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Never mind .... I changed browsers & it worked.

Posted By: Typingperson on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: I'm ready to sign! But when I cut & paste it to my browser, - Typingperson

I signed, and will send this to everyone I know. I hope every other MT on this board will do the same. Can't hurt, and MIGHT EVEN HELP.

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Didn't he say it was a murder-suicide and he changed his mind when
Thought I heard this but maybe it was speculation. He was scamming people but dang, who could be so angry about a scam that they would shoot a baby in the abdomen? Not like it was to get rid of witness. The husband/dad sounds to me like he has severe emotional problems. Like for instance, why would he think he could go to England and hide in his parents house.
Never mind....on second try...worked just fine!
Well, it's actually the pointer. It may not appear in other browsers.
some people's browsers are the problem..sm
they just do not pick up some of the links. email the moderator, she may be able to help.
Some browsers don't support animated graphics very well or
at all. 
Your mind was in the gutter up there with sauteed stool, too. Would you please take your mind out of

Every company is different -- I worked FT for one as an employee but worked a split shift - sm
So I never took breaks. I would work 5 hours, break for about 4 hours then do another 3. Another company I worked for did not care what hours you worked (IC) but wanted a min. amount of work each day, 500 for PT and 1000 for FT-- BUT they paid you by how many lines an hour you put out, the higher the lph the higher up the scale you made per line in pay; they have since changed everyone to a flat rate with incentive. But bottom line, if you are an IC it does not matter what hours you work, though many ask for a schedule and ask you to stick to it, they just want you to meet line requirements daily, i.e. 1000 per day, 1200 per day, whatever it is.
I got up early, worked during naps, and worked when DH got home.

You have to be disciplined to make yourself work when baby is napping instead of maybe watching TV or doing housework, etc.   

I might also go the route of having a teen come into your home, or either trying a mother's morning out program at a local church/daycare.   I've been home since my youngest was born and he has never been in all-day daycare, but I did have him in a mother's morning out program 15 hours a week at a local church.   It didn't help a lot with my work schedule because I had an older son in school and was a room mom and tutored other kids, but that might be an option.  The only problem with the mother's morning out program is they are around other kids and tend to pick up every germ.  I finally took my DS out of the program because he stayed sick.  You were supposed to keep them off if they had green nasal discharge and I did, but no one else did.  Every time I got him well after 2 to 3 days back he would be sick again.  Other than that it was very good for him because he would not have had a chance to be around kids his age otherwise. 

Has this changed?
Will all MTs be changed over to ASR?
no, nothing has changed.
Just a very bossy lady who waits until the last minute to give me the work, sometimes three to five days later than it came in, and then demands it ASAP. It isn't my fault she cannot keep up with the work.
Fed law changed that
We got a notice last year that the feds required they get 911 in place in all areas by the end of the year.  When we first got it, we had no 911 service.  We had to use the 911 service twice due to my son being so ill and it worked fine, however afterwards we had to reboot the modem and wait for half an hour to get the phone back.  I think having a regular line just for local calls is advisable and using Vonage for long distance only or work is the safest way to go.
Has changed now though

My husband  - now ex - has been in trucking for over 25 years and all of our friends have and are and were.  It has changed a lot and also depends on whether you own your own or drive for someone else.  Kind of like IC versus employee.  Also a lot have also been outsourced as there are a lot of foreigners driving the trucks now a days.   There is such a similarity between the two (MT and trucking) but this started with trucking sooner.   Just like MT you do not make money unless you are moving and when that truck has to pay two salaries it is hard.  But like you said, your dad raised four kids but in this day and age it would be hard to do.   If you are cross country it is so hard watching expenses, etc.  Again just like MT it was a good career and if you have been in it for years it is still decent pay but to start out in it, would not do that.  Just like MT as I have very good accounts, make very good money but when someone talks to me about starting out in it, I do shudder a little as I read such horror stories on this board and I know it is not as easy to do as it was when I started 20+ years ago.  I do still yearn for the open road sometimes though.  It is a way to see the US.   Drove through 42 of the 48 states here and Canada.  Anyway that is my thoughts for what they are worth.


