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Please share helpful ophthalmology websites.

Posted By: SM on 2007-04-24
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Ophthalmology is definitely my weakest specialty. If anyone knows of helpful websites, please share them.


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What are some helpful websites?

I have found some very helpful websites by browsing the boards here.  Just wondering if some of you may have favorites you use. 

My most helpful for finding bacteria is listed below.


some helpful websites
More helpful Websites

I ran across this website and hope that it might some out there.


Yeah, okay. Don't share your views and opinions. Just be insulting, that's helpful. SM
You do realize that your profession is about more than just you.  We are all MTs.  What is going on in our profession affects us all.  It's not just about you or me.
Congrats, girl, and get your share of any money that you share before he wipes you out. nm
Share, share, I've been looking for some time...sm
sending out resumes gallor, have great experience, but they sound like clones of each other in what they offer, yet what they want is it all!!!  I'm so discouraged, in the depression boat myself!  They want you to commit to FT, new equip, DSL, on and on!!!
I absolutely love it.  Wish I could do it all day long.  There's a learning curve for the terms, just like everything else. I use Dictionary of Eye Terminology published by Triad, and I find everything I need in there.
Vet. Ophthalmology
There is a very nice lady named Ann/Anne who occasionally posts veterinary ophthalmology jobs right here on mtstars.com, so keep your eyes open for her post.  Just FYI.
If you do ophthalmology what are some

good resources for sample reports?  I have done phacos by the thousands, but now working on a teaching hospital and they do tons of eye surgeries.  The facility is severely backlogged and just said don't worry about blanks get us caught up and they have not provided any samples, any corrections.  I have Stedman's, but a lot of the doctors dictate so fast or don't enunciate.  I can't look something up if I can't hear them and I'm not familiar enough with the terminology to know what it might/should/could be.  

I have to leave blanks and I don't feel like I'm learning anything when I'm not getting any feedback and just continue to leave the same blanks.

Any help would be appreciated. 




Vet ophthalmology
I currently work for this company, and I can tell you that it is the best MT experience that I have ever had. The 0.07/line is only for a short time. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the test given is NOT work that needs to be typed. That is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. When it comes to the test, I think there are a few people out there who just couldn't cut it, so they have to make up lame excuses to make themselves feel better. As for the owner, I have never known of anyone to be more selfless or work harder since I have been in this field. There is a lot to learn in the beginning, but that is the case with any MT job. Remember, there are a lot of people that get into MT because they are lazy and think staying home doing as little as possible is a great fit for them. If you are not one of those people, I can assure you that this is a great company to work for!
Ophthalmology - without a doubt!
I have always had a really hard time with ophthalmology - probably because I get it so rarely. 
Ophthalmology transcriptionists out there?

Any other MTs doing ophthalmology?  I'm working for docs who are on the east coast.  I get so FRUSTRATED because the reports are so short I feel like I'm starting and stopping all the time.  I've done 33 files today for a whopping 600-ish lines!  Great docs, easy to understand, mainly letters to the PCPs.  Most of my files are easily less than 3 minutes long and when I do get a long one, he can't make up his mind so I end up erasing and retyping, and STILL don't get a decent line count. 

Just looking for a sympathetic ear from another Ophth MT.  I feel like I'm in a different world than these other guys I read about on here! 

ophthalmology words
The Dictionary of Eye Terminology by Melvin Rubin, M. D. is a good book.
You can also try www.AAO.com.  (American Academy of Ophthalmology). I don't remember if you have to a member to get in.  Also just type in ophthalmology words in Google and see what comes up.  Sometimes you can find these books at a thrift store or goodwill. 
sorry I don't do eyes but it's ophthalmology...

ophthalmology report


S/L peripunctal area...

Ophthalmology book
I started with ophthalmology 4 years ago and the only book I use is the Dictionary of Eye Terminology by Barbara Cassin. Great book - -
Very few are good with ophthalmology..
I imagine they are not able to get anyone with enough knowledge.

Very tricky - ophthalmology! But with a good
word book, and lots of practice, I've heard its really a nice specialty to transcribe!
Endocrine and Ophthalmology References

What are the best endocrinology & ophthalmology reference resources?  Websites, books, etc.

I'm having these added to my work pool of nephrology, gen/vasc surgery, & IM. Thanks for the help. 

I hate ophthalmology - very slow moving...nm

I use dragon and I type ortho and ophthalmology.
It works much better for ortho.
What is the deal with this veterinary ophthalmology IC job offer. I see that one a lot. Is this al
Has anybody here worked there before? 
ophthalmology and cardio; psych is depressing but not that hard.
Not a site, but Stedman's Ophthalmology Words is a keeper! :) nm
I don't use any websites--
I use Stedman's Radiology Words 3rd ed.and it has just about any word you'll need.
some websites for you :)





Is there any websites

that show over the counter medicine names and homeopathic medical names out there. Have searched some and found some, but would really like a complete listing if possible.



Could you possibly recommend some websites?  Or maybe books?  Any help much appreciated.

Anybody know of any websites sm
for reference material for Cardiology?  I do strictly cardiology right now and lots and lots of cardiac caths, TEEs, Echos, Holters, PTCAs, etc.  Would be nice to have a website with just cardiology stuff.
I do that with the hospital websites, too.
But I'm lazy.  I'd rather keep a browser window open or save the list to text format and use the search feature than print it out, find my notebook, and hunt through a hardcopy.
Always go to the manufacturer's websites and use it they way they have it!
It is DERMABOND - all caps. The Stedman's books are incorrect.

