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No, out east ... lots of rude people running the show, it seems ... sigh. nm

Posted By: Dreaming MT on 2006-01-01
In Reply to: Is this service in Wisconsin??? - WI MT

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Current 4th year English major. Lots of school ahead. sigh. nm
Sigh...unfortunately, I've met people like that. NM
That's not right. Usually people think when 'Orient' is mentioned of the Middle East,
teh Middle East, also called Minor Asia, and the Arab countries in Northern Africa, like Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunesia, Algeria etc.....
Don't you?

Instead of 'oriental' one can say 'from the Orient.' also for persons. But one can say 'oriental', nothing wrong with that.

A poster mentioned China, Japan, Philippines, Korea etc...yes, this is Asia, also called the 'Far East'.

rude people? I would take good pay over polite people any day
Besides that they have never been rude to me and I have been here for almost 2 years. What do you consider a bad account?

I know my account is a little tough, but I am used to it. I am tough!
Rude people? I hardly think so. They are some of the nicest people I have ever worked with. sm
Not just management, but QA as well. No one is rude. They are a very understanding staff. There is one account that is hard but all it takes is getting used to it. Once you are used to it, it is no harder than any other ESL account that you would do anyplace else. I have heard all these things about TH from the archives and I have yet to come across rudeness or any kind of thing that I have read about in the archives. I would definitely pursue them if I were you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
yep, people are rude

I've had many experiences in fast food with people thinking they can just talk to me any way they please because i'm behind the register and they are having a bad day. 

One place was Dunkin Donuts.  This was my first week on the job (I lasted two weeks).  These drunk girls came in late one night, and thought it would be fun to pick out doughnuts, have me put them in the box, then change their mind.  I was back and forth with this for about 20 minutes, and they were having a good old time.  It was humiliating to say the least.

Another was at Jack in the Box.  Also my first week, they had me on the front counter AND drive through.  That night, unbeknownst to the manager, was the Garth Brooks concert.  It was me and the cook, and a line of cars wrapped around the place and in the front.  Anyways, since it was just me (getting the orders wrong left and right trying to go fast...people are so picky, wanting no pickle or pickle added, they do not know there is no key on the register for that, so I basically winged it)the people had long waits, and a very angry man and his son pull up and give me an ear full...WE'VE BEEN WAITING 20 MINUTES FOR A COKE AND A DIET COKE...just swearing, yelling, and was just in a rage over this.  I tried to apologize, nothing seemed to work, I couldn't calm this guy down.  He slams the money down in my hands, i give him his cokes and throw his change at him running out crying.  That was the last day I did fast food after working at it for about five years.

Working for the public really stinks, and its no wonder people at McDonalds are so darn rude, I really don't blame them!

Look who is rude here? You or People?
It is Aranesp...sorry for the rude people. nm
rude city people
I hear you....twice in the past couple of months I have caught two different SUVs driving through the brush our our very well posted private property.  Apparently, they see our property as an off road play land.  It certainly is frustrating.  I hope they put some scratches in their pretty city SUVs.  Wishing for a fence and electric gate or a moat and alligators. 
That's very rude and offensive to many people (nm)
The worst problem with MQ is running people out of work all the time.
Bad. Good pay, but bad accounts and rude people
stay away IMO
You will run across some pretty rude people around here as you've seen...(sm)
but not everyone is like the one above.  Welcome.  I don't have any of my own clients, but the service I work for recently lost the account I worked on pretty much out of the blue.  It's a real shock to have the work yanked from you like that, and I agree it was pretty cowardly for the wife not to just come out and admit when you directly asked.  I don't know what to tell you but just wanted you to know that you can expect some real nastiness around here at times, but don't let it keep you away.
Yes people can be rude here, including yourself. You just called
Wow, I'm glad I'm not a newbie. You people are rude to newbies.
People will be rude, and impose themselves, as long as you allow it. Once you put your foot down, a
It's just that it's too easy to impose on you. You have to stop them, kindly but firmly. I'm working now, and I cannot do that for you. They learn, they learn.
You're rude. That being said... Some people just work alone for a couple doctors and don't
It was rude in nature. 'Thanking' people for cherrypicking was uncalled for.
Some people just can't help but try to show - sm
off their "intelligence" whenever they get the chance!
I agree, nasty and rude people lately, where are the grownups is correct in a former post.
I agree with all you said. I come here sometimes just to share thoughts, experiences, and to really help others as it helps me to help. There are some unnecessary, hurtful responses on here. The admin cannot police all and she should not be expected to. Have a little consideration, people, we are all in the same lifeboat here. As for leaving the profession, think about it. I have been tempted many times, have tried working in other fields but totally boring after hearing all that I've heard as an MT. I can't read a non-fiction book as it all seems so shallow and ridiculous to me. For too many years I have shared the lives of people on a real, non-fictional basis through my work. It is an interesting and informative profession and even doctors are amazed at how much information I have  in this little brain of mine. I have on occasion saved many people in my family (including myself) from unnecessary harm or eary intervention. Please think about it before you leave us. As for this board, I llove it except for the nasty posts, but that's life. As we all know, it takes all kinds. Most people here belong in the helping profession. If they're in it for the money, it shows. Character shows up in the positive posts on here. We are, after all, supposed to be in the helping profession, not the kill or be-killed attitude some have. I would say most of us come in here for  knowledge, friendship and just plain sharing. If we have a little laugh once in awhile, it helps, but not when it turns into a cat fight. IMHO, of course!
Wow, there are lots of people on
132 people on right now. I suppose maybe because so many people don't have any work to do.
Nah, some people just feel the need to show off. sm
Dressing babies like that is expensive! Personally, if I ever get around to having kids, my babies will be in onesies till they outgrow them, and then it's OshKoshB'Gosh overalls after that, lol.
You show people how to treat you. We don't

