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Posted By: RADMT2 on 2008-08-13
In Reply to: you can use vonage, but there is an adapter you need to buy to make it work. - Amanda

What kind of adapter?  I have vonage but have to switch back and forth to connect lines.  Thanks for the info...

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I have a two way adapter that is plugged into the phone line. One goes from the adapter into the
router provided by the DSL company and the other goes from the adapter directly into the phone that I have connected.  The phone needs to be connected so I can re-record (which still works for me thankfully).  I was wondering if I unplug the phone line and plug that into the back of my computer if that would work but then I would have to have work call before faxing and change the hookup after which would be a royal pain.  If you can give me another way to hook this up it would make my life so much easier.  Thanks. 
Plug adapter into serial port, plug foot pedal into adapter,
plug adapter into USB port.  
I have seen them for sale on e-bay. They are fairly inexpensive. Do search under dictaphone.
I bought an adapter at Radio Shack which converts my foot pedal to a USB port - it is actually called a game port. It was relatively inexpensive - under 10 bucks.
Where did you get your adaptor? Do you know what it is called? Would Radio Shack have it?

that is your USB adapter....
plug it into your USB port.
ps2 adapter to USB? is there
such a thing, so i could plug my external keyboard into a laptop? and then would it work correctly?  Cannot find it using the search, but thought i saw once someone said their keyboard wouldn't work right with one?  thanks.
I use a Y adapter
Most keyboards now days come with an adapter in the box, but I have found they are of very poor quality. I use a PS2 Y-adapter, which allows you to plug a PS2 mouse in as well if you have one. I just use it for my keyboard, and leave the mouse tail empty. I have a HP laptop and have had no problems with this. I know Radio Shack carries these adapters and if you have an office supply store such as Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot around, they will have them too. Good Luck.
You need to get a PS2 to USB adapter. sm
I bought one that has converts 2 PS2 (keyboard and mouse)to USB.
Anyone know where to get an adapter for

c-phone headset so I can use my own earphones besides TVPS/Executive Communications? 

I checked Transcription Gear and didn't see anything.  I've googled and only checked a couple of pages but TVPS was all I could find and I prefer to buy from someone else. 

No some only have 1, but you can buy an adapter - sm
of sorts that plugs into your one USB and make it 2 or 4, whatever size you get, sort of like an electric power strip for more plugs. Your local Radio Shack would probably have it. I think my old Gateway only had 1, but my new computers each have 4, and my old laptop has only 1 but my new one has 2. I just got a USB 2.0 - 4 port hub for my laptop recently as I am having power issues with my USB ports on it. It is powered by electricity and give my laptop's USB more power since it is using external power to power the USB port. This "adapter" that I am using is different than what I mention above. It is more expensive (I only paid $20 but can go up to $80); and this powered port has 4 USB ports to it, so it gives me additional ports if I need them.
I checked the port after I read your message and it is not even a serial port.  It loked like it because I saw the type of pin that a serial port has.  I do not even have a serial port on my new computer so it looks like I am going to have to bite the bullet and get a USB foot pedal and fork out the money. Thanks all who responded.
Sorry I can't help with locating a pedal, my company provided mine.  As far as the adapter, I would avoid it.  The one I had caused a delay and I would have to hit the pedal 4-5 times each time I paused and wanted to start playing again.
Adapter for the 9-pin
I bought a laptop only to find that it does not have the 9-pin serial port. Apparently very few do these days as the serial port is obsolete according to some computer people I spoke to....so..I went on the search for an adapter for USB. I tried at least 4 that did not work including Radio Shack, Gear something or another, Belkin etc. Finally, I found a Dynex DB9 adapter at Best Buy for like $35 and it works like a champ. No issues or problems. The Belkin never worked at all and the Radio Shack one did just what the other person who replied said. It's worth a shot.  
USB adapter

USB adapter is serial on one end, USB on the other. Plug foot pedal into the serial side, and the USB side goes into the computer.

I bought one of these many years ago when I was working for Dictaphone.  I bought it at Radio Shack if you have them in your area or I suppose you could buy it at a computer store.  It is about 3 inches long and back then it was $5.  Tell them how many prongs you need to convert to for the port.
Headset adapter
I have a stethoscope style Dictaphone headset with a dual-prong plug in.  I no longer need to use my C-phone, but love my headset, so I am looking for an adapter to make the dual-prong a standard single-prong plug in.  Dictaphone of course does not sell such a thing.  Does anyone have one and if so, where did you get it from?  Thanks!! :)
Maybe there is some kind of an adapter you can buy??? sm
It seems kind of strange that your new computer would not have a serial port somewhere.  Mine are hidden on the front of mine and I did not know it for a long time.  Good luck. 
I also purchased an adapter...sm
Staples also carries these adapters. I had to convert to a USB port as my newer pc did not have the port I needed either.
edited to say should be adapter
I spelled adapter wrong. It HAS been a long day.
Would this adapter work?
I saw it on Ebay.
here is the site for the adapter you need
here is another link for adapter
ECS DB-9 (Serial) to USB Converter $18.00 with software


