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The flame wasn't there when she made her statement - she was referring to the

Posted By: rather inflammatory responses. - nm on 2006-03-16
In Reply to: A flame only means it's been viewed over 200 times - nothing more.


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Not quite. I wasn't referring to the standards

we can use with ctrl-S.  In the expander, isn't there a standard capability?  I think what I wanted to do was save a report using that.  The report did save, but then I wanted to edit it, because I really just wanted ROS and PE.  I was doing H&Ps and she kept (very wordy) saying the same thing over and over and over.  But once I saved it I wanted to edit out the parts I didn't need and I couldn't do it, didn't know how to do it.

Does that make sense to you?  With MTs or Legacy once you saved or created your normal you could edit it.  Is it possible? 

Any help is much appreciated.  Sorry for any typos, it is so way past my bedtime!

Well I wasn't referring to HIPAA. Do you think
Maybe it was this statement that you made.

Maybe you need to look around if you're not doing so well.

I think you're kind of full of yourself and just had to post that you make 14 cpl and that is the entire basis for your post.  A potential "helping hand" should ask questions if she planned to drop another account for you.

Yes, I made that statement because that's how I felt after
dealing with the public all day long.  I'll readily admit that I'm an introverted personality.  I get exhausted after being around a lot of people and chaos, which is what my outside the home job was.  That's why I chose to isolate myself then.  Now, however, after working at home all day, the last thing I want to do is to be isolated in the evenings and on weekends.  That's why my social life is better now than it used to be.  That's all I was saying.  I know there are MTs out there who work home alone all day and spend most of their free time alone, too.  That's doesn't have to be the case.
Another clueless statement made.
There are LOTS of MTs out that there will say ANYTHING and promise ANYTHING until the time comes to get the work done.

References are generally used for employee situations and the company will only be given information on people who will give a favorable reference.

In business, the customer comes first. Any IC worth anything will understand that and make sure that their customer (the company) is happy; otherwise, they won't have customers.

Silly you.
To MLS2, you should not have made a statement like that - you could not be more wrong - sm
you could not be more wrong. It was our fault for not looking at the service's work. The mistakes were absolutely horrendous. Our situation could have been a lot worse - if it had not been for that one doctor, our hospital could have been facing many, many potential lawsuits. The transcription service does not get sued, THE HOSPITAL DOES. Please think about that
Yes Well Babs also made the statement at some awards..sm
to the effect... "The only regret I have in life is that none of my children were gay".... which obliterated any idea I may have had of her intelligence.... I am far from anti-gay, have many gay friends... relatives .... but the statement was without intelligence or common sense for that matter... and really no purpose other than drawing attention to a heated issue..... Celine has one of a kind ... flawless voice..
i made $15/hr before and didn't stay long because i made so much more on production. sm
that was with full benes too. i wouldn't do it for less than $20, but i think even with $20, i'd want benes. are you in-house?
No flame from me.....
I agree.  Kids need to learn to seek out the proper people on  their own, with guidance  of course.  If the parents only allows controlled hand picked social contacts, how do you learn that skill?  People who homeschool for religious  reasons are the worst for this.  They only let their kids associated with like-minded people.  Unfortunately the world isn't like that.  I believe that the way to raise well-rounded children is to give them plenty of attention and supervision  at  home, train them about morals and make your expectations clear.  Then as they grow, they venture forth a little more as they get older, slowly separating from being under the  parental wing.  I think teenagers need a parent in the home almost more than little ones,and that is why I work at home.  A good education can be had  in almost any school.   It's there for the taking.  The real world doesn't cater to you, your  needs, your desires, or  your preferences.  A full-time job isn't finished in 3 hours (like the abbreviated day many homeschoolers boast about).   It's about being there on time, sticking to it even though you  may not feel like it, and  getting along with people  you may not care for, and avoiding those who are not good  for you.   Just my 2 cents.
Please do not take this as a flame, but
talking about 65-character count lines, and I believe hospital transcription. If I am not mistaken, you have said before that you count gross lines and clinic transcription, which is a whole different ball game. I too transcribe clinic dictation and count gross lines, and would much rather do this as it is much easier to produce and make money in this environment.
No flame taken
I have often tipped my hat to these guys, was just trying to put a little humor into things today.   I took one road and they took the other.  Have done the hosptital, teaching hospital and realize the complexity of it.  But I have worked hard to get my accounts and keep them also. 
What does the really (looks like a yellow flame) mean by the postings?
A flame happens
after a post has been looked at a certain number of times. I has nothing to do with the types of responses you get to your post. It's all about the number.
No flame here...
You should file a complaint with Animal Control in your county, even if you already filed with the police. Animal control can give summons (tickets), and also can get you a court date. I forgot what kind of court it is, but it deals with animals and trashy yards (environmental). If your hands and wrists are sore, you should tell the judge you couldn't type as fast and you work on production.
You should get some sort of compensation. The leash law is in place for a reason (your attack for example), and it doesn't matter if the owner is right there on their own property with their dog. If the owner could not restrain his dog, then the leash law was broken. I know this because I live in the country and my beagle was doing his business in my yard by my garage and Animal Control happened to drive by and stopped (what luck!). The officer said that I must have my dog on a leash, even though there wasn't another house in sight, and the beagle was too old and lazy to run anywhere!

