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That's more than my folks did, or my husbands.

Posted By: Be glad they paid your tuition and rent. on 2006-07-09
In Reply to: I think it is hysterical how things have changed since I - sm - Laura E.

I think that you thinking you "put yourself through college" when your parents were paying your tuition and rent kind of says this is the pot calling the kettle black. 


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What do your husbands do?
old supervisor put her ex-husbands
with on a rad account because "she was in nursing school" and had learned the terminology by process of "osmosis"
Does it take husbands and kids? LOL

husbands suck
it sounds to me like you have a husband problem not a transcription problem. my first husband was like that too, his days off were his, I took care of all of everything else 7 days a week. Am divorced now and much happier, as I am not dealing with that pig anymore. My work is going great, I make $35 to $40 per hr, put in 6 hours a day and support myself and kids well. Think about dumping him, he sounds like a jerk. Don't give up! Your speed will increase, and as far as looking up every out of state school, employer, etc. DON"T DO IT. they will learn to spell them if there is a blank every time.

That is funny and how many of our husbands have asked
Stepford husbands, maybe? Sign me up!!!
And mom isn't doing such a hot job of picking husbands, either. THAT should be addressed. nm
Clients are like husbands - sometimes ya gotta train em
Apparently are husbands and kids are supposed to be lower on the totem pole...

than our jobs?!?!?!  Geez!  You are probably single with no kids or no kids at home anymore and no hubbie either!  Or you're Burned Out's boss and you are not so subtly letting her know how you feel about vacations.  This isn't a third-world sweat shop, ya know.  We all deserve time off!

How dare you try to make the original poster feel guilty for wanting to take a vacation!  Don't you think women have enough pressure guilt from society what with the guilt we feel for having to work and send our kids to daycare or the feelings of inadequacy career women give stay-at-home, full-time moms because they've chosen to raise kids instead of chase dollar signs and career?!?!?

We should be supporting each other, not tearing each other down! 

I think this happens a lot. Usually, the folks
Some of you people are basketcases.
I wonder why there are so many folks
compose an email that is not riddled with misspelled and misused words? I get emails everyday from a workflow coordinator who leaves the letters 'ed' or 'd' off of almost every word that should have it...Example: "The work has -increse- in the last few days." -incomplete sentences, missisng commas, etc.

It's ridiculous. I have managers who send out poorly composed emails as well. Unbelievable!
You might want to try these folks
I don't know if you've found anything yet, but you might want to try a company called Transcription Matchmaker. They found me a job a year ago when all I had was dial up. They find out what your requirements/specialties are and then match you with a company that best fits you. I've now been with the same company they found for me 10 months ago and I am happy with my job. I hope they can help you.
So now we know, folks, why so many MTs - sm
never get so much as a response when they apply for the literally THOUSANDS of MT jobs we see online every single day.

YouTube is not only a fun and entertaining website, it is also proving to be an amazingly POWERFUL TOOL, and I think that power has only just begun to be tapped.

Now there is one way to get the word out about MT. If you have the capabilities to make YouTube video (or your kids do), the word about fraud, ID theft, & American job loss can be spread.
IC folks

Hey there all you Indepedent contractor folks.  Just want to take a quick poll and see if you are happy being independent.  I am thinking of the making the jump over from employee to IC.  Just want to see and get a quick glance and see if you are happy or not so happy with being IC. 



Welcome! I like seeing new folks here
it's great to get some fresh perspectives or see how MTs in the business are doing.
You are so right. Our pay goes down from same folks who are charging us more when we

Right now McDonald's in our town starts employees at $8/hour and pays benefits and some school benefits.

I have worked 30 years in transcription and make less now than I did in 1985.  That's 20 years ago.  I know more and earn less.  In fact I am a fraction above poverty level.

If you don't think MQ is getting ready to take us all below poverty level right down there with Mexico City, just hide and watch.  Or rather, sit here and think you are with a "good" company.  I didn't, because they are making millions in profit off your hard work and not sharing a penny of it with you. 

In the old days an employer spread the wealth of the company with the employees who made it happen.  This group has never heard of the concept.

Those City folks

I can really relate to your situation and wanted to tell you this story. 

I live at the base of a mountain.  There is an RV place out here and every winter the hunters camp and .....leave aggrevation everywhere (garbage).

Yesterday i drove the 15 miles to town to the post office where they know everyone by name.  I was packaging my book to mail and was listening to this conversation:  A gentleman handed a change of address form to the Postmaster. He says," You just moved in that new house on the hill last fall.  Is everything okay"? 

Naturally everyone looks that direction.  The gentleman says " We don't like that housing developement on the hill.  There is way too much snow".

