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Turn off the soap opera network and get a clue, drama queen!

Posted By: MissouriMT on 2008-02-26
In Reply to: I donít think I would hold yourself as a good person - Unbelievable, still

That's what a lot of you around here do, find drama in otherwise innocent posts.  Get a life, get back to work.  And above all else, you call me a hypocrite and yet you sit in judgment of me.

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What a drama queen. sm
You do not one, but two posts about what sounds like an allergic reaction, even maybe progressing to an anaphylactic reaction, ask a couple different times if your husband needs to see a doctor, etc., and then you tell the people who replied to you that they're panic ridden?

Silly old goose.
Well that's quite a soap opera . . .
I used to live in Southern California and your description reminded me of someone I used to know, especially about interrogating the waiter. Loved that you called her the Bee. You sound very down to earth and she is not. As for the clothes - everything has a price doesn't it. She's probably shocked that those clothes didn't mean that much to you and you'd do anything to keep on receiving them. Good for you.
Does anybody know who types scripts for soaps or other TV shows?  I've been an MT for 30 years and am beyond burned out with medical reports.  Figure I could use a change and thought I'd really enjoy something like this.  Thanks!
Why I believe Mrs. Twitty is writing the soap opera and starring in it too!

Promoting her little dream of a soap opera with press conferences with her super glossy eyeshadow and false eyelashes.  Sweet.  How many opportunities does Mrs. Twitty get to get all this attention?  Might as well milk it.

oh yeah, forgot that one. Worse than a soap opera. Geez! nm.
What network? It comes on @ 11 p.m. Friday on USA network where I live. - nm

Just turn it off and wait for the electricity to dissipate and then clean it and turn it back on. nm
I can't believe this. I'm the PB&J queen. NEVER!

I am the mother of "Mr. Picky" who has had a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich (has to be grape) since the first day of kindergarten and he just started high school.  The only time he won't eat his PB&J is if it has been in the refrigerator from the night before. It just ruins his whole day!!! :)

Don't worry, I don't "spoil" him by throwing his boring sandwich together, as he has a sib in elementary school that I have to do up lunch for anyway. Besides, if he had to do it, he'd miss the bus every morning, instead of 3 mornings a week.

I think if I packed a ham sandwich in his lunch one day or had the audacity to put his precious PB&J on WHEAT BREAD, he would probably speak to me less than he does now..

Six feet under drama
Nate sure left a mess, so far they've bad mouthed the Iraq war, fantasized brother and sister romance (shudders), where else will they go?   Who's going to be a goner in the finale, I feel its coming.  They've set it up where anyone can either off themselves or do something crazy and accidentally die. 
That was the only drama here lately. Bet that MT poster is
some people need drama/excitement

Some people just thrive off of turmoil.  I'm not saying that your son does.  I just know some people like that--always creating drama.  Like a roller coaster.  Maybe he just likes the constant challenge.  Of course, if she really is a lesbian then it is a battle he cannot win.  Can't complete with that. 

Leo...must be *queen* of the jungle...

I would like to see Queen Latifah ...
take her place.
Turn down such low low offers, turn industry around. sm
The way to figure is how many lines an hour do you do. There are 13 lines characters in a line (65 line length)
So say you TRY to average 4 pages an hour say 34 lines a page equal 139 lines, times your line rate.
139 X 4 cents a line = $5.56 an hour

and what if you don't do 4 pages even less.

MTing hourly hourly output is not very predictablel, so ya never know and predict what you can put out each hour.

If the MTs continue to accept, that is what the going rate will continue to be. Yes, Yes, it will. Just keep looking. Email for general lowest to highest line rate prior to testing and resume, just say it saves time on both sides and it DOES. Why waste time. Soon, the message will get out there.
Oh please, drop the drama - she is absolutely correct.
Not looking for drama in innocent post. Thread
I love Queen Latifah!!! nm

Exactly my point, as stated below. Some just love spreadin the drama.
Turn off puter, wait a min, turn on with delete key pressed down, then hit delete key NUMEROUS times
Wow!...after reading her previous thread, I feel sorry for the kid about to be born into this drama!
Juat about anything by Guns and Roses, Meatloaf, Queen. Like it Loud when alone! :) nm
Ditto this. I'm the family's official "deviled egg queen" for every holiday.
I always make them the day before and Saran Wrap them into my special crystal egg platter, but any plastic or glass dish will do.  How many days until Thanksgiving now?  LOL
Wow, you'd be the popularity queen at the state penitentiary! Reach for those stars!
Oh Yeah, me too! I love the Queen! I hadn't thought of her, but she'd be great. nm
What's a SOAP?
It's an acronym for SUBJECTIVE, OBJECTIVE, ASSESSMENT, PLAN.  I recall back in the late 1970s when the hospital at which I was working as an RN began requiring us to write all of our notes in SOAP format.  What a pain!
It depends what format the client wants: I had an account where the only double spaces were after the heading (Name and DOB) and at the very end before the name of the dictating physician.
The body of the note was all single spaced, no double space between S, O, A and P.
Clue to you
Get a clue, get educated.........9/1I HAD NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH IRAQ OR SADDAM..Where is Bin Laden??  Where are the masterminds of 9/11??  Nothing to do with 9/11..If you believe that, oh geez..read a newspaper or two..
I have no clue
Oh, we have a clue!
We have a clue that you are in management at an MTSO. Naturally, you would not want us complaining about low wages, now, would you - more money in your pocket.

Go back in your closet now. No one wants to hear from you!
Or else because they don't have a clue
Please go away until you get a clue and can
carry on an intelligent discussion.
you know I don't have a clue who sm
the heck you are and I really don't care. But, I never have had a post that I said anyone was a plant, management, lying or anything else.

