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What does this have to do with 2007 compatibility with 2003?

Posted By: sm on 2008-01-04
In Reply to: Actually...sm - Kathleen

I open 2003 documents every day in 2007 on my Vista machine. I can open 2007 documents in 2003 on my old XP machine because I have the compatibility pack installed. You can also set the 2007 default to save down to 97 thru 2003.

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I do not use 2003--have 2007, but have--sm
looked under the help option to see if there is anything there that would help you?

Also when you shut down for the day, do you get a msg asking if you want to save changes made to your normal? If so, do you click yes?
does work in 2003 and 2007
I have Smartype and I use MS word 2003 and 2007 and it works in both programs (and on Vista). Personally I wouldn't trade it for the world!!! I tried just about every Expander program out there and I just clicked with this one. Email me privately if you wish with more questions.
2007 not compatible with 2003--sm
but there is a file conversion tool available. Whether this would affect the normal.dot file, I have no idea. Better check with microsoft word on that one. go to MS website, they have a lot of info about 2007
Word 2007 and 2003


I have word 2007 and I know I need 2003 so does anyone know where you can find it or what to do?  I would appreciate it and thank you very much.


Office 2003 versus 2007


I am still working in Office 2003 but have been considering Office 2007.  Is anyone using this?  Do you like it?  Do you know if programs like Shorthand, Abacus, and other transcription programs work with it?  Is it possible to have Office 2003 and Office 2007 on the same computer without interfering with the one another??

Your 2003 documents look the exact same way when you open them in 2007. sm
You don't lose any documents. Compatibility mode just means your document does not change to the new 2007 file structure and you can't use any new 2007 features in that document. "Compatibility mode" shows on the title bar so you know which format you are working in. If you want the new file structure, you just do a save as. If you want to convert the document back to 2003 so others without 2007 can open your documents, you can do that too.

The new Ribbon instead of toolbars is very different and takes some time to learn how it works, but everything you have ever known about Word is still there. I haven't had a hard time with 2007 because the majority of old keyboard shortcuts still work.

It's always in your best interest to back up your documents whether you are switching to a new version or not.

Info/help on open Word 2007 docx with Word 2003.

I have a friend who sent me a document with .docx extension, presumably Word 2007. I can open it in Word 2003; however, all I see are musical notes and highlighting, no text (this is a document with words and highlighting only, no pictures, music notes, etc.). I tried to open this with Notepad and only see the usual gibberish.

I know I opened another 2007 Word doc before and I remember seeing the converter load at that time but that was probably a year ago. Is there something that has changed that I'm not aware of?

Darn Microsoft.

I dunno about Word 2007 but Word 2003

has AutoCorrect, which is probably what you're meaning. When you program a macro, it records your Keystrokes and actions and is more complicated than what you're needing.

In Word 2003, type the word/phrase you want (i.e., degenerative disc disease) then highlight it. Go to Tools, AutoCorrect Options, and your highlighted word should be in the "with" box. Type your shortcut (i.e., ddd) in the "replace" box. Click Add then OK. To use the new entry, just type what you put in the replace box (ddd). No other keys necessary. I would guess it should be about the same in Word 2007.

Hope that helps! Feel free to email if you have more questions...

Word 2007, Word 2002, or 2003
How many transcriptionists have switched to these versions of Word?  I am still using Word 2000, and it works well for me, but have been offered job with a company that uses Word 2007, and another company that will let you use Word 2002 or 2003.  I am fighting this and am at the point where I just might not accept a new job because of this change.  I can't imagine why they would want to change from Word 2000.  Your opinions, please.  Thank you.
Office 2003 so far, but going to Office 2007 as soon as I can. nm
Word 2003 and Word 2007....

If you have Word 2003 and upgrade to Word 2007 - will you still be able to access your Word 2003 documents? 

I am still kinda confused on this as everything I have read about this states that the Word 2003 files will be opend in a "compatibility" form, as opposed to normal. 

Would it be in my best interest to save the Word 2003 files to a disk first?

2007 macro help..anyone good in 2007??


 I now need to start using Word2007.  I would like to know if anyone out there knows how to build a macro in word2007?  I could do this in word97, but cant find the same commands to do my macro in 2007?


