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No flame here, either ~ had the same thing happen

Posted By: gmg on 2006-04-01
In Reply to: Dog pet peeve, no leashes on dogs sm - mlstoo

I was walking my dog on his leash and went past a house where their dog was just wandering in the yard and he came out after us.  It turned out okay, but that was the last time I went that route. 

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What is (sm) and what is the little flame thing beside some of the posts?
I've been trying all day (in between reports and rants) and I just can't figure it out on my own and it's driving me nuts.
I had the same thing happen.
I even had pictures of the item that I had mailed, but still had to refund the money and got a negative to boot.  I tried to make ebay a fulltime work at home job for myself for so long, but I ran into a lot of liars and scammers out there.  I had another woman who bought a cross stitch kit from me for beaucoup bucks.  She stiffed me, then left feedback that she had turned me in for fraud and theft for stealing her money and not sending the item.  I told her to send me a copy of the cashed check/money order so I could turn it over to the FBI for mail theft and fraud because I had never received it, so someone else must have cashed it.  (If she sent it at all, which I doubt because her account wound up getting closed down by ebay.  Evidently, she had pulled this on other people, too.)
I have had the same thing happen (sm)

I have an excellent resume, no mommy duties and experience of 25 years.

Every service gives me nothing but the crap work because they know I can do it and I always look for part-time IC work.

The only thing I would say is to try finding your own clients.

It may actually be bad to be a good MT, you'll get nothing but the crap.  I was especially peeved with my last couple companies after chatting with the other girls and finding out I was the only one getting the crap.  If I am looking for a job again, I'll probably look for a job taking phone orders or customer service.  I doubt I will try working for another service, been screwed enough times.

Those who are getting the cream of the crop now can take the leftover crap after their cream of the crop goes to VR.  I've had my share.

Unfortunately, I had the same thing happen to me... SM
and if I had waited for the recruiter or trainer or anyone else to call me, I would probably still be sitting by the phone, unemployed.  It may not be right, but that was the way it was. 
My son had the same thing happen with his, only

he has an Acer.  It was the motherboard, which they replaced.  My son went to Vo-Tech when he was a senior in high school for networking and the first thing they did was build their own computers to work on.  He said about 20% of the mother boards were DOA, so I guess it is a common problem. 

If he just got it, he should be able to send it back and get it fixed.  Call customer support because you might need an RA number and they might arrange for pick up.  At least Acer did.  Fed-Ex came to the house and picked ours up. 

Good luck.

I had the same thing happen to me.
My best friend, her husband and my ex-husband we all were extremely close. We all hung out a lot almost every weekend and some weekdays. We would play cards, have a few drinks, and just hang out as friends.

When I separated from my husband, who btw is my best friend's husband's cousin, my best friend's husband decided to offer me his "services", as I was a single woman who would need sex! LOL

Needless to say, this made my ability to be a good, true friend very difficult and extremely awkward. I'm not good at keeping secrets -- I do not have a good poker face at all. Every time I was around her or talked to her, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. I wondered, "If I were in her shoes, what would I want her to do?" On one hand, I'd be furious if my husband hit on her and she didn't tell me. On the other hand, I would probably choose to believe my husband over her because, well, he was my husband. Not only that, there were young children involved. Honestly, if I were in her shoes, I simply would not have been able to handle the truth.

Her husband, to her, was the perfect family man who would never in a million years do her wrong. He "seemed" to be a good person, a decent husband to my friend and I would not have believed it myself had he not done it to me!

He called me a couple of times and I told him to never call me. Then, the day his youngest daughter was born and his wife and the baby were in the hospital, he came by my house to see me -- DRUNK!!!! Fortunately, my parents were there. I don't know what he would have done had they not been there. My folks were very suspicious for obvious reasons.

After he pulled that stunt, I was really scared of him because even after I made it very clear for him to leave me alone, he STILL PURSUED ME! I was beginning to think he had a mental problem. He eventually stopped calling but when I'd see him, he'd have that idiotic smirk on his face and I always wanted to throw up or hit him or ... UGH!!!

Needless to say, I felt stuck, confused, hurt, angry, and guilty. I had done nothing wrong and I felt guilty! I hated him for doing this to her, to me, and to our relationship.

I'd go see her when I knew he was not at home but if he got wind that I was going to see her, he'd make it a point to "pop" in. So, I started avoiding her altogether and eventually we drifted apart.

A few years later, I got a phone call from her wanting me to go to dinner with her -- that she wanted to "talk". At dinner, she started talking to me about things that he had told her because he suddenly wanted to be totally honest with her about everything. From the tone in her voice, I knew she was upset so I figured he had spilt the beans about hitting on me. He had actually told her a lot of other stuff. Anyway, she began to see him in a new light -- her trust in him was diminished and the truth about who he really was had set in.

Anyway, I told her what had happened over dinner that night because I felt like she needed to know and she was ready to hear it. She understood my reasons for not telling her but was still hurt and embarrased. She felt like she no longer knew him -- that her perception of him was all a lie. They got a divorce last year.