I don't know even how this got started except there is another poster obviously that I am mistaken for. I don't care if you do VR, MT, scrub toilets or are a Walmart greeter. Grow up, get a life adn stop ripping me apart. You have me mistaken for somebody else. I am a MT (as you supposedly are) who just found a decent job and wanted to let folks know there are jobs out there and I get ripped apart by somebody telling me things I said that I did not say and has me mixed up with somebody else.

Good God grow the heck UP!!!!!!!!!!! If I were management I wouldn't hire someone with your attitude. GEEZE!
PT SOAP work
I am an MTSO and I would be interested in talking to you further. Please email me.
SOAP is a style.
Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Prognosis. Some offices like to their office notes typed in this kind of format, others don't.
Maybe you put that you do SOAP notes and HR
What are SOAP notes?
soap notes

Yes that is correct they are chart or clinical notes.  The dentist that I used to work for liked the charts written up in that fashion.

S- subjective

O- objective

A- assessment

P- plan

SOAP Notes

I may sound dumb, but what is a SOAP note??

Do you have any clue what they are up to. It is obvious they are up to something.

I just hope everyone is calling Corporate.

I haven't a clue...
Maybe Casper the Friendly Ghost?
Really have no clue, but did you install the new RAM - sm
in the first slot? The larger memory strip has to go in the first slot, and the smaller RAM/DIMM whatever you have goes in the next slot. Is that possibly the problem?
No clue really but perhaps on the boards...sm
Equipment or Technical boards here at mtstars might help you better than I cannot.  I only know that one of my monitors has a very small screen and I cannot see a lot of what I'm supposed to see on that screen.
I haven't a clue
So give us a clue HE-man!!
yup, but this doc wouldn't have a clue about that...sm
I'm almost positive he's using a VR software or something else. 
JLG RULES to those who have a clue

I am amazed and not surprised at how many children we have out here who apparently have not cut it with JLG and now have to bad mouth one of the finest companies there is and I know it! I have had many of my former MT's come to work here -they are making wonderful pay....but perhaps that is because they work?! They aren't sitting on the message boards crying the blues because they didn't listen, couldn't follow simple rules, and probably lied about the length of experience as an MT so they were FIRED!! JLG is one of the finest companies there is. The work flow staff and owners are the finest I have every had the pleasure to work for and I have been in this industry as a CMT and now QA for 22 years.   They pay ridiculously HIGH and you have to have knowledge to make it with them. Stop saying things that aren't true THEY DO NOT run CREDIT CHECKS> FOOL THAT YOU ARE... if you cant cut it as an MT why understand this...JLG asks for a social security# simply to make sure that you belong to that SS# and that you are not an illegal alien working with someone else's SS#, also to ensure that you do not have any delinquent tax liens with IRS because by law they can not employ you as an IC and not pay uncle Sam because if you have not paid taxes before , well that says it all right there. So don't run your toilet when you don't know what you are talking about. What would they care about your light bill, phone bill or any bills on your credit report. That makes no sense but neither does anything negative I have read about JLG. So do yourself a favor, stop trying to work for a top notch company until you build your resume. Perhaps go to an accredited school and learn to be an MT and stop taking mail order courses that get you know where but broke and without a job to pay the student loan back. Anyone wanting to be an MT at JLG should be honored to get hired and also we have more work and more accounts and more new accounts that we can not staff fast enough to keep up. Perhaps you didn't have enough work because you are one lousy MT because that's usually why you don't get work. I wish everyone working here now could here this nonsense but we are too busy to do what you do all day which is make up fairy tales. Apply with JLG. Do yourself the favor don't listen to people that are just disgruntled because they couldn't make the grade. And contrary to MS Opinion....QA knows about everything at JLG. We have to baby sit and grade all the work that MT's do incase they fib about the experience and we have to make sure it is all spell checked and dot their Is and Cross their T's. So QA knows everything from how much work is waiting to be typed, how much has come in and how much will be there the next week. Get off it and get real. Perhaps McDonald's is hiring. Because I make so much money I am buying myself a new 40 thousand dollar vehicle in 3 weeks and let me say this I made just that in the past 6 months. Sorry it didn't work out Now get over it and if you don't like other peoples opinions STAY OFF THE BOARD Back to  my life. Sorry you couldn't have one too.  By the way I wont be back I do have work to do! I just had to come see for myself at the clown like stuff written about our wonderful company.


I think you have no clue, here. Just what are you talking about? LOL
Poster was talking about the context of that sentence made by the person complaining about how others speak and then goes on to say "People have a poor grasp on the English language *anymore*" which is totally poor English. I think it's a riot!

I also hate when people say she use to instead of she *used* to. Ugh, we could go on here all day. lol

Spoken like someone who has no clue.

I have a bright idea for you. Go find your own accounts and charge them the rate that you feel you're so worthy of. I'm sure that if you get some takers at the rate you're asking, you won't have to worry about having too much work to do yourself so you won't have to worry about paying another MT the rate you're asking for.

darn right, have no clue!

"Have no clue" is an understatement!!!  Not being nasty here -- just stating a fact.  I know an MTSO who says when she tries to call physician's offices and gets the manager and explains that she is calling requesting to speak with the person in charge about doing their transcription for them, most often the answer she gets is "What's transcription?"  She swears they hire personnel based on a certain part of their anatomy and it's not the brain.

Then, if she's lucky enough to get through to the physician in charge, he is not willing to pay a decent fee.  She has apologized to me for not paying me more but told me that on some accounts they are only making 1/4 of a cent after expenses (including MT pay).  She said they have to bid low to get the work.  She hates marketing now. 

You obviously have no clue about correct use