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The majority of normals are seen

Posted By: in radiology accounts in my experience. on 2007-05-18
In Reply to: What are normals? - Pam

Normals can also be a repetitive statement that the dictator makes, which you then turn into a normal so you do not have to keep typing the same thing over and over again.  Some use shortcut keys or Expander program.  I am not an expert on any of these as I do not use them.  Some who work in MS Word use autocorrect to expand terms or phrases that are said time and time again by a specific dictator.  I use autocorrect in Word and like it.  Hope this helps.  

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My normals sm.
I had a supervisor accuse me of holding hostage MY normals.  I reminded her that they were documents I had brought to the job as I had done this doctor at another national previously.  Anyway, don't the ding dongs realize they can just d/l a copy of a finished job and, tada!, there is a copy of a doc for that doctor. 
What are normals?
I am new to MT and I keep reading "normals" are these macros?
After creating a normal, ctrl-N to save it. Should be able to retrieve it after.
We use "normals" too but I change them to fit the dictation. I was always told those are mostly for reference to help us get through the dictations. Not every MD dictates the exact same Normal and even when there's Normals for each particular MD, they don't always dictate it exactly the same. The only time I would leave "as is" is, for instance, a radiologist says "Chest x-ray, #36, end" and I would just pull normal #36 and send off. Of course, if the Normal doesn't fit the title(I.e.#36 is a head CT) I would still pull it but mark for the QA/practice manager to see the error.
Oh and keep the standards/normals for themselves


You don't believe me?  I really don't care...That's my line count.....and I do it without Expanders or normals. I love my job, I'm the best at what I do and I always strive to do better than the day before.  Maybe you could do the same if you weren't so negative....

Boss asking for normals
Is anybody working for a company where your boss is asking you to share your NORMALS.  Be very careful.  My company is asking us to share your normals and come to find out who they want us to share with, overseas.  Also asking questions like, who are the best dictators, etc. Also experiencing block of work just disappearing.  Several hours just gone.  Anybody else.
I'd say "What normals?" (sm)
I had an OM tell me that he was contemplating not paying for macros. I said, "Oh, I don't have to worry. I don't use macros, I use an expander." That was the end of that. I'm sure he had to run back to his office to try to figure out what an Expander is! LOL
Abby Normals.
DocQscribe normals

I will be leaving my company at the end of the week without a job to take its place.  It's taken me several years to accumulate all my normals, and I hate to think I will have to start over creating them.  Does anyone know how to transfer/move all the normals from DocQScribe to Word or to save them on my hard drive.  I hate to think I'll have to start over creating all new normals.  Thanks for your help.


do you mean making normals
for same docs? 
Yes, I mean making normals. nm :)
Has anyone been able to transfer their normals/standards from
No way, Jose. My normals are MINE. Don't let them do this! nm
I never give anyone my normals. I have my own accounts and one
but it was a nice account - a surgery center with 200+ surgeons.  I told the surgery center I just couldn't continue doing the account, gave them the names of a couple of other MT companies they might want to contact.  They did contact them, elected to go with one of them, and then while I was finishing up with them while they transitioned to the new MT Company, they asked asked me for MY normals to give to the other MT Company.  Okay, there were SOME normals that the hospital associated with the surgery center had given me to begin with, but I felt that it was the responsibility of the hospital to give those to the new transcription service, not my responsibility.  Besides, I had changed the templates as needed, etc.  But most of the normals I had were ones that I spent a couple of years developing.  Now I wasn't just going to hand those over to a new MT service to make it easy on them.  Those were something I spent a LOT of time on and were, in my opinion, MY property.
Why would you create normals for doctors
and/or accounts you don't even know? That makes less than no sense. Do you just create your own things that you consider normal? Seriously trying to figure it out - I must be missing something.
Are you still cutting and pasting normals? I can't do
What aggravates me are normals and samples
full of obvious typos and stylistic issues that we MTs get dinged for. In fact, I remember having a normal op at one place that had a made-up instrument name in it. It kept coming up on the spell check. Took me months to finally find the proper name.

