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Yes, call your local vet, any vet, and ask for the wild rabbit rescuer in your area.

Posted By: QA2 on 2005-08-04
In Reply to: Does anyone know about baby rabbits???? - I have a nest in my back yard....sm

There is always someone nearly everywhere. If you can't find one, please write me and I'll search for someone for you if you're short on time.  They are so worth saving.  Mom might still be around. Let's hope so! 

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I'd ask the local authorities to tell the MTSO to stop sending THEM on a wild goose chase! NM
look for a small local company in your area


I worked for a small company and although I did get paid by the line, I made way more than $16 an hour and could pretty much name my own hours to work. I did, however, have to pick up tapes!

i forwarded it to our local tv stations in my area. nm
Local AAMT chapters probably do it. Or put out an invite to those in your area. :) nm
Check around your local area for clinics or transcription companies
That's what I did. I first started out working for a very small MTSO and worked at their office for a couple of weeks and then they moved me home and I started working on a single speciality account. I'm still working for the office after 5 years (altough the MTSO closed her business).
Outrageous. I just forwarded to a local radio station in my area. Who else can we send this to?
I'm also new to the area I now call home.

After almost 2 years of living here, I just recently networked with a great group of people local to me through a horse/animal bulletin board.  I think at one time it was a Yahoo chat group that since branched out and started their own local chat board.  I have since met a bunch of great people, had breakfast with some of them, and now even hang out with a couple people from that board almost every weekend. 

If this sounds like an avenue you'd like to explore, try googling your state, your favorite hobby, and then the word "chat" or "bulletin board" and see what you come up with.  Good luck! 

Call United Way in your area. Dial

Ask for referral for whatever it is you need help with, i.e. electric bill, mortgage, etc.  You absolutely cannot apply for unemployment as an IC. You may also consider applying for emergency public assistance by contacting the department of human resources in your county.

Call your local MD!
find a medical care provider, whomever is on call for your local MD, and do what they say. Once something lke this involves the head/neck/face, it can get hairy. And if it begins affecting his airway, there's hell to pay. Find someone medical to give you advice right away. Otherwise, he could end up on the floor, and you on the fone with 9-1-1.
at my local hospital, they always call the

I think that is pretty standard. Calling by the first name only would be rather confusing. Especially if it is a busy hospital with a waiting room that is always full, like our local hospital.

I have a "questionable behavior" story for you! I went to the walk-in clinic held at our local hospital b/c I was having pain in my pinky finger. The waiting room was packed, as always. I go in, see the doc, and he tells me to go back to the waiting room until they call my name again. After a few mins in the waiting room, he calls my name & I get up thinking he was going to bring me into a room to privately give me my diagnosis. NOPE! The dope says it to me, loudly - not at all in a whispering tone, in the middle of the waiting room for everyone to hear!! He said "I think it is some kind of fungal infection" His actions were not only humiliating, but wrong! It was not an infection, rather a blood clot that developed on my nerve that needed to be removed surgically! Now, that, I think qualifies for a HIPAA violation!!  (Yes I did file a complaint with the Patient Care Rep)

Call your local paper and see if they have a route

available in your area. You have to be an early riser and work 7 days a week though.  I used to get up at 6:00 to walk.  Now I get up at 5:00, walk for one hour every morning with only 65 newspapers, and I make an extra $70 to $80 a week for 7 hours a week.

My sister does 250 papers by car (roadside tubes) and she makes $1000 a month. It takes her 3 hours a day though and she has a full time job, so I think that's a bit much.

Seriously though, papers don't hire kids anymore to deliver because kids just can't or don't want to do it.  Besides, who wants their 13-year-old out walking the streets at 5:00 a.m. ?.

No boss, good exercise, good money. 

Go through your local yellow pages and call
companies who advertise they offer health insurance.  Call several companies as the premiums can vary widely, although the coverage will be the same.   I did this and called 6 different companies and the premiums varied as much as $200.00/mo for the same exact insurance.   Celtic was the company that had the best rate for us, but that was nearly 4 years ago.   If you have no pre-existing conditions you can get a temporary insurance through Fortis for 6 months to a year depending on your state, provided that you have not been without coverage for greater than 45 (I think) days.   You can also go on-line to einsurance.com and get an idea of rates, though I still suggest you call local agencies.  
Go through you local yellow pages and call
companies that offer health insurance and get a quote.  Call several because the premiums can vary significantly.  BCBS may have a low rate, but they are a pain in the rear to deal with and deny more claims than they pay. 
Call your local BC/BS for private insurance. (sm)

I pay $292 for just myself with a $750 deductible.  After the first year, they will pay for pre-existing.  I hated mine at first, but I'm used to it now and it's coverage that will protect me.  Thankfully, I make enough money that it's working out well for me.  Check out the link below.  They may have affordable insurance that will help you as well.  A friend of mine is considering this.  Her pharmacist thought it was a nice policy.  Good luck.


