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Would you work for a co. that docked your paycheck for blanks?

Posted By: Dixierose on 2008-11-27
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Only a person who consistently leaves blanks because they are lazy should be docked.
Or maybe they should just be fired. The first place I ever worked docked us for errors that we should not have made. I was only docked a couple of times, and it was only a small amount, but it made me pay attention and be more careful, and I think it made be a better MT.
I work for Spheris, was docked by QA for typing 02/13/08 as a date SM
instead of 2/13/08 (dictator said "two" not " O two", and I read this garbage!!! Holy crap batman...
To get the paycheck I want, I work
5 days a week and I type 1500 lines per day. I am radiology and therefore this is easy to achieve and for the most part, I am done in less than 7 hours but I will put in 7 hours.
Nada! My work and paycheck are enough!
I cannot believe Amherst is still in business with the work they are throwing out filled with blanks

with tons of MTs on all these accounts they cant do well. Dont they have any amount of brains up there. Well what goes around comes around.

living paycheck to paycheck
Yeah, I feel your pain. I shop for as much groceries as possible in the Dollar Aisle at a local Kuhn's grocery store. Hopefully you have something like that around you.
Serious Poll: Paycheck-to-Paycheck

1.  Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck?  Defined:  Missing one paycheck would seriously harm your basic living (housing, food, utilities or necessary meds/medical care).

2.  If you lost your job today, without warning, do you think you could be employed again within 1 payperiod?

3.  Do you have an emergency fund in case a loss of job happens?

My answers:

1.  Missing 1 paycheck would hurt but not devastate me.  Mising 2 or more, yes - it could be dire.

2.  Yes, most definitely.

3.  Started one and slowly building it up.


We get docked by QA for not filling in the address
or carbon copies, EVEN if we've notated that we can't find it anywhere and leave a blank.  I have to look things up on the website, in a word document, anywho.com, and Google to fill in blanks.  The doctors mispronounce the names and don't spell them out.  It's a waste of time, and time is money when you work production.
I most certainly never docked an MT a single dime SM
for errors or blanks. That is completely insane (I know companies do it, and my hospital used to do it till I took the helm).
No, it is NOT the norm. You shouldn't be docked for that! QA
Is it normal to have pay docked for errors? . .sm
I have been working at this company for a couple of months and they just sent me an e-mail telling us that if a report has the wrong date of service or gets rejected by the client for any reason, they are taking it out of our pay. I agree that we should be accountable for our errors but some of these reports are 20 to 30 minutes long. If the doctor does not dictate a date of service, we cannot leave it blank. We have to put something in and send it to QA. I really liked this company until they started this. (I'm an employee not an IC.) I guess the reason I am so worried is because about half the time there is no date of service dictated and I have to guess and send it to QA. What if they don't correct it and send it with the incorrect date? I know I need to ask my employer this. I was just wondering if this was normal. Thanks!
I wouldn't take a position that docked for errors. We're all human, not infallible.
Mine was direct deposited yesterday, Wednesday.
I worked for them for about 7 months the first 5 with direct deposit was fine but the last couple where they mailed checks was bad!!! My last several checks were 2-3 weeks late. Several people have left here. The "captain" is crazy. You would not believe some of the crazy & nasty emails he sent me. I would definitely get out of here unless you like waiting 2-3 weeks for a check and then are not sure if it will clear. Yes I heard a few checks bounced. Sorry I could go on and on about this guy but I think I have said enough. Good luck to you.
first paycheck?
It usually takes a full billing cycle for direct deposit to get going in my experience.
Yeah the MTSO was responsible in that if they had payed her when it was agreed upon she could have paid her bills and wouldn't be in a financial bind. If you have your paycheck you can pay your bills. You work to pay bills, not for the heck of it. Yeah, you should have a cushion but they should pay on time. You think a sick child is an excuse you go pay a few doctor bills a see how much "cushion" you can keep in the bank. Don't judge people without knowing the circumstances. You don't know what is wrong with the child or how frequently they have to go to the doctor and it costs money not to mention the medicine. They have an agreed upon paydate and she has every right to be angry when she doesn't get her money. People work to pay bills. Alot of people don't have a big cushion in the bank.
No paycheck

I started with a company about three weeks ago, and here is the situation.  This is my first transcription job, so I think I was a little too eager to jump at the job offer when it was given to me.  They charge a "set up fee" of 100.00 that is taken out of the first paycheck.  I am only getting paid 5 cents/line, so I did not make that much more than the 100.00 (I think about 40.00).  The pay period ends on the last day of the month and checks are issued on the first of every month.  They do not offer direct deposit, so I have been waiting for the last nine days for my measly 40.00 check.  I really just want it to have documentation that I have paid the stupid set up fee (which I am embarrassed that I even agreed to).  I have emailed them 5 or 6 times with no response whatsoever.  They continue to send me work, and will (usually) answer questions regarding work, but NOTHING about my requests to see where my check is. 

