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and that works?

Posted By: ex-MQer on 2008-08-14
In Reply to: I use MagicJack & it works great. nm - Jadie

I've been hearing the MagicJack is kinda sketchy, any problems with using it with a c-phone?

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Full Word is in the Works "Suite," not plain Works.
Works saves files in a different format, but you can open them in Word if you have the correct filter installed.
RIGHT!!! Someone who works 16 hours and someone who works 60 will have a HUGE difference. NM
Emdat works with Instant Text Por V - ony version that works with Emdat - nm
Shorthand works with every program, it works outside the program you use, does not interfere.
this works at least for
fire ants, probably for most any I would think.  Just sprinked around some QUICK grits, (not the slow cooking kind).  What happens is the worker ants take the grits to the queen, she eats the grits and blows up; usually the ants move on....I had to do this several times over the years and have never been disappointed.  Good luck to you. 
Maybe she works because she needs to
not because she thinks the transcription world can't make it without her. That's what I do. I do occasionally take a day off (very occasionally, but I work lots of weekends and lots of holidays because, simply put, it pays the bills and puts food on the table.
They want you to know something is in the works.
Here's how ASR works

ASR is NOT more production than when we were just doing MT work before. I like ASR because it is a variation in muscles used, NOT because of productivity. I have gone DOWN 10% in overall production since the induction of DEP/ASR. They say I have gone up 50%. It is not short to explain but I will try to brief it- They are taking a 1 week period from this summer and comparing the production of your MT against your ME work for that week. This does NOT show what your production has increased since you are an ME. An account with ASR puts all the well spoken dictators on ASR and leaves the more inaudible speakers on transcription. If they were to take production from the yearly quarter before DEP/ASR started and compare it to the most current quarter completed - That would be more accurate. This is another set up for failure or a carefully concocted tactic for MQ to make us think our production is going up!

DD only works
if the company you work for offers it, though. What's even worse than a late mailman is the idiot at headquarters who didn't mail the check on time.
I have Word 2003 that came with MS Works.  I use the Word count with spaces and divide by 65.  Mine has a count with spaces and one without.  Is this not what you mean?
Don't do it. No one really works that way
anymore if they are legit. I would really doubt this. Lines is what most of us work by. You can do lots by bytes to hide things. Years ago they had an article in AAMT when I used to read it about just this very thing. I don't know if you can find someone with an issue of it or not. I have no idea when I saw it but it was an interesting article comparing how our work is measured. This one was the last one that they would recommend.
works better for me than others..
Cymbalta has a more subtle affect than others. I take it in combination with Welbutrin and have been on this combination for about six months... I was on Celexa before that, which was horrible. Weight gain and unobtainable orgasm with that one...I seem less overwhelmed on my current combination, also with Xanax for STAT relief.
My kid works at

My kid works at Burger King for a part-time job while in college.  Been there since he turned 15, so almost six years now.  If he could talk to you, he would tell you to work any place but there.  Yes, they start you off at $6.50 to $7.00 per hour and guarantee four raises the first year; however, after six years, he is now making $7.95 an hour (with excellent evaluations).  Get ready to work Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc.  Get ready to be dumped on by lazy managers who don't want to do their job and can make you do their job for them.  Get ready to have customers curse you because another employee screwed up your order.  Get ready to have cameras watching your every move.  Get ready to clean toilets after filthy customers who don't care if they trash the restroom stall.  Get ready to mop floors several times per shift.  Get ready to come home stinking to high heaven because of the grease, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc, that is all over your uniforms.  And, before I forget, get ready to do laundry on those greasy uniforms every day because you only qualify for one uniform the first thirty days.

Give up medical transcription?  Never -- even though the doctors never say, "Thank you for a job well done."  I'll take the deadlines, the stress, the competition and the back pain if for no other benefit than the fact that I still smell good after I finish my shift.    Don't forget the extra pounds you'll get at Burger King -- I do believe just inhaling that stuff puts on the pounds. 

It works for me

See, I don't have enough expenses/deductions to qualify to itemize on my income tax.  When you are an IC, your tax burden may be less because you can offset it with home office space, books, software, hardware, etc.  Maybe you own your own house and/or have children to claim on your taxes.  Maybe you are married and have a supplement income (all thes things are none of my business, just listing things   ) 

Anyway, my point is this:  If I need an appendectomy tomorrow and need 6 weeks off, since I don't have anyone to support me and I don't have any savings, then PTO, STD and LTD covers my income so I can recover without worrying about losing income or possessions.