Continuing with his story:  My wife had the kids were in the SUV and the road was covered with snow and ice. (duh, it is all winter long).  She had to stop because of the herd of Elk standing on the hill in the middle of the road.  She slid back down the hill and wouldn't drive up again until I came home from work".

So i have asked my husband for a snow maker!!!!!! Maybe they will all move back to the city.  At the base of this hill, a herd of Elk always graze in the field.  There have been many occassions i drive the grandkids that direction to watch.  The 3-year-old asks to me take him to see the funny cows.

So if anyone has a spare Snowmaker please send it to me.....I would love to drive the rest of the city folk out of there!!  

The world needs more folks like you 2...
You both just added a big ole jewel to your crowns in Heaven...you're awesome!!! Congratulations...the best of luck and much, much happiness in your marriage...
Golly, some folks just have to have the last
word, 'eh? I've been following this thread and just waiting for someone to blame the dog owner for the dog nails, or even the dog!! Unreal!
A lot of folks are complaining about MT pay
and not being able to make enough money. I personally don't think the problem lies so much with how many cpl we get, but the fact that we have to transcribe dictators who obviously have no regard for the person doing the transcription. They seem to think it quite proper to eat, chew gum, have a conversation with someone in the background, lay the mic down and dictate or speaker phone, dictate on a cell phone, in a crowded room, and a host of other things that make transcription very, very difficult. When you throw in a whole slew of ESLs, there goes your money.
Question for QA folks
Quick question for QA. When an MT flags a report because of something simple like no date of consultation given, does QA generally get paid for all the lines on that report. I have a dictator who is very long, generally 100+ lines, and never gives the date of consultation, otherwise great dictator. No blanks. So unless it is dictated the same day the patient is admitted, I leave that field blank which automatically sends it to QA. QA has never once gotten back to me on this and on pulling up old reports it looks to me like they just go back in and put the general coding for the auto feed, though no date is provided. Since it is continuous with this doc it seems like a big waste of time and money not to get some instruction back on sending this directly to the client. I am wondering if this is just easy lines for QA and then if it shows up against me as far as editing. I know all companies are different, just wondering what the rule of thumb is. By the way, I have asked for feedback from QA multiple times and never get a response either way. Thanks.
Another question for QA folks
I typed "laparoscopy fundoplication" instead of laparoscopic.  Would you count this as a misspelled medical word or typo?  Thanks. 
What about this scenario, folks!

What do you think of a manager of many MTs, who shares intimate details with each of us regarding her situation as a wife as well as sharing details of other MTs with each other, some extremely complicated and highly personal, which I believe were given to her in confidence.  Then, having her turn into a professional zealot and alienate us with her emotionless response to us which is such a contradiction to prior interactions that it leaves us spinning and feeling as if we do not know her at all.

I have come upon this before early in my career.  And I would say that changing ths subject in the conversation is the answer so to not end up in this web.  What do you think though?  It is awkward and confusing. 

 She is new at supervision and maybe it can be chocked up to that but she holds a lot of power over us and some whom she confided in during long emotion-filled  conversations, word has it, she has turned against to the point they had to transfer to another department.

It is placing a shadow over the job for me


Folks on here exceptional!
thanks so much for that!
Where do you folks get these amounts???
I find it hard to believe that a lot of the MTs on this board are making over 20.00 an hour.  The state of MT is in BAD shape with outsourcing, EMR taking MT jobs, etc.  I'm having a hard time believing that some of you are making those high amounts.  If is is true, where do you live and where can I sign up?  My company is hiring MTs with many years experience at 10.20 an hour. 
I think you are asking the wrong folks...

...We are trying to figure out how to become independent, so we can make better than overseas pay.

A question for the QA folks

I realize that every company/employer is different and some want verbatim transcribed.  At my company, it's never been specified, and so sometimes I trust my judgement to change things as I see fit, and other times, I flag a questionable item and explain my thought process to QA.  Oftentimes, when I do the latter, QA just leaves the questionable item as dictated, and does not respond directly to me regarding my question, which makes me feel ignored.  This leaves me feeling frustrated and feeling like the report may have returned to the doctor not 100% accurate.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about, but it's not necessarily the best example from a cesarean section note:

Rectus muscles were then separated in the midline and the peritoneum identified, tented up and entered sharply with Metzenbaum scissors.  The perineal incision was then extended superiorly and inferiorly, with good visualization of the bladder.

The bolded word is obviously incorrect and should be peritoneal.  Do you think QA and everyone else concerned would appreciate if I just used my brain and fixed this without taking anyone else's time, or is there a chance that using my judgement and changing it would come back to haunt me if this report were pulled for a QA review and someone saw that I didn't transcribe what was dictated?

I'm not a newbie.  I'm been in the MT field for almost 8 years.

