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Ours is in the regular food store with the brown, wild, and short grain rices, etc. nm

Posted By: passing thru on 2006-02-12
In Reply to: Where do you get the jasmin rice ? - Yummy


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In our regular grocery store.
Dilemma! Tomorrow is picture day and my 5 yo just went wild w/a jug of blue food coloring --


both hands and the entire lower half of his face are now bright, royal blue.. Will this wash off by morning???

Store brand regular ole coffee for me
It looks like I'm in the minority.
funny, I just saw this today at the health food store..
Schiff "Knock-Out" (which is Melatonin with Theanine and Valerian -- )

I cannot personally advise but it sounds natural and tempting...

Perimenopause has been playing havoc with my hormones and I do a lot of investigation on natural remedies.

Hope you find something - sleep is so wonderul. I heard suzanne somers say she put herself to bed at 9 p.m. for a year during her changes.
Valerian root or melatonin supplements from the health food store might help. nm
My hubs got one at the music store that he uses while playing guitar. Or maybe a furniture store. Or
Food stamps, WIC, food banks, churches, family...
There are many answers to that problem.

No one has the right to steal and writing a dishonorable check is stealing. It is called "theft of property".

My tax dollars support government programs to prevent people from going hungry and to provide for women, infants, and children. I make donations to food banks and churches, etc., for those who just need help as well.
Food for the staff and doctors, if you can afford it. Food is always a big hit in a doctor's off

One of the biggest perks I can remember when I worked in a doctor's office was when the drug reps or orthopedic equipment reps would cater lunch for the whole office just so they could meet with the docs.  The whole office would get so jazzed at the idea of free lunch.

If you can't afford to cater lunch, then I would do something like a muffin basket and bagels always go over well.  But food is your best bet.

Grain of salt
I got the wierdest perception from this company.  They advertised it as a transcription job, but tell me they don't have a word expander.  In fact, they said they are just editors, but that they will be doing transcription at some point in the future.  They told me they don't have word processing, they use "Crystal Reports" (which is a very sophisticated database program).  Answers to my questions about platform, word expander, etc., made me feel like the buck was being passed.  I sense they are more into money and business than medicine.  Maybe they place an ad periodically to stroke their egos.
I would take this all with a grain of salt.
I want to do the 39 hours, rah, rah, rah, but I hear bad things about DEP monitoring MTs to the minute, people getting in trouble for having to pick up their kids, "you signed off for 20 minutes, where were you"? and so on. I don't want big brother breathing down my neck. We are not machines. If the monitoring gets crazy I will be forced to cut back to 24 hours. Let's see how it goes.....
with a grain of salt..................sm

Not to worry....if you remember, when we all were young, we sometimes said we were *going steady* - well they say that now at a younger age than we were back in the days.  And don't let the other posters worry you about *in 5-6 years you'll have plenty to worry about* - I have a daughter who gave me very little grief in her latter teen years (in comparison to other kids and their parents) and so I feel very lucky.  My only nonsolicited advice would be to keep all doors of communication wide open. 

Grain of salt

I've been in this field for just under a decade.  I have to say in all my years as an MT, I've never had that much animosity towards a QA person reviewing my work, whether it's being done at random or for help with a blank.

I appreciate a few QA people I have, as my accounts are mainly very tough ESLs.  One QA in particular e-mails feedback on every little blank there is, even if it was only for a *duhh moment* for the word "the."  She is not a friendly soul, pays no attention to the greetings I send along with notation of my attempts to figure out that blank and my thanks for her assist, but I certainly do learn from her input and appreciate her backing me up at times when my ears fail me.  I find this QA person invaluable.  She's all business, and that is just fine by me.  When I first started with this company, her comments to me were harsh for a format error.  She is the one who released me from QA after a couple of days on the job, she is the manager of this particular account.  Work I produce is a reflection on her ability as QA and manager. 

Flipside on a different account, same company, QA person is nonexistent.  She can't be bothered to advise of a blank, answer a question, even with my being new to the account and learning the doctors and all the account specs.  I have absolutely no idea how my work is, e-mailed weeks ago, received no reply.  I would rather receive some kind of input, whether bad or good, than feel as if I am left to drown in a sea of doubt.

Sorry you dislike your QA, try not to think of them as the enemy.

