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Walmart/Huge transcription companies.

Posted By: See any similarities? nm on 2006-01-04
In Reply to: Did anyone watch Frontline last night? I will NEVER shop in Wal-Mart again. - You'll find me at Target


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So, are you working for the same company. I have worked for 2 companies and I have noticed a huge
difference in the lines I got from each company. The accounts were similar. I never ever got what your talking about but I would average 600-700 lph at one company and the other one  I was lucky to get 400 lph so then I figured out they didnt pay for spaces, footers, headers etc.. and that does factor into your line counts on that platform.
I have never been asked to show a receipt at Walmart. Is the Walmart you shop in a bad neighborhood
And the expensive stuff has an alarm on it for the cashier to take off. No receipt check. Just a greeter saying good-bye.
OMG, you FORGIVE Walmart shoppers? Are you nutz. Did Walmart
put an over-priced small business owner out of business. What is your PROBLEM?

I see old people who would otherwise not have a job smiling and happy with Walmart. I see undereducated people who do not look employable working at Walmart. Walmart employs millions of Americans who may otherwise be on public assistance.
Yup, just like transcription companies, right?
And they start off so sweet and full of lies --- please let's not blame the poster. She's asking for opinions on her current situation - not asking us to judge her past decision-making. You sound like my mother - God rest her soul.
Transcription Companies
I recently tested for a part-time job with one of the companies listed on mtjobs. The test was easy and I had it typed and back to the company within half an hour. I received an email late yesterday stating that my score was very high but there were others who scored higher and they would be getting the posted jobs but that they would keep my resume on file.  Now the problem is, I was only looking for PT work.  I have a FT job where I've been at the same company for 6 years and am a team lead and senior Editor plus I have over 20 years experience in the transcription field. I know I do quality work and I correct a multitude of errors everyday all while keeping within the accuracy range that my company requires. I am just a bit disturbed that they have the nerve to tell me my score was very high but not high enough.  What were they expecting a grade over 100? My other guess is is that they probably only had one job to fill and it went to somebody's aunt or sister....I have really come to the point where I feel the transcription industry is going downhill fast and I like other people on this board are past ready to jump ship and get a real job...
How many different transcription companies
My very first MT job was subcontracting for someone else, so counting her, I've had 6 in my 7-1/2 years in the business.

I've been looking to get out of the MT business as well, and when I try to list all employers for the last 10 years, I look like a job hopper. I hate it.

Most days I hate my current MT job too. There are so many ESLs and so few non-ESLs or good dictators. It's so frustrating and time consuming just to try and make a decent line count!
transcription companies
I think I'm on my third transcription company since 2005. Just trying to move up with each one.
I agree - Do it for all the transcription companies...
or don't do it at all...

Which companies allow satellite transcription?
Transcription companies have already dropped out income into

McDonald's pays (starts!!!) at $9 in our town (in the South, mind you) plus benefits.

It is not worth being somebody's slave anymore, and that's what these MT companies (MQ in particular with their new toy) want us to agree to.

Let them get up off some money and treat us like professionals and I may come back.  I like medicine and have many years of knowledge.

But doctors and nurses aren't working for pennies and I'm finished working for pennies for these companies.

Any companies pay 9 cents a line or more for transcription?
Been doing this for 10 years for a company - now am an editor, but the pay is worse than an MT typically makes.  Thinking of going back to typing if I can make more money - which would mean making at least 9 cents a line (like I used to).  Anybody know any good companies? 
VISTA Friendly Transcription Companies?
I saw a post here within the last month for Vista-friendly companies.  Please email me if you know who they are.  Thanks so much!  
What companies provide computers? Hospital is outsourcing all transcription and I am out of a job..

in about two months.  I lost my computer and reference books in a house fire and can't afford to replace the computer until I get my tax refund back or until my homeowners insurance co. gets their act together which ever comes first! 

This is the second time I've lost an in-house hospital transcription job to outsourcing and have decided if you can't beat 'em, join 'em and so I want to go back to working at home.  What are the best companies to work for that provide equipment and are fair regarding line counts (i.e. count spaces and don't short MT's on lines) and have balanced accounts (accounts that have a fair ESL to EFL dictator ratio) to work on?

