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Set up your template to open in the zoom level you want. sm

Posted By: CheriL on 2009-05-08
In Reply to: More explanation - See Message

Then you can record a macro and assign a hot key to change it back when you're finished with the report.

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Open your template dot file and change the zoom... sm
percentage to whatever you want. Then you have to do something in the document area -- such as pressing the spacebar and backspace -- so Word thinks you actually made a change to the template and answer yes to the message when you close it out. Every new document will open with your new zoom level.
Open the normal.dot file and change your zoom. Hit the space and backspace and close it.
You have to open the template .dot file and... sm
change the zoom to what you want. Then you have to do something in the document area -- like a space and backspace -- so Word thinks you actually made a change to the template. Then just exit out and answer yes to the message.
Template question. Somehow this morning I saved the date and patient name into my template? I have t
deleting the date and patient name and resaving as a template but everytime I reopen the template the date and patient name are still there.  Anyone know how to delete them so that they come up blanks again????  Thanks. 
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Create your template (save as a template) and use - sm
Control-F9 to make your empty field (as they call it); a set of {} will appear. Save the file, the brackets will not show unless you set it to show the field codes. To jump from {} to {} use F11. You can also preformat the {} with fonts/bold/caps, etc. Have fun.
You can't just open the attachment. You need to save it to a file and then open SM
your wave player and load it. 
zoom up/down
If you work in Word, you can make a shortcut.

I use zup (shortcut)

Command is
{Alt + V} ze 125 {enter}

The 125 can changed in your shortcut to whatever type is good for you.

You can reverse zup to zud or zoom down the same way, and changing the 125 to whatever lower font is good.
SM about zoom
I have a 19-inch screen. I work in Dictaphone EXText. My word document comes up in 100% view. It appears so tiny on my big screen. I make it zoom to 250%. The document then fits my screen perfectly; whereas when it was in 100% view mode, it only covered about 50% of my screen. I am trying to be without a mouse when working (but of course I use a mouse to surf the web), but with work, I am trying to just use all keyboard functions which would be more efficient with VR. The only way to make my view bigger before was by using my stupid mouse and to click on a drop-down menu....now the zoom feature is on my keyboard. Make sense? Love it.
Would increasing Zoom help for now?

in Word? nm

Is there a way to create a macro for adjusting zoom?
In other words, if I want to adjust my zoom from 100% to 125% and then back to 100% before uploading without having to click view, zoom, etc, is there a way to create a shortcut to switch between zoom views? I just can't see well at 100%. I need glasses, obviously, but in the meantime I want to be able to see better without the strain to my eyes. Its just such a hassle to change zoom back and forth for every document, but we cannot upload them with the zoom at anything more or less than 100%.
microsoft 4000 ergo, I use, with zoom in/out,
Definitely a common font size. Ask if increasing the zoom on your end
Mentioned below, zoom in over 100% on your toolbar won't change print nm
Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a Kodak digital with zoom and who has the best prices
on them. I just want a simple to use Kodak easyshare that is reasonably priced with zoom on it.
Increasing the zoom view does not increase the font size.
Microsoft split ergo with volume and zoom controls.
How do I get it ST to open when escription is open?

I just opened Word, opened the template and saved it as a Word template. nm
Have had cut in pay due to template

use now required that will not be included in line count.  It is a clinic job, part time, 12 cpl.  I have done this for one year.  But, in last 30 days, the clinic has created a temple of the normally used sentences the physician uses (I had them programmed into auto correct) and now, I am not paid for them. 

Now, I am making considerably less money and am half hearted about getting the work done.  I suppose I need to quit this job.  I have essentially been demoted.

I work FT as well with a national and this PT job was a back up so my eggs were not all in the same basket.  I guess I could try to replace it with another PT job.

Any comments would be welcome as I feel ambivalent to quit for some reason...

Thank you.

I hope this answers your question. After you paste, there is a little suitcase that appears, there are options there, click on the little options arrow, and choose the correct option, this will change the font to match what is there.
Just put it in your template. That way you don't need to SM
type a keystroke.
If you type for the same doctors over and over, you can make a template, as they tend to say pretty much the same thing every time, at least for PE and ROS. Then you just insert the template and make changes as necessary.
It seems to be a lot of template.  I wonder if this is the reason for the lower price per page.  Don't know.

Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy (PDF) of the Meditech template.