United States
(800) 644-9525
Fax: (888) 644-6979

you can call them and see if they have any recommendations regarding your situation as well. They are very helpful.
Do you know what kind of adapter?
All I saw were different modems and telephones?
Adapter for C-phone
I have one I will sell you for $15. (No longer using a C-phone.) I believe I paid about $30 (new) for this adapter (but cannot recall where I purchased it from).
Adapter for C-phone
Try DictationStore.com (Dictaphone, headsets). This adapter is available for $9.
I asked about an adapter the other day - sm
for a serial port foot pedal to still use on a computer with no serial port. I bought the Dynex adapter as recommended, loaded the software, etc. and have put in my 2 programs (one is Bytescribe, the other IKM platform).  The foot pedal will not work with either program now.  Is there another setting I need to change on my computer so my foot pedal will work?  Or do I just have to scrapt the adaptor and go spend another $50 for a 9-pin serial port card and install that in my computer (at this point I wish I had gone that route).  Or spend the next couple of hours on the phone with Dell trying to get this fixed (I'd rather not do that either).  TIA. 
Dynex adapter
Yes, I think I had to use like the COM 5 port or something in order for it to work.
If you end up not using the adapter, return it to
Yes, you can purchase an adapter just about anywhere
that sells computer accessories, such as Radio Shack, Best Buy, CompUSA (online only now), etc.
I have never had a problem with using an adapter.
But, if I remember right, there were some complaints about a certain brand some time ago. You might search the archives and see if you can find that discussion. Basically, if the adapter you purchase doesn't work to your liking, take it back and get another brand.
I use USB Serial Adapter.
I have a laptop with only USB, so when I had to go escription I got a 9-pin serial adapter (About $30 at radioshack 26-183 is the catalog number) and plugged a serial (9-pin) foot pedal into it. I will also note that the 9-pin foot pedal will work with any of the other programs I have ever used, so I don't have 2 foot pedals on my computer.
Yes. I got my adapter from Circuit City.
There may be other places where you can get an adapter.  Try Radioshack also. 
is it a game port adapter?
If it is, you may have to click on "gameport" on Express Scribe
foot pedal w/adapter help
I bought a USB adapter for my foot pedal that was a 15 pin serial because that port was in use. I cannot get it configured. I used Express scribe help, installed the gameport 2 axel/4 button one. Attempted to use the foot pedal wizard with Expresscribe. The adapter did not come with drivers, but I got some off the internet. My computer says the the device is working. What am I missing here?
I use DVI too and got an adapter at Radio Shack
for about 17.00.  You can check in-store stock on-line to see if a local store may have one. 
Do you mean the power plug in adapter? nm
eScription adapter problems...

 What is the Dynex adapter part number.

Will send hubby to Best Buy to get one.

Dictaphone headset adapter
Dictation Warehouse has an adapter for the Dictaphone double-pronged headset wire.  I bought one not too long ago. 
Earphone adapter for C-phone

I know this has probably been asked before but I did not find much info. I need a two prong adapter for the C-phone. Does anybody knows where to get that? Does Radio Schack has those? I was used to regular earphones and know I am having to use a C-phone.

Any help is appreciated.

I have only found 1 adapter that has worked..
and I tried like 3 before I found the Dynex brand. I believe you can buy them at Best Buy online or in the store for like $30+. I actually went on ebay and got mine for about $10 I think. I tried Radio Shack, Belkin, Game something or nother and none worked but this one. I also had bought a new laptop so I could work while I traveled and not have to take my portable desktop/monitor and found out the same thing. Most new machines do not have this port anymore. If your on the Escription platform, they are supposed to come out with a new version soon that is supposed to be USB-based. We can only hope.
You can use your pedal....but you need the dictahone adapter

I used to work with Dictaphone's TransNet and I had a regular wav pedal but I needed the Dictaphone adapter to get my pedal to play. 

AC adapter for D-Light digital transcriber?
I have an old D-Light machine that I need to put back into use. Have misplaced the AC adapter. Does anyone know what type of AC adapter it uses?

Circuit City has a short adapter that goes
so you can continue to use your serial pedal. That is how I work mine. The adapter will come with a CD that you install before plugging your adapter into the computer (USB end). Good luck. E mail if you have questions.
If they have a 3.5mm plug, you can get an adapter to go to 2-prong C-phone.
USB pedal can be used, but you'll need the Dictaphone adapter for it.
So hooking the 9-pin to a USB adapter will still allow it to work with Escription?
That was my only concern.  I knew about adapters but didn't know if the pedal would still be compatible with Escription.  I know my USB pedal is not and my employer had to send me a 9-pin pedal. 
I've found an adapter that has the 2-prongs
and then you plug your headphones into the other end, just didn't want to buy them from TVPS. 
If you can use a 15-pin foot pedal with an adapter with Transnet
Account says they use an IN-BMG (15-pin) foot pedal with a USB adapter. Can you also use a 9-pin with an adapter? Account manager wasn't sure. I really hate to buy another foot pedal for a new account if I don't have to. Does anyone at all know if this will work?

somebody used to make a dictatphone-to-straight adapter
I can't remember who it was, but some tech guy used to actually make them himself and sell them for under $20 or so.
I don't know about an adapter. Check Radio Shack as they
do have other types of adapters and may have something that will work for you.