She and I no longer have contact with each other. I wound up losing her friendship. I wonder what makes some people do what they do. He was completely and totally selfish but he's paying the price now because he did lose a good friend and a wonderful wife.

My dear, it's a lose/lose situation thanks to your friend's husband. I feel for you and understand your pain and what you are going through.

Good luck!
Had the same thing happen to me
except for an H&P - parts dictated which were never done. I saw the report, had the exam and know good and well some made up.
Have exactly the same thing happen
Years ago never this and I wounder if it is the program? What I have to do is hold down the control key and hit say a number like 3 several times, back up and then it reverts back to where it should be. What program are you on?
Actually with the way things are going right now with MQ it may be the best thing to happen because
they are certainly not making MTs happy campers that is for sure.
To be honest, might be the best thing to happen.

ask away, the worst thing that can happen...nm

I've had exactly the same thing happen, where (sm)
the doc jumped around in the report, asking you to insert things here and there, and just ASSUMING that you had the correct template and/or adequate samples in front of you, and that you could read their minds.
I have had this type of thing happen...
I will never understand why someone will go to the trouble of installing software, giving samples, etc., only to not contact you about the position. I have to look at it like this, if the company is so crappy with communication and organization, I am glad I figured it out before I started working, because it probably wouldn't have went well anyway!
We've had that CD burner thing happen too
We build our own systems instead of getting prepackaged ones so sometimes it is absolutely agonizing trying to get everything to work together. I have a CD-ROM (not burner) that I've had for probably ten years and when all else fails and I just need access to a CD, I use it. It's still chugging along.
No flame from me.....
I agree.  Kids need to learn to seek out the proper people on  their own, with guidance  of course.  If the parents only allows controlled hand picked social contacts, how do you learn that skill?  People who homeschool for religious  reasons are the worst for this.  They only let their kids associated with like-minded people.  Unfortunately the world isn't like that.  I believe that the way to raise well-rounded children is to give them plenty of attention and supervision  at  home, train them about morals and make your expectations clear.  Then as they grow, they venture forth a little more as they get older, slowly separating from being under the  parental wing.  I think teenagers need a parent in the home almost more than little ones,and that is why I work at home.  A good education can be had  in almost any school.   It's there for the taking.  The real world doesn't cater to you, your  needs, your desires, or  your preferences.  A full-time job isn't finished in 3 hours (like the abbreviated day many homeschoolers boast about).   It's about being there on time, sticking to it even though you  may not feel like it, and  getting along with people  you may not care for, and avoiding those who are not good  for you.   Just my 2 cents.
Please do not take this as a flame, but
talking about 65-character count lines, and I believe hospital transcription. If I am not mistaken, you have said before that you count gross lines and clinic transcription, which is a whole different ball game. I too transcribe clinic dictation and count gross lines, and would much rather do this as it is much easier to produce and make money in this environment.
No flame taken
I have often tipped my hat to these guys, was just trying to put a little humor into things today.   I took one road and they took the other.  Have done the hosptital, teaching hospital and realize the complexity of it.  But I have worked hard to get my accounts and keep them also. 
What does the really (looks like a yellow flame) mean by the postings?
A flame happens
after a post has been looked at a certain number of times. I has nothing to do with the types of responses you get to your post. It's all about the number.
No flame here...
You should file a complaint with Animal Control in your county, even if you already filed with the police. Animal control can give summons (tickets), and also can get you a court date. I forgot what kind of court it is, but it deals with animals and trashy yards (environmental). If your hands and wrists are sore, you should tell the judge you couldn't type as fast and you work on production.
You should get some sort of compensation. The leash law is in place for a reason (your attack for example), and it doesn't matter if the owner is right there on their own property with their dog. If the owner could not restrain his dog, then the leash law was broken. I know this because I live in the country and my beagle was doing his business in my yard by my garage and Animal Control happened to drive by and stopped (what luck!). The officer said that I must have my dog on a leash, even though there wasn't another house in sight, and the beagle was too old and lazy to run anywhere!

I really feel for you; this should not be allowed to happen! You could also have been bitten. You need to report it to Animal Control so it doesn't happen to someone else! Animal Control is serious about enforcing the leash law. Good Luck!
What is the FLAME?
What does it mean when there is a flame next to your post?
What does it mean when messages have a yellow flame at the beginning of a message?  At first I thought it was because there were so many added posts after the first post, but I posted a message yesterday that I got no answers to, and this morning there is a flame in front of my post.  Does anyone know what this means?  Thanks.
the littel flame
okay, so I am new at all of this. what does the little "flame", blinking yellow signal mean.
Stone/flame me too
I believe the reason this was created is because all the newbies were whining that they cannot find jobs because you need experience and they couldn't get anyone to give them a break. This will be a false sense of an MTs ability if a company hires based on it. And just my opinion.
Off topic - please do not flame...
I will be moving to a smaller house (simplifying and paying off my mortgage in the process..yay!) and will need an Aerobed for guests. For those of you who own them, are they comfortable enough for an elderly person? I have seen some really high ones and see that you can now purchase a separate frame. Any thoughts? TIA.
hardy har-har... flame on!