It's all different strokes for different folks.  See, I also just started with this company a few months ago.  On my last job after 5 years, I was making more than $50,000 as I did MT and worked as a certified coder for a hospial also.  My income always goes up each year after I start new accounts 

here's how it works
You have to have high-speed internet to use Vonage, either cable modem or DSL through your phone line.  Vonage sends you a router box which connects to your internet and then you can hook up a phone line in the back of it so that your calls are being made essentially over the internet instead of the traditional method, so I plug my C-phone phone cord into the Vonage box and use it for calling to access dictation.  This is my home office, but out in other places in my house I have my regular phones connected to the jacks in the wall and just use the same number I've always had for regular calls.  I keep the 2 lines because I couldn't get a local phone number with Vonage.  However, in a lot of areas your phone number will transfer and you can eliminate your regular phone bill all together if you just want to use the Vonage phone service, but it's your choice.  Hope that made sense.
What works for me.....
I type approximately 1800 to 2000 lines a day. I heavily use my Autocorrect in Word and start off with a saved template which has all the general headings that my ortho doc uses. Then, I just basically fill in the blanks!
what works for me---
I ask them to once. then, I sit back and wait awhile, usually a couple of days. I don't nag, I don't complain, I don't bitch and moan- I've found it to be a waste of time & energy-- I jump right into stark raving crazy, to the point that they worry about my sanity and the safety of their body parts --works every time ;) (you'll probably need to use that technique only once tho')
What works for me
I will try to explain this stretch as best I can as I am not finding a picture of it. I was told that the reason I have this chronic pain is because I spend my days with my shoulders turned in a little (while typing). I was told the best way to fix this is to do the opposite sort of stretch which is stand in a doorway and put each hand on the sides of the frame about shoulder height, then lean forward and hold. I do this a few times a day and I swear it has been a miracle for me. I was also told to stand and raise both arms straight above my head and then gently lean backward - I can't do this very far yet but I am getting more flexible all the time. Hope this helps at least one person!
What works best for me is
to listen to the relaxing tapes of rain and the ocean and etc. I have tried sleeping pills for years and nothing has ever really worked, but this is the best for me.
What works for me is..
melatonin and 5-HTP.  I take one tablet of each at bedtime and sleep like a lamb.  I used to take a Benadryl tablet each night which also worked but then you have a slight "hangover".  Also, although it's not habit forming, I wasn't comfortable with the idea.  The melatonin and 5-HTP really help with sleep and lower anxiety, as well.  They can be purchased at health food stores, but I got mine on ebay for a very good price.  My husband and I both notice nothing but a positive effect.  Good luck!
You tell her. That's what I did, and it works. (sm)
You mothers of boys, heed this.  My DIL once told me she was amazed that my son could take care of himself, even knew how to run the washing machine.    True story. 
Here's how it works...

I've never heard such a thing. 

Once a person gets their real estate license, they are free to work for any Realtor they choose and for any Realtor who is willing to take them on.  The catch is like starting out in any field, they are a newbie,so they can expect to work their behinds off - try to sell houses 24/7 - and make a pittance of a commission split until they get experience (experience  = # of house sales) under their belt, at which time their commission split increases.

Here's an example of how it would work:

Newbie Sue goes to work for Coldwell Banker selling homes.  She lists a home for $300,000.00 at 6% commission, and an agent from ABC Realty finds the buyer and sells it.  Total commission is $18,000.00.   (Note:  This is why it's important that you concentrate on listing instead of running all over town with buyers.  When you get a listing and when/if it sells, you are guaranteed a commission - this is not the case when working with buyers as buyers are very fickle and not loyal to agents AT ALL!)  Anyway....

ABC Realty and their agent get half of the commission - 3% - or $9K - half of the total $18K total commission - and that 3% is split between ABC Realty and the agent, according to their agreement.

Let's say Newbie Sue and Coldwell Banker agree that because she is new with not much experience under her belt and because the Realtor will be basically baby sitting her in her dealings/closings/open houses for a few months until she gets the hang of everything involved, plus pay for all of her home advertising, etc., she will get a 30 percent cut, so Coldwell Banker's split is 9K, and 30 percent of that goes to Newbie Sue or $2,700.00, with Coldwell Banker getting the remainder.

If Newbie Sue lists AND sells the home (finds her own buyer) then she and her realtor get the whole cut of the pie -$18K, and then they split that according to their agreemtn splint - in this case 30% or $5,400.00 would go to  Newbie Sue,with the remainder going to her Realtor, Coldwell Banker.  This is called a double whammy - the listing agent gets the whole commission pie, but double whammys don't happen that often.  Anyway, that's why it's important to get as many sales as you can under your belt because your split with your Realtor will be higher; i.e 75% perhaps. 

If a real estate agent goes to work for an operatoin like Re-Max, they get the whole piece of the pie when the house sells; however, they have to pay "rent" to ReMax for their office space plus pick up the entire tab for all their newspaper/magazine advertising, which is FAR from cheap, so that's why when one goes to work for a Re-Max Agency, one had better know what they're doing or the cost of doing business will sink their ship real fast (unless they have a deep reserve.)

