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Okay, can we all get off this subject

Posted By: nn-no name on 2006-06-05
In Reply to: okay to better explain my POV - befuddled

and let it rest for the night? it has been an unconstructive day for everybody on this particular post, except maybe for the ones that learned not to feed the trolls. goodnight everybody. give it a rest already

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While we are on subject, how about 1 and 1/4 cm. Is it 1.025?
off the subject a bit, but sm
if you are now on DQS, did you get paid for that training that took over TWO HOURS of my working time??? I didn't! And my TC said we weren't gonna get paid for it, either!!! That really P'd me off!!!
I am not sure why, but this subject always (sm)
seems to get a debate going. I posted below about homeschooling and wishing I had been homeschooled. I honestly think everyone should at least try it if at all able. It is a great experience!!
Ultimately it is the choice of the girl who made the choice to have sex. For crying out loud, either way she will have to pay for her mistakes. Enough already.
I'm no pro on this subject, but I'm not sure there is
a way to convert it to anything smaller than the MP3 from wav. Are you using an FTP or sending through email? My docs are uploading 90 minute DSS files to an FTP and it only takes a few seconds. The 90 minute file is close to 8 MB, I believe. If you're using email, you might try an FTP server.
Oh no, not this subject again...
Off the subject but
is she bringing paper medical records to a swim practice? Seems to me paper and water don't mix very well!
Yes, you have to the put the subject
spot like I just did.  You have to do that each time.  Usually you e-addy stays in the e-mail box though.  Happy posting! 
and the subject is?
Let us all know what you're tired of and maybe we'll join you...
A bit off subject, but I was wondering
My son planned a trip to New Orleans for the 4th of July. We tried and tried to find a room through travelocity.com, hotels.com, expedia.com, etc. without success. I'm not sure exactly what the site was, but I finally found a hotel room (I think I searched New Orleans.com or something similar) at the Cotton Exchange Hotel which seemed to be a very good hotel by all sites description. It was booked on all these other sites. So I grabbed the room for the guys. However, when they got to New Orleans and showed their confirmation, the hotel sent them next door to the Holiday Inn. What was up with that?  Of course, they didn't care one way or the other, but I just wondered why the hotel did that. Thought maybe they were affiliated, but by the description of the hotels, I would rather have stayed in the Cotton Exchange and would have been somewhat disappointed had the reservation been for me.  Just curious
Kinda on the subject, but not....

My son planned a trip to New Orleans for the 4th of July. We tried and tried to find a room through travelocity.com, hotels.com, expedia.com, etc. without success. I'm not sure exactly what the site was, but I finally found a hotel room (I think I searched New Orleans.com or something similar) at the Cotton Exchange Hotel which seemed to be a very good hotel by all sites description. It was booked on all these other sites. So I grabbed the room for the guys. However, when they got to New Orleans and showed their confirmation, the hotel sent them next door to the Holiday Inn. What was up with that?  Of course, they didn't care one way or the other, but I just wondered why the hotel did that. Thought maybe they were affiliated, but by the description of the hotels, I would rather have stayed in the Cotton Exchange and would have been somewhat disappointed had the reservation been for me.  Just curious

my two cents on this subject sm
I have a 6 YO son at home, along with a 14YO daughter and an 18 YO son.  When my 6 YO was 4, he went to preschool at a daycare center, five days a week, for six hours a day.  He absolutely LOVED it! He learned so much, he grew so much, and he survived very well, thank you.  I didn't put my other two in daycare or preschool, though I needed to.  It was just not feasible back then to pay for it and work too.  This situation worked for us.  Now my 6 YO is in school, going into the first grade in a couple of weeks, and has stayed home with me and my other children this summer.  He's fine.  He's a bit bored, but just fine! Come on people, it's not that complicated.  They are kids, they adjust to your schedule and theirs.  They WILL survive without your undivided attention for a few hours a day.  Give it a rest, already!
off the subject - loveNY
but where in NY do you live? I'm an upstater who moved to Manhattan
A little off the subject but an example of what can happen when someone - sm

pretends to be you when they are driving. You are probably also going to have issues with your insurance company as well.  I am sure you can prove it was not you driving, get the date and time of the ticket, etc. (were you working at the time, and prove it?) license plate (not your car), the cop has to appear in court too for a ticket and with any luck will be able to confirm you were not the woman he pulled over, etc. They have heard it before, have no doubt about that, and know it happens. Get an attorney if you need one.....