The flame comes from the message
being viewed over 200 times. She did not put it there. duh.
No flame wars

I don't know what is wrong with you or some of the other people on this board.  I had the mistaken impression that we were all adults here and didn't engage in flame wars. 

Moderator please note that this is what occurs every time someone doesn't like what someone says and in this case makes no sense.  They are simply trying to start a flame war.

As for you, I made no call.  I left it blank because the only thing my AS says is no patient names.  I asked my team leader a long time ago about family members names and he got the answer from the hospital.  I've never come across this before in the medical field but let me tell you something, in education you do not discuss your student with another teacher who is not part of their education or this breaks confidentiality policy.  Since HIPAA is not just policy but a law, I used the same logic that the knowledge that this other patient is in the psych ward is only the business of HIS physicians and not this woman's and that to include HIS name in HER medical record would be questionable at best.  So I did the responsible thing and left it blank with a question mark which is procedure for all of my accounts.


What on earth is a flame war?
Are you referring to the flame next to posts on here? That just means they've been viewed a certain number of times.
It's a flame.... as in hot post -
It'll flame. I'm staying out of it.

If a post gets so many hits on it, it gets the flame.
Not sure what the magic number is though. 
Newbie to board - what is a flame? nm
Please don't flame me, I'm having an Alzheimer's moment, but what is the (sm)
basic 4.  I know it includes H&P, discharge summaries, and operations and procedures, but what is the 4th.  My brain is just not functioning today...it's my only day off and therefore I don't have to think right???  TIA
Flame you, why? Others love, you donít, simple.
and don't flame me.. .I know Kwanza is a cultural event, not
Webipedia dictionary definition of flame is SM
(n.) A searing e-mail or newsgroup message in which the writer attacks another participant in overly harsh, and often personal, terms. Flames are an unfortunate, but inevitable, element of unmoderated conferences.
(v.) To post a flame.

A flame only means it's been viewed over 200 times
Poster do not insert the flame icon. (SM)
It happens when the thread has been read over 200 times.

Your point is mud. The flame is not inserted by the poster. (SM)
The flame does not represent hostility. It means it is a popular topic.

Perhaps you should be posting somewhere else if you want to simply disrupt the board.
Apple Pie A La Mode!!! Go ahead, flame me LOL
yellow marker=flame=hot thread
It's supposed to be a flame meaning it is a hot topic receiving a lot of views. You were so close to the answer. =)
not trying to start a flame but if you come to america, learn our language. sm
no pitty party here for those who can't learn the english language. if you expect to live and work in america, you should darn well know their language. i personally think that should be a requirement for citizenship. i couldn't expect to go to another country and expect everyone to adapt to understanding my english grammar. it is our taxpayer money paying thousands of workers for the government extra money if they can speak more than english, what a waste of my money.
The flame wasn't there when she made her statement - she was referring to the


No flame here - think it's great you found something that will work for you plus get clothes clea
at the same time.  Thanks for sharing this tip with us!
Please don't flame me, but I'm glad somebody eats meat. That's how my husband supports us,
cutter. I do think that everyone has the right to make the choice whether to eat meat or not. Some days I want meat really bad, and other days I can do without it. I'm glad that I live in a country where I can make the choice for myself and everyone else can make their own choice, too.
no flame here, no problem - just wanted to post information, how a person uses it is up to them...(n
Oh my..I'm afraid my original post started a flame I did not anticipate...sm
I think it just proves there are companies out there that are not worth our time and some that are. I left my email address (in my original post above)and would very much like to hear about companies that are fair, honest, have steady work, treat their employees professionally and yes...do pay a minimum of 10 cents a line. I know they exist and would appreciate input from those of you who know who they are. You can email me privately so as not to start another flaming war! Thanks for your help.
No flame--commas & periods go inside quotation marks--ALWAYS.
"right", they get "left".   Hate to see a good MT not do this correctly.
I have two artificial flame resistant trees in my garage. Too bad you're not closer!
DH has to have the real thing, which I don't care for.
Ebonics: Not a black thing or white thing. (sm)

I don't think there's any cause to get upset or defensive here.  Look it up on line...even colleges are offering courses in Ebonics!  ...well of course they are more sociology-type courses, but still, people are PAYING to learn about the why's and how's of this "other" language.

A quote from one of the sites I found:

"UT-Austin's "Introduction to the Study of African American English," teaches students that the sentence, "Nobody didn't leave" is not "mainstream English with mistakes," but rather a legitimate English dialect. "Ebonics: Myth and Facts" and "African-American English" are both offered at Harvard. Penn and UCLA also promote Ebonics as a legitimate dialect in, "Introduction to African American and Latino English" and "Afro-American Sociolinguistics: Black English," respectively."

Here's the link: http://www.academia.org/campus_reports/2002/september_2002_2.html