I agree. Take none of this. Let their behavior be known and even if necessary call the local News
many TV stations have to help. There was a service in our city who never paid her people and the local news On Your Side was contacted and not only was she on the news for not paying but she was also picked up by the police. There is usually at TV station in every major area (even if they are not in a major area, will go to the local surrounding areas) to help folks with problems such as this. Take it to whoever you can. People like this do not respect you.

I never understood why people continue to work for people that are even one day late. Pay should be on time. If it isn't, the MTSO would never get an ounce more of work out of me and believe me he/she WOULD pay me! I am not one to let it go. I too have worked in the legal field and I do know how to proceed.

Just don't give them one more day of your time.
Call local dentists and see if you could talk (see inside)
with their hygienists. Maybe you could drop by at lunch time or something and they'd be willing to talk to you, or maybe you could arrange to chat by phone when they are not working.
Call a local camera store and see if they offer this service.

Many times photographers will also provide a similar service.  I personally haven't had it done, but have heard of people doing this for a memorial service or a wedding.   They can take still pictures/slides and incorporate them too. 


I probably read about it on MSN or someone mentioned it to me. Maybe call local college or JUCO
Call a local school or program and ask. I was asked if I wanted to teach when I
Check at a local nursery/garden center for varieties that are bred for your area, then check online
My first job was a total cold call to small local company...got hired over the phone- sm
give it a shot. Look in your yellow pages or on-line white and yellow pages and see what you can come up with. MT Daily has a list by state of MT companies to with their contact info. Also test your butt off anywhere and everywhere on line, you will learn a lot during the process. I found it quite enlightening when I was doing it 3+ years ago. Good luck.
Not fried rabbit????
I've had rabbit stew before.
Now watch me pull a rabbit
"MTIA strongly supports the development of a credentialed workforce."

And in case you were wondering who was going to be the certifying body...

ta DA! They have their very own handy-dandy organization right on hand to provide the test! AHDI!

But wait! Not only are they on hand, they have the EXACT same address as MTIA!

Oh, & in case you were wondering who was going to pay for all this, "MTIA acknowledges that there is a measurable cost associated with preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining the professional credentials referenced here. It is important to note that the Association is not including in this recommendation the mandate or suggestion that the responsibility for those costs be shouldered, at all or in part, by the transcription service organization/employer.

So let's see. They force MTs to become CMTs by pushing so hard for it in the industry that it becomes impossible to work without it. Next, they make the MTs pay for the certification themselves even though their facilitation of offshoring has driven wages down so far that it's hard to make a living. Finally, the fees for this certification go to an organization with an address identical to theirs...

how do you spell c-l-a-s-s a-c-t-i-o-n??

I like that idea of rabbit wire and dirt....
around them and using them as planters.  I don't have any stumps in my yard now, but did have a property once with lots of stumps and after I moved and got a little more into gardening realized how useful they could be.  Use the stump as a pedistal for potted plants such as wave petunias.  Nail a few cross limbs on it and put some climbing flowering vines like clematis or cardinal climbers and make little garden beds in the rich soil around them.   Scatter birdseed on top of some and use others to make birdbaths with a shallow dish.  Also they make a nice place to just sit and enjoy your garden.  I wish I had more stumps in my yard!
In France, they serve Lapin (rabbit)...yum
PA - Pittsburgh area is one locale, Philadelphia area also.
TriState area - PA, NJ, DE.
We've put rabbit or other small fencing around them, added dirt, and used them as planters. Takes
Buy local. The local stores pay taxes to support your city and state. (SM)
Using online and catalogues does nothing to promote the local economy.  We complain about outsourcing and about the big companies gobbling up all the work so the jobs at local hospitals are gone, yet we do the same thing when we buy on ebay, catalog, and these web sites that may be located any place in the world as their primary business location. 
I went local. Great local tech support, they know what I do and were able to set it up just for me
wild life
Lets just leave the wild life alone, ya know?  *Man* has screwed enough up on this beautiful earth..Leave the wild life alone.
This is a wild guess
Do you think he means the children's cartoon character "Pokemon"? Maybe the patient thinks they're real, or maybe it's how he describes his family.
Wild stab
Assuming this is another MD who is reading a radiology report, I would expect he would say something along the lines of:

"Reviewing the CT scan, the current report demonstrates no free air or fluid, but the comment is really unchanged from previous CT scan."

