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Keep all posts/topics about this on Main, please. NM

Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator) on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: Petition to keep medical records from going overseas! - ConcernedMT


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The main board is used to discuss many different topics. sm
There are many posts on this board that if you were to be really technical about it, should be put on the company board, word board, productivity board, religion board, etc., but they're allowed to stay here and be discussed. If you don't like this topic, then feel free to skip it. But it really isn't a political discussion per se, so it shouldn't have to be taken somewhere else.
Posts about political topics go on the Politics board

If you are talking about President Obama's stance, action, statements concerning offshoring - it is political.  It goes on the Politics board.

If you are talking about healthcare industries and what Congress, the Senate, the GOP or other leaders are doing or not doing about - it is political.  It goes on the Politics board. 



What is the Main Board for? All general topics seem to get moved to the new gab board.
Main board is for MT topics. Non-MT goes to the Gab board! nm
We had problems with the Main board and some posts were removed. You did not offend

Topics (SM)

If you do not like a particular thread, skip over it.  If you want to voice your disagreement or discuss it, etc., then do so respectfully.

If we begin removing threads simply because some are unhappy with the subject matter, then I guarantee that sooner or later your particular subject matter will be the next target.

Everyone has a right to post here within posting guidelines.  Simply skip over the threads that are of no interest to you.  Granted, many controversial subjects are posted sometimes and if it is too sensitive of an issue for you, just don't read. 

No one is required to read any or every post, nor reply to any or every post.  Use good judgement for your postings.

Thank you,


Inane topics
I am have done medical transcription for 25 years -- and frankly I thorougly DISGUSTED with the "ME AND ONLY ME ATTIUDE" on this board  -- POOR babies in California whine cause they cant make a living  -- know what? change your life  -- I have managed to stay off this board work a life and help a fellow MT out who is trying to help other MTs wity Katrina  -- I live in Vegas and we have had 1000 evacuess come in -- my first grandbaby is due tomorrow -- I cant be there and I am NOT pissing and moaninng -- MAYBE what we REALLY need to think about is what this country was based upon  -- my family goes back to the Revoution on one side  -- my mothers family goes back to great uncle who said "Go West Young Man"  -- I wear the last name of one of the first men who stepped on the moon  -- you know what? NONE of these men said "get your toys"  - I dont post but when I see NOTHING BUT me -- its upsetting  -- you put the mortgages on at the tune of $100,000 plus "oh I can work at home and have babies and work when I want"  -- well with the price of gas etc and the economy going in the toliet  -- good luck!!!
The Active Topics page contains
a drop down at the top where you can sort number of days and specific board.
Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
You'll see them as they appear. It's not just companies, it's topics of interest

We will be adding constantly to give visitors opportunities to find information that they may be seeking.


Please post MQ topics on the Medquist board.
Please use Offshore board to discuss those topics. (NM)
Please use Offshore Concerns board for those topics. (NM)
Posting political and offshore topics (SM)

We have specific political and offshore boards for those topics.  Please use those boards.

We are not over-monitoring.  We are trying to keep a little bit of order here.

The Main board is very busy with high traffic of other topics.  If you want to discuss offshoring or politics, please feel free to but post them on the correct boards.


All religious topics go on the Religion board. (SM)
Stop now with this or I will delete the whole thread.

Contact me via email with your post topics. NM
If you'd done a little checking on this board, you'd see that all kinds of topics are discusse
It's ok to post most topics here now except for the few boards to the left. Cool, huh?
I've had that cappucino, too, and it's great!
Two diff topics. OT laws state 40 hours in most states req'd
Um have you read any of your posts and the other posts? I think everyone DOES believe me..you

At least you know. You are the main one doing it. DUH
Let me be clear, keywords are NOT just services, there are many keywords on a variety of topics.

Also, because this is a new feature, we are adding keywords daily.  For example, we started out with about a dozen, that has grown to about 30 now.  It's an ongoing process and it was designed for you, the MTStars visitor.

