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Do you have ADD? Did you read my post? sm

Posted By: Experienced MT on 2005-09-11
In Reply to: Start your own company - !

I have work now that pays me well and it's more than 10 cents a line (which is considered an "excellent line rate.")  I do not need to "start my own company."

However, if some companies can charge 18 to 20 cpl (which I have read on this board), why can't they pay quality MTs more than they pay newbies? 

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Yes, I read your post, and I just re-read it, and I've copied and pasted for you in case

you've forgotten your own words! Your post above is 100% different "flavor" to it, now all positive and cheery! Your first post was 100% doom and gloom every which way, including "raining on your parade", and "if you want to go forward"...God, sounds like she's talking about jumping into oncoming traffic! Here is your quote:

My first boss (the one who hired me as a new grad) gave me some words of wisdom that I haven't forgotten. She said that transcribing at home with small children NEVER works under any circumstance. Either the work will suffer or the parenting will suffer.


How can the word "NEVER" in caps be interpreted in any positive way? You took about 8 paragraphs to cover every aspect and completely dash this poor woman's dream.  I'm not blind, I'm not talking about day care at all, I'm talking about the total negativity of your original post! You know exactly what I'm talking about, cause you added some sugar to your second version! And that's much nicer than the first!

Did you read my post?

First of all there was tear gas canisters thrown by the guardsmen into the crowds and they were thrown back at the guardsmen.  That is documented in articles, (look on line) and by first hand eye witnesses that were there. 

Anyway, my post was not about what exactly went on at Kent State.  I was using that as an example of how your child could go to college and find themselves in a position of danger.  Serial killers, rapists, what have you.  It was in response to a post about how Natalee went to Aruba and found trouble but that probably wouldnt be likely at a college.  OKAY?????  I never said people didnt have the right to protest or that war was good OR that the gov was responsible or not. 

I am all for protesting and exercising our rights as private citizens of this free country.  But somewhere along the way from my original post, someone got off on a completely different subject.  this was about natalee.

Did you even READ my post?
It's been a great, lucrative career for me. I've loved it from the start and still do. I've mentored and encouraged many along the way. I'm a QA specialist, college instructor and a consultant. I'll exceed 50K this year and have a very flexible schedule. No weekends, no evenings, and take off when I want. Additionally, I've been at home with my kids all this time. I've worked my way to the top and I'm good at what I do. No gloom and doom here. The point I made (that you somehow missed) was that times have changed. It's much more difficult than it used to be and sometimes it's nearly impossible to get a break. I'll repeat myself--I work for a private college. We trained many great MTs. We were FORCED to drop our program because of job market for new graduates is so poor. It's not too difficult to place a graduate in an in-house position (I teach in a large metropolitan area), but few women enter this profession with working in-house as their goal. Tuition at a private college (students could earn a certificate or an associate's degree) is very, very expenstive. No, you don't HAVE to spend thousands and thousands, but many students do. Then when they graduate, many are faced with harsh reality. I'm not SPECULATING on this; I've seen it happen time and time again.

The daycare issue is a personal choice and has been argued into the ground. We all know it's difficult for an MT to be productive and accurate with a 2-year-old whining in our ear. Some of us make it work; others can't. Making an informed decision requires hearing stories from ALL sides.

Oh my!! I think we should all NOT read the new post at the top! Looks like another
flamer to me! Now its gonna spin into birth control issues and world over population!  I'm not mad at anyone! I am happy! Please be happy, too!!  I will try warm milk, but just in about 6 hours when I'm hitting the hay!
Are you the OP? Yes, I read your post.
I didn't even say anything about "correcting their wrong crap." (Nice structure, by the way.)

The question was "Why go to MT School." I answered it.
1. It gives you more flexibility/choices in employment.
2. You learn relevant aspects of medical terminology. I didn't learn "perineal" vs. "peroneal" in K-12, nor did I learn that 125 mg of Synthroid is an incorrect dose.
3. You get experience in hearing what was said and transcribing it accurately. Many MTs lacking an adequate MT education have difficulty separating "what they hear" from "what they said."

I read your post below, thank you and....

As for above I should say people do need "protein" in their diet, NOT meat, especially not like this.  I've also been trying to slowly get it out of my diet the past few years and after seeing the images, knowing and hearing those sounds I don't think I could physically eat it.  Its unbelievable to me.  We need people like you out there spreading the word, these animals have no voice so they need us.  Do you know if putting pressure on them by PETA has brought about any changes??