Yes there have been changes but not all companies abide by them either. Some stuff comes up to be all subjective though and some companies QA team is quite picky. Obviously your own accounts still like what you do so I wouldn't worry about it.
Maybe you changed the
spellcheck setting so that capitalized words would be spellchecked, which is a very smart thing to do.

I don't know how to make the change the poster below mentioned, but I'd rather have it spellcheck names than not spellcheck capitalized words, especially since I have to cap allergies.

I just changed ..
I did start at 4 a.m. but was finding it very difficult to get up consistently. Now I start at 5, and it's much easier. Due to kid's activitise it is often 10:30-11:00 pm before I get to bed, and I just personally could not do it.

so, you would have to make going to bed early a priority ..

Good luck to you!
I would think that if ANYTHING is changed
such as that, the MT would have to be notified. If you have a signed contract stating a line is XXX, then would they not be in violation for not disclosing the fact that the contract is now in violation?
I just changed my IT

Thanks for the tips.  I just recompiled my Instant Text glossaries and then went into the Importer and created abcz glossaries.  I hope this helps.  I really need to be making 300 to 500 lph because my huby was just laid off and no one is hiring.

Thanks again!!!! 

I think you are right. I think they may have changed back to what it should have been all along.
Things have not changed
at Transhealth and one just needs to check back on past postings a week ago and you will read the bad experiences people have had with TH. Good luck if you go with them as you are going to need it!
I changed ATT LD to SBC business sm
line. Will see how long it lasts. Took me FOREVER to get to a LIVE American person who could do this for me!
BOS is changed so you have to keep buying the new one--$$$$
My margins are changed!

Just went into my acct for a clinic in which I am an IC being paid 12 cpl in MS Word.  I have not worked for a week.  Today, I notice the margins are changed.  Does this change what constitutes a line (isn't it 65 characters per line)???  I go into their system and type on their MS Word via HSI. 

I am dumbfounded.

The needs of the client have changed.
They can say they need the work whenever the fancy strikes them. You can either provide it or not. That is just the way this business works.
Not unless something has changed recently...
I have worked at a job where I had to use both the Lanier and a Dictaphone.  They are two very separate things.
I don't think so...they have changed the protocol--sm
for numbers, in particular, at least three times in the last five years. I know, because it gets annoying to have to change the way I do things everytime they want to sell another book for $80 a pop. They started out with numbers 1 through 10 being spelled out and using numbers above 10. Then it was numbers instead of roman numerals, and then it was back to using all numbers and not spelling them out....shheeesh make up your minds! and that is all within the last five 5 years. I swear they do it just to sell more books and not because any of it is right or wrong, or *standard*, because it isn't. JMO
If it grossed you out, you should have changed
Not prude, eh? Involved a cat? This could mean only a few things (mating, eliminating, shedding).

Why possibly cost someone their job because you are so delicate?

You were fortunate to have been talking to someone friendly enough to go beyond the acquisition of information.

What is up with the American workforce? Are we all now just a bunch of whiny crybabies and tattletales.

I wouldn't want you to work on my team.
Very little hasn't changed...sm

since the beginning of time. It's not just the 'religious fanatics' who have changed. The human race has evolved in their beliefs since Adam and Eve. Christians don't follow the rules of the Old Testament per se, because Jesus fulfilled the laws. There aren't too many religions who still make animal sacrifices. A woman who is having her period is no longer considered unclean. Pork is not considered taboo in the Christian faith, and Catholics aren't limited to eating only fish on Fridays. There were religions who believed in human sacrifice, but I doubt that goes on very much any more.

People have evolved in that we no longer believe the world is flat. We don't believe you are going to get AIDS by touching someone who has it. We no longer believe that a woman who is having her period can't go swimming.

Who believes the same things they believed when they were six? How different are your beliefs than your parents? Not just about religion, but about anything.

I'm a lover of WP 6.1 but changed
over to Word 2003 about a year and a half ago. I still have all my disks for WP 5.1 and 6.1 but hate to let them go! If you haven't found what you need, you might give this site a try. I was in communication with this lady a couple of years ago but she couldn't ship to California.


ExText...something changed
Question to all ExText users out there...I have been using ExText for over a year now, and right after January 1, I can no longer do control x to copy and move text any more.  I have to copy the text, paste it to the place I want it, then go back and delete the text I copied.  Is anyone else experiencing this problem.  I did e-mail company but they, of course, did not answer me.  I hate this, it is too time-consuming, just another step added to take away from production.
The rules changed?

I would have used a comma in that situation.  But, I had no idea that the rules of English grammar had formally changed.  This is a revelation; most of my grammar education happened before 1972. 


I have changed my hours, s/m

I know a lot of people think that they cannot work nights and I used to think the same thing.  I wish I would have done it a long time ago.

I cannot say that I am not sleep deprived at times BUT it has been great.  I work a Sun.-Thurs shift starting at 9 p.m. when my daughter is out of school.  I get off at 4 a.m. if I take no breaks.  This allows me to get 4 or 5 hours of sleep before she gets up and then I lay down for a couple of hours when hubby gets home. 

Working a split shift might help you, too.

A medical dx changed everything...
1. Living pay-check to pay-check after medical dx of BC in 2007 and a 10,000.00 deductible insurance which sapped my savings and nearly all equity in home. A missed paycheck would have me selling my jewelry. I am single.

2. There are so many MTs applying and since I am older now, I would need three months to find a position, I believe.

3. Not any more...but have about 50 grand in home equity. I need an emergency fund but it is very difficult as my pay has been cut due to no more OT. Do you have an emergency fund in case a loss of job happens?

This job has changed alot
Hi, new here.


I've been an MT since 1997, and there have been ALOT of changes.  I went to school for MT and after graduating, I got a job at a company that let me work at home.  It was sheer bliss. I could be home with my young children, and made a pretty lucrative amount of money, but reasonably for my clients.


Now, after being away from it for only four years, that seems to have all changed.  Outsourcing, voice-recognition, big companies, it's sad to me.  Even working full-time, turning over a pretty decent daily line count, I can't make enough to support myself and my kids.  Oh, that is, if I could get a job. 



Changed the resolution....sm
I found a website that said to try increasing the resolution on the monitor. Since mine was at the highest available resolution already, I decided to go down in resolution....And so....voila....my desktop now fits on my whole monitor screen. However, now my resolution is less, and so everything is blurry.

So fixed the main problem, now another....but at least everything is on the screen now!!

M-TEC is good, but they have changed . . .

over the years.  The program is very comprehensive, and you will indeed be able to work as an MT immediately after you complete the program (some even begin working before finishing).  Like the other poster mentioned, it is a very difficult program, but it definitely prepares one to do MT.

I believe the program currently is about $3200.  I finished in 15 months, and that was with working at another job during that time.  Extensions are $75 a month, but you have to be at a certain point in the program to qualify for the extra time.

All that being said, now that M-Tec is owned by Webmedx, no doubt some things will change.  Already they are charging for the RMT/CMT prep classes, when in the past there was no cost.  Personally, I don't value the RMT or CMT so called "credential" anyway, but I find it interesting that there is now a charge when there was none in the past.  This is a sign of things to come, I fear.

Also, one of the former owners, Kathy Kropko, has retired.  That leaves only Susan Francis, and she, not being an owner now, has less say in what will transpire. 

So, overall I still believe M-TEC's program is good, but I also wonder where it is headed.

You might also want to consider Andrews.  It is also a top-notch program.

Good luck!  

Why Things Have Changed for MTs
I have thought about this a lot.  Yes, 30 years ago you made much more money, but 30 years ago there were no MT schools turning out certified MTs left and right.  Now there are people willing to pay them and will jump at the chance to work from home.  There were no computers in use the way they are now.  We started at rock bottom and it took years to become experienced to the point where no one could compete with us.  Thirty years ago you could not Google info for your reports.  You learned it the old fashioned way.  Thirty years ago there were not thousands of MTs sitting in other countries just waiting to do these reports for less than half of what you would do it for.  Thirty years ago there were not so many MTSOs wanting in on the $$$.  Thirty years ago most doctors would not dream of letting their medical reports go outside the office.  Truly, I believe that MTs were a lot harder to find back then than they are now.  They will work cheaper just to be able to work at home.  The AHDI in bed with the MTSOs also has driven our wages down.  The industry/job is not what it used to be and I don't think it is ever going back. 
apparently, times have changed (sm)

that behavior would be very dangerous today.  Even just 10, 20 years ago, the world was much safer than it is now.  There's no way my daughter would go off alone like that.  I don't blame Natalee's parents, though.  The only person or persons to blame is the one or ones who took this girl and saw fit to destroy her. It's their fault, no one elses.  In a perfect world, we could let our children go and not worry about them, but unfortunately, ours is not perfect.  It's just sad that so many sick people are free to roam among us in society, be it in our country or somewhere else.  We should just pray for the family and for Natalee, and for the people responsible for this horrible tragedy.  Pray that God will put it in their heart to tell the truth, tell where she is at, so her family can move on. That's what we all need to be doing right now!

You mention that things have changed b/c of VR, but

VR is putting out some of the sloppiest work I've ever seen.  In fact, we've actually been told not to over-edit.  In other words, not to "pretty it up", just make sure it's correct.  So if we come across Down's syndrome, like you mentioned, we're supposed to leave it because it doesn't change the meaning.  We were told if we come across something like "a 3.5 centimeter p u s s y wound", the only change we make is to insert the comma between centimeter and p u s s y (purulent), because if you don't it definitely does change the meaning.  Now if that doesn't look absolutely unprofessional I don't know what does.  Yet if this was straight typing instead of VR, it would be the fault of the MT for not changing it.

You're right when you say that compared to 30 years ago language and quality are changing, but it doesn't mean it's changing for the better.  It's changing to accommodate a financial benefit instead of quality.

The school curriculum has changed since then.
It's changed in the last 10 years since my oldest was in kindergarten.  Now, the kindergarteners go to school full days here.  They have to know their colors, letters, numbers, and social skills before going to kindergarten.  They have homework.  It's not coloring or pasting, but spelling words and math.  They have to know how to read by the end of kindergarten, do addition and subtraction, and be able to spell a list of 100 words.  Shoot, we used to fingerpaint, have snacks, and take a nap when I went half days to kindergarten.  Ah, the good old days...  It's no wonder so many kids are stressed out and in therapy now.  Things have gotten tougher for them.
it changed on sunday. my question is does this mean mq has given up
on lowering the line rate for "editing" now that they have given up the "correction" and put everything under transcription and what does "clerical" mean when you go for line count?  also QA and QC.  aren't they both the same?
anon...this information changed me and

...sharing the information was the only way I could live with having it, if that makes sense.

We are expected to accept so much in our world/society (violence, pain, suffering) these days, and in our hearts I believe we know some of these things are not 'right'; yet, our voices have become smaller and smaller, for some reason, and when someone does speak out they are labeled one thing or another, or dismissed, or worse. 

In my opinion, I think some of it is fear...it seems to harden us, as you mentioned. 

This is a terrific board...very 'colorful,' and by that I mean a lot of different points of view, which I find thought-provoking. 

MTStars does a great job and service, in my opinion.