DEAR ABBY: My son "Vince's" mother-in-law, "Dotty," has never had a driver's license because she never learned how to parallel park. She only has a learner's permit.

After Vince married her daughter, "Lynn," Dotty was stopped by the police for a traffic violation. She gave them her daughter's name and address and told them she had "forgotten her wallet." The point went on Lynn's record and her car insurance shot up $150.

During the latest incident, someone hit Dotty's car in a parking lot. Dotty again pretended she was Lynn. The police were summoned and demanded Dotty's driver's license. When she handed them her learner's permit, her car was hauled away and now she has to appear in court for driving without a license with no licensed driver in the car.

When Vince was contacted by the insurance company, he told them the whole story. Dotty thought Lynn would just forget the incident and she'd be home free. She still drives her car every day.

To get even with Vince for ratting her out, Dotty refused to give my grandson his medicine while she baby-sat him. How should my daughter-in-law deal with this nasty woman? -- OUTRAGED IN ELMIRA, N.Y.

DEAR OUTRAGED: Now that your son and his wife know her mother won't hesitate to take out her anger on the child, they should not allow her to be around him again unless both of them are supervised.

My last statement on this subject is the following...sm
As long as there are people who are willing to take cuts in pay, whether by way of bonus or otherwise, there will be pay cuts for the worker, no matter the profession.
Who's changing the subject?
and so am I.

Try to keep up.
Off the subject of VR - but regarding the IBM keyboard.
I thought I was the only MT in existence that still used the "clicky" IBM keyboard. I love it & can't type at all on the squishy, ergonomic, squeezed-in new keyboards - & I have very small hands !! Guess this is a good hint as to how long I've been doing this & what I learned on & got comfortable with over the years (a dream come true compared to a typewriter) :o)

If you ever need yours repaired, I've found a company that repairs IBM or Lexmark keyboards, as well as other brands. They have been great & will replace keys, cords, whatever it needs, for a flat fee based on your type of keyboard (listed on their internet site). My repairs cost $30.00 + tax & shipping (last repair came to $37.25). And, if all else fails, they do make a very similar "clicky touch" cloned IBM keyboard which isn't too bad. When I was at one time down to 2 broken IBMs, couldn't locate another & was desperate - that's how I initially discovered their site & their cloned keyboard -- & the discovery that they repaired IBMs !! Anyhow, they are located at PCkeyboard.com/repair.html --(i.e. Unicomp). You call a toll free number at 1-800-777-4886, (Jim Owens at Ext. 202), tell him the problem, get a RMA number, their address & that's it. I have been very pleased with their repairs with no complaints whatsoever. They have been my lifesaver for many, many years !!
Since we're on the subject of TV
Anyone watching Breaking Bonaduce?
kind of on the same subject, but not really

Just an observation.  The ONE good thing that came from Hurricane Katrina is the pet situation.  After that, they made it where you could bring your pets shelters as long as they were in crates.  I don't know if that will be the case everywhere from now on, but it did bring this to the public's attention, at least.  Many people will not leave without their pets.  I know I wouldn't.

Here's another thought on the subject....sm

The reason people are concerned with production is because there has been too much abuse in the past.  I've worked in both the hospital setting where people were paid hourly and for production pay.  Those paid by the hour generally didn't produce as much because they didn't care how much they did... resulting in being more employees were needed to do the job.  When one facility I was at switched to having people paid by production it was *amazing* how much more everyone did in their 8 hour shift... and the quality didn't suffer.   The # of "yap breaks" decreased significantly because time became money.   We went from needing a company to pick up overflow work - usually enough to keeping 3-4 full-time MTs busy each day to not needing any extra help at all. 


