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Unfortunately, CS seems to be the easiest debt to skip out on

Posted By: sm on 2005-08-09
In Reply to: CHILD SUPPORT?? - poorsinglemomof3

You'll get into more trouble if you bounce a $25 check. I have used one of those private agencies because my ex had moved out of state and once that happens, if the ex doesn't want to pay and moves around in jobs, you can pretty much forget about getting anything.

The private agency works a lot faster, but the contracts are very complicated and you are pretty much signing up for the life of the CS obligation; otherwise there has be nonpayment of CS for a year before you can end the contract. And yes they take a big chunk of money but at the time I thought it was better than getting nothing at all.

But in the end, once payments have been established, the private agency ends up filtering the payment through your local CSEA anyway.

I think your best bet is to use some kind of locator service and if you can get a good address provide that to your local CSEA.

I wish they had an "America's Most Wanted" for deadbeat dads/moms. It's amazing to me that it is seemingly so easy to stop paying, change jobs, and just not be found.

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you were able to skip
I have worked for MQ for 10 years. Started with them after 10 years of ESL experience. I got 3 cents more a line when I started with them than the local company here paid. I was never able to skip any report. Transcribed what I got, I did! I agree with previous poster about getting paid for experience. Experience is what counts in my book! I CAN transcribe the ESL dictators. I SHOULD be paid MORE for those reports. If I spent all day doing dictation that was perfect - clear, good speakers, no backing up, waiting, etc., I would make a killing in the money department. But, having to spend all day transcribing ESL, whose dictation gets worse by the day, I make nothing. I am making too little for way too much effort. I got the phone call the other day. They left a message on the answering machine. He was so bored as he read from his script! I could tell him as much as he told me in the message. What a waste of money for MQ to do this. Must have been a business expense.
Considering they have just gotten out of debt,
it is very accountable for them NOT to get back into it by donating responsibly.

how far are you in debt?

Just curious as to where I stand, thought it would be interesting to find out what the average is in a forum like this.

school 3200 (in forebearance at the moment, original loan 6000 in 1994, three deferrmants)

car 6000  (1999 chevy, original 12,000, backwards on loan, brakes going fast).

credit cards 8400 (just paid 2000 to one, first priority to pay off, debt contributed by ex).

hospital 4000  (major operation, no insurance, total bill 10,000 in 2001, lived with parents almost a full year to pay off half).

Well, thats mine.  Please share yours.

Approximately 25K. Would love to have a plan that really works to pay off in 5 years. Anyone know of one?
If you are truly serious about getting out of debt....
I would really suggest getting your hands on a copy of "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. It has changed the outlook of our family totally and we are on our way out of debt one "baby" step at a time - we've already paid 3 credit cards off and are going to be debt free (including our vehicles and our mortgage) in less than 5 years - credit card debt (to the tune of about $28,000) will be gone in another 17 months.  His method is working for us.  We tried debt consolidation by credit card and by "equity line of credit" but this only treated the symptoms and not the actual problem.  Hope this helps you if you're TRULY wanting out of debt.  It really motivates you as you go along, too !  Nice to write those zero balances off of our refrig !
Whatever is easiest for you is the
most productive for you. I use ABCZ and then my own abbreviations that are easier for me to remember.
Thanks for the input. It's not debt, as we
don't have anything besides a mortgage and one loan. It's just tracking the finances. I've been thinking about switching to a cash basis for everything instead of using checks or Quicken. It would speed the process up a lot by not having to balance the checkbook or enter everything into the computer. I already spent an hour this morning trying to balance the checkbook because somebody can't save receipts, write down amounts or use duplicates. I give up...
4 yo Papillon - Mr. Skip
I call him a Dat - a dog-cat combo.  He has a wide vocabulary of human words that he knows.  He's particularly responsive to the words cheese burger and pizza.
I also need debt help. Any advice.
because of slow work this winter in MTing, but now with a new job, maybe making more to finally get caught up, our mortgage company is threatening us.  I only owe 1700 over but that is a lot when you don't have it.  This is not FHA loan.  Has anybody else been in this position and what did you do. 
When the CC debt is paid down
9 months and counting, then I can relax a bit
True, this is just until I pay off some debt. And 1 job
Is this an every 3 second type skip? s/m
I get many files from different places and it seems from one client in particular, sometimes I will get a 3-second skip on files.  Once the skip starts, I have to close the file, close Start/stop, delete the file from my system and then re-download the file.  This seems to take care of the problem, but some days it doesn't.  I have no idea the reason why, but this is just what I do.
the easiest way to decide (sm)
Is to ask yourself how you would feel if the tables were turned... then you will have your answer. And also, the best piece of advice I ever got was "if you have to ask, you already know the answer".
One of the easiest ones I've ever done, wish I still had it!!! nm
The easiest way would be to break into...sm
acute care for the same company you do clinic for if they have acute care available. If not it is going to be hard. The company you are currently with would be more likely to train you to do acute care because they know what your capabilities are.
You will want to sway the easiest way for you