I used Short Keys, not Short hand for Bayscribe, it worked fine.
Must be a grain of truth in there somewhere to have hit a nerve.
Really???? I miss 'burgh food. Philly food is okay, but it
The food is resturant quality food and very good
How stereotypical. Someone goes against the grain, and that makes them Charles Manson????
Ditto, short ERs or short OPs....short anything! sm
And I especially don't like long OPs, they are the most boring for me, and the doctors pause a lot cause they have to think more. I just want to be done with it! Next!!! ; )
Long short forms vs short short forms


A long short form is usually easier to remember. So I would definitely assign the short forms as suggested by Kelli:

In most Expander programs you would opt for a short short form as you have to type the whole short form before you can expand.
In Instant Text you don't have to type the whole short form: you type the first two letters of your long short form and then you can type any of the following letters.
So in this case you would type smcth for the first one, smcta, and you may also type smhead, smabd

This is possible when you use the Instant Text marker key to expand. If you use the space bar to expand, you may be better off assigning the initials as suggested in the second response, as you would not be able to "jump ahead".


wild life
Lets just leave the wild life alone, ya know?  *Man* has screwed enough up on this beautiful earth..Leave the wild life alone.
This is a wild guess
Do you think he means the children's cartoon character "Pokemon"? Maybe the patient thinks they're real, or maybe it's how he describes his family.
Wild stab
Assuming this is another MD who is reading a radiology report, I would expect he would say something along the lines of:

"Reviewing the CT scan, the current report demonstrates no free air or fluid, but the comment is really unchanged from previous CT scan."

That is just one possibility. Maybe if you are able to listen again, something will jump out at you.
remember when they used to have a wild card?
If you could bring somebody back with a wild card, who would it be?  I'd bring back Chris. 
I second that, Wild Blue works well (sm)
for me. Tried Hughes a few years back and it was awful but maybe they are improved now. Have had Wildblue for 2 years and it works pretty good.
Possibly Wild Blue?....sm
I don't live in Oregon, but am in rural western Washington. I know a few MTs who use Wild Blue and are happy with it, so that would be my only suggestion.

I did want to say that I have been using satellite for about three years now (a small local company), have been on no less than 4 different MT platforms, and never had any problems. Yes, satellite can be susceptible to extreme weather...but if you're in a rural area you're about as likely to have your power go out anyway in extreme weather!
Best of luck.
Wild guess, but might get you closer

1.  of any murmurs.

2.  funduscopic exam

3.  Eyegrounds??

Pretty wild, I have not had really anything happen since my mom died 09/26/04 except how Jen became
diagnosed with her Wilms tumor.  The day prior to it she'd had her normal checkup and the doctor totally missed the tumor (hard to since it was huge, 15 x 11 x 5 cm...was not protruding though unless she was flat on her back and naked and then only a tiny bit), but felt if you palpated the abdomen. (Dr. cut my daughter's ear while trying to clean wax but failed to mention it to her what he was trying to do, messed up the rest of the exam since she was crying and freaked out from it)  The very next day after her check up though, she fell off the kiddie see-saw (18" fall).....my husband likes to think my mom pushed her off, which subsquently caused a blood vessel on the tumor to burst, which made her pee blood, which got me to get her to the doctor's, who proto found her tumor.  Had she not been diagnosed then, in the next week or so the tumor would have probably burst or spread or somehow not have been encapsulated anymore and things would have been a lot worse. So my mom helped her get treatment a lot earlier than she otherwise would have probably.  I thinks it's nice to think about it this way.
Wild Blue satellite internet

Anybody currently using Wild Blue satellite internet?  Any responses good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

Well, that's all folks. All gifts have been given. It's been a wild ride
Here is a great site and you can wild search
too if you can understand a portion of the name.


I also use WIld Blue and have no problems. Both my jobs are FTP, though.
My computer has gremlins! My mouse has gone wild. sm
Last night when I put my mouse over the "Start" button to shut down, it suddenly went crazy.  It began moving all over the desktop, things started popping up, it was like a wild animal!  I thought it was just a dirty mouse and cleaned it.  When I booted up this morning, the same thing happened.  Then it settled down, and it's working fine.  Now I'm not sure if it's the mouse or the computer.  I'm the same person who had the "wavy" screen yesterday.  Has anyone ever had this happen?  I'm getting paranoid, thinking maybe I have picked up some strange bug on the net.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks so much for all the help.
not sure about you, but we have several wild animal care and education centers...
The best way to start is to volunteer.