I've seen MTs "sweat" over a particularly difficult dictation for say 2 hours for a 10 minute report.  Why in the world would you want to do that?  That's crazy and frankly if you can't "get it" the first time.... certainly the second time listening then the dictator isn't worth spending 2 hours on... even if you're being paid hourly. 


Thank you for the replies from everybody on the subject.
It gives me a good start to check them all out...
Way off subject, but I need opinions...

What, in your opinion of course, do you consider being unfaithful to your spouse? I know this is a LOADED question, with many different opinions.

Is it having a full-blown affair (you know what I mean...we are adults here)?

Is it simply talking to/seeing someone without your spouse knowing, but not being intimate? Kissing, talking, becoming emotionally involved?

Do you think one must *go all the way*, to us a teenager's term, before it would be considered an affair?

I really need some help here...I'm going through a very hard time right now and need some support. I don't want to go into my personal details here, but just need opinions...thanks everyone!

Believe me, I know more about the subject than you could dream to know.
I knew about that so many years ago that it's not even worth discussing with you. You don't even have a clue who you're talking to and what my qualifications are, so please stop with your blathering. The point I was trying to make (that obviously escaped you) is that people think if they use Firefox, they're automatically protected against ALL viruses. If you had read the original post, this discussion is about WINDOWS XP viruses, not Internet Explorer viruses. Operating systems, not browsers. Therefore, your post about switching to Firefox had NOTHING to do with anything that was being discussed because it's two different things.
off subject -am I being paranoid
I have some genealogy information on my computer and my grandfather had a very unusual first name and middle name-  today when I was going through my junk mail there was junk from someone with that  same name-  just kind of stopped me in my tracks I didn't open it ---but is that a coincidence  How does that happen - I should have better Spyware I guess  .  maybe Im just paranoid
This is changing the subject a bit, but.....

What about birds?  If people had a bird that they had in a cage, and not let FLY for exercise, is that a bad pet-owner?  Most bird owners that I know of, have birds in a cage and they let their birds poo in a cage on the paper in the bottom of the cage. 

What about cats?  Cats are domesticated animals just like dogs and some people NEVER let their cats go outside.  They let their cats do their business in a litter box. 

I just don't see any difference in this and using the potty pads, and like I said, I have used potty pads with previous dogs I have had.  They do not smell if you pick up the dirty pad right away, which I do when at all possible.  It's the dog hiking his leg on the furniture which is NOT acceptable to me and I agree--it stinks and I have a terrible problem going on with this---I try to clean it up as soon as I can, but he is definitely ruining my floors and thus why I was asking for advice on the hiking of the leg. We need new floors (carpet) in our house anyway and we are planning on replacing them soon but I need to get the dog re-trained somehow before we get the new flooring or else I'll still be in the same boat I'm in now.  I've just got to figure out how to retrain him back to the potty pads.  Wish me luck!

Have a nice day!

Wrong Subject
Sorry about that.. Don't know why it says "Voice Recognition" Hope it didn't confuse too many.
totally off the subject


Does anyone have or have heard of men going online to chat with women from those "dating" websites?  if so what's your take on it.  do you think they are really trying to hook up or just "playing".


I was told it was a "MAN" thing and everyone does it (i guess all men) I was told that the reason for doing it is to see how far they can get, to see what these women would fall for. I don't buy it. but I am just curious how many people out there are doing this





changing the subject a bit . . .

Does anyone know of a really good hair product for the "frizzies" ?

With summer coming, I'm dreading my hair curling and frizzing with the heat and humidity, have tried a lot of products without success.  Any tried and true methods? thank you  in advance ! 

Wish you had put subject on outside. I LOVE
dogs and all animals, and vowed not to read one word about this horror story. My daughters told me I should not read the details of how those dogs were killed. Thanks for letting me know. I agree that you should post and all, but PLEASE let us know in the subject line if its something that we would rather avoid. I honestly just can't take much more bad news in the world at large - and have totally stopped watching news this week, etc., even my home page on Comcast is avoided! Just come here for some MT stuff! Thanks in advance!  Hope you understand. I hate China - first baby girls and now dogs...my niece is over there, and it just makes me so worried.
Done bantering about the subject...