LOL .. folks ask me why I don't go digital
My doctors are happy, it works great for me ..

it ain't broke, so why fix it? LOL

Wow, these ADHI folks are

really not representing the American Transcriptionist at all. I'm really just speechless. I wonder why they're making such unprofessional attacks on the US transcriptionists. 

The representative who wrote the response is either uninformed or downright deceitful in stating that the Indian transcriptionists want the CMT credentials just to have them. On the contrary, their employers are using it as a tool to get their feet in the door to get American work.

I'm just curious as to how many of Indian CMTs have been grandfathered in (not required to take any testing because of years of experience) because most of the companies who do work with them have to have US transcriptionists do a lot of heavy editing.  If this is the case, then the CMT credential is as worthless as it was 30 years ago.  Sad for our industry, really. 

I wish some retirees would start up another professional organization for US transcriptionists only <hint hint> 

And folks think I'm paranoid
If someone is sitting in a corner at Starbucks or the library or whatever on a laptop working, I'm not sure I see what the problem is. If you're that stringent about things, do you jump from your chair and throw your body across the monitor if you feel a family member approaching your work area? If a person isn't doing their work on external speakers and does not have a 26 inch monitor facing the room at large, I do not see there to be any more of a 'security' risk than there is at home.
Okay folks! What do YOU daydream of while workin? - sm

Mine has been daydreaming of Leland from Dog The Bounty Hunter.  Hummina Hummina  What a hunk!   Wooooooooooooooo pour some cold water on me!

Remember these are also the same folks that tried in the past....sm
to change the policy to it being 1 space instead of 2 spaces after a period.... and that crap stopped only when clients complained that in certain fonts it looked like you didn't have a space at all between a period and the next word. 
this board and world could use a lot more folks like you! nm

Train? you really think those folks get your feedback?
For you married folks, how did you meet? sm

Through friends/family?  At school?  Met each other at the grocery store when you reached for the same loaf of bread at the same time?    Through an internet dating site?  




Question for folks who QA/Edit
I'm an IC QA person for a company who uses Editscript. I spend precious time writing down job# and calculating the number of lines for each report. Is this system not capable of tracking the number of reports I edit or the number of lines?

Seems like the employer would prefer a software that tracks this info so they can ensure that the IC's are billing accurately. Any opinions on this?
well maybe folks will realize there are no true...sm

friends on public boards online......you're right, the Gay thing should never have been brought up in public......

some have class and some lack class and are uncouth....

nice to see some folks watched...sm
waiting to see how this progresses - hope it lasts as a reality show - seems like there is less *bickering* that with Dancing with the Stars, though I like that show too but NOT the judges there....*grin*
Guess you were one of those disappointed folks (nt)

Thanks for all the input. You folks are great. sm

You convinced me that it is better to let something else slide rather than the mortgage payment.  I wasn't sure what would be the outcome as we have never gone past 30 days. 

kind of like folks who have money sm
don't talk about it but the ones who want you to think they do talk about it all the time!  Sounds like a low self-esteem problem to me too!
and just plain out right dealing with folks!
Joined up with the old folks group and
starting doing ceramics and now they have a travel group, wanting to plan a trip to Italy. That is right down my alley! Another trip before too long is Macinaw (spelling?) Island in Michigan. Now with my other 2 vacations this year, this senior citizen group should just be the therapy I need.
are these folks paying on time?
Thanks for the tip, will take test today, looks pretty rudimentary though, is this on the up and up?
My folks spoke American as did

their folks as did their folks. My point is more and more ESL's are coming into our country and expecting us to learn their language. Would you like to die on the table because the American OR nurse misunderstood the ESL surgeon? I think not.

Furthermore, I think it's great that you are willing to help calm someone's nerves in a crisis, but just the fact that you had to only proves my point. I hope I am never in a situation where I'm being provided medical care in American hospital and feel the need to have a translator, only to find one is not available.

Folks, I have been doing this as long as dirt has been around
I get bored sometimes but I produce more now than I did say 25 years ago, I have to because if with a national the pay has dropped. I now do (VR and straight included) do at least 3000 per day whereas with straight for years and years it was about 2000 per day. When totally bored out of my skull, I usually try to redo my hours and take some time, but guess what, then I just have to make up so I work my 8 hours per day, straight through and I am not bored when I get my check.
What is your point? These folks have a perfectly good right to use
VR if they want to. People have been telling us for years the technology was improving. I don't see anything new here.
Still plenty of regular folks on here - don't leave!! we need all we can get. nm
sure there would, some folks dont like to do certain worktypes and will dump all others..
Atlanta sure enough is. Folks need places to go. A lot are staying
Helps to do some research before you trash folks