I really feel for you; this should not be allowed to happen! You could also have been bitten. You need to report it to Animal Control so it doesn't happen to someone else! Animal Control is serious about enforcing the leash law. Good Luck!
What is the FLAME?
What does it mean when there is a flame next to your post?
What does it mean when messages have a yellow flame at the beginning of a message?  At first I thought it was because there were so many added posts after the first post, but I posted a message yesterday that I got no answers to, and this morning there is a flame in front of my post.  Does anyone know what this means?  Thanks.
the littel flame
okay, so I am new at all of this. what does the little "flame", blinking yellow signal mean.
Stone/flame me too
I believe the reason this was created is because all the newbies were whining that they cannot find jobs because you need experience and they couldn't get anyone to give them a break. This will be a false sense of an MTs ability if a company hires based on it. And just my opinion.
Off topic - please do not flame...
I will be moving to a smaller house (simplifying and paying off my mortgage in the process..yay!) and will need an Aerobed for guests. For those of you who own them, are they comfortable enough for an elderly person? I have seen some really high ones and see that you can now purchase a separate frame. Any thoughts? TIA.
hardy har-har... flame on!

The flame comes from the message
being viewed over 200 times. She did not put it there. duh.
No flame wars

I don't know what is wrong with you or some of the other people on this board.  I had the mistaken impression that we were all adults here and didn't engage in flame wars. 

Moderator please note that this is what occurs every time someone doesn't like what someone says and in this case makes no sense.  They are simply trying to start a flame war.

As for you, I made no call.  I left it blank because the only thing my AS says is no patient names.  I asked my team leader a long time ago about family members names and he got the answer from the hospital.  I've never come across this before in the medical field but let me tell you something, in education you do not discuss your student with another teacher who is not part of their education or this breaks confidentiality policy.  Since HIPAA is not just policy but a law, I used the same logic that the knowledge that this other patient is in the psych ward is only the business of HIS physicians and not this woman's and that to include HIS name in HER medical record would be questionable at best.  So I did the responsible thing and left it blank with a question mark which is procedure for all of my accounts.


What on earth is a flame war?
Are you referring to the flame next to posts on here? That just means they've been viewed a certain number of times.
It's a flame.... as in hot post -
It'll flame. I'm staying out of it.

