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My sympathy as well on your diagnosis

Posted By: Dreamweaver on 2007-03-29
In Reply to: Has a HIPPA law been violated by my ex coworker? - I am patient

But as a radiology MT you know that the treatment for breast cancer has advanced considerably and many women go on to live long, healthy lives after breast cancer treatment. So focus on the positive for the now.

As far as your coworker, I understand the desire to know the results of your tests, but yes, she should have told you to ask your doctor for the results instead of sending them to you.  Then, if she gave the results to anyone else, the HIPAA violation would be entirely on her part.  I don't know if you have spoken to her since she sent you the report, but it is possible that she was either caught sending the email or she talked to someone about it and was reprimanded for the HIPAA violation, therefore she is now afraid to talk to you at all because she does not want to risk getting fired. (Just one possible scenario.)

Your best course of action is just not to worry about the opinion of your coworkers. You have a job to do, and that is to concentrate on getting well.  Don't let this distract you.  Focus on what is important, and "don't sweat the small stuff".

Good luck!

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you have my sympathy --
can you just take a 'sick' day? a nap?

i'll send a prayer up for you -- God bless.
Nothing worse than a battered ego.  If all of us are honest, we've all been there.   We're all human, we all make mistakes, even doctors make mistakes.   Can't say I've ever failed a test but I've made mistakes and then said, "Did I REALLY do that??!!"  You have to take into consideration that it is possible that whomever was evaluating your test may have been what I call a comma freak.  Typing 1/2 cc would certainly not KILL a patient.  If I had been grading the test, with all other things being equal, I would have simply nicely pointed out that we preferred 0.5 mL and used 1/2 or one-half as in "the patient should take this medication one-half hour before meals."  You probably would not have been happy with this company anyway, sounds like they'd slap you up side the head for looking cross-eyed!  Don't let it get you down.  Good luck to you and all MQ MTs as you either adjust or find new homes.
No sympathy.
Good. I agree!! You can't bark about something and not supply more facts. Seems sneaky and like a disgruntled party.
Heartfelt sympathy but please don't
blame the dogs or call them
'monsters' - they are not responsible for how their owner's raised them.

Please hold the owner's responsible.

And of course, by now, you have made sure your own dogs cannot get out.

I wish you peace.
just can't dredge up sympathy either

so you have a little temporary cash flow problem...get over it. "What do you do when you are so broke you can't even buy ice cream for the kids?" ICE CREAM?

you need to have sympathy or compassion--sm
to be a friend to someone. Yes, encourage them to help themselves, I understand that. Most people DO want to help themselves, but a true friend needs to be compassionate toward that person first, to be able to do that. Kicking them in the behind and telling them to figure it out for themselves is not being an encouraging friend. You said you have no patience for people who do not help themselves. patience is a virtue. everyone learns life's lessons at their own pace and in their own time. Understanding that makes you a friend. having no compassion or sympathy towards them does not.
Sympathy - does that count??

My heart goes out to you and every other newbie banging their head against the wall or gainful employment.  It sounds like you're doing everything right.  I don't know if you live near any physician offices, but sometimes a well-placed flyer and a polished spiel to a receptionist can get you some work - at least something until you find something better.  It's time consuming, demeaning, and exhausting, but it might be worth pounding the pavement and it's experience for your resume!  Just don't wear out your welcome - visit the same place once a month, max.  I wish you all the luck! 

Poor thing, you have my sympathy. sm

Marcaine, though, is just an anesthetic.  It numbs the area so the tendon can "relax."  When my tendinitis was at its worst, the tendon swelled and compressed the ulnar nerve, causing numbness in my ring and little fingers -- it was like trying to type with a ham!  LOL

I wish I knew a good way to describe the exercises my doctor gave to me.  He said the mark of a good surgeon was one who doesn't want to do surgery, and I agree.  My first flareup was about 10 years ago, and I haven't been "knifed" yet.  

Maybe there are some examples online of stretching exercises.   Good luck to you!   

You have my sympathy -- I have flares occasionally sm

and it is no fun -- my ring finger and little finger go completely numb!  I have seen a hand surgeon a couple of times, and he recommends frequent breaks, stretching exercises, and high doses of NSAIDs.   When it is really bad, I have had a shot of Marcaine in my elbow.

Good luck!

