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Maybe she is jealous that she doesn't have kids!

Posted By: nm on 2006-03-20
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Why are YOU attacking HER? Just because she doesn't want kids, doesn't mean she needs a psychi
No, YOU are implying that this mother doesn't want to be bothered with her kids. How do YOU know?
Do little kids like caramel? My big kids won't even eat it! We make the basic Baker's chocolat
I never said you shouldn't have kids! Feeling guilty? I asked WHY you had kids.
You clearly stated in your post that you ship the kids off to camp all day, and they're TIRED AT NIGHT!!  You know exactly what you said.  You said it as a PERK - AS IN GREAT! They're gone all day, it wears them out, and so I shovel dinner in their mouths and off to bed!  You can try to paint it any way you want, but YOU SAID IT.  Again, I only hope your kids never hear you speak that way or write that way. Shame on you.  Why have kids at all?  Just another parent who has them, gets rid of them for day AND night, BRAGS ABOUT IT, and then calls ME wicked!  Give me a break!  Camp is fine - its WHAT YOU SAID AND YOU KNOW IT.  Your own words showed your heart. Period.
Your just jealous. It can be done. Other MTs can sm
produce and you can't. HA, HA.
What's there to be jealous
about.  FORMER BANK MANAGER- things obviously didn't work out. 
Don't be jealous.

I don't need 9 accounts to have to get work. I rarely pull work from most of them because I have get enough from my primary.

It is utterly ridiculous that you find a negative thing to say about everything you read you nasty, nasty lady.


jealous :(
Jerome and Prescott are definitely to die for. Also Silverton CO. oh but I miss my biker days *sigh*
I am so jealous!

I am an 80's teen, so he's a bit before my "time", but I still absolutely LOVE him! He is so awesome. I'm jealous.

Hope you have a truly wonderful time...think about all us back home while you're there!

I'm so jealous!!!!!
I keep hoping he will come to my area of the US, as I know he has been doing some concerts. I will camp out for tickets if he does!

I don't think he is really "beautiful" or "handsome" but he just has that "IT" factor that makes my heart swoon!
Jealous?? Of WHAT? LOL!
So, 3 or 4? Like where? I am jealous.
I'm jealous, too!
My vacations consist of going to see family, bringing my laptop along and I work where ever we go!! Wow..I'd love to have a real vacation with no work involved...I'm dreaming...
Perhaps not jealous

I don't that the responders were jealous but sharing their experiences with you and telling you that there is a chance that you may not get that raise even though you feel -- and I agree -- you probably deserve it.  But at least they stayed through your move with you and you no longer have to pick up, deliver, print, etc. and kept you at your same rate while someone in the office was doing that.  So that saves you time.

 Again I barely pay attention to the cpl that I receive.  I look more at the hourly rate that I need to make and see how that works for me.  Especially since I also do mostly clinic notes like you and have the same dictators and can make so many templates, macros, auto corrects, etc.  -- I can type 300 to 500 lines per hour.  So at 12 cpl that is good money.  I utilize hundreds of short cuts, do not do repetive typing at all.  So that is money in my pocket and I feel a raise as I am working less and making more.  The MT world is going the same way as the trucking profession did several years ago and I lived through that with my husband.   10 to 15 years ago it used to be so lucrative driving a truck and now a days you are lucky if you break even.   Look at the foreign truck drivers that cannot speak English and or read the road signs.

I still feel that it is the insurance companies that are getting rich and I know that the physicians are not getting rich from them when they receive anywhere from 60 to 75% of what they bill out, but the insurance company does not cut our rates 60 to 75% when we use their PPO's.   If you raise your rates 1 cent per line, that is about an 8.5% increase which over five years is not that much.  I did raise my rates this last year and explained to them that I had to either raise my rates or get another account and then they might not be receiving the same service that they were these past few years.  They all said "Raise them"  so I did.  All you can do is to be honest with them, do not be defensive but do be prepared that they may not like it.  I think that is what everyone was sharing was that be prepared for the worst, hope for the best and go for it.  After having some of my accounts for 5 to 18 years I still get butterflies in my stomach when I raise the rates.  But even though I have only gone up 3 cents per line in 16 years, my production has doubled so I  work less and make more. .  .Anyway that is my thinking for what it is worth. 