I've come to expect sloppy and/or poorly written emails from managers and admin staff otherwise.
Normals in Expansion File
Just be aware that your company may have set a size limit for individual expansions to prevent transcriptionists from making "normals" that are not really normal, that is, not always exactly what the doctor says.
EXText Question About Normals


I've had trouble recently being unable to retrieve normals I've made. 


When I make a personal normal and then try to access it during the current work session, it does not show up in the list.  This is true even after having been logged out of the system entirely, such as overnight and then returning to work the next day. 


If I try to re-do/re-create the normal using the same "Properties" info., I get a ping and message stating that that normal already exists.  Any info. on this? 



Could there be a limit to how many normals, personal or shared, can be created on one person's list? 


Can personal normals be deleted?


I need more help than I've already gotten, so I'm posting here.  (My next step is contacting Dictaphone)



Also have errors in normals I am told to use--sm
Does your platform allow you to have Transcriptionist normals? Mine does and i have corrected the normals and saved them in my set of normals. I also complained for over a year and they were not corrected. One of the most notable is an ultrasound abdomen that has the technique for an MRI. The transcriptionist has to remember to make the correction on every report she transcribes.
Expanders and normals...not mormals
just felt the need to correct your mistakes since you are picking apart others.
yes of course I use tons of expanders. At the most 25% normals though.
Try putting in the normals by blocking and control Y....
then name it the name you want and then use control R to retrieve it. Works for me.
Will be variable depending on the normals and shortcuts you have and how
Hi, I've gone the personal normals-only rte., still no luck. NM
Shutting it on and off doesn't restore normals? Are you
normals, templates, shorthand programs, etc
I was reading an earlier post that refers to companies making adjustments in our line counts because we are using these word expanders.  I have been wondering about that because even using as many as I possibly can, it seems like it does no good. I do about as many lines as I would normally do just typing the darn things out.  How are they making these adjustments, does anybody know and is it legal? Seems we have no standard anymore as to how lines are counted and companies are doing whatever the heck they want to us.
Re your normals: keep a list handy, name them with short names..sm
then use Control R after you have typed the normal name; i.e.: Dr. Joe Blow has a ROS that he uses all the time - name it JBROS or something like that, then in the document type JBROS and use the control R to bring it automatically in.
A majority of . . .
one.  How interesting.  I will certainly believe one person over the countless others.  Uh huh. 
The majority of us do far, far less than that, unfortunately. Definitely
I would never voluntarily give them "my" normals, my work product. SM
The nerve of these people. 
Maybe if it is gross lines, lots of headers and footers and normals......sm
Other than that, I really can't imagine it.
I think the majority of mistakes are
merely typographical or expander errors.  If MTs weren't paid such rotten line rates on production, maybe they could afford to relisten to and reproof every single report.  However, the people responding to the original post have evidently never made a single mistake in their entire lives.  Ah, yes, condescending, snotty superiority complexes on the rampage.  I'd be interested in seeing the MT profiles on those quoted reports, how many lines per day they produce, how many years of experience, and so forth.  For that matter, we could all sit here and rip on the mistakes we've found on completed reports, but personally, I don't feel better about myself by trashing other people.  My self esteem isn't measured by how stupid I think everyone else is like some people on this board.
By the page if the majority
of your work types are diagnostic plain films, such as chest and bone x-rays but if you have a lot of MRI's, CT's and special procedures such as catheter placement and removal, PET scans, angiograms and stent placements then by the line is more profitable.
The vast majority...
of kids do not get wrapped up in the things you did.  My DH is a  public school administrator and sees this stuff playing  out first hand.  He sees all the trouble makers and generally it's the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" syndrome.  Once he meets the parents, he can usually tell why the kids act the way they do.   I tell my kids that peer pressure is bunk.  The ultimately responsibility for making bad choices lies with the individual.  You can only be pressured into what you want to be pressure into.   You can't blame the schools totally, which by the way are not any worse than they ever were.  I was a teen in the 70s and there's nothing much new going on.   Ever generation thinks it's worse now than the good old days.  In the 1920s they were aghast at girls showing  their ankles. 
The majority of mine do not even...
bother saying that, they just continue on as though nothing happened... !!!
Majority of time, no MTs. Right now..sm
however, a lot of people are leaving one of the big nationals, some after many years of service. Many are very experienced in multispecialty/acute care transcription, so until that settles down, there are a lot of good MTs looking at the moment. That's probably why you are seeing conflicting reports. In my personal experience, the majority of the time, there IS a shortage of well-trained, experienced, and reliable MTs. The good ones often get snatched up quickly, net good-paying jobs, and stay at those jobs, so they aren't always looking. Timing is everything. ;)

