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Wow, you'd be the popularity queen at the state penitentiary! Reach for those stars!

Posted By: Talk about low standards (or NO standards) on 2006-06-15
In Reply to: Michael Jackson - SoulSistahV


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I can't believe this. I'm the PB&J queen. NEVER!

I am the mother of "Mr. Picky" who has had a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich (has to be grape) since the first day of kindergarten and he just started high school.  The only time he won't eat his PB&J is if it has been in the refrigerator from the night before. It just ruins his whole day!!! :)

Don't worry, I don't "spoil" him by throwing his boring sandwich together, as he has a sib in elementary school that I have to do up lunch for anyway. Besides, if he had to do it, he'd miss the bus every morning, instead of 3 mornings a week.

I think if I packed a ham sandwich in his lunch one day or had the audacity to put his precious PB&J on WHEAT BREAD, he would probably speak to me less than he does now..

Leo...must be *queen* of the jungle...

What a drama queen. sm
You do not one, but two posts about what sounds like an allergic reaction, even maybe progressing to an anaphylactic reaction, ask a couple different times if your husband needs to see a doctor, etc., and then you tell the people who replied to you that they're panic ridden?

Silly old goose.
I would like to see Queen Latifah ...
take her place.
I love Queen Latifah!!! nm

Juat about anything by Guns and Roses, Meatloaf, Queen. Like it Loud when alone! :) nm
Ditto this. I'm the family's official "deviled egg queen" for every holiday.
I always make them the day before and Saran Wrap them into my special crystal egg platter, but any plastic or glass dish will do.  How many days until Thanksgiving now?  LOL
Oh Yeah, me too! I love the Queen! I hadn't thought of her, but she'd be great. nm
Turn off the soap opera network and get a clue, drama queen!
That's what a lot of you around here do, find drama in otherwise innocent posts.  Get a life, get back to work.  And above all else, you call me a hypocrite and yet you sit in judgment of me.
they are already impossible to reach
18,000 lines and your rate increases by half cent, whoopee.  MQ is a complete joke, a bunch of greedy, phony liars.  This whole business is in the toilet and i'm just sorry I didn't start school for a dif career sooner to be out of it NOW.  I'm gradually having to cut down on spending because my rate of pay is not up with the times, severe hand pain day after day, condescending technicians and supervisors.  I feel trapped.   
How do I reach them? What city are they in? Do sm
you work for them?
I have been unable to get through to anyone. I can't reach
anyone in Oregon either. I expect they probably flew out to Queensland to be with Terri and the kids.  I've tried to send email but it's bouncing, so I checked the zoo website and it's been down more than up. I'm mailing out a letter tomorrow but it will be at least 10 days before she gets it and the staff roll through everything first to look for the nickname so that could be a while, too.   
If that were me, I wouldn't be able to reach the desk soon! nm
2000, and I usually reach or exeed that. sm
Big money, with bonuses, of course.
Yeah, I'll bet some MTs with bad QAs reach the
which unfortunately includes an answer to the blanks. Wouldn't be a bit surprised if sometimes they don't purposely send back the same thing, just to annoy a QA who picks on them too much.
The point obviously was that one sure way NOT to reach a supervisor is posting
on this message board anonymously. Give me a break!
It's not hard to reach $4000 a month as
Someone with their own accounts can pull in more money than an MT working for a company or another service. In California, I know of an MTSO who charges 16 cpl and the clients pay that willingly. Where I live, I couldn't get away with charging that much. They just won't pay it here. However, I do have my own service and I bring in $3000-$3500 on average. Some months it's less, some a little more depending on the workload.

Also, when you have your own accounts, you become quite familiar with the doc's dictating styles, can build up a huge library of Expander entries, and create normals or templates for the physicians, which boosts your production rate quite a bit.

I know I make more money with my own accounts than I would working for someone else but trust me, there are plenty of headaches that go along with having your own service, too, so it can be a trade-off at times. There are lots of times I think I'd gladly take a lower line rate to get rid of the headaches!! The only thing that stops me is the flexibility since I can work any hours throughout my day as long as I meet the agreed TAT. Since I have two kids, that's pretty valuable to me!
same here but hubby got me a stool to reach the top, hehe..nm
Glad I'm not the only pokey one. I have a terrible time trying to reach 150 lph.
This info would probably have helped reach your goal this morning! LOL Thanks! nm
Ditto and also dictate a sentence, then "scratch that", etc. --want to reach out and throttle
Actually, we put all entries in a hopper and pull until we reach that number. That way it is fair.
YOU, Busy MT'ing, are one of those that fail to reach mature conversation when you mockingly add
I like what I have...Hourly PLUS incentive after a very easy to reach minimum line count.
Work for a company in a state that has no state income tax
I think there are 3 or 4 out there (Florida, Texas, and a few others.)  Then you really avoid the tax situation. 
Is it harder to reach your daily line count on acute care or clinic?
Name a state and put every company in that state under suspicion.

