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She is PC literate and savvy, keeps herself informed on the instrument we need to pluck every day to

Posted By: every day to make a buck. on 2008-01-05
In Reply to: Who are you? - Go find it.


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Born before 1960? You're a geezer. Technologically literate or not.
I need help from savvy MT's

I am so so upset.  I have been working really hard at a job for over 2 months.  I am a QA editor.  Yesterday I was told in a tricky way that I would be making $15 less per day.  They tried to cover it up by saying I would be making MORE money because they are giving me more money.  I am so P'OD that I want to quit but I can't.  They said that I am FAST and so it should be no problem for me to make up the money.

I pointed out that I am actually getting a pay cut and the woman said she is very sorry but the decision came from "upper management."  It is a small company and I think she is part of the upper management.  HELP ME ... last night I drank wine and just went to bed crying.  I work so hard!


Computer savvy
Nope, I'm not computer savvy.  I told this to J when he first set me up, told him I was computer illiterate.  When he was finished he told me that I wasn't as "illiterate" as I thought I was.  And all I did was follow his directions.  No problems.   Do you think MAYBE it might present a problem when someone who is computer savvy, instead of just rolling with the flow, MIGHT irritate him by interfering with him doing his job?  I would surely be irritated if the tech started questioning my command of the medical language.   I should hope that any tech working for any company would know more than anyone else about their system.  We aren't paid to know computers, we're paid to know medical terminology.  Techs don't have to know medical terminology but they DO have to know computers.
For the computer/printer savvy!

If you can solve this problem - you are really good!!  Here it is - The office I work for has just changed the margins and the bottom margin is now 0.3.  However, everytime that I change the margin, the computer automatically bumps it up to 0.46.

The computer savvy person in the home office believes that it has something to do with a preset margin minimum in the printer which will not allow it to accept the margin.  The computer tech where I bought the computer believes that also.  BUT - no one knows how to go about changing that. 

My printer is an HP PSC 2210 all-in-one.   Calling HP is not an option since the printer is possibly 4 to 5 years old and out of warranty so therefore the charge for their advice is not worth it!!

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions??  So far, this has stumped everyone!  Thanks in advance.

Maybe no changes for SE
She's ill informed. Has no idea what an IC is obviously. nm
She's ill informed. Has no idea what an IC is obviously. sm

She might be 55 and doing MT for 10 years - but she hasn't clue how an IC differs from an employee - pay her no attention.

Informed consent signed?
  That there is funny, funny!! 
No offense, but I hardly doubt kids 6, 8, and 9 in a real emergency would be savvy enough to handle
their cell phones properly while some creep is carrying them away.  And they're away from you with cell phones at that young age?? Oh my! Please reconsider. Perhaps you're feeling false security from a cell phone. 
CMT-me, I am QUITE informed, have sat on the board in past years

I do not believe getting the CMT is as worthy as you say. I believe that it is overrated when it comes to getting paid more my by services and I do speak from experience.  I had the CMT for many years and I let it lapse because it was a waste of perfectly good money.  Money I choose to keep in my pocket rather than spend putting in AAMTs pocket. No, I am quite happy not having the CMT and earn a living wage even without it.  As I said previously, I can say as an informed MT (former CMT) that a good 90% or more transcription services do not care if you have the CMT.  All they care about is that you can get the job done and at the cheapest rate of pay possible. 


Easy backup file transfer alternative for non-tech-savvy client
Hello all,

I have a new client who is not tech-savvy at all. She lost her Transcriptionist and transcriptions are backing up. She is so desperate she is willing to try digital with me. (yay) I hope everything with the FTP setup goes easily for her, but if for some unforseeable reason we cannot get it to work, I was wondering if someone here could recommend an easy alternative, if only to get the first few dictations to me while we work out the FTP. She is incredibly frustrated and on edge at the moment, so anything to ease this transition would be a lifesaver!

Thank you all so much for your help!
American Public is who needs to be informed, not those perpetuating the offshoring!

I don't think it's whether the higher-ups at medical facilities know or care that's important. Frankly, we see it every day that senators don't pay taxes or sell public off seats, etc. So why would hospital administrators, congressmen, or anyone else who has been actively involved in sending records overseas or even allowing this to happen, even care!?

You know who would care? THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The people whose SSNs, addresses, etc., is floating around India! People think their information is safe by the HIPPA laws, but they don't have a clue that their most private information is less safe than ever. You all are arguing over whether medical personnel know that their information is going overseas, and I think you are wasting precious energy focusing on the wrong problem.

If people stood up and put their money where their mouth is, not going to doctors or facilities who sent information overseas, THAT would make a difference! I can't believe that I keep hearing President Obama talking about creating new jobs, when he's clearly not interested in keeping jobs here or moving jobs back that have been taken away. I'm sorry..but is he seriously suggesting that out of work MTs work rebuildiing our nation's highway system? To me, it's just another way to cover up the real hard facts of how companies are shipping overseas and building other counties' economies while attempting to look like he's giving American something new and fantastic (new jobs).

When I see buildings being built in my area by non-union trades, the union can band together and picket or at least put up a sign to let people know that it's a nonunion building. But us MTs seem to be so scattered and individual, it feels hard to band together. I think if we can just be cohesive, really get our thoughts together and target this thing, we can make a difference!

***Sorry if this is rambly and not grammatically correct. I was a little hot and bothered here!   Thanks for letting me vent.

Get this experience with QA. After a week, I was informed by a QA person who proudly introduced hers
bat. I should have known. It was downhill from there. I have had 14 years of MT experience, and after a week, she frustratedly told me that I was costing them too much money because QA was having to check my work and I was wasting their time. She was rude and insulting about it too. I was so shocked that I quit, I mean, who am I to waste their time and money. For some reason, I thought that was wise QA was in place.  I could see if I had been on that account for several months and they still felt they had to check my work but I was there a WHOLE WEEK..Rude, Rude.. Glad I moved on.
My mail carrier just informed me that the mail is sorted by
prisoners as part of their work.  Now do you feel safer and more secure?