My deepest sympathy to you on the loss of
I know just how you feel. I am also 43 and my Dad died on June 30 three years ago at age 84. He was a prince among men, and I, too, weep when doing reports of patients with similar problems. You just re-live the whole thing. He had always been strong and healthy until the end when he was so weak and frail; it was painful to watch the slow, horrifying transformation. I sympathize deeply with the WAVES of grief that seem to just overcome you when some little thing will trigger a memory. The only advice I can give is to treasure the happy memories and try to focus on the good times. I will never forget watching him take his last breath, but I can't help but smile when I think of something he used to say, a particular mannerism, his love of ice cream, or a million other things that made him the wonderful man he was. I feel priviledged to have known this human being and the first man I ever loved. I will always be his little girl. Time has made the wound better, but I don't know that we ever completely recover from these things. I don't know your belief system, but I do believe that I will see my Dad again one day and there will be no doctors, no pain, no morphine....only his sweet smile and the twinkle in his eye. May you and your Dad be reunited one day as well.
Oh, ugh, attorneys (and chiropractors, IME). My sympathy to you! (nm)
I am so sorry for your diagnosis...
I am reading your post with tears in my eyes. That so hit home with me. I don't want to have my kids growing up thinking our house is "normal" as messy as it is. God bless you and I will pray for you. I'm going to make some changes in my life today.
LOL!!! How about this diagnosis... sm

 And I quote - "History of injury of the poisoning at specified place."  I always have to correct this guy's grammar and tense, but what the heck do you do with something like this?!  I typed it as is and sent it on! 

Yes, I did go to the ER and my diagnosis was:

Complicated migraine.  And I am all better now.


Can I get some opinions before I make an appt with a doctor?  Have been having mild fleeting pains in my llq, probably about a week and a half, sometimes midabdomen, the last couple days it has slowly moved upward, now kind of in my chest but still just a mild dull ache - possibly pulled a muscle?  Don't think it is anything serious but is getting more prominent, any ideas?  Thanks.
So sorry about your diagnosis. sm
Why do you think she spread it around?  Concentrate on your diagnosis, treatment, and healing.
So sorry for your diagnosis..sm
you must be beside yourself. My sympathies!

as for the coworker, I can only comment that you had asked her to let you know, which she did. Perhaps she left off the part about the breast cancer because she did not want to be the one to tell you or let you know that. She wanted your doctor to do that. I really don't think she was doing anything wrong...other than maybe every body knows now. you know how that goes.

secondly, and I have said this before, transcription has HIPAA laws, which are a good thing, but because of a situation just like this one, I truly believe that if a Transcriptionist happens to know the patient involved, she should be able to respectfully decline to do that person's transcription. Just as in choosing a jury for a trial...if the prospective juror knows the person on trial, he should not have to be placed on that case. It would save an awful lot of this type of thing from happening, and everybody being *all up in your business*. Personally, if I received a dictation from someone I knew, I would not even want to do it. What is in those files is none of my business.

that is just my thought though.

I wish you all the best on your recovery. May the Lord hold your hand through it all!
No, I haven't had a chance yet. I wasn't asking for sympathy sm
and certainly am not implying anything terrible is going on or taking anything away from the post below... just a vent about regular life, but I guess I clearly I can't do that here. Thanks anyway. BTW, I really don't think that was necessary to be negative towards me. I was just needing a place to voice my feelings and I thought it could be done here even if it was not about a particularly difficult situation.
Recent diagnosis of MS

Hang in there!  You can overcome a chronic illness and empower yourself.  It ain't easy, but doable.  Been that way for 12 years now.

Just make sure you file the disability with a disability attorney. SS is very well known for denying claims usually twice, then court before they grant it.  This waste many many months and tires us that are already tired, out.  You need all your energy to fight the disease, not for your rights to supplemental income you've paid for all these years. 

Your children will also receive dependent benefits until they reach 18, so again, get an experienced dis. atty.  Hang in there

Also, see what diagnosis code
they used to bill.  Might have been billed as a screening and that's sometimes a no-no as far as getting things paid.  Obviously, you can't lie, but see if she had any symptoms at all that might justify the test.  
sorry for your diagnosis..congratulate you on..sm
your wanting to raise your boys to be good housekeepers. I wish my husband's mother had taught him so many things..just simple little things about the house..like closing cabinet doors. No, truly I understand your thinking and even though I have not been diagnosed with cancer, I think about all the crap I've got stuck out in the shed that I need to get rid of so nobody else has to come along and get rid of all that crap for me. It's a lot to deal with for people who are grieving anyway.
Good luck and just said a prayer for you.
ADHD diagnosis
When our son was having trouble in school, we brought him to an expert in the field of ADHD, and after hours of testing he made the diagnosis, and, then after that got an IEP at the school. Every state is different in their different programs, but they all have to provide help for children with special needs. Our son was at a college at another state, they had his IEP and went there for two years, came back home and is at another local college and they told him he never should have had a full load of classes and he is given extra time for testing, etc. The school system should have a special needs department, like they do here in my state and you can contact them about extra help for autism, learning disabilities, etc. It makes a big difference in getting the kids all the help they need to succeed and not fail in any of the schools. Also, I believe the Americans with Disabilities web site can help also.
Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis...sm..

Like the other poster said, think positive and go forward from here with what you need to do. 

