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Speaking of offshoring MT work, who does not directly send work offshore?

Posted By: OSI? on 2005-08-01
In Reply to:

Just curious.  Has anyone got a list of companies who do not send work offshore?  Precyse?  MQ?  Spheris? 

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I say let them try to send all of their work offshore
I think they would end up with some unhappy clients.
Good. Why dont you send some our way. What office do you work for so I can call and get your work.
I work directly for a hospital in the NE,
the list is provided to me by the hospital.
I work for doctors directly, no QA, so I always proof.
to clarify, I work directly for the hospital
Nah, I work directly for a a hospital in Missouri.
Yeah, but medical personnel who actually work directly with
patients are a bit "different" like that. They think nothing of taking a look or having a touch here and there. And the morbid senses of humor many of them have. My friends from high school are both RNs now, but they're like that.
That is okay. Yes I do work for a service. The doctor uploads directly to me and he is pretty reg
Thanks for your input.
My idea on what the U.S. should do about offshoring work of ALL kinds... (s/m)

I can understand U.S. companies wanting to cut costs and make a profit, and that of course is why they offshore.  Even though it's at a huge cost to American workers.  Which of course ultimately hurts the overall economy, because displaced workers have much less money to spend on goods & services, etc. 

Offshoring isn't likely to be outlawed (though I sure wish it were, especially when it comes to sensitive records, such as financial and medical records!)  But don't you think that if the U.S. is going to allow companies to send work offshore, those companies should have to pay a pretty hefty TAX for that privilege?  

Here in Calif., our infrastructure such as roads, bridges, school system, fire and police departments, etc. is crumbling, and always needs more money.  So of course they continue to raise taxes on us working-class people - the same ones whose jobs are going offshore!  They get a little from the Lottery, and a little more from Indian casinos, who are paying the state for the privilege of running gambling casinos in a state where gambling casinos aren't legal!  There is a tax on liquor and tobacco.  All of those things aren't really good for people, and should be taxed.

Well, offshoring work away from hard-working, middle-class Americans isn't good for people, either!  So don't you think companies should be encouraged to keep their work onshore by a TAX that would not only help each state in this country pay for things, but also remove the huge profits those companies make by taking good jobs away from Americans?  Maybe that money could even be used to save our failing Social Security system.          


Offshore Can Work

You are also making an assumption that this is a US/Asian thing while it is not. I am in fact an English-speaking South African. The fact is we do not run sweatshops, I earn more from my own doctors here than I do from the US clients I work for. There were various posts, I was not singling out yours, that inferred things like "pseudopsychologists", "sweatshops" and the like. In fact, there were posts that referred to the poor quality of work. I really do think that one of the big reasons offshore does work is because of the time zone difference - and that's not a bad thing if patient's can get back their reports timeously. Is it so foreign an idea that we could possibly work harmoniously together?

Offshore can work? Obviously it can and does....sm
But once again you're missing my point. Yes, the time zone difference makes it advantageous to send work offshore! Yes, it is a good thing to get patient records in as expeditious a manner as possible! I'm glad your not running a sweatshop, however, I never said that offshore transcription companies were running sweatshops! Yes, I am guilty of assuming (based on previous responses to my postings that you were from an Asian country.) Mea Culpa! Sorry, just an incorrect assumption on my part.
But, you are missing my point! Americans cannot compete on an equal basis with countries whose economies make it possible to live well on what is well below the poverty level here in the US. Just a plain, unpalatable fact! As an American I am asking other American transcriptionists to make our Senators and Congressmen (and women) aware of the complexity of offshore outsourcing in all fields. While it has it's benefits it also creates unemployment. America cannot survive if all jobs that CAN BE done by professionals overseas are outsourced. Furthermore, other than the time zone difference, the only reason work is being outsourced is money. Money that is going back into the coffers - not to build up the company, not to expand, but, more and more often only to be placed into the hands of the CEO's. CEO's that get "golden parachutes", CEO's that get fired for mishandling the company and take their 100 million dollar "parachute" and leave - only to take another CEO job that may or may not be good for the company. There is no pre-requisite in their contract that the company make money or do well! That's why we're being nickeled and dimed to death here. Greed and avarice!
I don't believe in socialism, I am a firm believer in democracy. However, I believe in taking responsibility and doing what is not only good for "me" but what is good for the country. Old fashioned and out of date, maybe, but I think if America is to succeed in the 21st century we need to start thinking about what America and Americans need and not just "get mine while the getting is good".
So, I have no problem with working harmoniously with any group of professionals. But I do have a problem with the fact that Americans are losing jobs due to economics. Especially since I believe that the factors leading up to the economics is due to greed and mis-management.
Work is being sent offshore

Healthcare has expanded.  Offshoring is a way to have large volumes typed in a short amount of time.  Most offshoring is larger hospitals and institutions.  Your smaller practices stick with the smaller MTSOs or ICs.  Offshoring is not due to crappy MT work.  These posters with their greater than thou QA attitudes need to get over themselves.  QA is to assure the client receives an accurate document. 