do gifts at my house.  There isn't a single thing I need that I don't already have.  I got breakfast in bed (omelet, bacon, and French toast).  Lunch and dinner was cooked for me and the dishes done, laundry was done, the den picked up.  My car was detailed by my children and my children also spread a pile of mulch for me.  They would have had to spread the mulch anyway, but it would have taken days, they did it in about 1/2 day.   I also received cards.   The kids didn't fight, I didn't get anything that I wouldn't use anyway, and it was just a very nice day.  

I always make a big deal out of birthdays and holidays for my family and they know what I want from them.  



People's personalities usually show up in their

work, IMHO, so the perfectionist QA usually QAs work to death; the pessimist QA finds anything wrong, or focuses on the wrong stuff with no hope for improvement; the optimist QA finds things wrong, but focuses on how they can be improved. 

Don't take QA stuff personal.  I mean, take it personal to improve your MT skills, but not personal as an affront on yourself, especially if you know your work is good

I had lots of people wanting her, just most

not good homes based on what I required.  Tried the lab rescure, but everyone had all they could take and they would help me find her a home, I just had to keep her until then and I just didn't want to get too attached.   All the other various rescue groups had reached their limits too and taking her to the pound wasn't an option.  Even though I felt she would be adopted quickly because she was so sweet, there is absolutely zero screening and anyone that fills out the paperwork and pays the $$ can get a pet.  When we adopted the cats we were fostering there was a grandmother in there dragging her grandson by his upper arm and she balled her fist and threatened to punch him in the face.  This was not a home I would want my lab to go to. 

I'm not 100% comfortable with the family she went to, but I told them if it didn't work out we wanted her back.

We are going to build a dog lot and dog house in the event we have another stray. 

I'm not much help (I can't remember how) except to say lots of people know how SM
to do this. I've long since lost my cheat sheet. Sorry.
Lots of people worked up to it.
They got it going and then used it for maybe 1/2 hour one day. Then used it a bit longer the next and so on, until they were using it exclusively.

Another way is to create a glossary with the stuff in your current Expander so that you get used to using it with familiar phrases. Then you can add to it as you get better. That's what I did. DO use the marker keys though, rather than the spacebar to expand. That takes a bit of getting used to, but it is so worth it later on to be able to get full use of all of IT's features later. :-)

Lots of people are mobile.

Be sure that you're using a secured wireless network/hot spot. Your laptop should have the wireless card already installed, unless you're using an old model. Try Google search for VPN to learn more.

Most importantly--make sure it is allowed by your company!!

how about switching it around and telling the people who run the show that you really can't
expect any more out of people who have not received increases in pay in years, are swamped with ESLs and American mushmouths and they really should stop and think about the pay rate being increased so you aren't faced with this scenario.  how about representing the MTs interests instead of sucking up to the big boys?
Yes, I went and it was great. Very informative. Lots of people. sm
I love being able to talk to fellow transcriptionists to share war stories. The place was beautiful and not expensive as most of our meals were provided at the conference.