I have 13 years experience as an MT and I am desparately looking for a company to call home for as long as they will have me!  I worked at home for a couple of years, but never could find that perfect fit.  My new year's resolution is find a job I love working from home, and forget all about last year!


Has anyone here tested with companies and had trouble with the transcription part with the foot

pedal not stopping the voice.  Am I doing something wrong.  I am using the foot pedal that I used for DQS and the voice just keeps going and going and I have to keep going back over the stuff and over it by mousing back and forth.

Check around your local area for clinics or transcription companies
That's what I did. I first started out working for a very small MTSO and worked at their office for a couple of weeks and then they moved me home and I started working on a single speciality account. I'm still working for the office after 5 years (altough the MTSO closed her business).
Done with Walmart too.....sm

Walmart has 6000 vendors of which 5000 are in CHINA............they are getting ready for 2039 when China will be taking over the world....

Hopefully I won't be around......to see that happen.........

Looks like we need a Walmart
Hey people.........Walmart Sucks!!!!!! Get a grip and go to Target!!

We live in a small town, some things you can't get anywhere but Walmart.  However their meats are not  very good, hamburger looks sort of like red worms pressed together,  ick. Produce not so hot either.    So I buy tmeat and quite a few other items at the grocery store.   Have you all tried going to Dollar Stores for cleaning supplies etc?  It works well for me.  


At WalMart they are $3.99.

25% would be a generous discount.  It is only 10% though. I am thinking of applying there as well, or at Target.  Anymore, this job is not worth it. I have been working for 25 years at this.  With the pay having decreased so much, and the cost of living still continuing to rise, it does not seem like that big of a sacrifice to me anymore.  These transcription companies expect us to be skilled yet the pay scale does not reflect our work. They expect us to stick around when they cannot or will not provide us with work.  For me, walking away will not be hard.  I like Target over Walmart because at least at the Target around here they are pleasant.  Walmart around here has unpleasant employees.  A job that lets you be crabby may not be so bad, on second thought.  I want to get out before all the jobs are off shored.  It has happened in many jobs, textiles, appliances, etc.  There may still be jobs in the US for transcriptionists but I can see it all being outsourced eventually.  Then we will all be working for Walmart.

Walmart job


I'm not even sure if this is the right place to post this.  I have been a Transcriptionist for 8 years and I just can't do this anymore.  I can't handle the unreliable workload and unreliable paychecks....I'm going to go back to school to be a medical assistant but on the waiting list until next January 2010.  I'm truly thinking about applying for a job at Walmart at this point because then I would at least have a steady paycheck where I will know exactly how much I am making.  Anyone have any suggestions or know how Walmart pays.  HELP!

Walmart Job

I have a close friend who's worked for Wal-Mart for several years.  Pay is based on what department you work in.  For example, Produce, Deli, Customer Service, etc.  If you're experienced in the Bakery, you'll go in at a higher rate of pay.  They have stocks that you can buy and a good medical plan.  Good luck!


About Walmart
I looked up keyboards on their website, and they don't have that one listed.

Do you think that means they don't have them anymore or might they have them but not show them on their website?

I only ask because they are a bit of a drive for me. I suppose I could call them ... duh! Although sometimes others know more about a store than the employees! Lol :)
Agree, verbatim transcription equals poor quality transcription.
You just put yourself on the list with Walmart (sm)
You really just listed yourself in a class of people that don't deserve much credit either.  You are upset with Target because they don't support the military...however shortly thereafter you made it clear of your feelings about gays and lesbians.  Have you ever stopped to think about how many of those young men and women over there in harms way every moment of their life are gay?  Or do you only "recognize" the heterosexual soldiers?  Gotta love a hypocrite that bashes someone else for categorizing people...yet fail to see how they manage to lodge their own foot in their mouth in the process. 
What's wrong with WalMart
they sent out thousands of flyers about their big sale, and barely have a handful of the product. Strange way to do business unless that's just a way to get you in the store and hope you will buy other stuff. grrrr
I don't know what to tell you except Walmart is successful and some of
the supermarkets are going down because of it. The people who are shopping there are not uneducated people and it is in high-end financial growing part of town. I only shopped in a Walmart Superstore once and it was packed in the middle of the day. In spite of all the bad publicity, Walmart keeps growing and people like shopping there.