HELP please



There is a compatibility feature

There is a compatibility feature with Vista, or so they claim.  It's all in this Q&A piece in the Times here.  I think you might have to register for the Times to read this link but it's got some good info



IMAC compatibility

I would really LOVE to work on a Mac, but there have always been compatibility issues in the past.  Anyone out there using a MAC and if so with what platforms?



was not talking about compatibility, but rather--sm
when XP would not be supported any longer by MS. Besides that, compatibility is more than just being able to open documents. As long as you have the compatibility pack, you SHOULD be able to do that. There is more to it than that though. All you need to do is read some of the sites that are looking to hire people and see just how many are not compatible with vista or word 2007, for that matter. The company I work for has a platform that is not compatible with either one of those programs. you are lucky that you have no problems. Unfortunately there are many more out there that are not. I am happy for you.
You would have to ask escription about the compatibility - sm
I know when i wanted a Mac it wasn't. BUT, i have a gateway PC and laptop and everyone i know followed suit and have had no issues. American tech support too! Awesome customer service!!!
pedal compatibility
Does anyone know if the regular wav pedal i.e. USB works with the DIctaphone Extext system or is there are proprietary pedal... also if one works for a co and has the pedal installed on machine can that installed pedal be used for the other company with dictaphone?  Thanks!
Compatibility question

Did you ask Stedman?

On their website they say: "Stedman's Smartype fully integrates with Word 2000, 2002/XP, or 2003".

You need the compatibility filter from the MS site.
Vonage disconnects/compatibility

I have had Vonage for two years.  I do not think there is a difference between the residential and business - and nothing is long distance with Vonage.  Also, if you need it, there is an adapter of some sort that you can buy at Office Depot or Staples that will make Vonage compatible with your work programs.

It is a difficult process to disconnect (as I sat through one hour of listening to my sister-in-law trying to do so), but I don't think they try to unfairly charge you for services - they just try to be very persuasive in getting you to keep their service.

Vonage compatibility question


Does anyone know if Vonage phone service is compatible with a USB-1 pedal??

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide...

Rebecca S.



What Windows are you running? Could be compatibility issue
I have an InstantText question about compatibility with Extext Speech

I posted this on the textware forum page, but no answer as of yet. 

I am just beginning Extext Speech, and when I am linked to IText, the "magic" strokes, Alt plus period, etc., are formating strokes with IT and do not work as the magic keys. 

Is there a way to get around this so I can actually use the magic keystrokes? 

Thanks in advance..   

Changing Excel 2003 Addresses Into Word 2003 Addresses

Hello !

I have a large amount of addresses listed on an Excel 2003 spreadsheet.  I need these addresses for Word 2003 letters.  I end up copying the address from Excel and pasting it into Word, but as you can imagine, the pasted address is in a straight line and I end up having to type the address so it displays correctly for a letter.  Does anyone know if there is a simple way to change the Excel address format to a Word letter address format?  Thank you for your help.

Instant Text claims compatibility with all word-based programs
I have used it with Word, PowerScribe, ExText, and a program based on MS Office online, the name of which escapes me. Works great.
A sad $11,000 for 2007, but I need to

...this is my 2nd year transcribing.  I am really going to try to pick up the pace and the money in 2008 and am looking into getting my own accounts.  If I don't do something I will have to get another job in addition to transcription. I worked for a doctor's office when I first started out making $14.00/hour, which in hindsight was pretty good for a beginner.  I guess it just takes some people longer to get in gear.  Things are really clicking for me now, and I can now fly through dictators that I used to find extremely difficult, so there's a ray of hope!  I have never made more than $15,000 per year my entire life, and I've been working since I was 14 years old - it's time darn it!

CMT since 2007 (sm)
It's not that bad. The transcription portion is not difficult. There is a CMT prep book that has much harder practice dictations in it than the test will give you. You won't get a foot pedal in the test, but you only have short snippets to transcribe.

However, the first part of the test is the multiple choice part, and that was the part I found much more difficult than I anticipated.

As far as studying for it, I personally think working is the best way to study for it. There is a lot less emphasis on the BOS rules in the CMT test than I anticipated as well. I found it to be a transcription and knowledge test, not a memorization of the endless rules in the BOS.

