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There is a huge difference between expanders and the limits of

Posted By: sm on 2008-05-20
In Reply to: expanders - a bit confused

autocorrect and autotext that is only available in Word. Take a look at the Instant Text and ShortHand forums on Productivity Talk to see how an Expander can do a lot more for your productivity than just expand text.

Productivity Talk at http://www.productivitytalk.com/forums/index.php

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Huge difference in my world, maybe not for you.
Think like you want. Sounds like you just want to bicker.
Invest in a really good sound card - makes a huge difference
She's asking for *keyboard* shortcuts, not mouse shortcuts. Huge difference. nm
RIGHT!!! Someone who works 16 hours and someone who works 60 will have a HUGE difference. NM
limits in AutoCorrect
The limits are determined by the amount of memory in your system. The more memory you have, the less like you are to reach a limit in the # of entries.
If within city limits, you will.
I at one time ran an ad in Yellow pages with my last name and then "Typing Service" as I was trying to get students and those needing resumes. The city called me and told me I needed a business license. It is a small percentage of the gross annual income. Then, you can display it. They also want to know if there is incoming and outgoing people, whether I would be selling a product or if it was a service and whether it will be in your home and if so, would there be traffic coming and going. I did not contact my insurance company but probably should have...(I had very little business lol).
QA scores vs limits vs less money for MTs and QA

In new QA plan, if MQ pays on your QA score and limits the amount of reports you can send to QA (was it 15%?)  doesn't that essentially cut down on QA personnel and while looking for an excuse to pay you less and it is contingent on QA and percentage of reports sent to QA, MQ wins again in its master plan to pay MTs less and eliminate jobs.

Then think about this.  If you must proofread every report to get required QA and must relisten and reread difficult reports because you have limits as to what you send to QA, how much of a pay cut is that for MTs?



If this was doable, everyone with income limits
Question about time limits
Do doctors have a certain time they have to have office notes on a patient's chart? I know for H&Ps and ER notes, at least in Georgia (maybe nationally) that they have to be on the chart within 24 hours.

I ask because I've been typing a doctor all morning who is dictating office notes from January! How can he even remember what was said or done that far back? I can't remember people I talked to last week!
Yes its true. They seem to be setting impossible limits for everyone lately and you have to wonder

if they just want people to quit.

Next sentence is "CBC is within normal limits... if that helps.
Stockbridge, before in city limits of Atlanta 30 years
Been paying aol since ྛ!! on BYOA now for kids limits, rarely use though

When a friend asks how you are today you reply "Oh, I'm feeling within normal limits."

YUP, huge fan!!!!
OMG, thanks!! That would be a huge (sm)
mistake personally for me, as I do not know how I would make out with the kids, and then to go through all that, train, and not have it work. Will look elsewhere. Thanks for the input!!
Huge, I think it's small on my end (NM)
:::huge applause for you::: nm
DH is a HUGE fan! I watch only for him.
the SEP IRA is a huge deduction...
but I can't say that I've seen people frequently posting they take $10K in deductions. That also means they spent $10K. You may be imagining that. Maybe do an archive search and then try to repost and contact them?  As has been frequently said on this post, the only difference between IC and SE is an IC pays another 7.5% self employment tax but then takes deductions. Don't see how that adds up to 10 grand.
I smell a huge rat
Is your husband up to no-good with this loser? First of all any "my baby's daddy" situation has scumbag written all over it. Second of all, if your husband doesn't mind being used by this lazy bum for a free place to live, he has to be getting something out of the bargain. I'd be doing some serious checking around if I were you.

Meanwhile, you're right to keep this piece of crap away from your kids. If your husband likes him so much let him live with this waste of oxygen alone.

Good luck.
So what if it's with huge templates....
600 lines an hour is 600 lines an hour whether it's straight typing or using templates. I WISH I had huge templates.
Anyone here Bayscribe? Have a huge ?

  for you.  When you hit SUBMIT and go into the spell check, and say there's a spelling error it picks up (for example, it's a medicine that I need to look up and verify), is there ANY WAY I can do this without having to completely close down the spell check, go to another window, look up the word, and then re-hit SUBMIT and spell check again?