I have since found a much better and higher paying position with another (wonderful) company, but I do not really want to put in my 2 weeks' notice until I have that check.  Any ideas??

definitely paycheck to paycheck sm

Losing even 1 would devastate me.

I am the only wage earner, and it is paycheck to paycheck.

There is nothing set aside to help, just in case.  But I definitely feel I could get another job almost immediately with my skills and experience.

It's a hard knocklife.

You will have paycheck on Monday 711/05
Why is it that the more desperately you need your paycheck,
the later the mailman is delivering?
Production is my paycheck
I work in 1 of my bedrooms with a big window facing the driveway. I have done this work for 30+ years. The office also has my husband's computer in it. I have absolutely no problem in keeping my mind on my work, the pay alone is the answer, no work, no pay and the more lines the better I feel when I get that check. I never see things I should do around the house because I have a housekeeper that comes every other week and takes care of things like that for me. Housework is about the last thing I want to do!!
whoever signs your paycheck
has the final say.

But, you might consider drawing up a "contract" that states the terms and conditions ... the dotor takes the ultimate responsibility ... your initials are only a reference ... and so forth. You sign it and they sign. Throw in a notary.

Not when your paycheck depends on it, it isn't.
No paycheck, need advice
I have worked for a company since April 21 of this year.  I began asking about my first paycheck around the beginning of May, because it was my understanding that I would be paid for what I worked in April on May 1.  After asking MANY times, one of my bosses (they are husband and wife) finally responded to me (saying that he had already responded many times) only when I stated that I would not continue to submit any more work until I got an explanation of where my paycheck was.  He told me that I had misunderstood when I was hired, and that I would be paid June 1st for the pay period of March 5 - April 29.  I decided (stupidly) to continue working, and the same thing has happened this month.  I have been given three different explanations as to when my paycheck was mailed.  Today, I finally stated, again, that I would not submit work until I received either the paycheck, or a faxed copy or emailed copy of something that proved that a check was issued and mailed to me.  He was very rude, and basically said, he would not do it, and I would be "shut off" from work.  The wife emailed me and said she did not want me to quit, and that the check had been resent the previous day.  I subsequently gave my two-weeks' notice, and stated that I would complete any and all assignments given in the next two weeks, but wanted to quite thereafter (which I have to do according to the contract I signed).  I live in CA, and the company is located in PA... and I already submitted a back-wage complaint online, but do not know what else to do.  I have read recently that other people have had this problem, and am in contact with someone else that works there currently, who has only received one paycheck, and has worked for them since January.  They also charge a "start up fee" of 100.00, so the check I am waiting on is only for 17.00!  It's not the money, It is the fact that I have worked very hard for 2 months and have not been paid!  He was also very rude and brought up personal things about myself and family in his emails.  ANY ADVICE is MUCH appreciated.  Thank you.
SoftScript paycheck late again?!!
Any other SS employees get their paycheck?  Mine is late again! And I have direct deposit- so sick of this.  Why do I stay!! aagghh
SS paycheck question for SS employees

This is my first check and it seems like they did not hold out taxes, does anyone know if you get a copy of a paycheck to see?????

I don't feel in control of my paycheck

For example, I start out on a roll, going along at a really good pace.. get half my production in a few hours, then all h - - -  breaks loose. Here comes the bad stuff...All of a sudden, its not about skill... its about detective work...hunting foreign referral doctors names and addresses, etc, many times I can't even understand what the name starts with. I have to search and search for what seems like hours just to get what might or might not be the right name!  OOPS...there goes that production. I'm at the mercy of my "pool". I have no control over that or the paycheck from that point on. Any suggestions?

Self-employed even worse getting paycheck
Bill three doctors at the end of the month, and still waiting two weeks later, sometimes three. I even stay up all night and do a 12h turnaround time. You'd think they would see I was paid in a reasonable amount of time!
Are there any deductions for taxes on your paycheck?
Affected my paycheck - a verb
Right, they want all this time off, yet you can bet they expect a FULL paycheck come payday! nm
don't worry, they'll catch it. Probably take it out of your next short paycheck.nm
Dear, I'm wondering if the economy has effected your paycheck...
something tells me it hasn't.
And should you not receive your final paycheck in a reasonable amount of time,

notify them that you will be filing complaints with the Department of Labor, the BBB, the FTC, the state attorney general's office, and small claims court.

As an IC you invoice the company, count your own lines, and receive a paycheck.
First Choice, JLG, QT Medical, Metro in Atlanta, just to name a few.

Most use SylCount or something similar. I used Abacus - free line counting software.

Can anyone out there clarify how a company penalizes for sending in a report to QA and how do you know if your company does that?  Thank you upfront!


Can anyone advise  how long an MT should spend researching an item as opposed to letting a blank? The company I work for is very reasonable about 1 blank per document etc. I was just wondering if there is a general rule.


Thanks for the opportunities this board offers to learn, vent and feel less isolated.

How many blanks in a day?
I am wondering if I am a good MT.  I am an IC that worked on the same account for 3-1/2 years and NEVER sent any blanks.  The doctors were great!  I lost that account and now my company has given me a new account for the past 2 days.  I think I have left at least a few blanks in EVERY single report I typed that had to go to editing...is this normal?  What are the average number of reports that most good MTs have to send to editing in a day?
With a new account, you are getting used to the dictators.

Go back and listen after you have typed the whole report and 9 times out of 10, you will hear what they are saying.
more on blanks
The specifics of how to mark a blank for QA vary from account to account, service to service, etc.

When I was a QAS, I really didn't want my MTs to put sounds like phrases in, for example:

____(s/l) bazaar or bizarre____

because it would often be something completely different. I prefer to approach the blanks I'm filling in as a QA person with an open mind. I read through the body of the whole report while filling blanks in order to make certain that the word I'm hearing fits the context of the report, but I prefer not to be told in advance what the word is.

Yeah, I like crossword puzzles too.... LOL!


Hello, I am having a very tough time with  blanks, especially with doctors who have accents.  I try listening really close to how they pronounce the word, but after listening for a good few minutes, I find I still have to leave a blank; this is so fustrating. Are they any tips to cracking blanks?

First question I ask -- are you a fairly new MT?  second question, do you have access to company IM?  I have worked in this busines many years and even those of use with experience have trouble with blanks at times  - I did a dictation today and the docs dog was in the background  -- one blank and really not bragging here but if I leave 3-4 blanks in a report it is because of horrid sound or terrible docs  -- this is really where a lot of newer MTs need to be able to have contact with someone who "has an ear"
First question I ask -- are you a fairly new MT?  second question, do you have access to company IM?  I have worked in this busines many years and even those of use with experience have trouble with blanks at times  - I did a dictation today and the docs dog was in the background  -- one blank and really not bragging here but if I leave 3-4 blanks in a report it is because of horrid sound or terrible docs  -- this is really where a lot of newer MTs need to be able to have contact with someone who "has an ear"
First question I ask -- are you a fairly new MT?  second question, do you have access to company IM?  I have worked in this busines many years and even those of use with experience have trouble with blanks at times  - I did a dictation today and the docs dog was in the background  -- one blank and really not bragging here but if I leave 3-4 blanks in a report it is because of horrid sound or terrible docs  -- this is really where a lot of newer MTs need to be able to have contact with someone who "has an ear"

Thank you all for the advice. It is much appreciated, and I will try the suggestions.
Realistically, 16 blanks they were able to get and you could not?
So you NEVER send anything in with blanks, or
Can you walk on water, too?
Blanks in a report
Are you serious? Are there really MTs that leave 20 or 30 blanks in a report? I feel bad about leaving a blank when the doctor dictates the wrong dosage or I cannot verify the dosage and decide it is better for QA to check it. Sometimes I leave a blank because the background noise is too loud for me to hear what the doctor is saying. The most blanks I have ever left were three during my first weeks as an MT. Now I know why my production has been low (because I researched). I am proud of my accuracy being at 99.97% to 100% and my reliability at 100%! Why is an MT allowed to leave that many blanks?
How can they predict how many blanks?

This annoys the heck out of me about some transcription companies.  How in the    world can they set a limit  of  one, two or three blanks per report?  That's   unrealistic.  What do they want us to do, make it up?  Well I sometimes wonder if that happens, or some things are just "skipped over".   It's tempting, but I haven't gotten to that point yet.    I don't care how long someone has transcribed, there are things you just cannot  hear, understand, or  find.  I'm finally working for a company that has no limit to blanks.  They have a great editing system.  I do a reasonable amount of research on terms I have not heard of.  But if I can't hear it....I CAN'T HEAR IT.  And don't even get me started on the subject of blanks in ESL dictation.   Even  the editors can't grasp a lot of it.  I used to spend LOTS of itme on blanks, but I've wised up now and let the editors figure it out if I can't get it after a minute or so of research. 

There is nothing wrong with a report going to the hospital with a blank.  If I were a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional, I would rather deal with a blank than incorrect information.  The doctor can fill in blanks when he signs the report. 

I leave blanks for even slightly unclear lab values.  I see when I review the QA'd report later that they have been filled in by the Editor and it amazes me that they could hear it clearly.  Unless they called the nursing station at the hospital and asked them to look it up....which of course does not happen

Maybe I'm too naive about it.  I could make a lot more money if I'd just ad lib and send it in.  But, I never have been a good liar. 

Definitely finish with blanks. nm
I think it is normal to have a lot of blanks when ...sm
you are learning an account. You have to learn the things the doctor says and get accustomed to it.