Question regarding Walmart.
Walmart advertises they are convenient? Wouldn't that depend on where you live?

Walmart advertises being cheaper than the other stores? Wouldn't that depend on the competition? Or does that mean they will meet competion prices. Having said that, every retail competitor for the grocery dollar says they are cheaper than the other store. Is this false advertising? How does one prove this? I figure you win on some prices in some stores and you lose on some prices in some stores. Nothing is really generally comparable.

I have researched on internet the price of a portable dishwasher. Walmart is at least $100 cheaper. Did they bully manufacturer into selling that dishwasher to Walmart cheaper? I don't know or care. They have passed on the savings to the consumer - me.

I hate the bad press that is so one-sided Walmart is getting. I'm not a big fan of Walmart but I get angry because these press pieces against Walmart are so biased because they point out things Walmart is doing but neglect to mention that other retail outlets are doing the same type of business.

And as stated below on the original thread, I see some very needy looking people with jobs who seem happy to be working at Walmart.

I guess I don't get the fuss. I shop where I want to and if Walmart is on my way I will shop there. If not I'll go somewhere else but I wouldn't not shop at Walmart because of a biased news (Frontline?) piece on Walmart.

Super Walmart
I really am not impressed with Wal-Mart.  We now have a super walmart and due to have another one open on the other side of town.  Who needs two walmarts?  It is always very crowded.  Very few registers open.  Groceries are higher in a lot of cases than my supermarket.  I only buy a few things that I see are cheaper.  Overall I do better at my local grocery store and I like the produce better.  You can never just "run in" anymore.  Smaller is better! I just hope they don't put my favorite store out of business.  I think alot of people feel this way though.  Not too many people I know do their weekly grocery shopping there. 
Tried it at Walmart.com and didn't get
suggestions about "you might like this."
Walmart in our area.

I live out in the sticks, but we have Walmart in several small towns close by.  My friends who work at Walmart have an income comparable to other retail jobs in our area.  A close friend's son is in management at Walmart and makes a very good living for this area.  I do not like some of their business practices, but a lot of the smaller businesses around here have shady business practices as well.  I am willing to pay a little more and support local business owners, but I had just as soon buy a few groceries as go down the road to Ingles, Kroger or Bi-Lo and pay twice as much, as these are big chains too. 

And a Walmart board too
Yep... Got mine at Walmart...
You can go wireless router and be anywhere from 450 to 750 feet away (I think those are the numbers) depending on whether you want to go cheap or not cheap. The 450 feet (Belkin) was about 39.99 and works just fine. You can even get a wireless keyboard (I believe they even make them ergo) and mouse (batteries, batteries, batteries). I sit in my comfotable chair with my laptop on a tray table in front of my and my Microsoft ergo in my lab (because it has this base attachement on it, it works fine for me). Mouse sits on the arm rest of the chair. Good luck.
Thanks!! I didn't know that re WalMart... sm
I knew about patient assistance plans, but not the WM thing. I'll check into it into my state.

I am fortunately one of the few MTs out there that's paid above the poverty line... THANKFULLY... but of course that means I, like so many of us, am in that crack between "I make too much for gov't assistance" and "I can't afford this medication".

I wanna move to Canada!!!!!

I am so glad you are able to get help for your daughter's med. What a relief that must be for you.

Thank you again for your information!
WalMart has been good to my
My husband and daughter both work there. I am on their health insurance for free! If you work there, you can get your spouse put on your insurance for free. I have a friend that is a single mother of 3, raising her grandson, who is mentally challenged. She works at WalMart and has no specialized education, and is treated well there also. She has worked there for 6 years and at times has made more than I do as an MT. I don't like all products coming from China slave labor, no I would like to see that stopped. But from my personal experience, I would not have health care (it is over 500 a month at my service for 2). I used to bash WalMart, but no longer.  They employ 300 people at my town and do not practice age discrimination. My husband is in his late 50's and could not get hired because of age, but they even hire people in their 70's at WalMart.
Walmart has a Kodak for $80 something (sm)

you may want to check it out.  Thanks for the info.