I think his son is jealous of him and wants him sm
in trouble. Dog has come a very long way from being a drug addict, etc. I think phone conversations should be kept private. Sorry, but I would not want my son to date a black woman. However, I would never use the "n" word.
Kids are demanding and so is MT work. My question is how CAN you do this with kids, rather than how
When you have two young kids, 11 months apart, (like I stated they are now 4 and 5) and have been doing this since they were born with no help from their father and no family around, YES, the kids get neglected. Part time might work but living on one salary, part time, is not an option. How can you possible tell me that anyone with two young kids can stay at home and work a full-time, 8-hour shift, and still give their kids the attention they NEED. I dont care how good you are at multitasking and how great your organizational skills are. It is a very difficult thing to do. And I am offended by your post making it sound as if it is easy to do.

I do agree that it can depend on how well your kids behave and how well they are able to play on their own. But my kids were not able to play well on their own. They needed constant attention.

So please take the time to realize that there are people out there in different situations than your own.

Reading our posts should help you to understand that everyone has a different situation. I believe everyone should have the right to shares their experiences as it might benefit the original poster in her questions and concerns.

I dont think anyone should be bashed for taking the time out to write about their experiences. I dont usually come on here to argue but you really ticked me off with your post. And try reading the post correctly. I said next time around I would have put them in day care. What I DID do with them was set them up to an activity like art or put on a movie for them. Geez.
Stayed "because of the kids?" I say "leave because of the kids"
You're in no position to buy right now. Keep saving, keep paying down your bills, and for heaven's sake get rid of that dead weight of a BF you're living with. You can do better.
So, should I return the $75 (x2 kids) in music cards I got the kids for x-mas...sm
My son has been telling me about free music sites and I was very leary.  How do they skirt the law Radguy?
I don't have kids, but my Mom was from the "old school," and still had everyone, kids inclu

call her by her first name.  The little neighbor girl next door from the time she could speak called her Aggie (my mom's first name), and they were great buddies until the day my mom pased away. 

I don't think there really is much in a name, but more in the respect you are given and the way you are treated.   Personally, I kind of cringe inside when someone calls me Ms. Anything or God forbid, "maam" (makes me feel like Methuselah!) ... I'm always just plain Merrie.  :-)

But, as someone pointed out, to each his own.  If you want to be addressed a certain way, you have that right, and people should respect that.  I'm glad you corrected the child ... hope it "sticks."    

You're just jealous! Of course this is possible...

no, I'm not jealous, I just happen to have something they don't sm

it's called a life!!! Woohoo!!!

You sound a bit jealous that you are too
stupid to do all that. Some people have the skills, some don't. No need to knock people who do. Sorry for your disability.
Sounds like someone's jealous
of me. I hate when that happens. It blows my mind when I see most of the people around me walking around and it looks like half their face was blown away by a fart. Is that what happened to you? My recommendation would be to get plastic surgery, gastric bypass or find someone who will love you for you. I am not sure if that is possible, but give it a whirl. Don't hate me because I am beautiful.
Gee Michael I am jealous she sm
didn't even reply to me! haha. That sounds really professional doesn't it? Obviously she is someone trying to work from home who doesn't have a clue and just trying to make some bucks. She can't possibly be experienced or she wouldn't put an ad in with the emphasis on computer skills and not MT skills! She is the loser!
Very impressive! I'm jealous! : )
If this is her house, now I am jealous and
I can see why she fought so hard to keep it in the divorce.  I would be thrilled if this was my house and my real house isn't anything to sneeze at.  Color me green.
I truly don't think anyone is jealous of your situation
Obviously it is not working out all that well. Anyone can take a chance and buy up a bunch of homes with no money down, most people would not take that kind of a risk. It is quite apparent you are not millionaires. I feel bad for you, actually, and hope things turn around for you soon!
so sad that 12 cpl makes everyone jealous

