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What a drama queen. sm

Posted By: sm on 2006-02-13
In Reply to: Oh and before I forget, I am so glad I did not - sm

You do not one, but two posts about what sounds like an allergic reaction, even maybe progressing to an anaphylactic reaction, ask a couple different times if your husband needs to see a doctor, etc., and then you tell the people who replied to you that they're panic ridden?

Silly old goose.

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Turn off the soap opera network and get a clue, drama queen!
That's what a lot of you around here do, find drama in otherwise innocent posts.  Get a life, get back to work.  And above all else, you call me a hypocrite and yet you sit in judgment of me.
I can't believe this. I'm the PB&J queen. NEVER!

I am the mother of "Mr. Picky" who has had a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich (has to be grape) since the first day of kindergarten and he just started high school.  The only time he won't eat his PB&J is if it has been in the refrigerator from the night before. It just ruins his whole day!!! :)

Don't worry, I don't "spoil" him by throwing his boring sandwich together, as he has a sib in elementary school that I have to do up lunch for anyway. Besides, if he had to do it, he'd miss the bus every morning, instead of 3 mornings a week.

I think if I packed a ham sandwich in his lunch one day or had the audacity to put his precious PB&J on WHEAT BREAD, he would probably speak to me less than he does now..

Six feet under drama
Nate sure left a mess, so far they've bad mouthed the Iraq war, fantasized brother and sister romance (shudders), where else will they go?   Who's going to be a goner in the finale, I feel its coming.  They've set it up where anyone can either off themselves or do something crazy and accidentally die. 
That was the only drama here lately. Bet that MT poster is
some people need drama/excitement

Some people just thrive off of turmoil.  I'm not saying that your son does.  I just know some people like that--always creating drama.  Like a roller coaster.  Maybe he just likes the constant challenge.  Of course, if she really is a lesbian then it is a battle he cannot win.  Can't complete with that. 

Leo...must be *queen* of the jungle...

I would like to see Queen Latifah ...
take her place.
Oh please, drop the drama - she is absolutely correct.
Not looking for drama in innocent post. Thread
I love Queen Latifah!!! nm

Exactly my point, as stated below. Some just love spreadin the drama.
Wow!...after reading her previous thread, I feel sorry for the kid about to be born into this drama!
Juat about anything by Guns and Roses, Meatloaf, Queen. Like it Loud when alone! :) nm
Ditto this. I'm the family's official "deviled egg queen" for every holiday.
I always make them the day before and Saran Wrap them into my special crystal egg platter, but any plastic or glass dish will do.  How many days until Thanksgiving now?  LOL
Wow, you'd be the popularity queen at the state penitentiary! Reach for those stars!
Oh Yeah, me too! I love the Queen! I hadn't thought of her, but she'd be great. nm