1.  You asked her to let you know if she typed the report so she did so that's not a violation.  It could be a violation if it wasn't emailed through an encrypted email program but I wouldn't make a stink out of that.

2.  She should know the rules and should know it's a major violation to blab to the department so if she has any brains in her head, she'll keep her piehole closed.  I wouldn't worry about it right now or jump to conclusions, but if you do later hear that others in the department know, I would report your suspicions to her supervisor. 

Are there any steps you can take at this point to keep it under lock and key so no one else finds can read your report in that department?

Beyond that, I wouldn't worry about it and would focus on licking this temporary setback.  I wouldn't worry about what's going through her head and why she isn't contacting you anymore.  She sounds flakey.  Focus on you and your family.

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis
Unfortunately this happens when you have your tests done at the same facility where you are a patient.  I am also a product of feeling like "every knows".  It is not fair to you, but I feel in hindsight now I would never choose to go where I worked to have testing done unless I didn't mind that the people I worked with know of my personal health information.  It is a common thing in hospitals and physicians' offices for people to snoop and want to know your business and unfortunately, this isn't always a positive thing.  If you need other tests I would suggest trying another institution and also mention this to the physicians who care for you, but they may say the same thing - that you should NOT have asked a former coworker to let you know of your results.  Only the physicians have a right to that information and the right to relay that to you.  I fortunately did not have breast cancer, but my incident stemmed from having a mammogram.  My boss posed as a friend in the mammogram department the day I had the lumpectomy.  Yeah right, some "friend".  She was just being nosey and wanting to know when I would be returning to work because the typing was getting backed up.  Again in hindsight, I will never step foot in that hospital again for anything in regards to my health.  I go to a different hospital/radiology department from now on.    Good luck with your health and best wishes to a resolution to your anxiety.
You have my sympathy. I was afraid of that too, but fortunately there is plenty ... whew! sm

I hope maybe work has picked up for you later today.

My wish is that next year be better for all of us.  Happy New Year! 

My sympathy was reserved for the women and families they betrayed. sm
I felt no sympathy for the men at all. 
No, the problem was HER and then donít use the kids as a crutch to gain sympathy.
Some of us are not into the reasons she listed for her plight or lack of as we heard from her. I have no sympathy to her, for her, towards her, nothing. I am sure others feel exactly the same as I do. This person trying to get over on you, me and any others she can. What a deadbeat.
proper diagnosis!!! for my exhusband too...LOL...sm
but it isn't really funny and I'm not really laughing.....it was him or my sanity, as I posted below, and my sanity won out but you have put the proper diagnosis on it because I've been saying for 20 years, he was/is a passive aggressive.....always pointing the finger, placing blame and never looking inside himself as maybe it's him who is/was the problem......(also a triple virgo male *LOL* sun, moon, rising-ascendant). 
Spelling out abbreviations in the diagnosis
when told specifically not to is not following instructions.
Thanks to both of you...verbatim account. Has to be as dictated unless in diagnosis.

We do use dx for diagnosis, and all the short cuts expanders
I am on XANAX. I did not think my clinical diagnosis would be on report.
When given this diagnosis, the first thing you want to know is how far it has spread. It can mean life or death. My doctor was OOT for two more days and I was panicking. I needed to know if it was abnormal so I could begin thinking of what the future held. I am not thinking RATIONALLY!!!!!
Last week I've been diagnosis with Multiple sclerosis and I did sm
go to file my disability and found out what I would get paid if approve, I am working 7  days a week, 24 hours a day off and on.  My husband is deceased and I have two kids to raise and one must do what they have to do.
Never an easy decision ... you have my sympathy. Pets are part of the family ... hurts to lose them
Diagnosis of perimenopause versus adrenal fatigue? I'm getting very confused on where to turn
To me, my symptoms coincide exactly what to me seems to be perimenopause, but also seem to be some adrenal fatigue as well. Wouldn't adrenal fatigue be a natural result of the perimenopause hormonal fluctations, i.e., very lethargic and listless, insomnia, mood swings, energy swings, fuzzy brain? I'm getting conflicting advice and opinions and just don't know where to turn anymore. I just want this fixed, and didn't think it should be that hard. I went to this GYN my sister referred, but he seemed to me to be rather clueless and had me do some antithyroid antibody tests and put me on fish oil and folic acid! No hormone testing whatsoever. Then, I talked to a pharmacist locally who also deals with women on this same issue (my sister too), who has a Ph.D and consults with the MD. I took her test and she diagnosed me with severe adrenal fatigue, but again, I think this is probably just a result of the hormones messing up. Any advice? I don't want to do a lot of unnecessary testing that insurance doesn't cover, such as the saliva test. I'd appreciate any advice. I'm thinking to just go maybe just go my my PCP and get on an antidepressant or something.
You should type them. I usually type them in parentheses following the diagnosis.