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Magic Jack is not unlimited forever

Posted By: Judy on 2009-05-02
In Reply to: and that works? - ex-MQer

The fine print on my Magic Jack indicates that if I use it for more than 20 percent more than the average person (whatever that means), they may discontinue my service.  I am not familiar with the MT jobs that require unlimited phone service or the C-phone, but I imagine that those minutes would add up rather fast.

As far as using the Magic Jack for long-distance calls to family and friends, it seems to work great.  It just doesn't seem like a good choice for MT work, IMHO.

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Magic Jack

I have seen several posts on the board about using Magic Jack with a C-phone etc, however, would like to find out more about it regarding voice quality etc.  I have both a wireless setup as well as an air card from Sprint and talked to the Sprint rep last night about using Magic Jack with my air card and he said that because my connection speeds are extreemely good, he did not foresee any problems.  I also talked to a "tekky" friend of mine in Las Vegas and he said that he has a client who loves it, but in reading the reviews, I have seen both good and bad about it.  I wouldn't at this time need it for work, but just more as a "home phone line".  Any information would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks

Does anyone who uses the Magic Jack (sm)
Suddenly today, Saturday, have the foot pedal not work?  This is the first time I have ever had this problem and I am wondering if it is systemic today - and hopefully everything will be OK.  Any advise please.  This was only phone option I had for LDS and its pretty scary not to be able to work with it today.  Thanks for any advise or comments.
Magic Jack - sm
I had to send mine back the first day I tried it. I could not get the foot pedal for my Lanier to work with it. I was very disappointed, as it would have saved a lot of money. Hope it was just your system.
not wanting to work?? I've had Majic for for a while now and never had a problem with my footpedal til now.  I'm on my second C-phone and still footpedal problems? 
Magic Jack
I was thinking about this once as well but I went online and read reviews and after that, I was not convinced it was a very good idea because of some of the glitches they need to fix. I can't remember all the details but it would behoove you to read the reviews first. Good luck!
Magic Jack
I have read previous comments about Magic Jack and was wondering if there were any more recent experiences about using Magic Jack with a C-phone. Vonage wants to up my plan to business because of the amount of time I am using it and then with all the fees tacked on, I'm looking at at least $55 a month for a business plan up from $35. I would rather use Magic Jack if I can see other transcriptionists are happy with it. Please post if you don't mind. Thank you!

magic jack
I have Magic Jack and it works flawlessly as a phone.  Would it work with transcription?  I only have a cell phone and the Magic Jack line. 
Magic Jack
No Magic Jack does not work with the C-phone's foot pedal.  You can make calls with the C-phone but when you use the pedal it does not work.
Anyone using Magic Jack with their C-phone?
It's a Magic Jack problem
I've used Magic Jack for about a month now and the problem with the foot pedal just started Sunday. But it's not a C-phone problem.

If they ever get that fixed, it really is a great deal for unlimited long distance (ULD). I did discover, however, that the quality and steadiness of the phone connection is MUCH better if you're connected to the internet with a cable rather than wireless. I had some frustrating problems with voice skipping, etc, when I had it on wireless.

If anyone is interested, voip.com has long distance at $19.95 a month for 10,000 minutes (an average working month is about 10,080). They also have the option of $199.00 a year which saves you about $3.50 a month. I connected it up yesterday. It's a 4 x 2 inch black box that connects via an ethernet cable to an extra port in your modem, and then you plug the C-phone and a power cord into the black box also. It doesn't connect directly to your desktop or laptop at all. I was very pleased with the quality - a strong, steady connection, absolutely no background noise, no skipping or stuttering on the C-phone.

And, no, I'm not a salesperson for Voip.com nor do I make any money from recommending them! ULD for transcriptionists has been a problem for a long time, and I've tried Vonage, Magic Jack, and voip.com, so voip.com solves the problem of price and quality for me (cross your fingers and knock on wood).

Below posters you are all right.  This weekend, the MJ stopped working with the foot pedal across the board.  We had 5 MT in our company and same thing happened to everyone.  It has not worked since.  You can't get an answer from the live tech either.  So, anyone thinking of trying this with a C-phone - don't.  I have been using mine perfectly - and loved it!!! - for many months now.  I'm very disappointed but I wanted to pass this along for others.  I guess it was too good to be true for awhile.....


Someone mentioned VOIP below but with limited minutes.  Anyone set up with them for unlimited business plan - is is truly unlimited - and did you like it?  Appreciate your input.

Magic Jack - is it reliable? SM

I have seen discussions about this on these boards and I was wondering just how reliable is it.  I currently have Vonage which is costing me 30 bucks a month.  I've heard a lot about Magic Jack and unlimited long distance and it would save me a bundle in the long run; however, I don't want to ditch Vonage because it works great.

Mind you, I don't use my Vonage line for transcribing.  It is strictly my business/personal telephone voice calls only.  I found there is a lag when using my C-phone with Vonage that drives me nuts.  I have DSL through the local phone company and so have an analog phone line through them.  That is the phone line I use for my fax machine, transcribing, etc. 

