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look down 2 lines and you will see this subject discussed. nm

Posted By: anon on 2008-06-09
In Reply to: Anyone out there ever use MT Matchmaker? - nocalmt


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105,000, discussed before.
This has already been discussed.....
on various threads.  Do a quick search or e-mail admin.
this was just discussed on the
company board. Go to it and scroll down to about 6/19 with comment from Oh, yes, it a full moon for sure. I thought there was another one, too, but I did not see it. Good luck to you.
this is discussed below.
I didn't know it had been discussed either - sm
I don't visit here often.

I have two kids at home (12 and 13) and I roll in the morning and then start to slide at the half way point myself.

I start at 7:30 and take a break about 11:30 or so for lunch, then work some more.

If I am really dragging... I start day dreaming a bit. Okay, a lot. Means i have to go back and read everything more thoroughly but the typing part gets done a heckova lot faster.
Try a search as this has been discussed here before..
This has been discussed extensively. There is
if you discussed (in ANY way) business, yes.
have a receipt with date.
This is the big problem here and what we discussed
Never had famine, still donít.I had 2 children and worked out of the home. How can you let yourself go downhill and just say I sit here trying to make it. That is why this profession has gone down because of no one wanting to leave the house to have a job, just want to sit at home because they have a child. What happens when no money at all, do you still just sit there trying to make it. I had more get up and go, I guess, than what I am reading on here now days. I always wanted to have things like a roof over my head, food for the family, nice vacations and I worked for it. No wonder the companies are offering less and less money to do this job because they have found people willing to wait on things. Before long the workers are going to have to pay the employers to have a job.
TOOOO MUCH!! Which is why it was discussed BEFORE we had kids! LOL
He is adament that the kids will have balance, structure and guides (apparnetly as long as his mother does not object)...fine by me as I was raised that way...however, trying to get a kid to face facts when they were told it was not their fault and they they should be in trouble.....well gee...that is not a recurring line I want used in the house and have yet to get him to admit he was wrong since she told him he was not!  Hence, huge morality issue he needs to learn for his life.   Talking to him all you get is "they say"  instead of I did, I was wrong, etc....she has it in his head he is right, they are wrong!!!!  Our actions are our doing whether good, bad or indifferent.   
It sounds like you and BF have discussed a split up.

At least that's what I think I read below in one of the posts.

The economy of our country is in the toilet right now.  Very few things are secure.  Times are tough and fixing to get tougher.  If there is any way you can slow down, get your bearings, get into a halfway secure position --- your mental health will be better.

You need your mental health in order to be there for your kids.

Have you considered moving the "molehill" instead of the "mountain"?

If the BF has already been approached about the split, what is his position on HIM MOVING out and not you and the kids?  That would be lots less destructive for them.

Also, I wouldn't count on any PT transcription job anywhere right now.  Trust me on this.  This job type is so fluid right now - it's a circus.

I wouldn't move from square one until I got the FT at the hospital.  DON'T MOVE UNTIL YOU FIGURE OUT IF YOU CAN GET THAT JOB.  Then get into it, see what you have to work with.

Secondly, I would not leave myself dependent on the BF for anything but money, and then the courts can get it for you if he decides he doesn't like this, gets a new honey, or gets a "wild hair" and decides to leave the country.

Don't depend on him for babysitting, don't "be nice" and try to share the babysitting.  DON'T DO IT.  Get yourself positioned so you are calling all your shots. 

I know MT looks good on paper when they are selling you an idea of working from home and STAYING WITH YOUR KIDS, but it doesn't work.  The mom ends up the zombie and life becomes like the twilight zone.  I know.  I tried it.  You need to get at the hospital, get daycare, get your childsupport coming in, .........and then think about moving or even buying.  In fact, if you wait, the housing prices are expected to fall even more.  There was an article in our paper about it again yesterday.  Hold off.  If you rent, if the plumbing goes, if the A/C or heater goes......the landlord is responsible.