That is just one possibility. Maybe if you are able to listen again, something will jump out at you.
remember when they used to have a wild card?
If you could bring somebody back with a wild card, who would it be?  I'd bring back Chris. 
I second that, Wild Blue works well (sm)
for me. Tried Hughes a few years back and it was awful but maybe they are improved now. Have had Wildblue for 2 years and it works pretty good.
Possibly Wild Blue?....sm
I don't live in Oregon, but am in rural western Washington. I know a few MTs who use Wild Blue and are happy with it, so that would be my only suggestion.

I did want to say that I have been using satellite for about three years now (a small local company), have been on no less than 4 different MT platforms, and never had any problems. Yes, satellite can be susceptible to extreme weather...but if you're in a rural area you're about as likely to have your power go out anyway in extreme weather!
Best of luck.
Wild guess, but might get you closer

1.  of any murmurs.

2.  funduscopic exam

3.  Eyegrounds??

Pretty wild, I have not had really anything happen since my mom died 09/26/04 except how Jen became
diagnosed with her Wilms tumor.  The day prior to it she'd had her normal checkup and the doctor totally missed the tumor (hard to since it was huge, 15 x 11 x 5 cm...was not protruding though unless she was flat on her back and naked and then only a tiny bit), but felt if you palpated the abdomen. (Dr. cut my daughter's ear while trying to clean wax but failed to mention it to her what he was trying to do, messed up the rest of the exam since she was crying and freaked out from it)  The very next day after her check up though, she fell off the kiddie see-saw (18" fall).....my husband likes to think my mom pushed her off, which subsquently caused a blood vessel on the tumor to burst, which made her pee blood, which got me to get her to the doctor's, who proto found her tumor.  Had she not been diagnosed then, in the next week or so the tumor would have probably burst or spread or somehow not have been encapsulated anymore and things would have been a lot worse. So my mom helped her get treatment a lot earlier than she otherwise would have probably.  I thinks it's nice to think about it this way.
Wild Blue satellite internet

Anybody currently using Wild Blue satellite internet?  Any responses good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

Well, that's all folks. All gifts have been given. It's been a wild ride
Here is a great site and you can wild search
too if you can understand a portion of the name.


I also use WIld Blue and have no problems. Both my jobs are FTP, though.
My computer has gremlins! My mouse has gone wild. sm
Last night when I put my mouse over the "Start" button to shut down, it suddenly went crazy.  It began moving all over the desktop, things started popping up, it was like a wild animal!  I thought it was just a dirty mouse and cleaned it.  When I booted up this morning, the same thing happened.  Then it settled down, and it's working fine.  Now I'm not sure if it's the mouse or the computer.  I'm the same person who had the "wavy" screen yesterday.  Has anyone ever had this happen?  I'm getting paranoid, thinking maybe I have picked up some strange bug on the net.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks so much for all the help.
not sure about you, but we have several wild animal care and education centers...
The best way to start is to volunteer.

We have like Messinger Woods and Hawk Creek around here, like animal sanctuaries, where they have owls, eagles, deer, all sort of animals they need to take care of. You can always visit one and ask questions. I would love that, too, only I can not get my boyfriend interested. I would love to even volunteer.

Sounds funny, but what about a zoo...same thing, you can volunteer at first, see if you like it, and I believe those positions offer decent pay...?
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Isn't that wild?!! At least a few people will be needed as MTs/editors in the years to come. nm
Dilemma! Tomorrow is picture day and my 5 yo just went wild w/a jug of blue food coloring --


both hands and the entire lower half of his face are now bright, royal blue.. Will this wash off by morning???

I would let DD go with Habitat for Humanity or a church mission, but not that wild party stuff.
Saute the innards with other veggies, wild rice, sun dried toms. then
Wild guess-borrow a wireless?? Go to an open wirless and work from the car if you have to?
Where there's a will there's a way - keep asking and keep talking, someone will help you. Ask the company you work for to help you out here, perhaps they have a plan for you if they value your association.
Ours is in the regular food store with the brown, wild, and short grain rices, etc. nm