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long distance ideas pleez

Posted By: ex-MQer on 2008-08-13
In Reply to:

I'm currently using a c-phone and the company of course wants me to get unlimited long distance, ok no problem. I live out in the sticks so only a very few long distance companies will even carry my phone number. To make matters worse, I tried Vonage and it doesn't work for nothing, every time I hit my foot pedal the sound cut out for about 2-3 seconds. MCI was fine with me until I realized unlimited long distance has a limit there to and since I work from home they wouldn't change me over to a business account, so I was dropped just like that. I called my company's tech support and they suggest verizon and some other place and when I checked their rates it would cost me WAY more than my company will pay for ULD (up to $35). I am truly out of ideas. Since MCI dropped me w/o warning I've resorted to using onesuite.com but its getting expensive as well.

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long distance

Does anyone know of a good unlimited minutes long distance company?

SBC long distance
is intended for personal conversations. I believe if they find out it is for digital (computer) use they will try to back-bill you for the full charge from when you started using it. This hasn't happened to me personally, I heard this from someone. Just a heads-up.
Long distance
My long distance is through my cable company, runs through the existing phone lines.  It is unlimited, nationwide, and I haven't had any problems with it at all.  If your cable company doesn't offer this, you can get Vonage or a similar VOiP (Voice over IP) program.  They're inexpensive.  The only thing I don't like about Vonage is that it involves hooking up a router to your cable modem, and you can only plug your phones into that router.  Good luck!
long distance
I started last year with a very well known phone company and after 2 months they sent me a letter saying I was using it for computer and wanted to raise my rate $30 a month.  Needless to say, i switched to another company.
long distance
I use MCI and love it! It's about $70 a month.
HELP with long distance!!!
Anyone else with this problem?  Was with MCI.  Had 13,000 minutes for month.  Said it was a fax line.  NOT!!!  Said it was internet.  NOT!!!!.  I am in North Carolina calling Illinois for my work.  AT&T says anything over 5000 minutes is excessive and will not get service for business line.  Any ideas?   Desperate.
long distance

Try ACC Business, a division of AT&T.  I have a resume business and have used them for over 10 years.  It's less than 3 cents a minute.  Check it out!



long distance
Verizon and it is about 49.00 a month unlimited without voice mail, call waiting, and caller ID.
long distance
I use MCI.  It is not the cheapest, but it is reliable, and it is $77.00 per month.  As far as I am concerned anyone ! beats AT&T!

You may want to check out SunRocket for $25/month you get unlimited long distance.  You do need high speed internet though.

Do you use 800 # or long distance? nm
long distance
I don't know if they are the least expensive, but i have MCI and love it. Total bill is $75 a monh, and every 12th month you get free.
long distance
Have you considered Vonage. Depending on your internet speed (cable or DSL) and depending on the equipment that you have to use, from what I understand this can be used with just about any equipment. Check it out.
Long Distance
We use QWest and pay $20 + fees, tax, etc. I guess from what you all said that is good!
long distance
Does anyone use Qwest for long distance service?  Thanks!
long distance
I use Verizon unlimited long distance.
long distance
I just found about a phone service, Quest, for flat rate of $25.00 per month - no questions asked about business, etc.  Good luck!

I use AT&T.  Get a business account (does not cost more and if you have problems with your phone lines they fix it right away, no waiting.)  The price is terrific (I pay for two lines unlimited long distance) and it is around 100.00 a month for both, no long distances charges and great service.  I have thought about Vonage or Charter, which would save me some money.  If it is available in your area you should check it out.  You can keep your old phone numbers too.  I think I will stay with AT&T for a while longer until the reliability of Vonage and Charter along with the quality of sound is a sure thing. 