Walmart jobs
Walmart pays less than MT and you might want to know that even they are laying off workers. A new super walmart was slated to open up in 2009 in my area and that whole thing is on hold now because of the economy.

They like to hire retired people on social security who want to supplement their income. Less medical insurance costs, etc.
walmart vs target
I agree there must be a different company culture. I actually considered working part-time at Target myself. Why? Same reason. I am sick of the unreliable workload and such with MTing. The cashier I asked about employment said she loved her job. My friend's daughter started there after high school. She has been there for about 9 or so years now. She has worked her way up to management. Granted she is making only 16 bucks an hour now, which some faster MTs make already. Still I think the people considering this change would not those fast MTs making the good money with reliable accuonts but rather the newbies or people who are not the fast producers. And you are right at least it is a consistent paycheck w/benefits. I understand Target benefits are good and possibly lower lever benefits offered to part-timers.
Yep, got mine at Walmart for $20
Works great for me. Much quieter than my previous keyboard and I like that the keys are low profile, like a laptop's.

My fave feature has to be the Calculator key...instant calculator without having to find it on my desktop.
Working for WalMart Soon Perhaps?..sm

Holy smokes!  I think I've seen everything now.  WalMart is getting into the EPR business:



Walmart has emachines
that are really nice with XP on them. You can get the desktop and monitor for $399 and it has like 2 GB RAM and it has XP and not Vista. You also get a keyboard and mouse and speakers with it. These are no doubt going fast and will come only with Vista soon but check it out. It may be what you need. They have fast AMD processors also. Emachines are made by Acer now and that is a good company.  
I have seen them at Walmart and Staples. Lots
of online sales right now, though I guess delivery by Christmas might be pushing it. I think Staples has free shipping right now. Actually, even local pharmacies carry Cross pen sets normally located by the watches. Good luck to you!
What about your neighbors who work at Walmart?
But I know one thing. I'm shopping for a portable dishwasher. Walmart has undercut Lowes and Home Depot by $100. I'm buying from Walmart. I don't have spare $100 to boycott Walmart. Do you?
Heck, YES!!!! Most of our Walmart employees
are all ex-employees of K-Mart, Target and Shopko. Money is very tight here, but I will not compromise this subject in the name of the almighty dollar. I would rather go to the downtown shopping district and pay more there than to shop at Walmart. All of the small businesses are interdependent. Walmart is NOT a customer of my or my husband's businesses but all the local folks are.
It's about as much of a profession as being the cashier at Walmart
talk about denial!
try walmart mail in. very cheap.
I heard that Walmart has a product sm
that works really well.  I think it is called Acne Free. 
Walmart, Target, Radioshack, Best Buy,
Etc, etc... they're everywhere. Some places may or may not carry them in the store or you may have to ask for them in store, but they're available everywhere online. Cheapest is maybe 30 bucks and average is 40-50.
I just bought mine at WalMart sm

in the furniture department. My pedal is on top and my heel hangs off the edge and I use my toes to run the pedal. 

Yep. Just got back from Walmart. Went to the food
section and then walked away and decided to do it with DH. We have separate bank accounts and I am not going there and spending 100% of the food out of my account. We have a family of 5 and that would drain everything and he would not contribute because he wants pocket money. Same with the gas. We argue over who wants the car. Neither of us does, because it is always empty and neither of us wants to fill it.
Anyway, went to Walmart and got things today I cannot afford and spent 76.00. WHat can't I afford: Well, I got Hanes underwear (yes can't afford it but dared to buy new), food for our birds and hamster/guinea pigs, litter for the cats, some air freshener, and dared to buy a 2 dollar pumpkin to put outside. A little halloween candy, and a 5 dollar purse. These things I can no longer afford but I had the nerve to get them and put off food shopping where DH can help. Isn't it funny? The little things in life we need that we can't afford anymore. Even the check out clerk mentioned how tired I looked and how silly it is none of us can afford things like new underwear anymore!