Tell what the first letter of the company is and every company with that initial will be suspect.  I would imagine that everyone who works for that company has received an inquiry from department of labor, so they would all be aware of it. 

Why do we persist in setting up companies to be torn down when there is no reason for it.  If a company is suspect, then give the name of the company, don't give big hints that cover at least 5 companies, 4 of which may be the best companies to work for, but fall into the category of an alphabetical letter, etc. 




Contact your local BBB in your state and in their state if different from yours.
Not mandatory, as you state it depends on your state - sm
or county. Where I am I do not need it; though if I was cutting grass or landscaping I would where I live, makes no sense to me as I am providing a service, but very happy I don't have to have one. We pay personal property tax here and I would have to list all my business related equipment and pay taxes on it every year I was in business. So until I am told otherwise by my county, I will not be getting a business license.
They were saying that MT Stars could see (sm)
the message. Supposedly they sent one to an MT using the Reply By Email function and were told not to mention other boards that could be in competition with this one. Since the info was sent as reply by email, they warned that evidently that's not so private here. ??
MT Stars has one

Thanks MT Stars!

Wow!  This is great!  Thanks MTStars & MetroScript for making this happen!!!
Thank you, MT Stars!!!
I needed one!
Post on MT Stars
Hi, saw your post. I too am a Spheris employee currently on FMLU time. Found a great company that does not require you to adhere to a schedule; work just has a 24-hour turnaround time. Producing 1100 lines a day is wonderful. I am just starting, but am satisfied so far and learned of this job from another MT in my small town, who has worked for this company for years. They are InHealth Transcription. Carol Scheer is the recruiter. Check out their website. Good Luck!! Let me know how you fair. I haven't been at this but for 10 years, but I am becoming disgruntled also. I would love talking to someone with this much experience.
I second that! Thank you MT Stars for doing the right thing!

Sheri from MT stars

Sheri, I just wanted to let you know that I have not received an e-mail giving me a chance to draw from the gift bag.  I made a donation using paypal on December 2nd and have not heard anything.  I do have the reference number for verification.

Empty Box from MT Stars
Sad day when someone goes through the mail and takes your gift.  I received a tube from MT STARS today and it was empty...This was my gift from the Santa donation.   I hope whoever took it really likes the gift.
Dancing with Stars
Yes, I love it. So far, Jerry Rice was my absolute favorite!
addicted to MT Stars
It is not just you. I am constantly checking it as it is a nice diversion. Plus it is great when you need word advice now and then. It is also a good feeling being able to pitch in and guess a word when someone else is stumped. Just like any job--we always wonder what everyone else is doing down the hall.
Thanks MT Stars for the recognition!!!...n/m

MT Stars giveaway
Thank you guys so much for my gift certificate from Lisa R from Wolcott NY.  It is much appreciated. 
Thank you to MT Stars for the fun contests! nm
MT Stars flashcount


MT stars board
is this owned by an MTSO or just who is it owned by?
I would thank my lucky stars I still had a job
You've really got some gall to do that.

You're no lab rat, ma'am. You're trying to manipulate your employer.

You work FOR an employer, at their discretion.

If that shoe doesn't fit you anymore, go get a different one.

If I were your employer, I'd fire the both of you as examples to the other 2, regardless of what it took to recover from it.

You asked for opinions. That's mine! lol
MT Stars IS Santa! sm
I love this board and gain so much from it, I cannot imagine how anyone can find fault with anything on here. Just refund their money if they don't like it!
Yup - it's why I'm reading MT Stars right now
MT stars board
something very does sound amiss.(teehee) MT stars should have easily transferred to the new domain by now. But, I would very much remain optimistic about it at this point. This so called message from this doctor sounds like so many of those fraudlent emails that are sent out. you know the ones - I am from foreign country, cannot deposit this sum of money. Would ask that you make transfer into your bank blah blah blah .....I wouldn't trust anything from overseas. If it does happen that it is this way, then all will find out in the end, until then chill....
Saw your message on MT Stars
Before you get your hopes up, I wanted to say I don't know of any jobs just yet but will keep an eye out.

There is a web site I've been working on that might help you as you're looking. www.medical-transcription-and-you.com

I'm not sure how to get that to be a link you can just click on, but it looks like you'll have to copy and paste it into the browser.

Anyway, there is lots of information which may or may not be helpful to you, but it does go through the process of resume, looking, applying, following up, etc.

And, don't worry, I'm not trying to sell anything! I started the site because I was a single mother 7 years ago and was totally lost when it came to MTSOs and working from home and I've picked up a few tips along the way that I wanted to share. Plus the page on voice recognition humor might pick up your spirits.
Paid, thanks to MT Stars and Sheri
I had an issue with an MTSO who had ads on this board. I contacted Sheri (board owner), who made haste in getting in touch with the MTSO. As a result, I was paid today.

Many thanks to Sheri and MT Stars for your support, concern and willingness to get involved!!!!!!

Thankful MT!!!!!!!!