We have like Messinger Woods and Hawk Creek around here, like animal sanctuaries, where they have owls, eagles, deer, all sort of animals they need to take care of. You can always visit one and ask questions. I would love that, too, only I can not get my boyfriend interested. I would love to even volunteer.

Sounds funny, but what about a zoo...same thing, you can volunteer at first, see if you like it, and I believe those positions offer decent pay...?
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Isn't that wild?!! At least a few people will be needed as MTs/editors in the years to come. nm
E-mail the White House, your congressmen and senators, your newspapers, the Times-Picayune and everyone you think may help to demand the immediate firing of Michael Brown. Now is the time. He needs to go out of there. His bold-faced lying takes all American people for fools.
Look up brown nosing - not what you are
Sylvia Brown

I have never trusted that woman. She answers too quickly.  Other psychics will stop and listen, or honestly say they don't know.  S. Brown has an answer for everyone. I think she just wants to sell books.  I heard that she told the kidnapped Missouri  boys parents that he was dead between two rocks. She said the culprit was dark, Hispanic, and had dreadlocks. That is a horrible thing to make up and tell parents who have a missing child.  I prefer the guidance offered by Gary Zukow. He is not a psychic but he talks about living your life in harmony also.


Yes, call your local vet, any vet, and ask for the wild rabbit rescuer in your area.
There is always someone nearly everywhere. If you can't find one, please write me and I'll search for someone for you if you're short on time.  They are so worth saving.  Mom might still be around. Let's hope so! 
I listen to Dr. Joy Brown sometimes on the radio

e-mail her or call her and see what she says. She gives pretty good advice and is FREE!!

If you can be positive about this relationship, you can be positive about yourself and meeting someone else. Remember, your gut feeling is what's right, and I think I know what your gut is telling you or you wouldn't be posting this in the first place, you just need someone to back you up. Don't waste any more time. & don't talk about THE REST OF YOUR LIFE -- you have choices you can make in this too as much as he has the choice to do/not do something -- it's just that you have the choice to stay in this stagnent pool of muck or get out, clean yourself off and never return to the dirty pool. Who knows what the future holds for you, but if you stay with him it will just be this same cycle over and over again, unfortunately. I say cut your losses now.

Brown & Fema delay

I JUST read that myself on the AP...I have not been one to judge quickly because there is so much blame game going on but this.......it's just inexcusable and if proven (which I'm believing it to be if the AP has the memo), then Mike Brown not only needs to lose his job immediately but also needs to stand trial for negligent homicide in all the deaths that could have been prevented IF he had not worried about his "wording, CYA he was doing" in that memo, thank God for the common folk who had the decency to start with their humanitarian efforts and got down there when they did and despite.FEMA.  I also heard that several companies like Wal-mart and RV companies were turned away because of not having the proper contracts ready, duh...FEMA did not provide them

How DARE he?????????  In my book, he will be at the head of the line of many who did not want to give up their "power" along the way to help the very people who they were voted by and sworn to represent

Mastiff,rat terrier, a brown lab, and 2 others that I am not sure of.
Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown You Have A

it was the first concert I ever went to.  I remember a teenage girl behind me crying her eyes out and screaming 'HERMAAAN!  HERRMAAAAAN!'

I would call it "muddy brown"
I would call it a muddy brown color.  He had some markings but it was hard to distinguish very much.  He has gone into hiding now.  A snake is a snake is a snake.  Scared of all of them!
CMs are olive, brown or black - not in NC, but in SC - sm
look it up on Google and you will get some sites which show pictures. Maybe you can identify it that way.
No brown recluse spiders but I may have sm
found what looks like black widows out in my yucca bush. Scared the tar out of me. Now, I can deal with the snakes, but spiders sent me screaming. Spent some time on the internet looking them up but they might be black jumping spiders. They look to hairy to be black widows, otherwise the look a lot alike.
Love Judge joe brown!
he's my fave
You have a brown smudge on your nose you
I donít brown nose anyone as I am not in charge
of how to tell physicians to dictate, just handle my end. I only wish, though.
As long as brown-nosing MTs
exist, who will turn backflips if a doctor tells them to, this crapola will continue. Dictating on a cell phone is rude I agree. You'd think years and years of college, med school and residency they would learn how to form a correct sentence and get it right the FIRST time. Not too much to ask that the greedy SOBs be considerate.
I would let DD go with Habitat for Humanity or a church mission, but not that wild party stuff.