I know for a fact, as I even called the manufacturer on the telephone to clarify. I was so annoyed because my QA person just kept changing it to lower case - until now of course when I cleared that up.
Great websites (sm)
Thanks for those websites.  Out of necessity, I am able to do pretty well with my grocery bill.  I checked the sites you listed and there is some great information--I learned a few tricks!  Speaking from experience, it doesn't get any easier when you are in a bind.  I've lived this way for a very long time since I am a single mom.  Things just manage to work out and everything manages to last just as long as you need it.  Thanks again for the tips. 
You should research other websites because sm
Most of the information in the article doesn't coincide with any of the Biblical principles followed by the Christian churches in America today. Throughout the entire Bible, old and NT, we are taught to refrain from witchcraft, mediums, those who speak to the dead, or any kind of honoring of the dead. Christians are only to pay homage to God through Jesus Christ.
You can check out these websites...



Or you could always call around to local offices to find out what they charge.  Good luck.

Try manufacturers' websites
I have the newest Stedman's CV book, but things change so fast in this field that even it is behind.  Sometimes I find it easier to check manufacturers' websites for a listing of their newest products and then I bookmark it.  Here are some companies to try:  Medtronic, Guidant, Bard, Boehringer Mannhein Corporation, Boston Scientific Corporation, Cordis, Datascope, Kontron, Marquette Electronics Inc., and St. Jude Medical Co.  These aren't just for catheters; they make pacemakers/AICDs, leads, guide wires, stents, balloon pumps, EKG machines, heart valves and the like.  I know there are more, but this is what came to mind on the fly.  If you have Stedman's Medical and Surgical Equipment Words, they have a listing in the back of medical manufacturers and their web addresses if you'd like to do more looking around.
Physician Websites

Here are a couple good ones:



MT chats? websites for?
Hi, are there any medical Transcriptionist chat rooms?  the board is fun, I just want to chat live.
Any ESL websites or resources?
I was wondering if anyone here knew of any good websites (or other resource) where I could listen to dictators/speakers who have accents?  I am not really crazy about that idea, but want to try to better learn them so that I can do my job better when I get ESLs or even striking regional accents around the US.  Any advice is appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
You can't always trust websites. I have
googled something and have 3 or 4 spellings come up, therefore having to do more research. Books are your best get.
Try the company websites
A lot of the companies will advertise on their web sites the range of prices that they offer clients.  That may be a good place to start.
Go on the websites and search them
Some of them still have XP available. Another poster said they though Dell still gives you this option. I know for a fact that they do but you must factor in that they most likely will be downgrading a Vista computer to XP for you and so it may take a little longer to get it shipped, so I hope you don't need it in a hurry.

Whatever it is that you are doing, I would suggest you do it soon. I just did a bunch of computer shopping myself, and have been told numerous times that XP is on its way out around July this year in prep for the new Windows 7 platform.

I hope all these companies have decided what they are going to do with that situation. I know my company ran on Windows 98 until Microsoft wouldn't support it anymore, and then the new platform they had come out was compatible with XP. I hope they will make them compatible with newer OS because choices are going to become limited really soon.

You might call the tech people at the company and see what they have to say. Will your platform work with Vista at all? I have a platform that will, but only with the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit version. And, let me just tell you, that is a real headache to find.

I wish you the best of luck on this. I know exactly what you are going through because I was just there.
go to HP or Dell websites - sm
I bought a laptop last summer. these two still sell computers with XP and a licence for Vista to do the cross-over.

Call the 800 lines and ask quesitons.
I manage my former boss's websites (he has 2), --
other than that, sell some stuff I don't need anymore on ebay now and then...did about $200 a month for about a year.....got rid of most everything though I really wanted to dump...have a few things now I need to list so maybe I will get lucky this month!
Two awesome reference websites.....sm

Tons of info and links.





I found some interesting websites the other day.
The Offshoring List of Shame

Rescue American Jobs

The Offshore Job tracker listing the worst offenders for offshoring in 2004-2005.


Rural Sourcing (uses rural Americans for labor)

We have a local call center in our city and they ran an ad to hire home-based call center workers. That's cool, instead of offshoring.

I already closed the credit cards, canceled my insurance policy, and rewrote my mortgage with a local bank. It's just tough to boycott all of them. The list of companies that offshore is huge!

People say we need a global economy, but what jobs are going to be left for American workers after everything goes overseas? We can't all be CEOs or doctors.
MTStars/Legal websites?
Hi, does anyone know of a similar website to MTstars (with forums and job board) for legal transcription? Google didn't really help. Thanks. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
The local hospitals probably have websites and you
can see if they have any transcription openings posted, look in the classifieds to see if any clinics are hiring, etc.  I don't know that there are very many MT companies with in-house people anymore, but you can post resume on the various job boards. 
Yes. Leave discussion of other websites off this one, please. (NM)
Operative Note websites

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites for medical equipment and/or websites to help with Op notes.  Much appreciated!! 

Websites to search for doctors
I'm looking for some good websites that I can use to look up a doctor's name.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks