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Word has a wonderful help file. It will tell you how to do lots of things.

Posted By: Anon on 2006-05-11
In Reply to: Jump code used in Word 2000 - Terri Maki


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Rename your normal.dot file to something else then restart Word. It will create a new file.
Help..I lost my word file. How can I retreive a file that has been changed? sm

I was working on a large file and had saved it in Word. I then went back to work on the file and hit a key that made the page go blank.  When I went to close the document it asked me to save any changes on the document. I answered yes, and now when I click on that document it is all blank! Shouldnt the previous info saved be there, even if the current stuff is not? Please help me!! Thank you

Wonderful, got it--I see now it does work here too to make things smaller
thank you, very kind of you to tell me. I've made eveything on this page smaller now. Muy bien. Happy typing.
This is wonderful have it on audio has really changed my perspective on things :-)
Wonderful! So nice to hear good things like this!
Its okay to complain here, the board is for lots of things

Heres a hug for you, there are no icons for that so here's a handshake .  I'm having a bad day also, cannot seem to focus, bad dictators, hot, and someone in my life is being a turd, to add to the bunk...and yes it might just be PMS, so I know it won't be like this forever thank God. 

I love the Dollar Store....lots of things there. nm
depends on lots of things elsie. are you doing the best you can and still can't give them a goo
what is holding you back? how old are your children? who would you be giving up your children to? i would love to help you if i had more facts.
Was it a Word file?
It's a real pain, but if you do a wild card search (*.doc) you might be able to find it. Requires sifting through a lot if irrelevant stuff, but if it works...hey. 
Read the Word help file.
Your auto correct file has an .acl file extension. Your auto text are connected to the template you use (probably normal) but you'll have to transfer that template to the new computer as well in order for those entries to be retained.
Were is *acl file in Word 2000? NM
Where is *acl file in Word 2000? TX
Word lists more than one .acl file so you want to be...
sure you find the correct one for your version of Word. Each version names that file differently. There are also different language .acl files.
Need some help sending a Word file by e-mail...

We are selling our house and I am trying to send flyers via e-mail...however, I saved the file in Word (2 pictures and basic information, not very big) but it is too big to send via e-mail...is there any other way to save this so I can send the information via e-mail...I tried copying and pasting the document directly into e-mail but the pictures then do not show up..

I usually am able to figure out most things on the computer but I am getting frustrated with this...any help is appreciated...



I believe you would need to make changes to the normal.dot file in Word.

There are two ways to do it.  You can open up your existing normal.dot file and change your view to 200% and then save it.  Or you can create a whole new normal.dot file with the settings you want, but if you do it this way, you have to find and delete the original normal.dot file.

Either way, every new document should be magnified to 200% and in whatever font you set the default as.

Are you looking for "landscape?" In word it is under file-page setup--nm
PLEASE HELP!! Just accidentally deleted 1 hour file in Word...sm
It wasn't one I was currently working on.  Is there a way to recover it??
The most explicit directions can be found in the Word Help file.
You can print out the directions and follow them step-by-step. It can also explain auto text to you, just type that in the search box.
It may not say the word, but there are many many things said about
That is what is living inside, a child!
I just pull up in word and save as Rich Text File...nm
Click on File and then New (top left corner of window of MS Word)
Sometimes if I right clink on the word file in the status bar, it will "unfreeze" it. Be caref
Need to go to Word Borad for things
like this, however, it's stands for it is and it would be typewritten and handritten. These last 2 words should be in any spellcheck.
Files are emailed with password protected zip file attachments done in Word...(sm)
So I could use OE and send this way and ask for a reciept. I love that idea....
Well, I love some Autocorrect features--best thing about Word-- and I backup *.acl file---so I never
Well, I love some Autocorrect features--best thing about Word-- and I backup *.acl file---so I never lose it. Just replace it in the Windows folder (copy and paste my newest backup *.acl file--which I copy once a day--into the Windows folder on the C:drive). takes less than a minute, never "lose" Autocorrect anyumore. For years I did, though, before I figured out where it was. Just search for *.acl on your computer and copy the file that comes up as owner.acl or whatever you named your computer-- and then put it on the desktop as the backup file, jsut make a folder or whatever, newest backup acl-- along with Normal.dot-- and copy these once a week onto a disk.
Dumb things-word of advice

I'm tired and I just did the dumbeest thing and have to share it -   I did a global search and replace to turn ER into emergency room and CAT into computed tomography  - there are just tons of words with "er" in the middle and who would think about "cat" being in the middle of the word medications among others!

In a word? AWFUL things, multifocals sm
Aside from the fact that near and far vision are not clear, not either one, they dry my eyes out until they are beefy red (takes about 2 hours), they are expensive and hard to used to. I HATE THEM.

I recently went to the optometrist who INSISTED that they make new ones, better ones, great ones and I would love them, I was just being stubborn. Ummm no I am not stubborn.

Then, he gives me 2 different prescriptions telling me I can't wear 2 of the same prescription, one in each eye, because I need to use one eye to see up close, the other eye to see far. Umm, no, I can't see at all when you do that!!!

For one, I have a 5 to 6 diopter convergence deficiency. Yes, I am a little wall eyed. I have an 8 diopter vertical gaze discrepancy...one eye points up, the other down...and they point outward at 2 different angles too. I can't do bifocal glasses because I can't see out of the bottom at all with one eye and not through the top with the other eye.

So...how do I do anything? Literally, my eyes move back and forth constantly. I don't see it, but everyone else does. One eye looks then the other eye looks and my brain makes one image of it. My eyes are an identical Rx because of this. I rely on this weird eye switching thing to see at all and truly I do WELL with it. Heck, I'm a trained artist too!

Magical middle-aged eye solution: Single vision contacts with cheaters. I have done this for years. I don't have to wear cheaters to see the computer because it is set back at a distance I can see very well. I have to use cheaters to read a book or a can label with small print. I can see the speedometer in the car and the road signs. It has been and continues to be the perfect solution.
Just open glo file in Word, highlight all, then change case and save back
to glo file. Use the Alt key trick to highlight just the column of words, then Shift + F3 to toggle through the change case commands. First save your glossary under a different name so you also keep the original.
Open up a few things in word and get the line counts for an average. Think it might be around 40
BBQ, slaw, cornbread, ham, casseroles, lots of veggies, chicken pastry, lots of desserts!! BIG fami
Lots of inexpensive decorations at Big Lots. Had a party last year.
LOTS and LOTS of video tapes and DVDs.
I think it is the same type of file, so rename it and replace your autocorrect file with your DQS us
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
...with your user.aco file. Save your autocorrect file to somewhere else. nm
You can save the SH file in a text file and import to IT that way. sm
You may have to do some cleanup in the SH text file, but it sure would be faster than re-entering them all manually.
File taxes under the name on file w Social Security....
Name on W2 doesn't have to match, but your tax return has to match SS records. They don't want your marriage license or anything else. Did that for 13 years as instructed by IRS. Didn't have to change it with SS until state changed rules requiring drivers license to match SS records. Still use my maiden name in some limited circumstances.
Bad things? what bad things? people's being petty and small?
an .exe file is not a voice file
I'm no techie, but it sounds like they might've sent the wrong file by mistake. Or could it be a program you need for testing/working for them that they sent? What is the name of the file (if it is something you can say here)?
Microsoft Word.. The oold Word used to do this and I'm new to 2003 Word..nm
If everything is wonderful---
Why were you complaining???
That is just wonderful (sm)
No more waiting for months.  Congrats again!
How wonderful! Can I ask...

How did you go about this?  Are you a parent, and if so did you wait until kids were older?  Not trying to be nosy, but I have been thinking about this a lot.  My kids are still relatively young, but as they get closer to both being in school full-time, I have been thinking about going back to school and studying something in the healthcare field.  I think becoming a doctor is too far out of my reach, although in another lifetime, that would have been my dream.  But, maybe a PA, or some type of therapist, or a nuclear medicine tech? 

Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

How wonderful!
I got a wonderful new job! nm
We know, we know, you are wonderful at all you do!
How wonderful!
Happy mother's day!
That is wonderful
The hospital where I worked before going to MQ 10 years ago would always play it up big time. I miss that, but MQ has made a bit of a dent this year (well, I say a bit because I haven't won anything LOL). Food and a new reference book -- can't beat that!!! (well, um, maybe the Tiffany bracelet would :-)

That is wonderful. I love the doctors who seem as if they have a good personality and care about not only their patient's but also their transcriptionist. It is always nice to be recognized as a human being! Kudos to that doctor and keep up the good work Patti! You are obviously doing something very wonderful for them!
Oh, how wonderful! Thank you very much!