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Poster do not insert the flame icon. (SM)

Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator) on 2006-06-05
In Reply to: You start your message with a flaming face emoticon - and then complain about negativity - sm

It happens when the thread has been read over 200 times.

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Your point is mud. The flame is not inserted by the poster. (SM)
The flame does not represent hostility. It means it is a popular topic.

Perhaps you should be posting somewhere else if you want to simply disrupt the board.
First highlight the text too add, then hit Ctrl+insert+insert..sm

All you need to do then is assign the shortcut name and hit alt+O or click on OK.


Mine wasn't the Insert key in the top row. It's the 0/insert key on the number
Highlight the text and hit Ctrl-insert-insert...
then all you have to do is type in what you want to use as the shortcut.
Sounds like the insert is on - try pressing the insert
How do I put the goggle icon on
my taskbar so I can just hit it and bring up goggle when I am in a report?
you say you lost your icon and could not
google - did you try manually typing www.google.com in the address box?

just wonderin'.
F10, then insert


alt + insert key
just fyi, insert key does EXACTLY the
How do I insert
Can somebody please tell me how?? I have tried right clicking and I have tried double clicking on them. I just can't do it!
Alt + Insert
Is it the * insert * key (nm)
Could it be the insert key?
I accidentally hit that from time to time myself. The remedy is just to hit it again to turn it off.
Insert Key

I sometimes end up hitting the insert key when I go for the Backspace key and this causes the text to overwrite. If I just hit it again, it stops overwriting.

Hope that helps.

NOT the insert key! ....
That's what baffles me!  The insert key won't make a difference once the Overtype Mode is checked (at least on my keyboard).  I can't figure it out.  :(
..your browser, and use the mtstars.com icon to
I think there was a google icon by the search
I LOVE your little icon thingy!

As usual, I am contributing nothing to the conversation, but had to thank you for the smile. 

Can you see the Icon in system tray..
next to your clock (right bottom corner)? Otherwise, you just installed it. Go to programs menu and run it first.
Yes, the icon is in the systems tray. nm
You don't need to use the mouth for F10 and insert (see msg)
Not sure what you mean.  If you use the F10 and insert the word, use the Alt, (I think it's T or X) whatever has the little underline in it, then esc.  Mouse doesn't have to be used at all.  Try it.
My problem is the insert key sm
I use it ALL the time and cannot live without it. Can't figure out how to remap the board right so I can use it. So, it is collecting dust until I have time to play with it more.
Icon in rt lower screen, by your clock....

Looks like a keyboard and screen, very tiny, set mouse over it and it should say safely remove hardware -- click on it, and it will tell you what peripherals need to be clicked on before removing it.  If your peripheral is a USB and it has been installed before -- no, I don't turn my machine off UNLESS, I need to for it to be recognized -- I have an external hard drive that I have to do that with. 

Hope this helps

The icon in her posts has the symbol & color
This is most likely a query from a prospective OFFSHORE MT.
I meant to post the "angry" icon
Hit Alt F9 after you insert your file and you should see your fields. nm
New icon shows you what post your on. On new threads you will see a hand
with italicized print on the post you have viewed. This feature is available on all new threads, but may not appear on old posts.  We hope this new feature is helpful to you.
Are you turning the volume using the home typist icon
or your regular volume control icon on the tool bar?

I have had that problem with some whispering dictators, so I mute the program itself just for that dictator.

It's a shame if you can't use it. I get a real rhythm going and my day just flies. I don't think I can type without it now.
Click on the Preferences icon, last one, and change Pause
Go to the "My Computer" icon or Windows Explorer (sm)
And click on the C: drive. Should be a folder named InstText. Inside that is a Glossary folder. Either copy the whole folder or go inside and copy the glossaries you want, then copy to your flash drive. Then install Instant Text to the new computer, attach the flash drive and copy the glossary files to C:/InstText on the new computer.