I just heard of an institution that I worked for when with a company that offshores.  The reports are horrible with a lot of blanks being sent back to the client.  So tell me, how is their QA?  Notsogood!!!  LOL  QA is a short sell.  It sounds good in the contract.  Your reports will be QA'd, bunch a bologna.  Oh palleezzz!!  Get over it already.  I highly doubt there are physicians sitting around saying "Hmmm, this American MT really stinks and leaves a lot of blanks, I think I send my work to India..."  Yeah, I'm so sure! 

Too much work is sent offshore so if everyone
quit working for companies that offshore aren't going to be enough positions to provide jobs with companies who don't offshore. 
Are any of you who "edit" offshore work

concerned that by doing this, you are helping yourself out of a job?  What if these companies hire nothing but Indian transcriptionists because they are so cheap.  Won't that put all of us out of jobs eventually?  or am I just being dense.  My company recently asked me if I would "edit"  (aka "train"), and I refused. 

Editing offshore work
Some of their work is better than the work I see by American MTs. Don't be so quick to judge. Yes, they do see editor's feedback and they learn from their mistakes quickly. I have said this before, there is plenty of work to go around. There is no need to worry unless you are one of the lazy American MTs who only want to work when it is convenient for your schedule.
Well, yes, but then the quality of the offshore work (sm)
would be worse than it is now, with not enough people to edit it, it would get way behind TAT, and eventually it will come back to us. 
But their work is NEVER allowed offshore, either....
I will never work for another company that supports offshoring to overseas countries
As posted above, I have worked for a foreign company.  The company had some US MTs working for them and IMO, they were using us to cover up.  I think we should personally stick together and stop the nonsense of our US reports going overseas.  I do have one question for those who support the Indian companies and any company that offshore overseas...where is your medical information going?  Have you thought for one minute that maybe your own SSN and address, etc, might be going overseas?
You can thank offshoring and the companies who offshore for most of this. SM

Been in the business well over 20 years and I am working twice as hard for half as much.  It started with offshoring and the big MTSOs who bolted the US like their pants were on fire.  They used the excuse that were not enough US MTs.  LIES.  All LIES.  They forced the smaller MTSOs to charge less.  We got paid less.  Many of the smaller MTSOs got gobbled up by the Squid (MQ).  Now there are only one or two superpowers and they all offshore.  Some of them lie about it, some are very open.  This business is not even close to what it should be as far as making a living. 

Is it possible some of the account work is going overseas. MQ does offshore you know.
Their own website says they offshore work to the Phillipines. nm
Equates to sending our work offshore.
I NEVER shop at Walmart. Google their business practices, they are the pits!
As editor, I have yet to see offshore work with correct
DocQscribe and Dragon Naturally Speaking.. Can they work together? Thanks in advance.
I wonder if the cherry pickers will be out of work when all the good speaking American doctors are
Gee, I will still be working because I'm grasping these ESLs pretty dang good, right along with ops and cardiology reports.
A co I used to work for would send me
hard copies of supposedly MY reports with errors. I would instantly know it wasn't my work, and would look at the MT ID # at the bottom of the report - NOPE, not mine. Naturally they were sending me the worst MT's reports, too, but I was fairly certain it was the person mailing them that was making the errors because my QA scores were very good.
Today is different and you cannot fight companies who LEGALLY can offshore work.
So all Americans refuse to buy goods, shop at stores, or work for companies who offshore.  That leaves a mess.  Do you realize a lot of American companies are actually owned by foreigners?  Get real and move into 2005.  You are going to spend a lot of time boycotting once you do the research.  I doubt you will be able to shop or work at all.
Overloaded with work - MY company doesn't offshore, so no problem for me