This is a MUST READ post, the 20 yr exp...etc. nm
Of course I read your post.

I can comprehend that you are a WEE bit prone to exaggeration and apparently it is making your life miserable.  If you look through this website you will quickly see that many posts do not concern MQ. 

My take on this is that right now there are many more MQ posts because of the looming change in our jobs/status/benefits and it's got many of us worried.

If you want an edited MT forum to your liking I suggest you open your own site.  Otherwise live and let live, please.

when I read your post...
I get angry that as transcriptionists we have somehow found ourselves in a no-win situation. There should be no reason you are having to work yourself to death to learn a new job. Only in our profession does one NOT get paid to learn. Any other job you go to, you are paid while training for the job...no matter how much you know the work, places are different and everyone has to learn the routine. And in transcription, this can be VERY, VERY hard to learn a new company and all their account specifics, rules and guidelines and systems!  I feel for you. I understand your feelings about your son. I raised my son alone on my sole salary and worked from sun up to sundown ... but I did stop long enough in between to take care of him. I went to ballgames, I went to school functions, I helped with homework and projects, etc. and when he went to bed at night, I started working again.... well into the night. It was not easy, but I got to be with my son and participate in his school and curricular activities while he was growing up. I would not take ANYTHING for that time and wish I had more of it now. I did what I had to do. Thank goodness in your situation, you have a husband who can share some of this responsibility with you. It's a matter of prioritizing... and it's not easy. It means giving up certain things. I sacrificed a lot over the years .. I don't drive fancy cars, I don't live in a fancy house and I have a very functional wardrobe. I don't compare myself to others. I find that I am much happier than others I work around now who have all those things. My son is much more well adjusted than many of their children also.I am very blessed. We have our children for such a short time, it's not until we get older that we realize exactly how precious every single minute of it was!  I wish for you the best and hope you can make the right decision for you and your family.  May God Bless you.
I did read the post
I think she means the virtual money that the MTSO would be pocketing if they had no QA. The money they would not need to be paying to QA if all of their MTs were "up to par" and did their jobs, or the "reality" of a company needing fewer QA personnel when they have more MTs that need less/no QA.

Do you really think that MTs who send work to QA to save themselves time rather than looking it up and finding it on their own deserve to be paid the same as the MTs who take pride in their work and ensure quality work is sent in by them rather than having someone else complete the job?
Wow! I have read every post, actually, all day. While
I did truly feel sorry for you, by night's end I am honestly thinking that you are needing to step back and calm down. This morning you were more "owning" your part in it - that you were late several times, had warnings, etc - by now you are going on and on about contacting the doctor, about some other lady who did so, yadda, yadda. I feel your pain - been there done that - most of us old MTs have, but you need to calm down, still own your part, and be rational. If you want to freak and contact the doctor, then just do it, but I believe every single one of us who posted have advised against it, and given you valid reasons to support our opinions. You ASKED for opinions - that's why you are posting, so though you don't like what I have to say, it is my right as well. Again, your tone has done a huge turn around from your original post, and I can now honestly say I empathize with the MTSO who does not want to keep communicating with you, whether via email or IM. It happens - we get fired. Why not look at it that she gave you another week to earn some $$  - I don't know. Again, you admitted your part in this earlier, and you have been advised many times how unprofessional it is for you to contact HER clients. You did NOT work for the doctor(s) - you worked for the MTSO, like it or not. And never believe what some other fired MT tells you she/he did - I don't know 1 single doctor who would give a hoot about a fired MT, nor who would want to get involved with a 10 foot pole. That's why the doctors use MTSOs - they don't want the bother. So while you may think you are going to get sympathy, and/or revenge, it will most likely backfire on you. Good night! Its late, and I am out of here!
You should read your own post over again...
You were the one who attacked me and yes, I got on here for support and advice so I came looking for it. I am not saying that I am going to contact the doctor, only that I feel that angry to do it. I have had my own accounts before, typing directly for doctors, I know what that is like. I have also helped other MT's to try to learn the business and for you to get on here and post that I am obsessed and that you are passing judgment without even konwing a person, wow, you have some problems. This forum is for support and yes, opinions too. Why don't you quit worrying about how many times I am posting? I can post as many times as I would like, on any board that will allow posting. By the way, doctors don't just use MTSO's, there are also doctors who use MT's and have contracts with them. Not all of them hire big companies, I think there are still a few MT's around who have their own accounts. I know I did. I wanted the opportunity to not have to drive around and print and have my work more readily available, so I decided to work for an MTSO. Excuse me for not getting my work in on time a few times, due to a storm or two knocking out my power, a sick child to take to the doctor, a death in the family. Whatever the case may be, let me bow down to the MTSO and beg for forgiveness, is that what you want? I have stated my situation here and you have turned it into your own power trip. What a shame. Who asked for the MTSO to KEEP communicating anyway? They never communicated to begin with!! Would you feel upset if your paycheck were taken away? I guess not. Maybe you have a lot of friends you can call or family you can talk to and get support from. Excuse me for looking for some fellow MT's for venting. Sorry to have upset you!! Are you an MT? I highly doubt it.
Please read ALL of my post
I stated that I intend to work as an MT in the evenings and do real estate during the day.
read my above post....you are right...sm