I'm looking for a way to trim some of the fat off my home office budget.  I need/want two phone lines period.  I won't have it any other way.  I didn't sign a new cell phone contract in lieu of a prepaid cell phone.  At this point, I have a new job with a hospital and I won't need to be using a C-phone.  Everything is digital and through the PC. 

So here's the short answer - is Magic Jack reliable and functional?

Magic Jack update

Had anyone found out any more about whether Magic Jack will work with a c-phone?  Or any other way to use the c-phone from either a cell phone service or internet service instead of a land line?  Will the Dock-N-Talk work with a c-phone?  Thanks in advance for any input!


Needing info on Magic Jack
show commercial break. It says 19.95 to buy, plug it into the computer, and plug a phone into it. Then just 19.95 a year and unlimited calling, voicemail, etc. This looks almost too good to be true. I checked on some different consumer reports and it got a good rating. I am thinking of trying it, but would like to hear from somebody that has tried it already.
Magic Jack with Lanier Voicewriter? sm
I've read posts stating C-phones possibly work with Magic Jack. However, has anyone successfully used Magic Jack with a Lanier Voicewriter, or has anyone tried that? TIA
Could not get Magic Jack to work with C-phone
I tried it on two different accounts,and there was too much skipping or dead air to use it. I ended up sending back the Magic Jack before free trial was over. Our internet tends to run a little slow sometimes so it may depend on how reliably fast your connection is. But as I said, I tried on two accounts and it would not work well enough on either, so it was definitely my internet connection that was the problem.
Their unlimited plans aren't really unlimited, which is

the problem.  Their limit is 5000 minutes and if you work full-time you'll need approximately 10,000 minutes. 

There have been several people who have received enormous bills from AT&T because they deemed their use as inappropriate. 

I have been doing this forever as well, but
never thought to work toward a half daily goal. I work in 2 hour increments in that same manner, but find that in the morning that first 2 hour break comes too soon. I don't know why I didn't think to try a 1/2 day goal, other than after doing this forever I may be "stuck in a rut." By the way, great post!
YES!! always and forever LOL nm
the same jobs in the USA forever!! nm
Mel Gibson. Forever.
No way! It took me forever to figure out how to get - sm
my DOS Smartype to work (MTSO still uses WP 5.1), couldn't imagine the nightmare of figuring that all out all over again. Every Windows has had tons of bugs, I'd rather wait 2 years until they are all worked out, plus it will cost a lot less then probably. I plan to avoid it all together if I can.
Yes you can, took me forever to figure it out - sm
but I have my WP5.1 and Smartype on mine. Had to change a few things in a couple files and change a BIOS USB setting, but works great. PRD will work to, go to the Columbia website and they have it all mapped out there how to do it. You just have to do about 3-4 things and it will work.
Nothing is forever....see message
But it's better to go from good to bad than from bad to worse!
It SHOULD TAKE FOREVER if the person is doing nothing but AMERICAN


CONSIDER THIS:  Your source and your manager don't like you and are going to let you stew by feeding you information about this Indian person doing all the easy work and letting you pick up the crummy work done by Indian dictators.  And as long as you keep doing this, they have no motivation to change and the Indian MT walks away with your money. 

Have a nice day indeed.  Sounds like you have had a rotten couple of months and you are wasting your have a nice day on me.  I'm doing great dictation, picked up a huge bonus this pay period.  Don't waste wishing nice days on me.   I make my own thank you.

got it, DUH. havent typed a Pap in forever.
It should work, I have Smartype for DOS, took me forever to - sm
figure it out (tried on and off for a year) but finally got it to work. The Columbia University site has wonderful info. on how to get the DOS programs to work with XP. In the end all I had to do was change a USB setting and my Smartype works fine with my WP5.1; and my systems settings/BIOS have not been compromised because of it. I have PRD too (not on disk though) but have not tried getting it to work but I am sure it is something similar in getting it to work.
Little girls that age have been saying this forever. Don't worry! nm
DH has been in car business forever, He says NEVER lease a car.
I am a Toyota girl!!! Forever!
GuildFTP used to be free. I have been using it forever now. nm
I have not picked up a book in forever
I go to the Internet for everything I need to know. Keep in mind that you need to find reference sites that are legit, then the Internet is the way to go. In fact, my books are packed in a box and I have no clue where that box is. The exception to that is my Book of Style, and it is a rare use item, as well.
Fat can be lost but ugly is forever. It must suck
I'm totally avoiding the mall...FOREVER

People are crazy this time of year.  Hello chronic anxiety.

