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My computer has gremlins! My mouse has gone wild. sm

Posted By: searching on 2007-08-03
In Reply to:

Last night when I put my mouse over the "Start" button to shut down, it suddenly went crazy.  It began moving all over the desktop, things started popping up, it was like a wild animal!  I thought it was just a dirty mouse and cleaned it.  When I booted up this morning, the same thing happened.  Then it settled down, and it's working fine.  Now I'm not sure if it's the mouse or the computer.  I'm the same person who had the "wavy" screen yesterday.  Has anyone ever had this happen?  I'm getting paranoid, thinking maybe I have picked up some strange bug on the net.  Any advice appreciated.  Thanks so much for all the help.

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Computer not seeing wireless keyboard/mouse

I hooked up the mini receiver to the USB port, put all batteries in as directed, used the CD to install, turned off and then back on computer but when I type on the keyboard or use the mouse, nothing registers.  I have to then hook up my plug in keyboard and mouse (why I am able to type right now). 

What am I doing wrong? 

Thank you in advance!

Wow 494 users on line! Medquist gremlins...
This place is booming! Something going on with the Medquist site, because I tried logging onto Google MQ and it is no longer there! Right now there are almost 500 users on this board! AMAZING! The gremlins are out today for sure. Hopefully our MQ friends will be okay!
put your mouse on the bar, hold down the left side of your mouse and move it back to the bottom, let
hope this works
Control Your Mouse with Mouse Gestures/Kim Komando sm

FYI.  This was on Kim's Cool Site of the Day for June 15.


wild life
Lets just leave the wild life alone, ya know?  *Man* has screwed enough up on this beautiful earth..Leave the wild life alone.
This is a wild guess
Do you think he means the children's cartoon character "Pokemon"? Maybe the patient thinks they're real, or maybe it's how he describes his family.
Wild stab
Assuming this is another MD who is reading a radiology report, I would expect he would say something along the lines of:

"Reviewing the CT scan, the current report demonstrates no free air or fluid, but the comment is really unchanged from previous CT scan."

That is just one possibility. Maybe if you are able to listen again, something will jump out at you.
remember when they used to have a wild card?
If you could bring somebody back with a wild card, who would it be?  I'd bring back Chris. 
I second that, Wild Blue works well (sm)
for me. Tried Hughes a few years back and it was awful but maybe they are improved now. Have had Wildblue for 2 years and it works pretty good.
Possibly Wild Blue?....sm
I don't live in Oregon, but am in rural western Washington. I know a few MTs who use Wild Blue and are happy with it, so that would be my only suggestion.

I did want to say that I have been using satellite for about three years now (a small local company), have been on no less than 4 different MT platforms, and never had any problems. Yes, satellite can be susceptible to extreme weather...but if you're in a rural area you're about as likely to have your power go out anyway in extreme weather!
Best of luck.
Wild guess, but might get you closer

1.  of any murmurs.

2.  funduscopic exam

3.  Eyegrounds??

Pretty wild, I have not had really anything happen since my mom died 09/26/04 except how Jen became
diagnosed with her Wilms tumor.  The day prior to it she'd had her normal checkup and the doctor totally missed the tumor (hard to since it was huge, 15 x 11 x 5 cm...was not protruding though unless she was flat on her back and naked and then only a tiny bit), but felt if you palpated the abdomen. (Dr. cut my daughter's ear while trying to clean wax but failed to mention it to her what he was trying to do, messed up the rest of the exam since she was crying and freaked out from it)  The very next day after her check up though, she fell off the kiddie see-saw (18" fall).....my husband likes to think my mom pushed her off, which subsquently caused a blood vessel on the tumor to burst, which made her pee blood, which got me to get her to the doctor's, who proto found her tumor.  Had she not been diagnosed then, in the next week or so the tumor would have probably burst or spread or somehow not have been encapsulated anymore and things would have been a lot worse. So my mom helped her get treatment a lot earlier than she otherwise would have probably.  I thinks it's nice to think about it this way.
Wild Blue satellite internet

Anybody currently using Wild Blue satellite internet?  Any responses good or bad would be greatly appreciated.

Well, that's all folks. All gifts have been given. It's been a wild ride
Here is a great site and you can wild search
too if you can understand a portion of the name.


I also use WIld Blue and have no problems. Both my jobs are FTP, though.
not sure about you, but we have several wild animal care and education centers...
The best way to start is to volunteer.

We have like Messinger Woods and Hawk Creek around here, like animal sanctuaries, where they have owls, eagles, deer, all sort of animals they need to take care of. You can always visit one and ask questions. I would love that, too, only I can not get my boyfriend interested. I would love to even volunteer.

Sounds funny, but what about a zoo...same thing, you can volunteer at first, see if you like it, and I believe those positions offer decent pay...?
Only during the summer. Wild colored toe socks in winter.
Isn't that wild?!! At least a few people will be needed as MTs/editors in the years to come. nm
Yes, call your local vet, any vet, and ask for the wild rabbit rescuer in your area.
There is always someone nearly everywhere. If you can't find one, please write me and I'll search for someone for you if you're short on time.  They are so worth saving.  Mom might still be around. Let's hope so! 
Dilemma! Tomorrow is picture day and my 5 yo just went wild w/a jug of blue food coloring --


both hands and the entire lower half of his face are now bright, royal blue.. Will this wash off by morning???