I tried to use quotes around jealous, but it wouldn't let me post the message... And I don't mean jealous in the sense that you know it..... I just mean that everyone is soooo surprised and so eager to tell me that I'm so lucky and that I better not take it for granted... and that is fine.  I am wondering WHY that is the way it is.  I think it is awful for us as MT's, the career I thought I would be able to raise my family on, has gone from what it was to what it is.  For God sakes the cost of living has skyrocketed, and I have never received a raise in five years.  Now everyone would be happy to be making what I am making... however I can never imagine working for 7, 8 or 9 cents because I feel I am worth SOOOO much more than that, and I think you should ALL feel that way.  Outsourcing is a real threat, but not always.  The hospital I work for now, they tried it, and the work was crap, so re-hired my mom and I at 10 cpl.  I am maybe too optimistic but I feel like it is like VR.  There will always be errors...

I just feel awful that people are ragging on me for wanting to make more because I feel I deserve it.  I don't think a one cent raise is that awful to ask for.  I'm just trying to make ends meet as it is you know?  If they refuse it, then I deal with it.  But the fact that I spend so much time looking things up on the internet, doctor's names, new drugs, addresses... and someone expects me to work for next to nothing? 

On a side note, I get NO benefits as I am an IC.  Would someone suggest asking for benefits rather than a raise?  Insurance costs a lot even though I am young and healthy, and I don't remember the last time I put money in my IRA was.

It's just really sad.  I always thought that this would be my forever career and now at the age of 25, i must rethink about going back to school, maybe becoming a nurse, they are in high demand now aren't they?  I just wanted nothing more than to be able to be home with my kids when I have them some day.  Is that such a terrible thing?

 Best wishes to you all

lol Lady, I am not jealous! She, however, has
I still think her BA is in BS! LOL

People Are Just Jealous
I too, am an awesome typist and don't doubt you. As for the people who read this board for advice?? In my experience, an average MT types 150-200 lines per hour (I can easily do 400 when the work is there). There are some very good MTs who are very very slow though. I actually worked with a woman with 18 years experience who could only generate 600 lines maximum in 8 hours. Just my two cents.
You would be so jealous if you only knew
what wealth I do have and wealth is not just money but happiness beyond belief. I told my better half just yesterday if I had 1 word to term my life it would be magical. That should tell you something, but probably will not because you want to think I am the heavy in this situation. Think like you want as least my conscious is clear as far as my life goes.
Cyndi I'm JEALOUS!!!! (nm)
Those jumping on you are jealous, that's all.
I think when some people got into transcription, they figured it would be easier than it is. It's a real job that you have to concentrate on at all times. I don't answer the phone, my husband knows not to bug me and when my kids were still at home they knew not to bother mom while she's working.

This is still a great career for me. I get as much work as I want and make as much money as I want.
Frank did not write me. I am jealous.
Frank isn't as hot as Gregg but I still wish I could hear from Frank.  He isn't answering my e-mails either. 
I'm JEALOUS! Have a GREAT time! NM
I am jealous. Where do u live? I WISH it were cold
That's what all jealous uneducated people say
Patti - the slammers in here are just jealous

When you said *Sleepless in Seattle* setting of your home - that was one of my most favorite movies - and I remembered the setting well. 

You have to not respond to the perpetrators on forum boards/bulletin boards - these are places notorious for hitting and running away with perps *thinking* they are completely anonymous.  However, thanks to the GREAT supervision of the owner/moderators at MTStars - nobody is anonymous, as they can see all (IPs/DNS/operating systems). 

My advice, Patti, is to not respond to them because, as you just said, you have nothing to prove to anybody and you appear to be humble and grateful for all the goodness in your life today.  (I'm sure you went through lots of *stuff* too in order to get to where you're at today.)  Take care, be well, and know some of us here are very supportive.

I'm afraid ur simply jealous.