On your start up icon tray (right lower corner) there is
an icon that looks like a green arrow pointing down.  If you click once on that, your transnet status box pops back up.
No flame from me.....
I agree.  Kids need to learn to seek out the proper people on  their own, with guidance  of course.  If the parents only allows controlled hand picked social contacts, how do you learn that skill?  People who homeschool for religious  reasons are the worst for this.  They only let their kids associated with like-minded people.  Unfortunately the world isn't like that.  I believe that the way to raise well-rounded children is to give them plenty of attention and supervision  at  home, train them about morals and make your expectations clear.  Then as they grow, they venture forth a little more as they get older, slowly separating from being under the  parental wing.  I think teenagers need a parent in the home almost more than little ones,and that is why I work at home.  A good education can be had  in almost any school.   It's there for the taking.  The real world doesn't cater to you, your  needs, your desires, or  your preferences.  A full-time job isn't finished in 3 hours (like the abbreviated day many homeschoolers boast about).   It's about being there on time, sticking to it even though you  may not feel like it, and  getting along with people  you may not care for, and avoiding those who are not good  for you.   Just my 2 cents.
Please do not take this as a flame, but
talking about 65-character count lines, and I believe hospital transcription. If I am not mistaken, you have said before that you count gross lines and clinic transcription, which is a whole different ball game. I too transcribe clinic dictation and count gross lines, and would much rather do this as it is much easier to produce and make money in this environment.
No flame taken
I have often tipped my hat to these guys, was just trying to put a little humor into things today.   I took one road and they took the other.  Have done the hosptital, teaching hospital and realize the complexity of it.  But I have worked hard to get my accounts and keep them also. 
What does the really (looks like a yellow flame) mean by the postings?
A flame happens
after a post has been looked at a certain number of times. I has nothing to do with the types of responses you get to your post. It's all about the number.
No flame here...
You should file a complaint with Animal Control in your county, even if you already filed with the police. Animal control can give summons (tickets), and also can get you a court date. I forgot what kind of court it is, but it deals with animals and trashy yards (environmental). If your hands and wrists are sore, you should tell the judge you couldn't type as fast and you work on production.
You should get some sort of compensation. The leash law is in place for a reason (your attack for example), and it doesn't matter if the owner is right there on their own property with their dog. If the owner could not restrain his dog, then the leash law was broken. I know this because I live in the country and my beagle was doing his business in my yard by my garage and Animal Control happened to drive by and stopped (what luck!). The officer said that I must have my dog on a leash, even though there wasn't another house in sight, and the beagle was too old and lazy to run anywhere!

I really feel for you; this should not be allowed to happen! You could also have been bitten. You need to report it to Animal Control so it doesn't happen to someone else! Animal Control is serious about enforcing the leash law. Good Luck!
What is the FLAME?
What does it mean when there is a flame next to your post?
What does it mean when messages have a yellow flame at the beginning of a message?  At first I thought it was because there were so many added posts after the first post, but I posted a message yesterday that I got no answers to, and this morning there is a flame in front of my post.  Does anyone know what this means?  Thanks.
How to I insert text from a document into shorthand? I know I have to
highlight what I want to insert, but I cannot remember the keys for insertion.  TIA!
You can go to Insert, Break and choose Next page.

I would usually keep a template with the different settings, use the correct one then save it to another file.  

Hope this helps.


You can remove the built-in shortcut from the Insert key. sm
Go into Tools, Customize, then click the Keyboard button. Scroll down and click on All Commands in the left window. Scroll down the right window and click on the Overtype command. Click on the command in the current keys box, then click Remove.
hit insert button before filling in fields.
see if that works for you. You will need enough space in between or you will type over the next field.

you also can do columns but I am not good at those; hopefully someone else will come along with info on that.
Easy. Just click on the keyboard icon with the lightening bolt and a job is yours.
Thanks Administrator for putting the MQ icon by the recently posted msgs!
Just as I suggested/requested. This really does make this board a lot more manageable.
I went to desktop icon for both DRUG BOOK and STEDMANS. Clicked

How old are your drug book and stedman's?  (I bought mine about 6 years ago now).  I hate to not be able to use them because I have added so much to them through the years.  ugh.

You turned tracking on. Double-click the TRK icon down on the status bar.
There is an upload hanheld icon on the tool bar of the Olympus software.
from the unit to the computer, then the file can be dragged and dropped.  Good luck!
Go do Dell.com and click on laptops. To the far right is an icon that says "looking for Windows
If you click on that, they offer computers that have XP on them already. I have not checked into this, but the prices listed are the same as for Vista computers. You might check it out, and let us know if it is legitimate. Good luck.
Found google icon by search bar onGab board