We were told several months ago that everything changed
funny together, as in next to one another in the sentence and makes it look confusing. It's pretty ambiguous on that score, and sometimes I still have trouble with it. I honestly don't know if this is just our company/client or the new standard overall. Also, don't use digits in certain other instances such as "one of his brothers...." or something like that. Confusing, eh?
Don't know if she changed her name here or why she would leave this board. nm
Ah, so the IRS has changed it. Shows you how long it's been
since I've paid anybody to do anything for me. LOL
Lunesta. Changed my life around. No more
insomnia. Needed it about 4 nights to set a sleep pattern. No side effects, no hung over feeling, and no drugged feeling. That little green butterfly rocks!
I had it done in 2001 and it changed my life for

My vision used to be horrible--I was legally blind and then some.  Not anymore.  I see 20/20, and I'm now 42 years old.  It was the BEST thing I ever did for myself.  I NEVER take it for granted, and I ALWAYS feel grateful and thankful.

Make SURE that you really discuss the whole procedure with the doctor and staff.  Find about the equipment they're using.  How old is it?  How does it work?  The latests machines take zillions of pictures of your eye every second, and if ANYTHING looks wrong, they immediately shut down on their own.  All that means is that you'll have to come back in a few weeks to have the procedure done, but it won't hurt you.  The latest machines also perform constant internal checks every second.  If anything looks wrong, they immediately shut down on their own.

Make sure you go to a reputable place.  DON'T skimp--this is your vision we're talking about!!  But oh........ you will LOVE it when it's done!!

Not much changed except in the speciality reports...

otherwise a mammogram is a mammogram is a mammogram.

Yeah, I thought so too. She has just changed her name. nm
Once my sound card got changed somehow
So, I would check and choose the alternate one as mine would not produce any sound until I changed it back.

Also, do you have the latest version of Express Scribe downloaded? They have a newer one out that I wasn't aware of until about a month ago. It is improved.
I think it is hysterical how things have changed since I - sm
graduated HS in 1983. My parents did not send annoucements (for me or my 2 older brothers), nor did we get super extravagent gifts, I got a suede jacket I wanted (about $80), my brother's I can't remember, I think my one brother got a new car stereo because the one he had had been stolen. On the night of graduation, my parents took me and my best friend (who was living with us at the time), and her parents (have moved a month before graduation) out for ice cream at an ice cream parlour at the mall. That was all we did to "celebrate" as a family. I received no $ from anyone nor did I even think to solicit it. It is just amazing how everything these days has to have a reward, graduation Kindergarten, graduating middle school, graduation high school, college, etc. It never ends. I did not even attend my college gradation, I felt no need to force my family to sit for hours while the went throught the hundreds of graduates to watch me get my diploma. I had it mailed to me. For college I did get a used car (before I graduated) but only because I was working 3 jobs, had wreaked by bicycle and my dad's car he was letting me borrow (the brakes failed so it was not my fault in terms of being reckless or stupid). Plus all my money which amounted to $200 a month went to art supplies and feeding myself. I went hungry now and then too and had to borrow from the University on short term loans so I could eat. My parents had the money to give me but I wanted to take care of myself. They paid my tuition and my rent (about $5K a year altogether). I just think the attitude today is horrible. Kids expect everything handed to them, a car at 16, money to get gas, buy clothes, go out with friends, all handed to them, mucho money on graduation HS, etc. All we are doing is raising a bunch of lazy kids who will think the world revolves around them, and when (if) they actually get a good eduation and go out into the real world, they will be in for one heck of a shock unless mom & dad continue to substidize them, etc. then of course the kids will expect you to live frugally so when you die you leave them $500K or a million so they don't have to worry about anything (or to blow it). Sorry for the rant, but graduation annoucements, etc. just really rub me the wrong way. Since you don't even know the person who graduated, (and even if you knew them well) I'd just send a nice card and say congrats, have good luck at college and work hard. If you do send $ don't expect to be thanked, that is another social grace lacking today. I'm only 40 but boy it's amazing how manners and good taste have slipped through the cracks in only 20 or so years.