I am sending cheers your way - I am jealous -
always wanted to write - but thrilled for you.  Best of luck.
Jealous! That must be great at family dinners.
wife OMs are always trouble -- jealous, paranoid
poor hubbie lol

Wow, Mary. I live in BG too. Congrats. I'm jealous!
no msg
Please do not simply give up, kids or no kids!
Talk with a professional. This can be worked through if he really puts forth the effort and you participate. The right counseling can truly make your marriage even better than it was before, if BOTH parties are willing to be honest. Give it a try. Nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain!
they are jealous and hateful of anyone, family or friends who are successful.
They think they don't have to work too hard or follow the rules of society. Sometimes they embellish the truth or tell lies of ommission to have people feel sorry for them. There are lots of signs relative to how other people think that this person is way off base. Sometimes all they do is want to sleep. Other times they are on the phone for hours at a time. Something is off.
This angry, jealous person wouldn't know a fact
You sound like a bitter, jealous, uneducated female.
Sorry, but I've been married to a blue collar man who beat the living crap out of me and destroyed my life in every way he possibly could. Turned my own mother against me, took my kids, laughed when I got cancer.

I am now married to a lawyer who treats me like a queen. It's wonderful to live a stress-free, hate-free existance and my kids and my mom have finally come around so I'm looking forward to a wonderful holiday for the first time in 6 years.

However, I would never say that ALL blue collar men are abusive, drunk, lazy slobs like my ex-husband is. That's generalizing and that's not fair, and certainly not correct.

I also wouldn't say that all corporate executives are perfect men either. That is also generalizing.

You don't sound like a prize yourself with your judgmental nature, dear. Time to take a step back and do some self-evaluation and perhaps get some therapy.
Hmm, the nasty posts have been coming from those who are either jealous or doubtful.

I have not read any positive contributions from posters who are complaining they don't make enough money working for the nationals. They are only blasting away at those posters who have taken the risk and initiative to get their own accounts. If they have something positive to say about what they're doing that makes their job profitable and fulfilling, I'm just waiting to hear it. I think they just want to complain and see how many people they can bring down with them.Go figure.

People are jealous, I think, so they make snide and disparaging comments.
SOMETIMES, tho, you get these same people coming back asking you how to get trained, how to find jobs like this. It's a weird situation.
Again, jealous heads rearing its ugly head. When I said ice cream, sm
I meant I COULD NOT AFFORD TO BUY SQUAT for them. Give me a break. I am not going to Angel Ministries or anything else. And, you have NO idea how much I actually paid for my SUV. There are mini vans out there that take a lot more gas than my SUV!
Your point was? You called me jealous and lazy, and suggested I work an 8 hour shift.
Now you're being "nice". I am NOT worried about others.  Why would I want to work an 8 hour shift and produce 1000 lines if I could be missing SOMETHING and increase my production?  How mean-spirited you are. I would LOVE to produce more and work less, so that I could spend more time with my loved ones. And to read on this forum the astonishing line counts most MTs are claiming to make regularly - well, I'm either doing some really, really wrong, which I would like to fix, or I'm not doing something that I need to be doing, which I would like to fix! Thus, my sincere question.  Truly I believe it is time to leave this board, though I used to LOVE it so much, cause you just can't get an honest thread running anymore about anything - even trivial threads turn ugly by 2 to 3 posts, let alone INFORMATIVE ones like how honestly asking my fellow MTs who are huge producers HOW they do it? As in straight typing or using normals and standards?  I try to hang on this board and stay "positive" despite the negatives, cause I really like it here and I really like the admin, etc, but I'm not a glutton for punishment.  I know a lot of the old regular MTs who actually carried on intelligent conversations have gone to the board where you have to pay $$$ to post.  Apparently, one can still have kind meaningful conversations over there - guess the $$ part weeds out the trolls?  Don't know, but its sure sad.  Please, don't misinterpret this as me thinking anyone would give a hoot if I left here - cause I know now there will be the normal "good - who gives a crap? good riddance" flames, but really, the MTs who are so trollish are just ruining it for themselves.  Thus is their lot in life, though.