Jeff Smith

Even if you use a template, you still have
to listen to the report and make any changes. A lot of them do say the same thing over and over, but you do have to change the report when something different is dictated.
template cpl
Never heard of such! There must be a fancy new program out there that can tell the difference between expanded words/phrases in a traditional report. What a bummer! 3 cpl usually pertains to VR lines/templates.
Level I
After 25 years as a MT and I'm only a Level I? I think not, but with MQ, yes, that's all I've been able to get...
Level I
what's wrong is having 5 accounts to switch back and forth from and running out of work....
I never once said they were on the same level--sm
It is just my personal opinion that killing of any breathing living being is wrong. and since there are different *punishments* for killing a man and killing a beast, a *punishment* is still a *punishment* and I personally prefer not to be *punished* in any context. This life alone has been *punishment* enough. I simply prefer not to be *punished* in the after life for causing harm to another, be it human or animal. I try very hard to live my life by God's laws, which are far more important than any self-serving laws that man can think up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Since I am not looking to debate this already dead issue any longer, I will not respond to any more posts concerning it. This was just my opinion and I am entitled to it without having to be criticised for it. Have a great day.
well on that level, i'm with you
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It is exp. level....sm
Newbies up until 2 years are MT level 1. I know 2 years and up is level 2 and I am not sure of MT level 3 how much exp that is.
Can you help me with MSWord Template? SM

Hi everyone!  I'm working on about 20+ reports by the same doctor.  I have a template that I saved for him under MSOffice, Templates, his name.  In the past, I've been going to explore (right clicking on the start menu) and physically pulling up the template for each and every report.

Is there a way I can just open the template once.  Finish the first report and then automatically when a new Word document opens it will open that template?



Working from a template

This is my first week of working inhouse for one doctor with a small staff.  I'm the first inhouse Transcriptionist they've tried. The doctor uses a template to pick phrases and words from a standard form with bolded text and then I delete those not needed for report, un-bold, re-format and save as.  This is taking a long time for me to figure out and ensure I've selected the correct one and not take out too much, etc., especially on the initial evaluation.  I've just typed from recorded dictation before (about 7-8 years altogether).  How can I use quick keys or something similar to make this more efficient?  Number system for certain phrases?  I know I'm expected to do this quicker so I can help with the other office tasks, because have to keep a record of my finished reports for each day.  I'm an experiment, I feel! 

Incidentally, I've just figured out the office manager (male) and the doctor (female) are husband and wife!  Yep, I'm slow!  Any suggestions for handling this?  So far, they have been very professional, but a family relationship work environment would not have been my first choice for a job.  Everyone--so far--I work with is great and I want very much for this to work!!



document is a template
I am using a different computer in my house because my main one crashed. I had new templates sent to me, but when I open them to use them they have all of these arrows and paragraph symbols everywhere! Thanks for any help
Letter template

Do a hard return after the letterhead section and after the centered section.  Hope this works.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Can anyone please help me with a Word template? SM

I am going to try to make sense, here. 

I am trying to make a template for a new client I was just given by my MTSPO.  my template is a bunch of letters.  At the top is typical letterhead.  They want this starting at 1" from the top.  Then below will be the rest of the letter.  They want this centered on the rest of the page.  Right now, since I am just making a template to fill in, I have the date line starting at the 3 in. line, the RE: starting at the 3 in. line, Dear: at the left margin, and a couple other sentences and closing and cc line and such.  This is already on the template so that I just fill it in when I am transcribing.  They will dictate 18-20 of these, all in a row, so I do one letter and then just move on the next page to fill in to create another letter, so on and so on.  Does that make sense?  I am trying to make a template for this. 

Here is the problem I am having with trying to get my template set up. I can get it set up so that the letterhead is one inch from the top.  But then when I go in to center the rest of the text on the page, I have problems.  I click to hilight the body of the letter.  I go into file, page setup, layout, vertical alignment, center, center selected text. 


It moves everything I hilighted to the next page! 


If I go in and repeat that process but don't select "selected text", then of course it centers everything, which then moves the letterhead on every letter below my first one. 


I need, on every page of my template, for the letterhead to stay at 1 inch and the body of the letter to be centered on the rest of the page, but then for the letterhead on the following page to be back at 1 inch.  Any ideas how to accomplish this? 


 I am SO frustrated.  I am going to be up all night if I can't get this accomplished! 

