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My last statement on this subject is the following...sm

Posted By: Hmm. on 2005-09-21
In Reply to: Show of hands, plz: If MQ is getting rid of the quarterly bonus, how many SEs will leave? (sm) - MQ SE

As long as there are people who are willing to take cuts in pay, whether by way of bonus or otherwise, there will be pay cuts for the worker, no matter the profession.

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I just received notification as well and mine was for $134.00.....just curious as to what its for!

I was a little put off by that statement...
I have a 2-1/2 year old with me during the day and my work does not suffer nor does my child...
Yes, your overall statement is true but

what is so bothersome to so many MTs is that the complaints voiced by so many are about pretty much the same thing.  This in turn makes the complaints pretty much valid problems or "injustices" experienced by MTs on an industry-wide basis.  It is actually a good thing to have open communication so all may hear the pros and cons of a particular MTSO or of the entire nationwide industry of MT'ing...

I do wish that some MTs could be a little more calm and positive during their negative statements and that some MTs could be a little less offensive in their posts.  But again, open communication is one of the things that make a good democracy.  Have a beautiful day.  Mine started out terrible...got up at 1:15 AM to start transcribing so I could do some other things later in the day but of course the cable and comcast internest were down until just now, 2:50 AM.  Guess I'd better hit the keyboard.     

stupid statement
That's a very stupid statement. You evidently don't work on the kinds of accounts I do. I send blanks that QA can't get, either. There are various things that affect a report and require blanks besides a dictator's accent.
how exactly is this statement not disrespectful?

you're just plain mean

I don't know anything, but I found statement
on IPAY, but no direct deposit in my bank ??
Agree with your statement 100%...sm
I'm sure the hurricane victims will be glad to know this. This would be the exact time to come together. I wondered why we would act this way (I know there's an embargo), and my husband said that it might be because we don't trust Fidel Castro (sabatoge).

I appreciate the posts giving updates about the hurricane disaster; I cannot watch the coverage on TV anymore. I broke down this morning when the dogs were dying, and you could hear a dog wailing in the background. It's too much for anyone to bear.

I'm anxiously waiting for Best Friends to let me know if I can be a foster parent for dogs that belong to evacuees.

Thanks again!
I stand behind my statement and there has been

documentation to support it, but this is a free country and I certainly won't condemn anyone for being a member, I just never would and would never recommend it. 

I don't advocate any curriculum - I detest Abeka, but the websites I have given are a good place to start for anyone who is just feeling things out.  They can ask any questions and get feedback from multiple people, explore various curriculums, buy new or used, find others in their community who homeschool, find support groups, etc.   Rainbow Resource has just about everything ever created as far as curriculum, including what is commonly called boxed curriculum like Abeka or BJU where you buy every subject and the TMs, but also allows you to pick and choose.  I personally write my own curriculum now, but I used various curriculums and various modalities of homeschooling over the years.  There are many different forms of homeschooling too, from a principal approach to the unschooling approach and many others in between.   No one curriculum or modality works for everyone and one of the many joys of homeschooling is having the freedom to use whatever works best for your family.

I am not a secular homeschooler, but there are those that are and I would want them to be able to get the support they need and not feel isolated because they don't share the same belief system that I do.  


Recorded statement -- think about it before you do it
My attorney has always advised against doing a recorded statement.  Sometimes it is the way that the question is asked as to how the answer comes out.  Also, we all know that errors can happen in recorded statements and they are not given to you to verify and sign off on, and the tape is erased so what do you do if there is an error in it?   So I would not do it again, I did and it did not help my case.  Took a lot of attorney time and money to get everything cleared up and then rule in my favor.  If it is a black and white of a rear end, might not be a problem, but if there is any question at all, do not do it unless you type up what you want to say and a recorded "statement to them" and do not answer their questions.   Just my 2 cents worth
What I don't understand is your statement about (sm)
how his grandparents tried to raise him in the Assembly of God. It sounds as if that wasn't successful. He's just playing you for a fool, trying that "honeymoon" stuff and now wanting to convert you and your children. And you don't change your religion to save your marriage. He is the one who needs to make all of the changes.
90%? I think THAT is an inflated statement!
Let me revise that statement...it's still about 45, but it
can't make up it's mind now whether it wants to rain or snow. :-)
I give a statement with every.....sm

I work privately for a bunch of surgeons.  I submit a STATEMENT with every job I return but I don't want to be paid off those statements.  At the end of the month, I take all those statements and do a MONTHLY BILL that I DO want to get paid on. 