Just go register for it and take it. Let us know what happens!
January 31, 2007
Word 2007 is the best
I used office 2003 pro since it came out and hated it. It was so slow. I just got the new office 2007 and it is MUCH better than any other version of office.
How did you get Office 2007 when it has only --sm
been released to businesses and is not available to the general public yet?? just curious. (wish I had it)
I have QLDB 2007

there is not much difference between that and 2006.  the big difference between 05 and 06 was the search function.  06 would not let you search starting with an asterisk for a wildcard.  07 is the same.  but i just tried searching for part of a word without a wildcard and it brought up words that had that part in the middle.  so it seems you do not need the asterisk at the beginning of a search.

to be honest, i rarely use my electronic references.  i mostly use the net and sometimes will double check a finding with an electronic ref. 

i update my references on CD for the tax credit.  and as a backup.

Word 2007
Thanks for the info!

I have always used Stedman's QL electronic drug search reference material.  I loaded my 2007 and discovered that they have built in something called a Launch Ready Reference Bookshelf  that completely changes the way the drug reference works now.  One thing that is missing is the fuzzy search, which I have always loved and used tremendously.  I called Tech Support at Lippincott and at Stedman's and they both tell me that it is no longer part of the program and this new Bookshelf is going to be linked to all of their electronic products -- hence no fuzzy search.  So, my question is, what is everyone else using.  I have the Saunder's Pharmaceutical Word Book 2007 and I hate it as well, it takes too long to load and uses too much RAM to leave loaded. 

Hope someone else has found an answer. 

Word 2007

If I buy Word 2007, can I put it on more than one computer in my house or is the license restricted to just one computer?  Thanks for sharing if you know the answer. 

Word 2007

Has anyone had any issues; good, bad or indifferent, on Word 2007.


Word 2007

I updated to Word 2007 - I took the time to watch the learning videos and was able to create new macros and boilerplate very nicely.

But I have lost all my add-in word books and dictionaries that were in my tool bar. Does anyone know how to get them back?


2007 survey
Says MTs make an average of $27K a year.

Remember pay is production based. If you don't have experience, you're going to be slow.

I would advise you to enroll in one of the better schools. You're going to have a very difficult time getting a job otherwise.
Word 2007 sm
Word 2007 or Office 2007 was made for Vista and, I believe, is not compatible with Word 2003 or Office 2003. Perhaps they have another file conversion tool on their site. This is the only reason why I cannot upgrade to 2007, although I would love to. There are many platforms and programs that are not compatible with it, as yet, either. It is MS way of trying to *force* the general public to upgrade to Vista, which I think stinks, but there are so many programs and companies that just are not ready for the change. They will also soon stop support for XP home edition, as well, but will continue supporting XP pro for a while yet. good luck to you.
i use QLDB 2007 - sm

I just tried using a wildcard search starting with *...and it would not let me.  It will only let me start with a letter, then add the wildcards.  Hope that helps!



Word 2007
Could users of Word 2007 share what you think of it, please.  Do you like it, hate it, etc.  How does it compare with other Word versions?  Thank you.
RE: Word 2007
It is ok. You just have to learn how to work it. It works a lot different than the other. You have to learn where everything is. But, I am using it and not much trouble with it. The old one was the best one.
word 2007 Help
I am just switching to word 2007 from word 2000. Can someone please tell me how to copy and paste in 2007?
word 2007 help
I am trying to start using word 2007. There are a lot of things that I copy and paste. When I copy (ctrl+c) it does copy but when I try to paste (ctrl + V) it does not paste. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?
word 2007 Help
I am trying to get used to Word 2007. When I try to copy (CTL +C) and paste it will not paste with CTL + V. I have to use the mouse and click on the paste button. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Word 2007
Word 2007 does have its issues/quirks. We are having problems with its compatibility with our programs too.
If you can locate a copy of Word 2003, I recommend you get one. I bought a copy from e-bay. It was used, but I only paid $40 for it, and it works just fine. You can still have Word 2007 or other versions on your computer too, just don't overwrite your other versions is you are able to find a copy of 2003.
Word 2007
Good point. Thanks.
it is stedman's 2007...nm
$400 for Office 2007?
Why so expensive? I cannot afford to buy this. Any suggestions? I need to upgrade but at that price I simply cannot afford to take the job.
Word 2007
I got mine at Best Buy for $100. It is not the business version, but works fine.
Thanks, I just got word 2007
and still trying to figure out where everything is. Who knew it would be/look so different?
2007 Jeep Liberty and
my husband's 1999 Dodge Intrepid which is paid for. He works for a Chrysler/Jeep dealership so hence the need to drive a Jeep and a Chrysler. LOL.