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I signed and didn't pay. Just arrowed back.

Posted By: nm on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: Petition to keep medical records from going overseas! - ConcernedMT


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I never even signed up for MQ imail. Glad I didn't
Now, back to work. :)
Paula just signed a 3 year contract with AI. I can't believe they want her back. She really get
Well of course we know that now. Back then we didn't because he didn't allow unfettered access.
okay, so I didn't look far enough back...
to see all of those Sten-Tel posts! lol
Wow, I didn't know that. I think it would have been better if it was set "way back"
Am still looking forward to seeing it though.  We always wait for the video.
Hey if you just sat back and didn't seek
support, I would not think very highly of you. How do you know my situation? Are you judging me? You don't even know the whole story and how is it you are posting and reading it? Why do you even need to respond? Are YOU obsessing? Have you read every post? Let me tell you, NOBODY'S perfect!!
Sorry, I got cut off and didn't realize it. I was told it was more of a way to get the work back
I was told it was more of a way to get the work back and forth.  Does it actually affect the line counts? 
Hey! I signed the above MQ QA
NOT not a cruise fan!!  What is up with that???
I just signed up with the gym. You get one
free visit with the PT and then they try and get you to pay $50 a month extra to sign up with a PT. Hahahahahahah! Not happening. My little toe feels great but the rest of my body is screaming at me. Trying to work but that's not going well today.
I signed up with...sm
Best Friends. I wonder if anyone who has offered to foster pets from Katrina have been contacted yet. I haven't heard anything from them about being a foster parent. I live near Atlanta and I heard that several pets were sent to Atlanta's Humane Society, but haven't heard of anyone having a pet placed with them.

Maybe I'll try the LA SPCA posted here. Post if you or someone you know has had a pet from LA placed with them.

I thought I should say that I don't think there's anything funny going on, I just wonder what they're doing with all those pets.

I signed it but....

.....I don't like their tactics. When you click on "sign petition", it takes you to the donate page. Of course, you don't have to donate, but at first I, too, like some of the people further down in the threat, thought there was no other option besides donating. But then when I clicked on the "Signatures" tab, I saw my name was there.

There are a lot of gullible and unwary people out there - and the way they have that website set up, it is designed to prey on them. I signed this petition because I feel it is important, but I will not be signing any other petitions on that site.

Has anyone signed up for 6.99
a month with TranscriptionNet?  Is it worth it, any good jobs to be found? Thanks
Hmm, I have a paper here that I signed that says
they will deduct FICA taxes, pay the employer part of FICA equaling 7.65%, and federal income taxes. It says I will receive a W-2, not a 1099.

FICA is the SS tax. So, if they are holding out federal taxes, FICA, employer part of FICA, then all that is left is state tax...??

it seems to be all offices, have you signed
up for IPAY? I have not gotten a check yet either, but there is a statement there for 09/02 which obviously is not a regular paycheck
Unless you signed something when you were hired

that says you agree to pay for return shipping when you leave, then the company is responsible.  If you don't have your original hire paperwork, ask them for a return shipping label.  If they say you agreed to pay for it, ask them to send you a copy of the signed agreement.  Make sure you save all correspondence.

You never signed a noncompete, right?
Besides that, I have it from two attorneys and the State Department of Labor that noncompete agreements aren't legal in many states.  TAKE the ACCOUNT and RUN!!!!  This woman has said that you can have them, she doesn't want them.  They do want you.  You don't owe her any loyalty, especially if she's running her business into the ground.  YOU need to look out for YOURSELF.  That's what I'm doing today is making a list of every potential transcription client in my city and soliciting them by phone with follow-up letter.
Gee...isn't that the profession YOU signed up for as well?
Constantly correcting mistakes?
I signed and sent the link to everyone I know
I signed, did not donate

Signed but not reviewed
I am an IC and my new account wants me to include this under their signature line.  Is this okay?    Why?  I transcribe microcassette tapes which are erased after every use.  Legally, could I get in trouble if a report is dictated wrong/transcribed wrong, is it my responsibility since it states "Signed but not reviewed"?  Any feedback is much appreciated...
Just signed up for MTEC
I was in the same boat as you a month or two ago and could not decide between these two. They both seemed equally good. I ended up signing up with MTEC, but it was just because of everything I read on the MTEC message forum.
I am so glad I went with MTEC. It looks very thorough and since I started 3 weeks ago, I have learned so much and their material is wonderful.
Good luck in your decision. I can't tell you much about Andrews besides it's one of the top 2 and it's also very good from what I have heard.
I have signed this, sent it to my family, and
posted it on another board I visit that has a LOT of visitors, so hopefully we'll get a lot more signatures. Thanks for posting this!

Petition page:
I signed yesterday! :) They say Jen cheated! LOL NMd
Hmmm, you signed nothing. Maybe they gave you this one
I just signed up for Verizon Freedom - sm
Unlimited LD. I told them when I signed up what I would be using it for and they told me that was not a problem at all. Is this the plan you had?

I have never signed a confidentiality notice that says
I can't mention what account I type on - I know they always say not to contact that place or try to get a job with them, etc., and I don't see the big deal either. I can't see why a company would care if someone knows what hospital you type for. I guess some places are just different, but seeing as how I assume she hasn't signed anything since she just accepted the job, I really don't see how they could not hire her because she mentioned that, not knowing that they didn't want her to. That's just my opinion though.
They stopped in 1989 and signed the
That is so true. A document that is signed
is read as having been approved by the signer of that document. We have no way of knowing whether the doctor reads the document or not. In the case of the digoxin dose mentioned above, even if an MT transcribes the wrong dosage (though one should be very careful not to), if the doctor read the note he/she should catch the error before signing his/her name.
Sheesh. Don't know why I signed "OP"
As far as creditors, once you signed up with the agency, they have sm
NO CHOICE but to work with the creditors and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT calls from them. There are plenty of laws on the books protecting people like you. You need to contact your agency ASAP and tell them which creditors are harrassing you (yes, that is what they are doing if you cannot afford to pay them), and quit talking to them. Trust me on this one. My husband and I years back got into a major bind and worked with a credit agency where we learned about a lot of laws.

So, we began writing our own cease and desist letters directing them to our agency or saying "we want to deal with the original creditor and not YOU", i.e., capital one, etc., and they left us alone. We cleared out debt and it's been pleasant ever since.

So, you have fallen upon rough times. We all have. You HAVE options. You can keep your house and you can have phone call-free days.
You are doing the RIGHT thing by using an agency instead of filing for bankruptcy. Too many people are filing because they see no end, but there are ways to avoid bankruptcy. Plenty of ways.

Good luck
Informed consent signed?
  That there is funny, funny!! 
I just signed up for WildBlue thru Directv- sm
There have been no complaints on the board with regards to them; I will know in a few days they come out Saturday to install it. Cannot wait; my modem has been acting nuts in this heat. I believe WildBlue is cheapter than HughesNet too - it was $249 for the equipment (think HughesNet is $600, or at least it used to be)-- got the $70 a month package (they have $50, 70 and 80 I think)--higher the price the faster the connection in theory. At the rate I am going anything would be better.
I only have dial-up---actually signed up for satellite - sm
a few weeks ago. They came out took one look and said send it back, no can do. I have too many trees, which I had asked about when ordering. They said never fear, they'd be able to do it. The installer said no way. Needless to say I was less than happy. Now I have to make sure I get my refund for the returned equipment. --my plan is to harrass the heck out of Verizon and see if I can get an answer from them when DSL will be here; it is 5 miles from here so I know it is coming but I have been waiting 9 years! Luckily my 1 job where it would be very helpful to have DSL does not care what you use; but financially I could double my income if I had DSL or satellite. Totally stinks.
I signed off a job on my C-phone and then accidentally

overwrote the file, still not sure how I did it.   Anyway, I need to retrieve the report and retranscribe it.  I know it can be done, just not sure how.   Do I need to dial into a second phone number or can I use my regular phone number and use the keys to get it back.

I e-mailed my company around noon today and still haven't heard back from them, so hope someone where may be able to offer some help.




Any contract I've ever signed
has had the line rate in it, sometimes of the client's choosing, sometimes what I want. Companies will not negotiate a line rate as individual doctors do. I don't ever have a set schedule in the contract. It's all about what you agree to sign. If your line rate is in a contract, then unless your contract comes up for renewing every year or two, I doubt there will be any raise given if you do ask.
I signed it, and added my 2 cents, as well.
I have signed it and sent copies to my congressman and
senators. I also call the White House, my congressman and senator every single week and email them. The one guy who answers the phone at my congressman's office said to me to keep squeaking.

We all need to do the same. Talk to everyone, your MD, you neighbors, your friends, clergy, send emails to the Editor of every news agency you can think of.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one doing this. I also feel like we have already lost the battle, though.

It makes me sick to think that big business is dictating everything down to our medical care and how that information is handled.
Well.... if you signed the contract with that statement in there and did not alter
it or draw a red flag to it before you signed, then you agreed to it and it may be legal.

Here is a clue for future - if there is any part of the contract you do not agree with, you change it and initial where you changed it. If the MTSO or company signs it with those changes, everything is fine. If they do not, then you don't work for them.
You should have signed a confidentiality agreement which allows you to type this unless-
you do not feel comfortable typing it, in which case I would ask my supe to reassign it.
If you haven't signed non-compete forms...
with a company you are employed by now, and you leave the company, is it acceptable (legal) to contact a client of theirs and offer your IC services if you really want that account as your own?  Any suggestions from anyone having ever done this before would be much appreciated.
Yes - I have a contract that my client and/or MTSO signed.
I always have them sign a contract also - mutual agreement and we stick by it. No problems whatsoever so far. That is the only way to practice good business and protect yourself.

Can be an IC for only one account, but I would get a signed contract stipulating exactly what is exp
so that there are no misunderstandings down the road.  They should understand this and if it is a problem, I would start looking elsewhere, because they could just be looking for a reason to not work with you, and are just covering their bases while they are looking for someone who is a "team player," who could also do their transcription, and when that happens, you will find yourself out in the cold.   
A friend of mine signed on at a hospital where
they plan to send her home in six months.  She is a new grad.  It does sound like some of the hospitals will send you home with the same employee benefits.  Keep searching!
Funny, her hubby was the one who signed NAFTA,
Glad somebody got us going in the right direction! Signed and delivered! Thanks!...nm
I signed up too...1st 500 members free, I was 303...hurry! .sm
I did sign up since it was free. I didn't have much time to peruse the entire website. Other than having a 20% discount in their store, what are the other advantages that justify a $99 membership fee??
I signed it, and added my 2 cents' worth, as well!
Maybe we should print copies of this letter, stand outside hospitals and clinics, and hand copies of it to patients as they're leaving. Or else put it on their windshields in the parking lot.
Were documents signed initially that focused on such an event?
Why hasn't Mayo clinic signed on with a large
Like Spheris or Medquist??? What is so special about them?
We just signed up for our propane for winter.. It's gone up a dollar per gallon...
from last year.  There is no shortage of propane as far as I know.  They just raise the price because they can.  We're paying 1.89 per gallon.  Thank goodness we have 2 wood stoves, but I'm sure a cord of wood will double too. . You can't win.
Either produce a signed, notarized promisory note or