If it is a one-doctor practice, you want to purchase the handheld. 

Try www.transcriptiongear.com for options regarding either FTP or call-in system depending on the volume. 

www.vancedigital.com offers an FTP site that is easy to use and you pay on usage; fairly inexpensive.

I would suggest for tapes that you give them a list of courier services because once you start to pick and drop off work and tapes you'll lose valuable time.

I like to get out during the week so I do deliver but the pay is awesome and I can't bring myself to not pick up, plus it allows me to network.

Sticky notes a great idea.  I was actually thinking a pen with my business name on it, but haven't gone that route as of yet. 

Good luck to you.

I agree, that's the easiest &
cheapest way to go, partition the HD.  You could even have separate HDs if you wanted to.  I have had both setups over the years.  Of course, I'm married to my "tech person" - lol.
Skip the games but here's an idea sm
My friend had a baby shower. The invite asked everyone to bring a pack of diapers to be entered in a $40 gift certificate for Applebees. She left with a HUGE bag filled with diapers. That was the game if you want to call it a game.
Not worth the trouble - skip it
Create a new tradition with your kids. 
About 50K in debt not counting mortgage. nm
If they're vegetarians, skip the dip.

My neices are both vegetarians. Check out Vegweb.com for tons of vegetarian recipes.

I also tried debt settlement and I am now also being sued.

I spoke to a bankrupty lawyer and he said absolutely go for Chapter 7 but I guess I just wanted to here from somebody else who has been there.  Thanks.

Try debt counseling first - if that does not work - sm
it will at least look good to the judge when you declare bankruptcy. I do not regret declaring bankruptcy at all - got a lot of pressure off of me when I needed it. I started all over, and now I am so much wiser so I don't get in that circumstance again. It doesn't take long to rebuild, either.
Desperately need debt consolidation help.
Can anyone recommend a reputable debt consolidation service that they have used to help successfully get them out of debt?  I just want to break down and cry, but we have to do something as our credit card debt/medical bills are through the roof and unmanagable due to tough times findings jobs, etc.  Thank you for any advice you can give.
I knew someone that did get in debt overnight due
to illness. The bills were higher than any loan would cover and they wanted their money then. In that particular case, BK was the only answer and this person got it in about 1 week before the new law took effect. The individual will be able to purchase a home I believe within 2 years and has already received offers for credit. That was under the old law.

The new law makes you take a course I believe 6 months before you can file. I believe you have to qualify if you want all your bills discharged and they make it harder to get that done, i.e. you have to make a certain income only and anything over that, you have to pay back over time and it is still BK.