I've still new to Bayscribe, but so far this has been a huge time eater-upper.  For some reason it won't let me do anything but close up the spell checker, look up the word, and then re-spell check (and of course it doesn't remember any of the fixes I've already made so I need to go back through them again). 


Ideas??????????? THANK YOU!!  

Well there is already a huge thread...
Why keep it going and going?  If you all are just now realizing that AHDI is against the MT, then have you had your head in the sand the past few years or what?  Get a grip!  Life is what you make it!  This OP obviously wants to keep bringing it up and bringing it up blocking the entire board with this crap.
I got rid of my HUGE desk...sm
i use a 20 inch widescreen laptop and i just ordered a very small rolling desk.  i use wireless keyboard, mouse, and headphones. that way, I can roll my office outdoors when the weather is nice or in my bedroom or any place I will be comfortable as I suffer from chronic back problems.
You can't. It's a huge ripoff.
It sucks plain and simple.  If you're not terribly interested in making enough money to pay the bills it might be okay for you.  Not for me.
We have a huge 4 day celebration in our little town

There is something going on from tonight right through until the fireworks on the 4th.  There is a street dance, a bean hole bean supper, a lobster bake and just tons of stuff going on.

Our town is only population 7500, but the celebration has grown to over 30,000 attendees for the 2 hour parade, followed by fun, games, entertainment and music in the park and then fireworks that start at 9:00 and last for hours. It's great fun!

I'm lucky too.  I live just a mile from the festivities, so I'm home for a long time while people are still waiting in traffic. The traffic goes smoothly though.  The events have always been very well organized with our school bus drivers giving free shuttle bus rides.

Happy 4th everyone!

I have never been SO embarassed, but I called, and its A HUGE NO!! Oh well!
Thanks! My friend's kid is a huge fan & will love this :)
NO. We have committed to huge OT today
and all weekend.
Whatever, but it would be a huge meal and take me months to eat it. nm
Huge room in a very old house.
Walls are a dark greenish gold with hardwood floors. Standard Office Max computer table where I do all my work. Bookshelves all around the room. Only other furniture is an old desk that is covered with all the stuff I don't have room for on the computer table. Four large windows facing south and east. When working I have all the important stuff like reference books, printer, etc within reach.
To all ICs claiming huge deductions...(sm)

I just met with my accountant yesterday.  I am so sick I cannot think straight.  I asked alot of people before moving ahead with an IC position and leaving employee status.  EVERYONE stated that the deductions you can write off are more than worth paying the extra SS taxes that you no longer have an employer to pay.  I even saw several people specifically state they lowered their taxable income by $10,000 or more so the IC status was well worth the headache of paying the extra taxes. 

Well, I would sure love to know how in the world you ladies come up with these deductions.  The accountant said my total deductions for my home office came to about $2400.  But then my SS taxes I owed ate up that plus about another $1500.  Are those of you reaping in huge deductions working strictly via the internet?  I have no gas, mileage, vehicle wear/tear deductions because I'm strictly internet based.  But even with considering those deductions, if I had them, I still cannot see where in the world you all are coming out so much better.  Someone please offer suggestions/comments....have I just completely screwed myself over here or do I need a new accountant??

Well ok then!! ENTER NOW!!!! HUGE PRIZE!!!


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Hey everyone, I have a huge amount of strawberries from my
want to make a different kind of dessert with them. Every year I always wind up making strawberry shortcake or strawberry ice cream and well those are great but I'm such a creature of habit that I really want to make something completely different. If you have any great ideas, PLEASE let me know!


once I went to a huge outdoor Colorado BBQ..