I would let DD go with Habitat for Humanity or a church mission, but not that wild party stuff.
Saute the innards with other veggies, wild rice, sun dried toms. then
Wild guess-borrow a wireless?? Go to an open wirless and work from the car if you have to?
Where there's a will there's a way - keep asking and keep talking, someone will help you. Ask the company you work for to help you out here, perhaps they have a plan for you if they value your association.
Keyboard and mouse. Is there such a thing as a keyboard that has a mouse on the actual keyboard?

Ours is in the regular food store with the brown, wild, and short grain rices, etc. nm
I'd ask the local authorities to tell the MTSO to stop sending THEM on a wild goose chase! NM
Is it their computer? Why are they installing a firewall and autocorrect on your computer? That sm
is usually the responsibility of the transcriptionist, especially if an IC or SE.  Which company?
Question about transfering computer into to another computer.. sm

I have a dumb question - Just bought a new computer and someone told me to get a flash drive to transfer all my info.  But I'm assuming that ExText that I work off of and Escription will have to be downloaded again by the tech people onto my new computer.  I can tranfer these can I?


How does one find out the computer specs on my computer?

I should know this, but I just don't remember how to do this.  I am hoping I have enough RAM, or whatever, to load work platform on my own computer and begin working on it, rather than paying *rent* on the company-furnished computer.  Thanks so much.

A computer is a computer, whether it be laptop or desktop.
I have both and use both and I bought both of mine...most companies do not provide computers...
DQS and using the mouse
You know, maybe the loss of lines is because with DQS you have to use the mouse so much.  I took have noticed since I switched to DQS that my lines are down.  With the last program I used, I hardly ever had to use my mouse.
Not using mouse with DQS?
Really?  How do you do that?  Like when you have to fill in demographics and go from screen to screen?  Or in the body of the report to go from paragraph to paragraph?  Tell, me, please..cause I sure would like to find a faster way as the mouse has slowed me down.  Thanks for any info you can give me!
I'm really technologically deprived, so forgive me.  I was wondering if anyone knew the typical "life" of a mouse?  I just replaced mine about 6-10 months ago, and it's starting to go out already.  It's like the little ball thing (see my tech terms?) isn't working, and it's a pain to try to get the cursor to move.  The one before I had for about 5 years, and before that, it was eons.  Did I get a bad deal, or is this average? Thanks for any help!  (I use it daily, working, if that helps determine the life expectancy!)
Same with me, I still use the mouse. SM
BTW, tell me how you do so many lines! I used to be a good producer back in the day when I did a lot of OP notes, but now I'm lucky to do 1500 lines in a day.
I don't have CT and I'm on straight transcription, but thanks to a recommendation here on the board I bought an Evoluent mouse and I can really feel a difference in my wrist when I use it.  Maybe that would help you somewhat????? 
Mouse gone.
Check your settings on your mouse. Go through the Control Panel, click on "mouse", click on the tab "Pointer Options", make sure the box that says "Hide pointer while typing" isn't checked.

Glad it worked! 

Use your mouse
Just use your mouse and keep clicking on the icon. If not, just reboot your machine. That sounds like a strange problem.

Best not to let other people mess with your work PC.
I use the mouse that has the rollerball on it.  I never have to move the whole mouse.  I love it and will not use anything else.  Cost about $30 I think.  I have had it for 3 years now.  You don't even need a mouse pad. I got it at Office Max.  Also, when I type.  I rest my hands on my pull out keyboard drawer and only move my finges.  I have been typing over 20 years, and I have never had any wrist pain.  Guess I am just lucky.
I never use my mouse with DQS unless I split a job
I tried a wireless mouse
It was too loosy goosy.  The cursor was all over the place. I returned mine.
I need a "shelf" for my mouse.

to hook it up over my calculator pad on my keyboard.  This would be probably metal or hard plastic.  Had one at the hospital and so I know someone carries them; I just do not know what they are called.

I am the person with the tennis elbow-type symptoms.  Thanks for the tip on track ball mouse.  Picked up a Logitech model for 20.00 yesterday at Staples.  They were on sale. 


why use a mouse at all? It does nothing but slow you down.

I have one, a mouse shelf. I got it from one of those
(sigh) mouse
mouse pedal
 Would that not be great.
This one seems to only do the mouse click
part, and doesn't let you move the mouse. It says you can use one pedal for the mouse click, one instead of the ALT key, and one for the CTRL key. So you would still have to take your hand off the keyboard to move the darned mouse. At least that's the way I read it.
Monitors and Mouse
I have two flat panel monitors side by side - connected to each other - one is a 21", the other a 19".. its like having one hugh gigantic TV screen - you can drag from one monitor to the other, you can have your email up and running on one, your work on one, etc......watching the work upload as you continue along your merry way. They are both from Dell, one is a Dell Brand, the other one is a Planar. I think its worth the investment, NO MORE GLARE and so easy on your eyes versus the big ole clunkers. and a 15" flat panel is exactly the same viewing as one of those big old 17-19" cluunkers that take up so much space.

Regarding wireless mouse/keyboard, i type non-stop almost 12 hours a day and I rarely have to replace the batteries - I use the Microsoft ergonomic wireless keyboard/mouse.
My poor mouse...
I'm surprised it's still going, as much as I use it out of frustration.  I find myself grabbing it and patting it VERY HARD on the pad over and over and over again, all while saying something to the tune of, "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?"
Look at using a different keyboard and/or mouse. nm