With the new law, I would weigh it carefully. Not everyone has emergent medical illness which might necessitate taking this step and it is automatically assumed they mishandled their affairs. This person raised her children alone and just did not have extra money in the bank for bills totaling over $150K. In that case, she was warranted in filing.
SCIP or SKIP protocol
Has anyone ever heard of SCIP or SKIP protocol? This is a surgeon talking about prophylactic antibiotics. I have found on the internet SCIP protocol for skin care intervention program but am not sure if this is reliable info. Does anyone know which way to spell this/what this is and have a source to back it up?

caused me to go severely in debt
that 10 years later I am still recovering from - was writing checks on charge accounts to pay mortgage - this was local and when I would go to her house to pick up and drop off tapes I was seeing boxes from QVC yet she said she wasn't getting paid.  Still angry. 
I agree. I'd skip the school SM
altogether. It might take a while to find a training position doing MT, but not nearly as long as the school, and nothing matches actually doing the work to learn. As suggested, I would take--and nail!--a terminology course at the very least. I started with on-the-job training, but I took anatomy and physiology courses in night school. True, the labs spent hacking up various parts of a cadaver with nursing and premed students and studying tissues under the microscope were overkill for what we do, but I definitely recommend skipping the expensive trade school and taking courses at a local college, or on line perhaps?
How? I've done pretty well staying out of debt, but
I'd like to get some money set aside for retirement and pay off my home. Any advice you can give?
If you have the time to get down and dirty with some low-life bad debt,
As for me, I live and learn. Ever hear the phrase cut your losses. The more time you spend chasing down a bad debt the more loss you incur.
Easy enough to just skip over subjects that don't interest you? NM
Also, at times I'll skip a job due to length, not
If I know I've only got 30 more minutes to work and have to leave, I'll skip over a 25-minute long file, regardless of the ease/difficulty factor, so I like that we have the option. I can finish a few more shorter reports for the client that way whereas I might have otherwise logged off altogether. BUT, I also do my fair share of the hard ESLs and long files at the beginning of shift. I used to be 100% against skipping any files, but OTOH, if someone knows they can't do that ESL's work, maybe it's best for someone who CAN to take them on so the reports are more accurate. I would at least hope that the MTs have given it a good effort first though. I agree this might not be abused as much if MTSOs would pay for difficulty factor, though.
Easiest and fastest way is to Google sm
once found, click on the manufacturer's website. That way you will always have the correct spelling, etc.
Easiest guacamole recipe
I just mash the avocadoes, open a jar of my favorite salsa, pour off the excess liquid without squeezing the veggies, add lemon or lime juice, a little salt and pepper and done.... It's always the 1st thing gone whenever I bring it somewhere.
Easiest digital method

Hello everyone

I currently have one of my own accounts with 2 physicians. They use digital hand-held recorders and we email files back and forth, encrypted of course. Anyway, is there an easier way for their office staff? Something where the doctor could talk right into the computer and it would be sent to me without using the office staff?  I am trying to take some of the burden off of them.


I think specialty work would be easiest..sm
With family practice, you could see a number of diseases from all specialties, so you need to know the terminology for all. In specialty work, you would see the same all the time. For example, if you took on an ortho doc, you'd see all ortho, so you learn the terminology for that specialty only. Once you have that down pat, you could branch out into a new one and so on, gaining experience with each.

You will have a more well-rounded experience going with family practice over specialty, but as a newbie getting own accounts, specialty would be easier, IMHO. I don't really recommend starting as a newbie at home with your own accounts, but that's just my opinion. It's a lot harder because you won't have QA - the doctor will be your QA, and they can be a lot harder to face than an online QA person. You have to take criticism well, since it will come from a doctor most times (or staff member) and some docs can be blunt and even condescending. Just being honest based on my own experience. Maybe you could try some of the small MTSOs rather than national companies, where you might only have 1-2 QA people and aren't as stringent about BOS rules, etc.