You nailed it....and to Itsy Bitsy's post.....if this woman does something horrible to herself, it's not the OP's fault.  Seems to me her neighbor has a long history of this crud......this manipulation, this attention seeking behavior. 

So, if something horrible does happen....to the OP - not your responsibility, not your fault - do not take her problems on your shoulders.  We are neighbors, there to help.....but not with the bogus.  I'm not saying the neighbor doesn't have head/emotional problems, I'm merely saying her problems DO NOT BELONG TO THE OP......you, JD. 

Go on about your life and live it to the fullest.  We are not responsible for neighbor's who cannot pull it together and it's interesting that she can pull it together to go on a *fancy cruise* - so it seems to me her problems are used SELECTIVELY by her.

*steps off soapbox*

Read the post!

She said she was behind on her mortage.   

Unless she's got a very low mortgage, I seriously doubt holding a garage sale and making $500.00 is going to make a dent.  She probably needs to talk to her mortgage lender.  They have all types of programs now a days for people behind in the mortage to help them get caught up so they won't lose their home.  The last thing a mortgage lender wants is a foreclosure on their hands!

At first, when I read your post...
I thought maybe you were overreacting but now I'm not so sure. I guess I would play it cool for now but I don't get why your husband wouldn't give you this woman's number? And why would this woman need your husband's cell phone number? To get a hold of his friend? How would your husband be better able to get of him than she would? And, why is he hanging out with this so-called friend who's involving you both in this situation? That is no friend. I say dump the chump. You know too much already, and it could only get worse. Believe me, I've been there.
Read the post below.
Take your own advice. How much of a mea culpa do you expect? You don't have to make someone feel bad to make yourself look good.
I read the whole post sm
You tried to make me feel back in your original post. Practice what you preach. You could have said what you said in a different way.
Read the post again - I think it said
huh, make a loan from someone to tide her over. I think that falls under advice.
Where to post....please read.

We seem to have a lot of new posters, which is great.  Welcome everyone!  We also seem to be needing to move a lot of posts so others don't have to wade through them all.  So, below is a general outline of where to post what. 


Main:  Questions/comments regarding MT work. 

Gab:  Things to chat about, games to play, etc. 

Company:  Questions/comments regarding specific companies. 

Medquist:  Posts pertaining to MQ or between MQ employees.

Word:  Help with terminology, words, s/l. 


That about covers the main ones.  Keep in mind, it's always best to post on the correct board because when we move the post, you may lose some good responses. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

I think you'd better re-read my post

who doesn't get it.  I specifically stated I feel for those who are in a situation where they simply can't make enough money to even just live.  I also stated, I don't have new vehicles and sometimes don't get to buy what I'd like because I don't have the money. 

What I didn't put in was the fact that we just lost our house and the bulk of our posessions to a catatastrophe, so I do know what it's like for things to happen.  You're scathing post was out of line.  How dare YOU judge ME?

Do you even READ before you post??? (sm)
The OP CLEARLY states that she has applied "SO many places" in her post.

Do you even take the time to freaking READ people's posts before you fire off those rancid pearls of wisdom???

Geez, people like you are what's wrong with society today...a complete lack of compassion or empathy for anyone other than yourself.

Maybe one day you'll be in the OPs shoes. With any luck, those who reply will offer you just about the same amount of sympathy, decency and basic courtesy you offer others - NONE.