Wow, I'm getting a huge break compared to others...sm
Through Cincinnati Bell, I have to have their broadband, which is also the ISP.  As part of the bundle, I get Complete Connections which includes call waiting, caller ID, call block, etc.  This whole package comes to around $44 and gives you 200 minutes of long distance.  I recently asked to have unlimited added to my phone line, but it automatically goes on both lines.  The additional charge for unlimited is $10.  So I basically pay $10 for unlimited! 
I have a huge pile of laundry

But I want to buy more clothes because they are having a buy one get the next for $1 at the shopping bug.  They I can have more clothes to wash


Isn't that silly

Yes you can do huge blocks of text...
I do the same thing, whole entire procedures, combined ROS and PE sections, whole reports in some cases, and I have never come across a block of text that it said was too big. I use mine in conjunction with DQS and I even incorporate the @@ sign so that I can just move from jump code to jump code and fill in the different information that needs to be changed.

Another cool feature of IT is that you can not only make expansions for words and phrases, you can make up your own commands. Like I have one that will go up in my report and find DIAGNOSIS and change it to DIAGNOSES if there winds up being more than 1. I also have one that will delete the 1. if the doctor dictates a 1. and doesn't dictate a 2. as well as I made one that will go to the beginning of a paragraph if they dictate a 2 without dictating a 1 and it will put a 1. and 2 spaces, then go to the end of the paragraph and put a 2. and 2 spaces and then my cursor is right where I need it to start #2. It has saved me a lot of muttering and cursing under my breath about doctors who don't know how to count LOL.
I think mismanagement is a HUGE factor, here!
No way. It's a huge wave that's just going to keep growing
So right about the Huge Health Systems - sm
in fact, that was 99.9% of the problem at my hospital. Once it got gobbled by a greedy HMO, everything went downhill fast. They got their fancy new campus at the expense of quality medical care and ethical treatment of its employees.

The run-'em-in and run-'em-out style of practicing medicine puts a lot of pressure on the MDs to see patients quickly, but it's SO not thorough! I saw this not only in the rushed, often mistake-filled reports they dictated, but in my own care as well. They lost a lot of their top-notch MDs because they refused to practice that superficial style of 'Mc Medicine'.

When I see all the greed in the HMOs, and the overspending on upper management and not enough on the nuts-and-bolts of what makes a good hospital, it's easy to see that although they're high-on-the-hog right now, alot of those pompous U-no-whats are riding for a BIG fall someday. I hope I'm still around to see it - it'll make my day.
That's a huge problem in this field
Everybody wants perfect, but nobody's willing to put the time into training people to get it.

Of course I see the other side of the coin, too. In the years I worked for a local service, I lost count of the people I trained, watch turn into good MTs, and then turn around and leave to take a job making half a penny more a line or 50 cents more on the hour. Yeah it was an economic decision on their part, and nobody took it personally, but you can hardly both pay top dollar and pay someone to train people. So we were constantly losing people to other places.

And then we'd hear back from people sometimes, whining about how they never got feedback, or it was not nice feedback, and "nobody seemed to have the patience you do." Um, maybe that's because they're paying you more and not paying for a QA person AND they underbid us on that last big account?

It's a conundrum, really, because 12 to 14 cpl can only be split so many ways....
hate this huge geriatric font
 what's up with it. It takes  up so much room on the screen. You have to scroll down forever.
I use Koss headphones. They are huge, but effective.
My huge 19-pound cat lies on my footpedal
and I constantly have to chase him off of it. :)
It is the other huge MT website but one other time I put the name on here and they deleted it. This

is actually the first time I have really seen a lot of people on that website rip MQ because usually they have nice things to say. There are a lot of very unhappy MQrs right now.

Yep, he just got a huge check from the drug company or
Walmart/Huge transcription companies.
Medical writing is different. But I thought I just saw a huge SM
discussion about this where the BOS said to write them out??
The last call I received after a huge mailing (sm)

And I mean huge, over 200 brochures with over 25 years of experience and a digital system -- they were willing to pay about 9 cents a line for surgery notes.  Since I live in California, 16 cents would be more like it.  I guess I'm not that flexible.

They must have answered that India ad.