Also, to answer your other question, if a company is offering only 5 cpl, they are likely going to get responses from 5-cpl MTs so that certainly can play a role. IOW, the very good MTs typically won't respond to an ad for a job paying only 5 cpl, as they realize they are worth far more than that.
So the majority would feel ?
If the remote MTs are employees and are scheduled for 8 hours for coverage, the company can require them to work a complete 8 hours ?  This means that the ones who can produce more lines in those 8 hours will be paid more, while the ones who produce only their line count will get compensated accordingly.   The schedule is for a reason and needs to be followed for coverage.  Some of the MTs are only thinking of the "required" line count, not thinking in hours.   Maybe the wording should be changed to "minimum daily line count".  Just want to be sure it is not a far-reaching thought to think if you are an employee and are scheduled for 8 hours, that you should work 8 hours.  I know situations vary, but do most of you work a complete 8 hours, or just until you reach your minimum line count ?  Thanks.
Can't stand the majority of them...

I have several on my account that just make me cringe.  One ESL tries to talk so fast she stumbles over nearly every word and says, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, repeatedly.  Another ESL ends every sentence like its a question, like a teenage girl.  I have one American woman who adds an extra ah-syllable at the ah-beginning of some of her ah-words.  Took me forever to figure that one out!  I had one at my first job who practically whispered huge operative reports.  Nuts!

I had another American this week that had me pulling my hair out.  She had someone else reading the PE and lab results to her in the background and then she was repeating them.  Drove me crazy!

If there are a majority of MTs making
the same mistake, send it to everyone. However, if 1 or 2 are making the mistake consistently they need to be notified, becuase no one believes it is them making the mistake a lot of the time.
majority are for at-home then?
I take it then the majority are for at-home positions?
Here you go, the majority of posters
are on your side.

Nobody can make you and your daughter to agree to take the vaccination.

And...I see no typos...!
So you disagree that the majority of MTs are
underpaid for their skill level? Just because you have a 15 cpl account (for now until you're underbid at least) doesn't mean the rest of the MTs are paid that well. The world is bigger than just you & you should learn compassion for others.
Can't please everyone although we try. The majority like the larger font.

OF COURSE we know what daycare is! Its anyone OTHER than Mom spending the majority of the day
course, just the way lots of you like it!! Dump and run!!  Unreal. The Govt monitors day care - oh, there's a relief!  Then the Govt monitors schools, which are your next dump off point for your kids! And of course you can't spend the day with your own kids - they grow AWAY from parents over the years, not closer.  You can't control your own kids, cause they're NOT your kids - they belong to daycare and their peer group friends.
Not just speedy, but lucky in a way that the majority of us out here will never be. :( nm
You mean by report/not page? If the majority of my
reports were the type you do then of course by the line but with general x-rays you fair far better with pay by report!
Proof while I read that's it. The majority of the sm
nationals look at quantity not quality. If you don't get 1200 lines minimum a day there are issues. A person can type 2000 lines a day with a0 lot of errors and QA just pick a few reports with 1 error they have 98 or 99% accuracy.
350 lph when when a majority of us don't even make $10 an hour out here?! What are you asking us
Look at all the jobs out there NOT offering 10 or even 9 cpl. For the majority of us, it