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donation is voluntary...I did not pay either. nm

Posted By: nn on 2007-04-02
In Reply to: I would sign....but - SmallMTSO


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I wish to donate $20 to this most admirable cause and I do not wish to get anything in return.  Please tell me how to donate?  E-mail me please, at the address of ksmith30@new.rr.com 




Can you either email me with the information on how to do a donation or post the info here?   



Sheri, Just made a donation.  While the offer of sending the software was a very nice gesture, you do not need to send me anything.  Have a very Merry Christmas.  Renee
I am heartened by the quick response of so many to donate to this cause, but I am also dishearted by so much skepticism out there at this situation. I am a skeptic too, but if someone needs help, we should all be more than willing to help out. What if it was you or your kids?? Would you want skepticism to keep your kids from having at least a little something under the tree? Follow your hearts, not your egos from having had a bad experience or two in life. We all have had those. Merry Christmas to all who have contributed so far! and to those who still will. :^) Kathy S.
BOL! ... Put me down for a donation ... ;-)
Equipment Donation
Does anyone know of a tax charity to donate Lanier transcription equipment?
do you think there will be some type of donation drive?
the post office usually sets up spots for donations, or lets you leave items for them to pick up. my heart was so moved when they did this in our area for the tsunami victims, and driving around seeing all the bags of donated goods made me almost cry.

something I noticed was that mostly the lower to middle class (still exist?) left items. their neighborhoods were full of bags of goods at their mailboxes for the tsunami victims.
Cards that say donation to charity sm
St. Jude's Children Hospital has them, it reads that a gift to the hospital has been given to the hospital in their honor. Very nice, not too personal and no hint that some return gift is expected.
Make a donation to a children's charity or
and ask if there's anything you can help them do...like write acknowledgements for flowers so they don't have to face it.
Yes, everyone who make a donation gets to pull from Santa's Bag.
Yes, the page is clear about entering. If you make a donation,

you are entered to potentially win the prize that you chose in the drop down list.  You can enter as many times as you wish for any of the prizes listed, but there is only one winner per prize giveaway. 

Besides, that donation is squarely out of MTs' pockets. I haven't had a raise in the 3 years
People have no patience anymore. I gave a $10.00 donation and I got an email the next evening.

I think since these people also have a transcription service, no one should expect an instant response.  Besides, it's more about giving than getting anyway. 

Care to share the charity that doesn't pester after receiving a donation? x
If you make a donation, you are entered for the Sees candy? Monitor should answer this.