I don't know if this will give you some things to consider but I hope so.  I raised my kids by myself (of course it was different times but the men were the same, ugh!) and at some times I didn't seem them for having to work so many hours.  I wish now I had just gotten me a State worker job, 8-5, insurance, retirement, gotten a little house even if I had gotten on a program where it was federally assisted, and gone that route.  We could have been together as a family, I wouldn't be doing this horrible life I have now with trying to still work at 60 years old with no place to live.

Think about the future - it's right around the corner.  The kids will be gone and trust me, they won't look back even if they love you lots.  They will be BUSY and you will be an afterthought.  All things in moderation.

First thing - DON'T MOVE, let him move. 

Second thing - WAIT FOR THE FT JOB.

Third thing - Be getting that child support coming in.

I wish you the best. 

p.s. Even if you decide you just have to move and rent even a 2-BEDROOM...it can certainly be done.  My ggg grandparents raised 13 kids in a 2 bedroom old farm house.  Kids slept all over the place!    You and the older kid could share if it's a girl/or if a boy, let him share a bedroom with one of the little ones, and you put the other little one in your room and make a game of it - they will all pitch in and later you all will have "war stories" to talk about when everbody is grown up. 

Look on the company board, they are discussed
almost daily. 
language was being discussed - not just plead

Discussed this with my boss yesterday
She said she had employees who are missionaries and as long as they maintain a legal residence in the US for tax purposes, she has no problem with it.
This is also discussed on the company board

I know this has been discussed before but how long does it take to relisten to reports that you have
typed. I know some people do that and some dont. So far I have done okay on QA but if I dont I was just wondering how much extra time per day you figure you need to relisten to reports. I usually do about 30 to 35 medium length reports acute care or 1800 to 2000 lines. What errors do you find mostly when you relisten or is it not worth the extra time it takes. Just curious.
And we've discussed this before on this board. Life is not that
simple for me. If I leave the state, I leave my elderly parents that I care for and I leave my minor children because they legally cannot cross state lines without their father's permission. He's not going to OK that. Besides, I'm happy doing MT. Who ever said I was not happy doing MT? It works great with all the family I have to care for. I just wish I hadn't wasted time and money going to college, especially when the job market in my state got oversaturated with other college grads.
Unlimited long distance...I know this has been discussed before...but..sm
just received letter from AT&T informing me that I cannot use their unlimited plan for what I am using it for, and if I continue to do so, they will charge me a per minute rate and/or remove the service.  I need to know where to go for an unlimited long distance package for transcription.  Please post and let me know what you all use.  Without unlimited, what the heck are we supposed to do? What does everyone else do?  Any help and info would be appreciated.  Thank you
Do a search for 'happy with your job' or something like that. This was discussed a few pages b
Anything related to AAMT is not discussed on this site.
Think this has been discussed before, but the sound quality will probably suffer if you do it. nm
Did you search? We discussed the Saitek Eclipse a few
This is strange. I just discussed a flexible on-call person
for radiology with the owner of Keystrokes, where I have worked for 4 years. We were discussing the feasibility of having someone trained on a few accounts, ready to do "x" number of reports a day without a fixed schedule, floating on a few different accounts.