Within 10 days, they give me the checks in the next pickup/envelope of work and I deposit only once a month.  Makes for a lot less paperwork and problems and I have been doing this for 10 years.

Best of luck to you!!! 

re your calm down statement...sm

Awful presumptive of you to assume I was not calm...just due to a few extra question marks?  As an American, I think it's safe to say that plenty here would kill first and ask questions later......I'm not that way.

I happen to be very calm and very rational.....

My statement was not a judgment of anyone

Just simply an observation. As for the sad state of health care cost and coverage, I agree with you. As of right now, my husband, myself, and our baby have no insurance because he just changed jobs and we won't get it until April 1. So why is it cheaper for me to go to the ER with the sniffles just because I have no health insurance? I'm still going to get a bill from them!

Medicaid is a different story. And my post had nothing to do with the indigent or health insurance challenged. And again, no judgment stated or implied.

With a statement like that, hope it never

  It is called being black-balled or pushed out because you know too much and do not put up with the crapola that goes on at the office. 

In reply to the IC statement given...
Well, that is okay if they don't really care when it comes to being an IC and not following the rules. Let them find someone else, because when you contact the IRS with the evidence that they have been making you work a set schedule like an employee and make you pay taxes as an IC and let them know, the employer will be paying quite well for it.
I take issue with a statement here. sm
"MTSOs know which schools turn out graduates that are ready to hit the ground running..." I think the important point is that MTSOs can't run around the country checking on the program at every college or technical school. Some of these schools turn out excellent students. Unfortunately, since their names aren't known in the industry, no one will give their graduates a chance. I am not an AAMT supporter, but at least the schools they promote have been checked and the MTSO can be sure of getting good employees.

It doesn't really matter if your education is as good as someone else's. When you are only a name applying for a job, never even see your employer face to face, you must have some edge to get you in the door. That is the only thing an MTSO has to choose from.

You can still make it if you don't graduate from the "right school." But it is so much harder, many won't. They may have as much knowledge as anyone else, but often it is just luck that they ever get a start, usually at a local facility. Something to remember when you are shopping for schools.

Disagree with that statement
Meds and therapy are ONE way to deal with depression, but not the ONLY way.  Changing your habits is a way (deliberately sitting alone in the dark would depress anyone).  Sometimes getting one's financial problems under control takes a huge bite out of depression (its normal to be depressed about bad finances, just as normal as feeling pain when you stub your toe).  Talking to other people and getting your problems in perspective is another.  Staying very physically busy until you don't have time to focus on your mood would be another - a daily work out can lift a person's mood and become something positive to look forward to.  Meds and therapy can be helpful, but if this person doesn't want to go that route, telling them its the ONLY way will only make them feel doomed.  There is no only way, there are many ways.  I say, try one of the many good suggestions here each day until one of them feels right.
Yes. Ask your employer if they have a statement
Maybe it was this statement that you made.

Maybe you need to look around if you're not doing so well.

I think you're kind of full of yourself and just had to post that you make 14 cpl and that is the entire basis for your post.  A potential "helping hand" should ask questions if she planned to drop another account for you.

They can ask for a doctor's statement
stating that you are unable to serve. Be careful.
doctors statement
Sometimes it works and sometimes they just don't care.  They are getting very strict.
To throw a statement out such as a
single mother just means, again, nothing more than a person working, same as a divorced mother or father but you know, you never hardly hear that term, do you? People donít go around saying I am a married mother as they do with I am a single mother. I will say again, to me that denotes just another person in the work force, nothing more, nothing less. Seems like you went off the deep end trying to make something out of the fact that I said 1 person working is just like another. No favoritism for anyone in the work field.
Yes, I made that statement because that's how I felt after
dealing with the public all day long.  I'll readily admit that I'm an introverted personality.  I get exhausted after being around a lot of people and chaos, which is what my outside the home job was.  That's why I chose to isolate myself then.  Now, however, after working at home all day, the last thing I want to do is to be isolated in the evenings and on weekends.  That's why my social life is better now than it used to be.  That's all I was saying.  I know there are MTs out there who work home alone all day and spend most of their free time alone, too.  That's doesn't have to be the case.
Did anyone get a paystatement e-mail from ADP for a paycheck that we will be receiving sometime in the next few days? It is for a weird amount, under $75. I called payroll and they told me that I will be getting a letter explaining this check. Were very secretive.  DOES ANYONE know ANYTHING???
IPAY statement/check
What office do you work for? Are you an employee or IC? I'm just asking cuz I'm wondering if I might get a check! Don't know what it's for, but I would take it!
How dare you make such a statement.
I beg your pardon..how dare you make such a generalization..How do you know what anyone elses work habits are?  I have worked for MQ for nine years and it has been nothing but turmoil, different rules for each regional office, pay cuts, platform changes, new CEOs every few months, rumors about selling the company left and right.  In July the SEs were told they were needed and the company was going to make the best job for SEs because they valued us..Now in January, there will be no more SEs and if you do not apply, just like a newbie, to be evaluated, just like a newbie, you will no longer have a job.  Please, I am most certainly not lazy, I have worked two full time jobs since 1997.  How dare you! 
You could always decline the recorded statement and
send them a written statement instead.
I agree with above, Laura's statement
I believe Edix at one time allowed their employees to stop early if they achieved their required line counts for the day. At least that is what I was told. It depends on the company. It's kind of crazy mentality to think you're "stealing" from the company if they require you to be on for 8 hours after you've achieved maximum lines for the day only to find out after the 6th hour there is no work available at all on any accounts! Stealing?? NOT!
Ask the provider for an itemized statement of all