You know, I read your post...

I am also an IC that works from a pool.  I have two accounts on my own.  Part of being an IC is the flexibility.

I would say dig in early in the a.m. if that's when you are most productive.  If the kids have a question, then lend an ear but if it is a matter of you having to leave your workstation for whatever reason, then either tell them to find an alternative this minute or you'll be able to take them at such and such a time. 

Here's what happens when you go from what you are currently doing to trying to work a schedule, you can't stay focused.  You are so used to the interruptions that once it's quiet, it's hard to stay focused.

I am feeling ya' and a lot of people will post here that you should only be working and not doing other things, but "other things" are part of life and what makes working at home "work."  A little play on words there, but I think you get the idea.

I get hugs from my 8 year old and questions from my 14 year old and quite frankly sometimes I don't know if the 14 year old is inside or out, but he's so used to me being here, that I know he's fine and making the right decisions. 

I think you should read the post again..

"And now doesn't want to pay."

OP never stated that they didn't want to pay.  You really jump to conclusions.  She has not worked with this physician before.  It most likely was a simple mistake.  Why jump straight to the idea that they are expecting her to work for free or will "burn" her?  Do you really believe that this office will now go around and "tell everyone that Lisa works for free?"  Do you really believe that?  There is a difference between working for free and giving someone the benefit of the doubt when most likely they made an honest mistake.  And, no, it has nothing to do with being a doormat.  Here is that definition:  One that submits without protest to abuse or indignities.  Every person who has responded to her post has, at a minimum, suggested that she make it very clear that she will not accept this scenario again -- that would be protest.  I'm sorry that you have been burned before, but that's a big stretch at this point in this particular situation. 

Don't read this post unless you really want to cry...
... I have a local account, a small one unfortunately (one doctor, short dictations, only sees patients 2 or 2-1/2 days a week) for which I get paid 25 cents a line as an IC.

At my full-time job for a national, I make 8.75 cpl plus benefits.

I make about one-third of my monthly pay on the local account, and I am very glad to have it, because I live in a very high cost of living area, and if I didn't have the local account, I would not be able to survive on what the full-time job pays me.
Do you currently post on MT Daily or read it?

I was thinking about paying the $48 but then I thought there are only limited amount of people who will pay so probably not as good as MTStars.  It was fun though before they started charging and if they only charged half as much they would draw more people.  $48 is way high when other boards are free.

Please read the post at the top of page by
See Msg.  You will love it.  It has quotes by all your liberal friends.  Pass it around.
Sorry, I vented above before I read your post. nm
Cherry picking is being done by the ROUTERS not you. CALM DOWN!
read the thread. then post.
i'll be editing and tell you what to do next. i hope you listen to me because i will make your life 100% better with my advice. i know everything if only you will listen.
My post was not to you! I know how to read than you very much. It was to MQLOVER
Now, you learn to read and figure out where my post was posted! She/he responded. You apparently cannot figure out who is responding to who!
ok I went back and re-read your post.

You have 2 toddlers who need daycare.

You have a teen (the childsupport)

You have $350 roomie but that + disappears with his costs of living there.  and I would be scared to count on it.

You have $9500 CC bill which that payment is probably about $200 a month.

At $42,000 that is not solid money - it is PT monies. 

1.  Can the BF come up with his probable court-ordered child support of at least $1000 a month? 

2.  Do you make car payments?

3.  How much is your student loan payment - and for how much longer?

4.  Do you have a degree in something?  Should you stay in transcription? 

5.  Can you make the house payments if the BF finks out on the child support in 2 years if your 16 yo moves out and gets married and doesn't attend college?

6.  You will be at an expensive time in your life with the 1 and 2 YO/ who will then be 3 and 4 years old by then and still needing day care.

7.  A house is expensive upkeep.  And much energy.

I agree with the others.  Don't jump the gun here.  Take care of one thing at a time.  Get yourself into a situation where you won't be stressed if there comes a blip in the road - like you break your arm - or the car tears up - or you need an emergency root canal - one of the kids breaks a leg and you need to stay home.  There are a million things. 

I would rent, move BF out, get childsupport started from him to see how that goes, re-look at the budget.

when the FT job comes around, and if you feel it is the one for you and they are good for the money, then look at the house.  You must live for you, not the 16 YO. 