Hope this makes sense....



it works for me
For autocorrect I click Alt+T and then A. Its a very fast habit to pick up. And you can do Control+F9 to insert markers and then use Fll to jump to each marker. Works with my Word version.
What works for me
I don't need to look at account specs every single time, just a refresher about a couple of items usually.

I made a table on a Word document with the most important aspects for all accounts then listed information to refresh my memory for each account in a column. I left a few columns blank for any additional accounts I gain later.

Then, I printed it off, and took it to Kinko's and had it blown up to just below a poster size.

It is hanging right next to my desk and I just need to glance at it (not even turn my head) to see if this account uses patient names or if that account uses special headings, etc.

No books. No taking my hands off the keyboard. Just a "tickler" file on the wall!

Works for me
I got my Bachelor's degree right out of high school and worked my way into management positions with a company that manufactured ultrasound equipment, and later on a large public home health agency and after that, a hospital. I made good money, got very good benefits, and also spent my (long) days dealing with very stressful situations and unhappy people. Now I have a family and have no desire whatsoever to go back to that. As an MT I am making less money, with fewer benefits, but I truly enjoy what I do. There are tradeoffs in everything. I have a flexible schedule, am here for my kids, and have very little on-the-job stress. The trade offs are worth it for me. I'm glad I went into MT and I'm not going to waste my energy worrying about whether MT is going down the tubes. They were saying that 17 years ago when I was hiring MTs, and there are still plenty of jobs available.
I just tried what you said! It works! Thanks! nm
this works the other way, too...
Nothing against Ms. Couric personally, but...

I have confidence in Bob S from CBS, and I think they are making a huge mistake just handing over such an important job to a celebrity. Bob S has worked hard in his position and is THE reason more people are actually tuning in to CBS...

Frankly, I watch the news to hear about the news, I do not watch the news to see/hear about Katie Couric, or celebrities. She is another control freak, admittedly, and too neurotic-feeling, and I will be surprised if she has the wisdom and partiality people like Bob S, or Tom Brokaw, or Elizabeth Vargas, or any of the established journalists have.

Sad day for journalism; yet, I could say sad decade for the genre as it has deteriorated from news reporting to celebrity...

Just my humble opinion...
What works for me is this:
There is nearly always SOMETHING you can eat no matter where you go, but you might have to pick it apart a little. I see what is offered and go as low carb as I can. I do not make a big deal about it and never bring my own food. Most people are not even aware I am on low carb. I avoid all bread at these things and never eat anything I know has sugar in it. If it is the holidays and I know there will be plenty of special dishes there I eat very low carb for a few days before and a few days after and do try a few bites of things I love. You might find yourself not able to eat more than a few bites of that yummy chocolate cake anyway because you will not be used to all that pure sugar and will feel satisfied after a few bites. That is what I have found anyway. I try very hard not to "go off the lifestyle" because it makes me feel unwell when I eat lots of carbs now, especially refined products. Hope this helps! :-)
I believe that is how it works

I use Express Scribe and when I rewind you hear the voice (in a fast speed) or on fast forward. If you need to get back to the beginning or end you can use their hot keys so you don't' have to listen to anything or you can use the slider bar to put it at about the position you want to start playing the voice file and not have to listen to any sound by doing this.

What works with what

Trying to get out from under these excessive charges. I would like to know what I really need. Was told needed land phone in order to use internet. I have fast DSL and want to keep that, have router, land phone, wireless. I was using the internet for transcription but now am going to Word platform, still want to have the internet fast enough so will not feel like treading molasses. Thanks

Works For Me
I was just there.
IC works best 4 me
I have been in MT for 25 years and I have done both, but I am a free spirit and I find that with being an employee, I am tied to "hours and minimum lines". As an IC, I can only be held accountable if I have committed a minimum number of lines per day but I have the entire day to decide when to work. After having that kind of freedom, working as an employee is a huge change and one that I was unable to make. I was not happy as an employee because I don't like being made to work certain hours, days, holidays, etc. I think it just depends on the individual...and I know I am a free spirit and need to be able to come and go as I please. Good luck in your decision. It is a toughee.
because it works for them.

People do what works. Sometimes, underneath it all, the competent, sane person likes comparing herself to the sick, weak person -- because that's where she gets her sense of competence and sanity. Then sometimes she won't leave because then the "sick" one would have to stand on their own two feet and prove the "healthy" one was irreplaceable. Sometimes the healthy one even helps keep the sick one sick... what do you think enabling is all about. Then again... maybe the sex is great!

You just never know what is going on in other people's heads. Might just as well focus on what's going on in your own. Should be enough to keep ya busy, ya think?