I would think that you would not have long distance - sm
like you say unless you call your clients a lot, and even so you should be able to get away with an unlimited plan. Do you have them call in on an 800 number service and that is what is costing you? If that is the case maybe get them set up on handheld digital recorders and have them send the work through a FTP, would be a lot cheaper. As for your equipment, I'd think it would be paid for by now, and of course you can write off all your expenses so that at least saves you tax dollars. Paying your people less should be your last option. It is hard to believe your overhead is so high every month, with .10 a line to fool with, unless these 44 clients do not really produce much in terms of work, if each only does 5000 lines a month, at .10 a line left over that is $22,000 (your cut for yourself and overhead), and you cannot pay your overhead with that? Even if they only do half that, 11K a month is a lot of scratch to pay your LD, attorney, equipment (again do you buy new stuff every month?). There is definitely something wrong with this picture, you need to examine your costs closely and figure out where every penny is going, and start shopping for a new LD carrier, or whatever to get your costs down. If you do pay cuts be prepared for people to leave in droves.
You can use AT&T for long distance
you just have to change over to a business phone from residential. I have to do that myself as I going to be changing places I work for and will need unlimited long distance. It is not too much more than what I pay now.
Long distance. sm
I had the same problem with Verizon. I have used this service since the 90s' and am very satisfied.

long distance
How about as a combo plan through a cable television company? The cable companies around me offer something called a "triple-play" that includes cable TV, internet, and long-distance calling for $99/month or something like that.
long distance
Thanks for answering my post.  I do have a cable/TV/phone co but they prohibit use of the phone for other than direct voice.  I tried one of those Magic Jacks but it didn't work.  Now I am waiting on a Voip device in the hopes that it will give me what I need.
Long Distance Plans

Can anyone suggest a long distance carrier that provides unlimited long distance at a reasonable rate for transcription purposes?  I have been told that I have to have a business plan because it is against government regulations to use your home phone line to surf the internet, etc.  I have to dial into a long distance number to get my work through a Lanier.  I have statellite internet so I do not think I can have Vonage or anything like that where it goes through your PC.  I currently pay over $100 a month with taxes and surcharges to have unlimited long distance on one phone line.  Is there anything better out there? 

Unlimited long distance...

I know it's been asked before here, and I am searching the archives for info, but wondering if any new feedback about good, cheap, unlimited long distance plans that won't hassle you about using it for transcription, about 6000 to 8000+ minutes per month?  Oh, in the California area.


Long Distance plans
Depends on where you live. Do a Google search for your area. My employer told me AT&T was cheapest, but not in my area, ALL plans here run about 70+ a month for unlimited, but down south, AT&T was about $25/month. Big difference where you live. Hope this helps.
Does anyone use SBC for unlimited long distance
for transcribing?  What do you pay if I might ask? Do they hassle you about using it fulltime?  Looking into it before I call and inquire about.
Unlimited Long Distance.
What are the best ULD companies and plans out there that are MT friendly? I've heard horror stories! TIA
long distance companies
I'm researching this today.  AT&T restricted our home plan for unlimited long distance and I cannot access my account out of state.  AT&T/SBC have business plans that are also reasonable but may involve switching your local service to them to access it.  It's the same with CenturyTel, Verizon, Qwest, etc.  Residential unlimited long distance plans do not cover data to data phone calls.  Eventually they catch you. 
Long distance Verizon
I am getting a new account and will be using long distance for it.  Any experience with Verizon on this.  I see some posts about other companies.  I do not want to get in a bind of them charging me extra for my line.
unlimited long distance
I imagine this has been discussed, so please excuse me, but can anyone steer me in the right direction for a good unlimited long distance service? I have an offer that uses a C-phone and unlimited long distance- I haven't a clue. I appreciate any information. Thanks.
Unlimited long distance
Check out ACC Business on the internet. I have been using them for 6 years. It's the small business service from AT&T and less than 3 cents a minute.
Try it, you'll thank me!
Unlimited long distance
I've been using ACC Business, a divsion at AT&T. I pay less than 3 cents a minute. Check it out on the internet.
unlimited long distance
I have Primus for my residential calls and I hate trying to deal with them because all their people are in India so I would rather not call them. Could you email me specifically what a bill from them for monthly service might be? Your typical work week.