If you find a local doc willing to take a chance, go for it, but don't expect it to be any easier at first than a national or working for another person. There are pros and cons to each. It can be hard to get either job without experience, but a local doc desperate for help might be more willing to take a chance. Depends on what the MT market is like in your area. If small town, good chance finding a client. If larger town with lots of MTs available, it will be harder.
The easiest answer would be use Explorer. sm
More information would be helpful. Is this an Olympus recorder? Is there software that came with the recorder that is needed in order to download?

As an example, my OMs download dictation to their computer using Microsoft Explorer (not Internet Explorer, IE).
Easiest way is by the minute/seconds ...(sm)
At $60 per audio hour (60 minutes) is $1.00 per minute.

$1.00 x 33.31 = $33.31

(sorry, I emailed you by accident, and meant to post!)
And supposedly they are to be fired for that on DQS. I bet they are. They break the report and skip
to the next one on DQS. I get it all the time and I report it and guess what, nothing happens to them but I figure they will hang themselves eventually. They inevitably drop off the account because they really cant do it anyway.
Skip the games - focus on the mom-to-be. I HATE going to those showers. nm

Just skip over it.. A little lively debate spices things up.
Because it is hard work to collect and once you know a company is a bad debt,
Got to know when to hold them and know when to fold them. She already lost on doing the work. Now she loses doing the collection work.
Actually, it is quite easy to skip jobs, and I work for a national. sm

Depending upon the account, just press the appropriate number on the C-phone, and *poof* you're at the next job.  In my case, I have no "proof" per se, but when jobs skip from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. then to 1 p.m., etc., and then it gets back to "normal" when you get to the non-ESL docs where I guess they stopped working.  it's not too hard to figure out that someone took what they wanted and left the rest.  It doesn't matter to me.  As has been stated, the MT who cherrypicks cheats himself/herself out of the chance to master everything and assure himself/herself of a larger pool of work.  That goes also for those who limit themselves to only certain work types.  Sure, we all have our preferences (I prefer admit notes and consults), but if you can do everything, then you're more likely not to be one of the ones coming here complaining of no work.

Just my opinion, and you know we all have one.  Happy Friday the 13th!   I have the weekend off for once, and it is actually beautiful weather here.  Yippee! 

In Word I can't see my field boxes anymore that I use F11 to skip around to. Does anyone know ho
It means to skip the jobs in your work queue that - sm
are by difficult dictators, or have no line-count-bolstering templates, or require too much backing up, re-listening, sentence restructuring, or nose-in-reference time to get in your minimum lines. That's especially true if the employer doesn't weight the job's pay by difficulty. Most MTs voice disapproval of the practice, but sometimes an gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do, in order to survive and make that next car payment, rent check, or grocery bill.
Bank debt/check card? Same thing?
Is the prepaid visa card the same as a bank debt or check card?
Op reports by far are easiest for me - hardest is Oncology. nm
The most & easiest money I ever made typin'

was for a hospital that had all these kickass "normals" for OP notes.  The docs would say, "Please use my _____ template" and that was it.  Some ortho templates were an instant 100+ lines and they took mere seconds to zap in!  Those days are long gone for me but I remember them fondly.    


The easiest things is to use a jump drive.
Use Windows Explorer to locate the voice files and then copy or move them to the jump drive. Jump drives are coming down in price. I just bought a whole bunch of 2GB drives for $19/each at Staples last week.
Digital handhelds easiest, or a cheap
You can buy digital handheld recorders at decent prices. If dr. is computer literate, dr. or staff connect to PC and send you files from recorder either through encrypted e-mail or secure FTP site (you'll probably have to set up). Or you could look for a cheap call-in system. Dr. calls it, dictates, and you can transcribe using Express Scribe or another player. A lot of docs like those 'cause they are used to them. You may need a new pedal if yours only works with your current co's platform. Check ebay first or classifieds here even, maybe you can get deal on used equipment to see what dr. prefers.
I did. I never have regretted it. We filed 7, I beileve. All unsecured debt was wiped out. Kept my