If anyone is interested, please email the office. You can do so through the ads on the job seekers board.
This also involves AHDI, so I think it should be discussed here on the Main Board, not just MQ's
Not biting ... it's been discussed in heated detail on about pg 3 of this board. haha
Been discussed in the past that Word's line counter is lower than normal. Anyone else? nm
This was discussed recently. Would be chars. + spaces, but no indents, bold, italics, etc. nm
Aaahhhh, now I get it. Gross lines vs. Character lines. I guess I've just been conditioned to
think in terms of character lines.  One of the perils of working as an IC for somebody who defines what a line is versus owning your own company and defining it yourself.  After working for someone else for 15 years, maybe it's time to bust out on my own.
That is a lot of work/lines for 2 people. I do 3000 lines per day sm
if you times that by 30 days that only comes to 90K lines a month, that is working 7 days a week including weekends. I don't think 2 people can handle that.
900 lines is below 1100 lines, where the bonus starts.
While we are on subject, how about 1 and 1/4 cm. Is it 1.025?
off the subject a bit, but sm
if you are now on DQS, did you get paid for that training that took over TWO HOURS of my working time??? I didn't! And my TC said we weren't gonna get paid for it, either!!! That really P'd me off!!!
I am not sure why, but this subject always (sm)
seems to get a debate going. I posted below about homeschooling and wishing I had been homeschooled. I honestly think everyone should at least try it if at all able. It is a great experience!!
Ultimately it is the choice of the girl who made the choice to have sex. For crying out loud, either way she will have to pay for her mistakes. Enough already.
I'm no pro on this subject, but I'm not sure there is
a way to convert it to anything smaller than the MP3 from wav. Are you using an FTP or sending through email? My docs are uploading 90 minute DSS files to an FTP and it only takes a few seconds. The 90 minute file is close to 8 MB, I believe. If you're using email, you might try an FTP server.
Okay, can we all get off this subject
and let it rest for the night? it has been an unconstructive day for everybody on this particular post, except maybe for the ones that learned not to feed the trolls. goodnight everybody. give it a rest already
Oh no, not this subject again...
Off the subject but
is she bringing paper medical records to a swim practice? Seems to me paper and water don't mix very well!
Yes, you have to the put the subject
spot like I just did.  You have to do that each time.  Usually you e-addy stays in the e-mail box though.  Happy posting! 
and the subject is?
Let us all know what you're tired of and maybe we'll join you...
A bit off subject, but I was wondering
My son planned a trip to New Orleans for the 4th of July. We tried and tried to find a room through travelocity.com, hotels.com, expedia.com, etc. without success. I'm not sure exactly what the site was, but I finally found a hotel room (I think I searched New Orleans.com or something similar) at the Cotton Exchange Hotel which seemed to be a very good hotel by all sites description. It was booked on all these other sites. So I grabbed the room for the guys. However, when they got to New Orleans and showed their confirmation, the hotel sent them next door to the Holiday Inn. What was up with that?  Of course, they didn't care one way or the other, but I just wondered why the hotel did that. Thought maybe they were affiliated, but by the description of the hotels, I would rather have stayed in the Cotton Exchange and would have been somewhat disappointed had the reservation been for me.  Just curious
Kinda on the subject, but not....

My son planned a trip to New Orleans for the 4th of July. We tried and tried to find a room through travelocity.com, hotels.com, expedia.com, etc. without success. I'm not sure exactly what the site was, but I finally found a hotel room (I think I searched New Orleans.com or something similar) at the Cotton Exchange Hotel which seemed to be a very good hotel by all sites description. It was booked on all these other sites. So I grabbed the room for the guys. However, when they got to New Orleans and showed their confirmation, the hotel sent them next door to the Holiday Inn. What was up with that?  Of course, they didn't care one way or the other, but I just wondered why the hotel did that. Thought maybe they were affiliated, but by the description of the hotels, I would rather have stayed in the Cotton Exchange and would have been somewhat disappointed had the reservation been for me.  Just curious

my two cents on this subject sm
I have a 6 YO son at home, along with a 14YO daughter and an 18 YO son.  When my 6 YO was 4, he went to preschool at a daycare center, five days a week, for six hours a day.  He absolutely LOVED it! He learned so much, he grew so much, and he survived very well, thank you.  I didn't put my other two in daycare or preschool, though I needed to.  It was just not feasible back then to pay for it and work too.  This situation worked for us.  Now my 6 YO is in school, going into the first grade in a couple of weeks, and has stayed home with me and my other children this summer.  He's fine.  He's a bit bored, but just fine! Come on people, it's not that complicated.  They are kids, they adjust to your schedule and theirs.  They WILL survive without your undivided attention for a few hours a day.  Give it a rest, already!
off the subject - loveNY
but where in NY do you live? I'm an upstater who moved to Manhattan
A little off the subject but an example of what can happen when someone - sm

pretends to be you when they are driving. You are probably also going to have issues with your insurance company as well.  I am sure you can prove it was not you driving, get the date and time of the ticket, etc. (were you working at the time, and prove it?) license plate (not your car), the cop has to appear in court too for a ticket and with any luck will be able to confirm you were not the woman he pulled over, etc. They have heard it before, have no doubt about that, and know it happens. Get an attorney if you need one.....