Please post offshore topics on Offshore Concerns board. (NM)

Thank you. 


See the Main page...
for a brief history of MTStars, see the main page.


Sheri Steadman runs her own little company, USAType, Inc.
(Scroll this page to bottom to read last two lines).

Forget the affiliation with MQ or anyother company involved in offshoring "MTStars is staunchly against the offshoring of American Private Health Information".

Many companies like MQ, Cymed, Spheris etc etc. are banned on MTStars to post any jobs as well for advertising and sponsorships.

I love to visit these boards because I know I am on 100% US MTs site.


it's the same main page, but when I go to look
up something and get results, it is the results page that is really different.
this should be on the main board, because
I thought we could gather as MTs at the main board and discuss pets, TV, etc. if we wanted to. This was more a comment on the show rather than an attempt to open up a discussion about sex change anyway.

FWIW, I thought the show was funny last night. I did feel a little squeamish when Zachary was on, though. He seemed to come away with the impression that he was being discriminated against because of his look, or the way he? is, and didn't seem to understand that he can't sing. What's new, though. I think my favorite so far, though, has been the "I shot the sheriff" guy.
What is the main board for?

A week or so ago, I responded to a post from someone who was asking about Files To Go. My message was wiped from the board after a very short time. This morning in my email box was a digest from MT Stars by a person asking where her post went...she was asking about keyboard trays. I can't find either one of her messages on the board.

Why are our messages being deleted from the system?

Main Board

I'd like to thank the administrator for helping me with my question about the main board. Being new here, I looked around for "instructions" but must have overlooked them. It's nice to see the administrative message at the top of the main board explaining how to use it -- I took the word "main" litearlly, as others new to this board possibly have.

I do have a question. When I signed up at Yahoo-Groups , I signed up to receive daily digests, which are digests of the main board. Is there a way to receive digests of the boards listed on the left?

Main Board

Does the active topics selection at the top of the page show all active topics for each category at left or just certain ones?  Thanks.l

Yes, after all this is the main reason
Staying at home is not just to take care of kids, but to maybe take care of an elderly parent or for that matter a disabled family member, which could include a spouse.  When I chose this profession, I was on-site and spent 17 years there putting my children in daycare.  You really do not know anything about me and are entitled to feel how you want.  I just don't think everyone should be so negative about someone wanting to stay home, supplement their husband's income, while being with their children.  Different strokes for different folks.  I wanted to simply say that the time you spend with your children can never be replaced.  This is after all a job that can be done at home.  Transcriptionists are not the only ones with at-home businesses. 
Go to the IT main forum sm
it states there is a work around until the next revision comes out, right there under announcements.
Yes I did but I am missing the main
I keep a main glossary
for english phrases like "There was no" and phrases that would be used in any medical report like "The patient was". I keep a separate glossary for each medical specialty. I put each docs phrases into their specialty glossary rather than giving each doc their own glossary. So all ortho docs phrases go into my ortho glossary, etc. Then I just include my main glossary and my drug glossary with the specialty glossary. I do one doctor who repeats the same sentences in each report, so I do have a glossary just for him, but he is an exception. I can usually do a 40 line report for him and never had to type a complete sentence. He is awesome!
I think the main point...

we need to understand as transcriptionists is that EMR does not necessarily mean the end of traditional transcription.  We need to make a serious effort to educate ourselves about the changes that are happening and try to find a way for MT to grow with expanding technology.

Word expansions ... that is the MAIN
help for me. I do have good accounts but they have ESLs and some non-ESLs who are even worse. I have to slow down for them but then try to make up my speed with the next good dictation.

I put EVERYTHING into word expanders...words, phrases, etc. EVERYTHING. I couldn't do half my line counts probably if I didn't use my expanders so well.