If a post gets so many hits on it, it gets the flame.
Not sure what the magic number is though. 
Newbie to board - what is a flame? nm
No flame here, either ~ had the same thing happen
I was walking my dog on his leash and went past a house where their dog was just wandering in the yard and he came out after us.  It turned out okay, but that was the last time I went that route. 
Please don't flame me, I'm having an Alzheimer's moment, but what is the (sm)
basic 4.  I know it includes H&P, discharge summaries, and operations and procedures, but what is the 4th.  My brain is just not functioning today...it's my only day off and therefore I don't have to think right???  TIA
Flame you, why? Others love, you donít, simple.
What is (sm) and what is the little flame thing beside some of the posts?
I've been trying all day (in between reports and rants) and I just can't figure it out on my own and it's driving me nuts.
Which ones are you referring to?
There are people complaining about their companies not paying on time, the platforms they use, changing to voice recognition, not recognizing loyal employees, running out of work. They all come from different companies. Are they ALL disgruntled employees? It's just as sad that some MTs can't recognize that there ARE problems with companies and have to lump all complainers into the disgruntled category.
What are you referring to??? Not getting
your point.
I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to, but

If you are talking about picking a different encounter (perhaps a different DOS), just delete what is in the encounter box and type in a question mark and hit Enter. This will take you to all of the patient's encounters and you can select the one you want. At least this is how it works for me.

Good Luck.




This is the very one I am referring to
That was the worst experience I've had by far. Team leads were friendly, but big liars. Upper management...the nastiest people I've ever encountered.  I feel sorry for their recruiter.  She certainly doesn't belong with that sour bunch.
What are you referring to? CK-MB?
i'm referring to
my footpedal, headset, keyboard and mouse...i have a new laptop that i'd occasionally use for work, needing all these. If i had previously attached them to the laptop, was wondering if i'd damage anything or if they would all work, if i didn't shut down equipment before putting these things back on the laptop (which are usually on my desktop version); and wondering too if i have to do anything before un-attaching them. thanks.
I don't think, if you were referring to my
post, that it was b*tchy.  Just stating the facts! Supporting each other does not mean putting down your profession all the time either.  We're supposed to encourage and lift others up.  I know everyone complains sometime and has a bad day, but not everyday.  Put it this way, if you are having more bad days than good, it's time to move on! Life is too short to be so unhappy!
That is mostly what I am referring to
It seems like every time I post on here, someone always attacks me and has something mean to say. I mean, this board reminds me of elementary school girls...never getting along. I just want helpful advice, motivation, positivity, and friendliness. And to the post up above who said maybe I should find another board..I already have and you are one of the ppl I am referring to as always having to attack someone.
I don't know if you are referring to me...sm
as the other poster who was judging. I haven't judged anyone on here. I did state what I thought to that nasty poster who said that if you aren't making good money it is more than likely you. If you are doing good I am happy for you. Some MTs do have plenty of work, and that makes a big difference. If the work is not there, you can't very well make any money. I certainly would never suggest you pad your lines or any of those other things. I try not to judge people.
I was referring to the OP, of course! nm
and don't flame me.. .I know Kwanza is a cultural event, not
Webipedia dictionary definition of flame is SM
(n.) A searing e-mail or newsgroup message in which the writer attacks another participant in overly harsh, and often personal, terms. Flames are an unfortunate, but inevitable, element of unmoderated conferences.
(v.) To post a flame.

A flame only means it's been viewed over 200 times
Poster do not insert the flame icon. (SM)
It happens when the thread has been read over 200 times.

Your point is mud. The flame is not inserted by the poster. (SM)
The flame does not represent hostility. It means it is a popular topic.

Perhaps you should be posting somewhere else if you want to simply disrupt the board.
Apple Pie A La Mode!!! Go ahead, flame me LOL
yellow marker=flame=hot thread
It's supposed to be a flame meaning it is a hot topic receiving a lot of views. You were so close to the answer. =)
I was referring to the fact that (sm)
it's free, unlike other sites, to post messages and such here.  That's what FREE I was referring to!
No problem -- I was referring to
the poster making snide remarks for MTs to stop being lazy and work 8 hours a day. No need in that mess.

I'm happy to share what has worked for me.

I have used VR before; not currently using it so it would take a while to get back into it. Yes, it can produce some great results but it takes a lot of investment from you to get it there -- training it to recognize your speech, etc.

Good luck.
When you say MDI, are you referring to Maryland or FL??? nm