Long Distance Provders
I've been using ACC Business, a division of AT&T for over 6 years. They charge the equivalent of 3 cents a minute. Check it out on the web: www.ACC.com
Anyone using VERIZON long distance? nm
Just curious, do you use 800 # or a long distance #. nm
Chc- that uses Vonage- do you use 800# or long distance? nm
Unlimited Long Distance
I knew it was coming.  AT&T finally sent me my letter letting me know that I have 5 days left of ULD.  What companies out there allow us to do transcription with their ULD?  Help!!
unlimited long distance sm
I recently joined the Cox network, but if I were to get work over the phone lines, what would be the best way to go without paying an arm and a leg for dictation and being on the phone all day. I am sure Cox would not allow me to just stay online all day - I'm not sure how to even get started. I don't even know how to get an FTP or if it's safe? I would only take dictation from Eastern Standard or Daylight time - no 3 hour delays like the other time zones. Help!
Long distance headaches - help!

I'm in Ohio and work for a service in California.  It's been a real problem finding a true unlimited plan. 

Have tried Vonage (call quality was substandard), ATT "unlimited" long distance (got one of those nice letters), and now the phone card company I had been using apparently decided to jack their rates way up.

Looking at ATTCallVantage, using satellite internet service (no DSL where I live).  Anyone have experience with this, and do things work well for you? 

All help is much appreciated!



long distance issue got me going

I have new job, have to use C-phone and use own long distance.  If I sign up for cable high speed and digital phone can I use both at same time?  Receiving dictation through C-phone and working on job on computer? Will I have two wall plugs or how does that work.  Thanks in advance. Maybe should have asked more questions before accepting position.



Unlimited long distance
Hi, I had the same thing happen at AT&T. I still have them, but switched my account to a business account. Now I have no problems. It is actually cheaper this way and I have two lines. Another benefit is that if there are phone problems you are first on the list for repair service because you have a business account. Call them back and ask for this service.
Long distance and a Dictaphone

Hi everyone,

This past November I started working for a company that uses C-phone Dictaphones instead of internet files.  My long distance carrier Embarq canceled my unlimited long distance with them because I was using it to call a dictation line which is against their policies apparently.  I am now paying 7 cents a minute to call in for my dictations.  My question to everyone is has anyone else had this problem and who would you recommend for unlimited phone service?  I live in a very remote area that does not offer cable, etc and there really are no other telephone providers except Embarq.  Does VOIP services such as Vonage work for calling a dictation line with a C-phone? 

Any suggestions would be great!  I am in desperate need of unlimited long distance

Unlimited Long Distance
AGGHH!!  Can anyone assist me with a question in regards to unlimited long distance through Verizon?   I am new to at-home transcription.  I have been hired by a service under IC status.  The service requires unlimited long distance.  I have two questions.  Will I be on the phone my entire shift of 8 hours a day?  The other question is about Verizon unlimited long distance, which is what I would be using as this is the phone service I have now.   I have read on the forum that they have Verizon unlimited long distance for $20 to $30 a month.  I thought I had this set up with Verizon, only to have them send me a notification letter indicating that I had not chose a plan, and that I would be charged 40 cents a minute!  Now, that is approximately $1000 a month -- YIKES!!!  I called and was told that I would be charged anything over their cap of 5000 minutes.  If I am on the phone my full shift I will be at approximately 9600 minutes a month, leaving me 4600 minutes to pay.  Does this sound right?  
Long distance question
I have Comcast unlimited long distance and wondering if anyone uses this doing a transcription account via C-phone?  Does Comcast allow this or not?  Even though they say "unlimited," somehow I have my doubts they would allow this. TIA
long distance plans
I live in NW Ohio and having a difficult time finding a LD carrier that allows for medical transcription.  Anyone have any ideas?
long distance phone co
I live in NW Ohio near the city of Bryan.  If anyone is in close proximity to me, can you share with me the name of your flat rate LD carrier.  Thanks.
Does MDI-MD still require the mt to have unlimited Long Distance? nm
Best unlimited long distance companies?
What's a good monthly rate (or average)? TIA
Unlimited long distance...I know this has been discussed before...but..sm
just received letter from AT&T informing me that I cannot use their unlimited plan for what I am using it for, and if I continue to do so, they will charge me a per minute rate and/or remove the service.  I need to know where to go for an unlimited long distance package for transcription.  Please post and let me know what you all use.  Without unlimited, what the heck are we supposed to do? What does everyone else do?  Any help and info would be appreciated.  Thank you