Strike in Pakistan slowing down offshored work here. Just another example of offshore
Offshore work is rarely client ready. Who is going to edit
p p
unfortunately they send work to other countries

they offshore to other countries from the usa because what's important to most dictators, and again unfortunately, is the cheapest price they will get for transcription......now, I didn't say they would receive good quality MT work back - but they will only be paying 3, 4 or 5 cpl for that offshore work.....so they have chosen to COMPROMISE QUALITY!!!!  Blechhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Do you normally send your work each day as 1 email ? - sm
If that is the case, then make sure you save all the sent emails (I save it all) and then all you have to do is bring up her email address, select all the appropriate emails that were all ready sent, hit forward for all of them and enter in her email. Should take you less than 5 minutes to do all this and be relatively painless. --- if this does not work, yes, go for the billing route, she should be saving the work or at least keeping a backup copy of it for a min. of 3 months. I could see a file now and then but not all the time as she is doing. Very disorganized. Good luck.
Transcend does not send work offshores...sm
and continues to fight against offshoring. 
Does anyone send cards or anything to the office they work for? (sm)

Years ago when I worked for a smaller company a bunch of us made a big  box of goodies and mailed it to the office.  They were such great people, helpful and cheerful. The company always sent us something and we didn't want to just send to the owner of the company so we felt a card in a box of goodies everyone could share.  Smaller places have more of a personal feel .

Now I work for a larger company and home made goodies may not be such a good idea. (The shipping alone would be a killer.)  I guess a card addressed to "everyone" will have to do it.  Thought about having X-mas cards made up with  my family picture on it and sending that to kind of help them also put a face to the name.  Too much?  Think I would be better off with just a standard card? 

Those of you that are doing anything for the office you work out of, what are you doing?  Would love to "borrow" a really good idea.


They'll send an email out when they need extra work done.
The bonuses are tied to taking on extra work on top of your regular workload, not production or longevity.  It's per extra shift or per extra report on backlogged accounts.  Call and talk to them if you have any questions.
Transcend Services doesn't send work outside of the US.
Keystrokes does not and will not send work out of the United States. nm
Do you honestly think MQ doesnt send work to India, etc.
Just got E-mail from someone who is Pakistani wanting me to send them work for 3 cpl. (sm)

First off I am a MT myself, not a company and have no idea why they are soliciting work from individuals, unless they think we will sub-contract it to them.  

Edited by Moderator

IMO, they'd just send it ALL offshore.
Except maybe the stats, and could probably use VR for those and find a few people willing to proof those stats. JMO.
I would just supply one digital copy, either send the work back
via an FTP site or email attachment or whatever, or keep addending to a CD, but let them keep their own archives. And why can't they print when you deliver the CD or the work in digital format? I don't do any printing at all. Everything goes back digital and they keep their own copies. Once I bill for the month, everything gets deleted, as it should be under HIPAA.
Just say it's not going to work out, quit, and send the stuff back. Not like you'll be using t
Make off shore work illegal (to send to), lower dues, better pay - nm
Offshore typed hamster release instead of hamstring release. As long as work is offshored,
I get my work from an FTP site that they load the work to, however I don't have pool work so to
speak, but I tell them how many minutes a day I want.  The work is generally put in my box by 5 pm every day, then I have until 10 am the following day for some priority work, or 3:30 pm for the rest, so TAT is not too bad. I would like to work less at night though, but I working on that. My downside is I do not get the same dictators day to day, there are a few I do on a semi-regular basis though, some generate great lines but take longer to do that other doc's and are not "money-makers", I also do not get paid for spaces so that hurts a bit too.  This is WP5.1 too.....so very antiquated but that is what the hospital uses, so not much choice there. But I understand what you mean about the C-phone. I was just doing another job with C-phone recently...they incidentally did not tell me how to get off of the system, which was very simple.  I'd finish a job, then hit stop and hangup if I wanted to get off or quit working.  That is what you need to do if you want to sleep, eat, etc.  Don't feel guilty, do what you signed up for, believe me they watch the pools and will get others to do the work you don't finish.  If they get on your case remind them that you are only PT and only want 500 lines a day, etc.  It's not worth killing yourself over.  Good Luck.
ProScript Documentation Services does not send work overseas or employ any overseas MTs. (nm)

You go by your schedule and have no work. Everytime I get on to work, there is always work.
Then you would have no life at all except work, work, work if you did that. I wouldn't do it. nm
Same thing with nationals. You work all the time to keep the account caught up when others dont work
and then when they decide to put a whole lot of extra people on your accounts and run you out they could care less about how much you worked.
Have a hospital I work for and they consistently change work types and do line counts. (sm)
Management just doesn't understand in order to crank out the work you need to be proficient by typing the same accounts. Go figure, they just don't get it ??
Usually work "live" on a Cphone, while connected. There are ways to record & work off line, bu