Mick and the Stones are forever, wrinkly or not! :) nm

Hello everyone,

I have finally quit medical transription once and for all.  It has been a roller coaster for the last eight years.  I finally found something that is so much better.  I will be making my own hours and deciding exactly how much money I want to make.  I got so tired of begging for enough work.  I was tired of seeing everything going to India.  I also got tired of making less and less money.  This is the only industry where you have to have more and more experience and knowledge, but you do not get paid more for it.  I am just happy that I found an out for myself.  Now, with EMRs there will be very little transcription work left.  I hope the best for all of you!

Take care



Aw, thanks. I've been in the biz forEVER and in order to learn, you HAVE to be priased...
I know some QA who never do anythnig constructively but for one to learn, you cannot beat them into submission like the Marines do. I had an MT one time who was on 100% review for 6 months. The other QA would complain but I would say to her, 'Fran, you are doing a great job, but you need to remember that it is venous stasis not venoustasis' (not her real name and not a word she necessarily missed) She learned it because I didnt say it nasty. I've had more than my share of bad QA and thats why I know you have to be praised at some point. It is just easier for me to try to help. Kind of like first grade, ya know - if you have a good first grade teacher, you have a desire to learn. If you have a QA that cares, then it is easier for everyone.

Happy New Year and hopefully good QAs all aound!
Ditto, doing 23 minutes of a Dr. I hate right now.....taking forever....well back to it - nm
The post wasn't meant to be posted forever. Most visitors know by now.
I use Stainless Steel Magic which you can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depo. You have to be so careful not to use any product that will cause streaking. You must never use like a wet rag or anything, or windex, so this spray product and also the wipes that they make are really the safest. Do a fairly small area at a time and wipe it off with a soft cloth, then buff. It will look like a picture in a magazine. It's the last thing I do before company comes, and it looks great, but not for long! I also use their countertop magic and cabinet magic. The cans are like $5.00 each and last forever.
No magic in VR
I lost an account to a radiology group and they have been trickling back. Any VR program that is only 4K can't be very good. These guys to which I refer must have spent 100K on their program.
No magic with MM (sm)
It is HORRIBLE. I am so stressed out from trying to get a decent line count. I know how you feel. I have never worked on a platform worse than this.

The last time I ate at Jack in the Box

 I got the 24 hour flu, diarrhea, dry mouth, nausea the whole thing.  My body could not wait to get that stuff out of me.  Working at home, I always prepare meals, and eat healthy, have a fruit smoothie maker, and a veggie juicer, and can afford the time it takes to prepare these things since its convenient.  But about two weeks ago, I was out and about and thought hmm, a nice greasy hamburger sounds good, (mom calls them "loogie" burgers)  so I got a number 2 and number 4 at Jack in the Box, gobbled it down, sick the next day. 

I also got food poisening from a local chinese food place a few years ago, that is THE most violent illness (anybody have the misfortune to experience this?).  I didnt feel right immediately after I got the last bite of lemon chicken down, sort of weak, later that night my stomach gurgled like it was trying to jump out of my body, intestinal stuff went on, diarrhea, fever the next morning, couldnt move.  I felt that chicken map its way through my entire system.  I was so hungry, that I didnt take the time to notice it was gray in color.  By that night I was completely fine after the last drop had left my body. 

Don't trust other people to prepare your food these days!  There is a reason its called fast food, anything can jump on there, so fast they don't even notice it!  With cheap labor, do you think the people who prepare the food care about you and/or their job?  They can get fired and go work at another joint like that.  I would pay the extra money to get take out at the outback or get one of those frozen box meals at the grocery store.

yep , jack and diane...nm
No waq, Jack!! What a hoot!

Jack Nicholson

I happened across the movie The Raven - a take on the Edgar Allen Poe poem.  It starred Vincent Price and Boris Karloff  and Peter Lorre.  Peter Lorre had a son in this movie - now remember this movie was made in 1963.  His son - Jack Nicholson.  If you get a chance and are a fan - see if you can catch it at the video store or on one of the movie channels - he was extremely young and a horrible actor - it's hard to believe that he has become what he is today after playing that role - it was really something to laugh at.  He had a love interest with Vincent Price's daughter.  It's a fairly short movie and worth your while - I watched it twice. 

Ear phone jack.
I have a fairly old computer and can do either one. There is a jack on the speakers and also in the front of the tower. My newer computer has a jack on the front of the tower. I did not even look on the speakers when I started using it.
Jack of all trades!

x have a good night!

Jack, Wendy's, Mac???

I'd surely like to know which fast food place pays $11.50/hour to start -- please let me know as I'd be the first in line for that!!  My hourly wage ranges anywhere from $8 to maybe $12/hour depending on the dictators I get -- ugh!! Before 2002 I was making anywhere from $15 to $22/hour, but transcription has certainly gone to the dogs -- grrrrrr!  I think there would certainly be a lot less stress flipping burgers, ya think!

EMT Jack sounds like he is from sm
India or some other place like that. If so why is he here?
EMT Jack.........where in the world sm
are you from? What does "if they thin that they pulling an extra person" mean? Have seen your broken English on other posts. If you are from outside the US, why are you here? Just wondering.