Keyboard template

If you would like a copy of the Meditech keyboard template, which has all of the formatting keystrokes, send me your e-mail address. I'll send it in PDF format.

Jeff Smith

I have tried that. It is a template that has been made
Create a template.

Create bookmark names (patient, date, etc.). Put a cross-reference to those bookmark names where you want them to appear in the document. Save the template. Now, when you open the template, create a new document, fill in the patient name, date, etc. and mark with the appropriate bookmark. When you're finished with that, hit F9 and it will update all fields.

Both bookmark and cross-reference are found under Insert; cross-reference is a subcategory of Reference.

Template in Word

My company sent me a template.  How do I convert that and save it in Word so I don't have to retype it all the time?

ltrhd template
Do you have to create their ltrhd or do they provide ltrhd and you need to format your text accordingly?

Do you have Word 2003 or 2007?
Template "pay"
Tell them this: Transcriptionists have to be smart enough to know when to use the template and when to remove parts of it, when to question if it should be used at all for a particular report. They also must be smart enough to create it, maintain it and smart enough when to let the doctor know when his style changes so as to "update" the template.

Also tell him that you drive both ways to pick up and deliver, you are his "clerk" evidently and print his work, probably print envelopes and fax, and save his work correctly for his use or recall on your computer. All these things would cost him money too if he had to pay for them separately. Call around in your area and find out how much a courier service would be to pick up and deliver. Time how long the "clerk things" take. Clerks in my area earn approximately $10.00/hour. Find out how much the going rate is for archiving with timely backups and "free reprints."

I too have an account where I too pick up, deliver, where they use archaic tapes (against my will), and expect me to archive all their work, print reports, envelopes, and fax. In general, I am their secretary. They pay me well for this service and I give them a good product. I have told them I would be glad to lower my rates if they would please go digital. The doctor says no digital because he "does not trust it" and "does not want to learn it." I said fine, and when your tapes break then from now on you will pay to have them re-spooled (in my area it is 85.00 to have one done). It has since happened and they paid. If he forgets to change his batteries and the tape is horrible he has to re-dictate it. He does. So, if they want to pay you for your services fairly and quit complaining then stay there. If they whine and badger you then I say tell them to knock it off or you will leave and find some other client who will appreciate you and your work and be willing to pay you the going rate without politics. Some things in this life are just not worth it and this may be one of them.

Remind them too of how much you could type and earn if you did not have to pick up and deliver. In my case it is about $50.00 worth. I recently raised my rate because of high gas prices. You should do the same when you need to and feel no guilt. They don't feel guilty when they send you the bill for an office visit where you were seen for five minutes and they charge $150.00 and you are an established patient, do they now?
If this was on a template that you had created--sm
or if it was sent to you, you can open the template, change the view percent, save the document that way, and it should reopen in the new view percent.
template stalling
I have a template which the docs like.  My problem is it stalls at times and does not keep up WI my typing.  When i backspace to erase it goes very slow.  There is nothing wrong wi the template itself, as that has been checked out.  Also, my computer has plenty of memory.  It just happens wi this one template and none of the others.  Any ideas??
slow template
I had this happen once.  I never did find the cause or the solution for the template itself, but I did find one trick that worked for me.  I put the template into autotext and used it that way.  I would open up a blank document and then pull it in from autotext.  Hope this helps.
template moving..help please..sm

I could use any help from someone more savvy than I am in regards to the making the template not move.

I was given a letterhead that I now need to put headers in.  The need to be lined up like this:


PATIENT NAME:   @@                      DOB: @@

PHYSICIAN:   @@                              MR#: @@


No matter what I try, I can not fill in one field without the other field moving over. It is so time consuming to have to back it up each time considering there are four fields each side.

Any ideas? 

The form I need to make this on has their header with log and the footer with their names and the like, so I have the inside of a template so to speak, to work in. 

thank you for anything to help.



template lines

I'm applying for jobs, and I received an offer for one job that says they pay 8.5 cpl and 3 cpl for template lines.  It goes on to say that  a template is defined as a group of words or phrases that is automatically inserted into a report after an abbreviation has been dictated.

Does this mean that anything I put out through my word Expander is going to be counted at 3 cpl?  Is this a common practice with more companies - it never used to be?? 


Just create a new template.
And your educational level is?
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Entry-Level MTs

Hello to all!

Can anyone give any advice on where I may be able to go and find an entry-level MT position?  I greatly appreciate all the responses I hope to receive.  Thanks all!