Hey kps - whatever works for you! sm
I used to work those long days. More power to ya - keep it up!
Just not the way it works
No, we are the specialists, who understand them, no matter what.  They are not taught how to dictate, just told they must. It is our job to put up with it.  If we can, we make the big bucks.  If not, we go back to being typists somewhere else.  It is our JOB to understand them, through the slurring, chewing, coughing, etc.  That is an MT.
It works!
Thanks for the help, got rid of all the excess did not need.
she works as an IC
Her advice is to be an IC. As an IC, she has her own taxes, etc., to deal with and does not get employee benefits. That is why she can charge more per line.
What works for me -
I stretch before and after work on mat. I take very short breaks during the day, but not much because I want to actually finish and be done with work. I exercise 5 days a week and walk 8 miles on the weekends at a good clip. Every week for 5 years I have also gotten a 30-minute massage. I try to stay very active since doing this job is nearly like sitting in a wheelchair half the day!
That works sometimes but..
I have had the experiences listed above as an IC too with different companies.
Here's how it works...
If you get insurance within the 63-day period, they have to cover your pre-existing medical issues, but say.. your insurance ended on August 31 and you didn't get your new insurance until October 1. You will technically will have missed one months' coverage so say..actually your pre-existing will be covered on November 1 as you will only have 11 months of creditable coverage. In essence though if you plan to have no gap at all in coverage, you'll be fine. Once the new insurance goes into effect, your covered..It's the people who say quit a job and dont get new insurance for like 90 days that will get hit with the 12-month waiting period. Hope I explained it okay. If you any specifics you wanted to ask, you can also email me.
When I used one that is how it works, hence the name - sm
Start/Stop. Yes, not the norm. Plus I did not like the Emdat platform as well, too much to do just to set up your report.
This works!!
JoJo, I've been trying to find this information for 2 weeks and just noticed your question and the answers. I really appreciate your post and the followups as well! I went to Settings, Playback, and adjusted the Auto Backstep on Stop to just under 2000. It works!!
MS Works
Found this on the internet. Thought it might be helpful? Good luck!


This works well for me....sm
I am currently being paid by this method and I am very, very satisfied.  I have compared this method versus a 65-character line and being paid by this method equals more than the 65-character line on every report that I compared.  I am making more money this way.  In no way do I feel I am being ripped off.  It is working more to my advantage.
Unless you have two versions of Word, just having Works should not be an issue. I have Works on all my computers. There is a difference in Works and a Works Suite (which includes Word). I use Word 2002 on one computer that came with Works Suite. I have Office Small Business on this computer including Word 2003, but I still have Works that came loaded on the computer and so far have had no conflicts using both programs.
Nothing works.
I am so frustrated.  Nothing seems to work.  When I download the converter, does not convert dss files for me.  When I download ES either version, I get the same thing.  I have no idea what is wrong.  I just updated to XP.  Everything worked fine before that.  Someone on another forum posted essetup.exe but the link did not come across.  If anyone has this can you PLEASE!! send it to me.  I would much appreciate it. 
Thanks that works!!! (nm)
works for me too

Been 13 years for me and I tend to get bored doing the same thing - and I really have an interest in medical things -  so now work for 3 different companies  -  keeps me going. I often think of doing something else (paralegal? medical writer?) and maybe I will - but right now this is what keeps the money coming in.  

Don't know about ST, but IT works with it (nm)
Not really sure how it works
I think that you type on standard keyboard and somehow it emboses/prints out the Braille characters on the finished product. Was looking at our state college website at some classes offered over the internet and saw this one, haven't really checked into it yet, but sounded interesting to me too.
Hey, at least yours works!

Guys with jobs are a whole different ballgame, and at least are contributing money.  With the useless oaf I've got, I don't care if I get busted or not!  In fact, I'd happily print this out and stick it under his nose!  What's he going to do, pout?  Good, maybe then he'll shut up and let me work! 

Ha!  Let him leave me and go to that utopian place where nobody will ever ask him to lift a finger and will provide his every need!   My "punishment" would be having oodles of money I currently spend on his food and entertainment, and having oodles of time I currently spend cleaning up after him or working late to make up for his endless interruptions.  I dare him to bust me, get huffy and leave!  Maybe I'd be lonely without this heathen, but I'd have plenty of time and money to console me (until reality kicks him in the teeth and his "baby I miss you" phone calls begin - with luck I can change my address and phone number first).  Then let him  while I  

Is there anyone who works for

social work departments, foster homes, children's protective services....and NOT a typical hospital or dr office or national company?

If so, how do you find those jobs. 

I have a degree in Family Studies, with a minor in Substance Abuse Education...and I am finishing up school and would love to combine my BS degree with my new career choice as an MT...