I think that transcriptionists should stop complaining about everything and start taking action. One of the best ways to do it is to get involved with the 7000 other transcriptionists with the AAMT.
It means lots of people are checking it out....
in other words, a HOT topic!
Lots of people are. Supposedly there is a patch that will
fix issues.  Got to MS website for info. 
Lots of people think that degrees open many doors.
Degrees close many doors, too. People won't hire you at all because you're overqualified or they think you'll jump ship the moment you find something better. A large percentage of this country is underemployed, and that number gets greater every day. Wages have plummeted because the young 20-somethings will work for peanuts. Why should businesses pay more for older workers when they can get a fresh college grad for next to nothing?
Lots of people wear Rx glasses just for using the computer, nothing else. Ask doc
I see lots of reason people are staying in the field,
about the low wages. If everyone is so happy with the satisfaction MT gives, the flexibility, etc., are these the same people complaining of low pay? It almost sounds like it's okay to make a lousy wage in exchange for what it gives. I still don't think Pattie's question has been addressed: Why complain?
I think lots of people not paying for the years anymore
If that were the case with 30+ years, my per line pay would be more than what I make now. No more pay for experience.
In general business're running slower than usual but running. NM
Okay, quit bragging and hire someone then. Lots of people need work. nm
And have several grills with volunteers to man them. Piggy takes too long to cook! People will show
Totally not MT related but lots of smart people here for advice, I hope.
My son had a girlfriend some 8 years ago, she ran off with another guy to another state and it really didn't hurt my feelings at all.  They had gone through a lot in the less than a year that they were together including my son helping her cope with a rape trauma that she had been through.  I wish truly I could remember the number of months between the rape and her leaving, but I felt it was a short time.  That really doesn't matter, but 5 years ago this girl sent an e-mail telling us our son was the possible father of her child "you do the math" but she "really thinks the other guy is the father."  My son called her and she was going to send paperwork but never did.  Now jump forward to yesterday, my son gets notified via phone that she's looking for him, that she has his daughter, and we're really not sure what to do.  The girl does not know where we or my son lives but knows the general area.  I'm afraid she'll just show up on my doorstep one day but my son doesn't live here anymore, he's a man with a life of his own.  What would you do?  Does anyone know the legality of all this?
If you can show proof you did this work for them, they then have to show they paid it in order
BBQ, slaw, cornbread, ham, casseroles, lots of veggies, chicken pastry, lots of desserts!! BIG fami
Lots of inexpensive decorations at Big Lots. Had a party last year.
LOTS and LOTS of video tapes and DVDs.
you are right (sigh)
They "say" that this system can tell if you do that. I believe that it can but I don't think they take the time to check. I know how to cherry pick too, but I don't. That is why I liked it when I used to get paid by the minute. Now that was wonderful! Those days are long though--gone to VR.
Like I said, it's not the info. It's something else.

& I've been using Belarc for years.
I don't think I could be an MT now, sigh...sm
It's been close to three years since I retired, and I can't believe the changes. I never worked with VR/SR, whatever you call it, so I'm not in a position to say anything about it. I could probably teach terminology, but that's all. I was never a computer whiz, and all this new software alone would be overwhelming.

How can it be profitable to use some of this VR with horrible dictators and then the MT have to spend an hour making corrections to what she could just type in, say, 15 minutes or less? It makes no sense to me, but like I said, I am now out of the current loop for sure.

I remember in May of 1992, the then-JAAMT had a wall poster that said, "Transcriptionists...there is more to medical records than voice recognition." Apparently that is no longer considered true.
I subscribe to the Monster.com daily job finder, that sends me daily job openings in areas that are of interest to me.  I found a job this morning for an MT where they required NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever.  This was 100% telecommute position.  Let that soak in for a minute...Okay.  So this company promises at least $7.00 to start, and they will provide a book for you.  I guess that's what this has come to nowadays, where they take any Joe Schmo off the street, and say, "Well, here you go.  Start transcribing!"  Isn't that something?  Little Suzie Homemaker who takes this gig, thinking she'll now be able to stay home with her kids and make some money typing is in for a bit of a shock, when she gets a neurosurgical report from Dr. Tadimallakaidanelankea.  I wonder what's in that one book that they provide, that will magically turn her into a skilled MT...
No need to sigh....
Some people just like to come off like they are know-it-alls....  drives me insane!  Just keep on truckin'; you'll be fine!   
(sigh) mouse
umm, I mean ur welcome....long day.....sigh