I want to thank all of you for your e-mails.  It's just amazing how many MTs are totally fed up with the AAMT at this point.  We do need an organization that truly represents the working American MT. 

That being said, I do not wish to continue the silly argument below in this thread, as it is pointless.  Some people will never "see the light," so to speak.

Onward and upward! 

I think this subject needs to be dropped.
In my opinion on this whole subject..sm
and from what I was told by an accountant when I first started and asked these questions..no matter how many companies you work for..you take your COMBINED income of all the companies and anything over 500 of that COMBINED income, whether you have received a 1099 or not, should be reported to the IRS. If you do not do this, 1099 or not, if you are ever audited by the IRS and it is determined that you did not report income, you will have to pay taxes on the amount you did not report. Just because you do not receive a 1099 does not mean you do not have to report it as income. As Patti tried to explain earlier, you could work 10 jobs, make 5000 each, and just because you did not receive a 1099 from any of them, this is still your combined income and you are responsible to report it, ALL of it. If the companies do not send out 1099s, YOU are still responsible for what you have earned. Personally, I don't want the IRS coming after ME for not reporting income! They will catch up with you eventually and I would much rather be honest and pay now than to be dishonest, get caught, and have to pay much more later on!
Yay, finally a subject I know something about

In case you haven't already found your answer - there are two variables to take into account.  1) Is the company an ASO (administrative services only), meaning they are self funded, or 2) do they actually purchase a policy through an insurance company?  If they are ASO then they are under no obligation to follow any state/federal guidelines regarding coverage.  However, if they actually purchase an insurance policy then they must add him to the policy regardless of his medical history.  There may be a pre-x condition waiting period (ok, there's really no "maybe" about it, there will be), however, if he has had continuous coverage for at least 18 months without a gap in coverage greater than 30 days then that should be waived.  Depends on how long their waiting period is as to how much previous coverage he would have to prove. 

Off the subject, but have noticed in most of
There's only so much room for the subject
Then you have to put it inside so it can be read.

In answer to your question, I think it depends on your bank. They actually have a timeframe before they HAVE to release it to your account. Could be a couple days. My bank's pretty good, and it's usually available right away.
Back on the subject of EMR

I have a link for those that have never seen what these actually look like.  This is the one my husband's physician has.  http://www.e-mds.com/images/screens/emds_chart_vnoteedit.jpg  This shows a screen shot, but the rest of the site tells how these are used. 


On subject of VR, aint no way
newbies can do and neither can slow typists, that is at my place of employment. You have to be seasoned to know just as much about VR as you would regular transcription. You have to be extremely fast in reading the text because speed is money. I usually typed around 2000 or a little over straight. If making 8 cents a line for straight, that would mean I would have to edit 4000 lines with VR. I am told some in my company do that much but I donít and have never in the several years I have worked on VR. If anyone thinks newbies would be good to do VR, then that person really does not know anything about VR and the knowledge you have to have, same as doing transcription only reading very, very fast and changing any and all that might be wrong in the report. My system is very easy to use, very user friendly. Some, I hear, are not.
Admin: I get cut off a lot in the subject/name fields.
(how does one know that the Subject line has been exhausted?
If you defer the report to someone else, you are just calling even more attention to the sensitivity of the situation. If you type it yourself, it seems to me, you are then in control of whether the info is disseminated or not. ????
It was not the subject matter, it was the delivery.
OPEN YOUR MIND is rude. I used to think like you did until I saw firsthand what all the closed businesses did to our town. It's not my way or the highway. I do see your point. It's a no-win situation. Walmart provides low paying jobs with lousy benefits where those workers used to have decent jobs with benefits elsewhere.
While we're on the subject of church...
He is wanting to try counseling through church. I'm not sure how long to give this. Can you put a time limit on something like this??
This is such a controversial subject...spare us. (nm)
Gulf Shores --- off subject a bit LOL
I hate to hijack this thread but I'm going to Gulf Shores this weekend hopefully to lay on the beach and relax :). I'm wondering what your weather is like right now. I live in north Georgia, and it has all of a sudden turned cool! Sorry to ask, but when I saw where you live, I just couldn't pass up the chance to ask. Thanks!!
Bringing up from below the subject of low carbs, SM
Food Network used to  have a chef named George Stella who lost several hundred pounds by doing the Atkins diet. I'm not sure if  his show is still on, but he does have a cookbook.
It is not about religion being a sensitive subject, it is about