By then you will have your FT monies coming in, the child support coming in, you will know what your extra income is, you will have all your insurances in place and leave time built up, and a house may be good by then.  Also, the market is overvalued right now.  They are saying people buying right now may be buying things that won't be worth what they paid for them in a year. 

Do you have any family you could stay with at all for 6 months.  You need some breathing space, girl. 

Again, good luck.

Never mind. Just read your post further down.
Glad to know they gotta go.
I just re-read my post ROFL !
I am laughing so hard I'm crying. I'm a stickler for misspellings and I typed the word "tole" instead of "told"!!! Am I suthern or wut?? Egad!
I read a post on here recently that one MT
rooms in her house (I think a guest room and office) and moves from room to room with different accounts. If you have the $, I think that would be neat!
Why don't you read the post before you blast it?
That pic is too distracting, had to read the post twice.(nm)
Did you read Paulette's post below?
Sorry, I don't think you're going to get sympathy here today. Brace up and good luck honey.
First off, go back and read your post sm
and grade yourself. Start out by paying attention to what needs to be capitalized in your post. I see at least 11 areas. I see a word that should be plural instead of singular. One sentence is not a complete sentence. Maybe you need to go over these sections in your course again. They are generally in the very beginning.
That is what I said if you'll read my below post.
READ the post! I did not say IC avoided
EMPLOYERS could avoid paying SS taxes (talking about the 7% match) on a person by claiming that person is an IC and not an employee!  The IC would have to pay SS taxes of course!
I'm so glad to read your post. I was
surprised that most of the people who posted didn't even think it was a big deal.  To put Cubby, a tame bear, in a cage where he was helpless and shoot him with a bow and arrow and watch him die is horrible and pathetic.  Kinda like our Vice President being driven out to shoot little birds that were released from the back of a pickup truck so he could shoot them before they barely got off the ground.  What kind of people are these???  I know some people like to hunt, but this isn't hunting.  There is no sport to it.  Ugh.  It makes me absolutely sick!!
I laughed when I read your post because
one of the magazines I get each month through the mail, believe Family Circle for this month, did survey on happiness. What they found is that parents happier with their children as babies, young but lordy, lordy as they matured how the numbers went down and really went down to nearly unsatisfied levels as that child reached adulthood, down to a less than 10% if I remember correctly- sorry just let my aunt have my magazines for this month so cannot put a finger on it. Maybe someone else has the same magazine and can let us know. It is all sugar and spice as children but not so satisfying when teens and older.
Just read you post - I was also told this in the
Read my post above, very racist myself
NOT. I do not like ebonics and definitely would not allow it spoken in my home. Husband black, I am white. I can say that and now am I racist for calling it what it is. It is terrible speaking and not English. When I lived in Atlanta it was horrible all the people interviwed on the news. No one could speak to where most could understand. I can speak from experience myself.
And you are doing nothing more than whining. Re-read the post.
Not sticking up for ANYONE, just stating a fact. Get over yourself.
Did you read my post, the part about
dont give a rats behind, make what I want part-time over 1000 every 2 weeks and enough for me at my age. I am wayyyyyyyyyyy past working all those ungodly hours to make a living, I can live on lots less than most.
Not defensive at all, but if you read the post,
:negative reinforcement:, to me that reads abuse. I just want to make it very clear I have never abuse any of my pets. That's all. I am not trying to be defensive at all and apologize if that is the way it was taken.
No, there is no S..did you read my post and link?


A link to a MT website is always correct?  LOL...

Think I'll trust my link...Allen Medical...they sell them...

When I read this post, I just HAD to reply...

" I'd rather hire an M-Tec student with tech savvy than to hire an MT with 15 years' experience in a hospital environment because that's all she has -- a hospital environment that gave her absolutely no feedback or tech savvy for the future."

THAT is the most ridiculous unfounded comment I have read regarding new MTs versus MTs with experience.  NOTHING can compare to the experience an MT is afforded by working in a hospital and/or doctor's office, and the experiences and medical terminology he or she is exposed to and encounters every day on the job.  I don't care how good the school is coined to be, or even if the course was 5 years long.  How naive can one be? Just another case of jealousy rearing its ugly head.  They WISH they had our experience.  This is just another lame attempt by M-tec to increase their admissions.


I DID read the post and NO, in this situation,