of lines I want per day, so simple I donít have a decent check. Donít need a stop watch, counter, etc. My motivation is bringing home the amount of money I want every 2 weeks. My way is really simple, just fast fingers concentrating on the end result.
I must comment: The cost is set per their economic level.
I do think it is fair.

I think any single one of you who say it isn't has absolutely no clue what it is like over there.

Well, I've been there. I know. It is not what you think.

I've found nothing has a higher pay level (sm)
all same across the board these days.
Set up your template to open in the zoom level you want. sm
Then you can record a macro and assign a hot key to change it back when you're finished with the report.
I regretted having stooped to this person's level immediately
low level, low income, low education, low coping skills.
birds of a feather flock together FOR THE MOST PART.  why don't rich people move to trailer parks?  the mentality.  why do low income people stay low income?  no education.  why no education?  no forward thinking as to why some people can make money and others don't.  sorry if you don't like it, but stats don't lie.  do a google search.  there are certain neighborhoods that have income levels, education levels, crime rates.  these low income housing units, trailer park, section 8, apartments that do not require credit checks have higher crime rates, lower education levels and lower incomes.  google will answer all your questions regarding stats.  why do you think some neighborhoods are more valuable than others?  where i live the same house could be in one neighborhood and be more valuable than a house sitting in another neighborhood that is zoned for trailer parks.  why is that?  go figure.
New Orleans not only below sea level but sinking 1 more inch a year.
webgal: what are they starting high level 4's at these days? nm


My name is Diana Strand and I am an entry level medical Transcriptionist seeking any kind of PRN work or internship, or mentoring program available. I wish to get experience to be able to attain a permanent job. Any comments would be helpful. Thank you very much.

Diana Strand

Yes, I would, verbatim or not - there is a level of professionalism in a legal document and
the word "poop" doesn't belong in medical dictation - change it to fecal material or something! LOL - these doctors kill me. I had one say "turd" one time, too - who are they kidding? They know it's wrong!