posting on the correct forum.  The Main board gets so jammed that we have had to create other forums for particular subjects.  We only ask that posters kindly utilize those forums instead of posting every single thing on the Main board.

Again, thank you.


Tired old subject, but could someone please explain to me(sm)
I have read on these boards that most companies do not allow transcribing via satellite because of security issues.  Is this a HIPAA issue, and if it is, then why do some companies allow it?  I'm confused.
Off the subject - wedding reception -sm
So the wedding season is upon us.  I went to a wedding this weekend.  It was an afternoon wedding with reception "immediately following" but it turned out the reception did not start for 1-1/2 hours after the ceremony ended.  I thought it was a bit rude to keep the guests waiting without even as much as a glass of water on the table and no announcement about where the bride/groom, bridal party was.  The reception hall was only a few miles away.  Was it just me, or was this a long time in between the wedding and the reception?
Goodness! This has sure been a touchy subject!
Just my 2 cents since everyone has has put theirs in too... As I posted earlier, I have 2 small kids (6 and 7) and 1 teenager (15).  I had always worked "outside" but got laid off while working as an LPN and went back to school for this to specifically work at home.  I do like what I do and do feel privileged to work at home.  It is hard to juggle everything, but it was also hard to juggle everything when I worked outside of the home as well.  It is what it is.  My husband thinks my job is great, but he doesn't comprehend how difficult it is to deal with the distractions from just being at home, as I think it is difficult for anyone who doesn't work at home to understand that.  People don't respect work time when you are at home like they do when you are at a place of business, be it friends or family.  I also think that people do sometimes look at this profession with these rose-colored glasses because we "work at home" and forget that we have to actually work!  You just can't do housework and cook and whatever else for 8 hours and get in 8 hours of work at the same time.  That being said... as I live in Minnesota and it is like 15 below 0 outside with lots colder than that windchill... I am grateful that I can work at home even on my most worst days! 
You said it correctly, very touchy subject
as the majority of people working from home apparently get upset when I say MTs are coming across as being unprofessional when they write about being "supermoms" and yet complaining about how to fit time in for their babies, housework, cooking, washing, etc. while doing a job. I have never complained about my salary, my hours I spend working, the bosses I work for, just do my job. I, like you, worked outside when my children smaller but if I wanted to provide for them then, that was something we had to do, had no choice, just what you do as a member of the human race. It is probably a good thing for a lot of the people writing into this board to be able to "work" from home, otherwise I donít see them making it in the "real" world of employment. I think your post was excellent and said exactly what I have been saying for some time. Try telling that to the moms who write in. I am not now nor would I ever say I was supermom nor super anything for that reason, not a "single" mother as to me that designates someone who wants people to feel pity for them because they have a child(ren) they are supposed to care for, only a woman who has raised her children to adulthood and ones any mother could be proud of and I did it, well just because that is what a mother does. I donít look for any pats on my back. I have a strong work ethic and I applaud you for yours.
Make sure you use sm (see msg) or nm (no msg) in the subject line, too. nm
I only change those if the subject is clear (sm)
It sounds as if in the transcript you're talking about, the subject isn't clear and I agree it wouldn't be appropriate to add it.

The MT is probably putting it because s/he is (a) trying to make a complete sentence and (b) thinking of the rule of always putting "The patient" and not "Patient" to start a sentence, which is commonly taught. It might be tough to get the idea across, but I would agree in trying!