Don't answer the phone. Don't check email or forums until I take a break. Don't eat or drink while working.
why are you posting on the main board ??
DirecWay and Starband are the 2 main

dealers.  Depending on your ISP you may be able to get it through your ISP.  I use Earthlink and they offer satellite through DirecWay.  I used to have DW satellite and equipment was about $800.00 and monthly service $69.

Satellite can be as slow as dial-up depending on how good your dish is sighted, if the weather is clear, no wind blowing to either blow the dish or blow tree limbs into the field, etc.  Download is faster than upload, although upload files tend to be much smaller that it isn't much of an issue.

Lots of companies will not allow satellite as it isn't secure.

You can Google DirecWay and Starband and find their websites that should tell you dealers in your area.  If you have DirectTv they can change out the dish so that you can use the internet dish as the TV dish too.  The internet dish is much larger than the TV dish and probably cannot be mounted on the house. 


of the Main Board here??? huh? hmmm....nm
Satellite isn't secure I think is the main

reason companies don't allow it and another is because the download speed is not consistent.  It can be as slow as dial-up at times.  There are also a lot of factors that can knock out your service, at least temporarily.   I had satellite for a year and overall it was okay, but if it snowed or rain hard I either had decreased signal or no signal, if the wind blew hard I might get tree limbs in the way of the signal or the signal was so sporadic that I couldn't download.  


Wonderful low-fat main dish

Here is one that I have used for years and it is wonderful.  It does not sound too great, but in the end, it is melt in your mouth good.

2 lb.  pork tenderloin roast

1/4 tsp. of each of these spices:  marjoram, tyme, garlic salt, onion powder.

1/2 tsp.  rubbed sage

1 tbs. worcesteshire sauce

2 tbs. soy sauce.

Mix all spices and sauces together.  Pierce roast in several places and put in bowl with marinade.  Put in fridge for at least 2 hours, turning roast to keep covered.

Place roast in oven safe dish with marinade and bake at 325 degrees until done.  Check with meat thermometer.  This is a great low-cal, low-fat dish. 

Again, the Main board is for anything that would not be a topic that should

be posted on any of the boards in the left column.  If your post is about equipment questions, then that should be posted on either the Equipment or Technical boards.  If a new MT has questions, posts should be made on the New MT board.  Questions about a particular company?  Post is on the Company board. 

We receive well over 5 million hits to this site per month.  If everything was posted on the Main board we would have a major problem on our hands.  That is why posts are deleted. 

Please repost that question on Main. (NM)
Main Message Board
This is the main message board. If you notice, not much on this page is directly related to MT. This is where we go to talk about anything else non-MT related.
Thank you. I moved it to this Main board. (nm)
My main reasons for looking to enter any job are:
First the ability to care for my family, which would mean money. Second, the ability to schedule around my children’s' needs.

But...I do like caring for people. I actually thrive in environments that are stressful and that I have to be on my toes. The drawback to nursing for me is the idea that someone's life is in my hands and that I could make a potentially fatal mistake.

sigh - main not mail - just got up lol
I am the main breadwinner in my house, and if

I had to I could support my family should something happen to DH - it would be difficult but it could be done.   I have nearly 20 years of experience though.  When I first started I couldn't have done it.  I got into the business when most MTs still worked in-house and you didn't need a certificate or even any experience - I had neither, so I had not $$ investment to start with.  Gradually I was working at home over the weekend and got my own computer and started to build my references.   What I'm trying to get out is how much are you going to have to put out to get your education?  Are you going to have some type of employment while you pursue this business?  What type of $$ do you need to support your household next year and can you do it making minimum wage because unless you are really gifted and have no difficult dictators you'll not make much more than that your first year.   If you read the boards there are dozens of new MTs who can't get a job, and unless there is a radical turn around in this business it will be harder next year to get a job than this year and line rates will not be any better. 

Put it all down on paper and look at it and I think the answer will be clear.   I wish you luck. 

update to main message
Did you link it to your main dictionary?
do a search on Main Board