DEAR ABBY: My son "Vince's" mother-in-law, "Dotty," has never had a driver's license because she never learned how to parallel park. She only has a learner's permit.

After Vince married her daughter, "Lynn," Dotty was stopped by the police for a traffic violation. She gave them her daughter's name and address and told them she had "forgotten her wallet." The point went on Lynn's record and her car insurance shot up $150.

During the latest incident, someone hit Dotty's car in a parking lot. Dotty again pretended she was Lynn. The police were summoned and demanded Dotty's driver's license. When she handed them her learner's permit, her car was hauled away and now she has to appear in court for driving without a license with no licensed driver in the car.

When Vince was contacted by the insurance company, he told them the whole story. Dotty thought Lynn would just forget the incident and she'd be home free. She still drives her car every day.

To get even with Vince for ratting her out, Dotty refused to give my grandson his medicine while she baby-sat him. How should my daughter-in-law deal with this nasty woman? -- OUTRAGED IN ELMIRA, N.Y.

DEAR OUTRAGED: Now that your son and his wife know her mother won't hesitate to take out her anger on the child, they should not allow her to be around him again unless both of them are supervised.

My last statement on this subject is the following...sm
As long as there are people who are willing to take cuts in pay, whether by way of bonus or otherwise, there will be pay cuts for the worker, no matter the profession.
Who's changing the subject?
and so am I.

Try to keep up.
Off the subject of VR - but regarding the IBM keyboard.
I thought I was the only MT in existence that still used the "clicky" IBM keyboard. I love it & can't type at all on the squishy, ergonomic, squeezed-in new keyboards - & I have very small hands !! Guess this is a good hint as to how long I've been doing this & what I learned on & got comfortable with over the years (a dream come true compared to a typewriter) :o)

If you ever need yours repaired, I've found a company that repairs IBM or Lexmark keyboards, as well as other brands. They have been great & will replace keys, cords, whatever it needs, for a flat fee based on your type of keyboard (listed on their internet site). My repairs cost $30.00 + tax & shipping (last repair came to $37.25). And, if all else fails, they do make a very similar "clicky touch" cloned IBM keyboard which isn't too bad. When I was at one time down to 2 broken IBMs, couldn't locate another & was desperate - that's how I initially discovered their site & their cloned keyboard -- & the discovery that they repaired IBMs !! Anyhow, they are located at PCkeyboard.com/repair.html --(i.e. Unicomp). You call a toll free number at 1-800-777-4886, (Jim Owens at Ext. 202), tell him the problem, get a RMA number, their address & that's it. I have been very pleased with their repairs with no complaints whatsoever. They have been my lifesaver for many, many years !!
Since we're on the subject of TV
Anyone watching Breaking Bonaduce?
kind of on the same subject, but not really

Just an observation.  The ONE good thing that came from Hurricane Katrina is the pet situation.  After that, they made it where you could bring your pets shelters as long as they were in crates.  I don't know if that will be the case everywhere from now on, but it did bring this to the public's attention, at least.  Many people will not leave without their pets.  I know I wouldn't.

Here's another thought on the subject....sm

The reason people are concerned with production is because there has been too much abuse in the past.  I've worked in both the hospital setting where people were paid hourly and for production pay.  Those paid by the hour generally didn't produce as much because they didn't care how much they did... resulting in being more employees were needed to do the job.  When one facility I was at switched to having people paid by production it was *amazing* how much more everyone did in their 8 hour shift... and the quality didn't suffer.   The # of "yap breaks" decreased significantly because time became money.   We went from needing a company to pick up overflow work - usually enough to keeping 3-4 full-time MTs busy each day to not needing any extra help at all. 


I've seen MTs "sweat" over a particularly difficult dictation for say 2 hours for a 10 minute report.  Why in the world would you want to do that?  That's crazy and frankly if you can't "get it" the first time.... certainly the second time listening then the dictator isn't worth spending 2 hours on... even if you're being paid hourly.