transactions since you started treatment. Then audit it and figure out where they made their mistake. Then call or visit their business/billing office and CALMLY discuss your findings. If they agree that you do not owe more, ask for a statement showing the adjustment and a zero balance. Then write a letter documenting the conversation.

Good Luck!

I give a statement w/every job returned..sm

I only want to be paid once a month from every office, less paperwork.  I submit a statement (not to be paid) with every job returned during the week(s) and bill out those statements once monthly the very last day of the month.  I have NEVER been paid late by any office, and I get paid within 15 days of the monthly bill submitted.  And if I were to be paid late and I wanted to keep the account(s), I would NOT charge them a late fee.  Stuff happens.  (I remember one office being late due to the fact the office was ROBBED of a lot of $$.)

HTH (hope that helps). 

and I disagree with your statement. It's all in the fingers.

"Client would understand." That statement says
Another clueless statement made.
There are LOTS of MTs out that there will say ANYTHING and promise ANYTHING until the time comes to get the work done.

References are generally used for employee situations and the company will only be given information on people who will give a favorable reference.

In business, the customer comes first. Any IC worth anything will understand that and make sure that their customer (the company) is happy; otherwise, they won't have customers.

Silly you.
Totally agree with that statement...
being an MT is not as easy as some people would think...
I totally agree regarding IC statement.

Your English is off but your statement is correct. NM
MTIA's statement on credentialing
Do you receive a statement along with the card? nm
Statement in your posting about no blame in
Florida?? I think Florida went for the person who is going to be the next president. I would think the celebration there as much as anywhere else- however having said this, I do not find that excuse worth much. Dictators are not stopping work to watch the activities now because really what is going on right now. Say on that particular day, probably the only ones working will be us!!
I totally disagree with the statement that
"With VR, one MT can do the work of 2-3 MTs doing straight transcription." I can type just as fast as I can do VR at a rate of about 300 lines per hour and transcription pays twice as much as VR. Its just not fair or right. VR is NOT a lot faster and sometimes I get a report in VR that is so messed up that it would be easier to erase the whole thing and retype it. But if I do that, I'm still only going to get paid at the VR rate. Isn't that lovely? VR is FAR from replacing transcriptionists.
Me again and taking exception to your statement
I have done the same VR system now for about 5 years. This platform I am on actually does the ESLs and noticed with clear as a bell English speakers it seems to miss more. Go figure.
I love your last statement... so true...

I also have a lengthy history, but what interested me the most is your learning at your mother's knee.  My daughter is doing a typing program at school and she is almost at the part where she begins transcription.  She is in 3rd grade.  She had to earn so many apples for speed, and now she will begin transcribing voices in probably a week or two.  So, she will know the basic idea of using a start/stop method of listening and typing in 3rd grade. 

The silver lining to that statement is -(sm)
that Microsoft said it, so it's headline news. It draws the nation's attention to the problem. If one of our MT companies made that statement, even to the media, no one would notice. Companies all across the U.S. need to be given financial incentives NOT to offshore (such as fines, taxes, etc.) and incentives for keeping their paychecks in America.

Maybe national attention to the selfish practice of cutting U.S. jobs to send them offshore will help us draw attention to our own situation.
No you're not wrong but my statement stands too
If it was your daughter missing and the media basically concentrated on a demographic other than yours, you'd be wondering why you can't get help for your daughter too. Media looks for sensationalism and the since outrage currently involves young children or affluent, pretty, white young adult females, that's what the media flocks to.
Well.... if you signed the contract with that statement in there and did not alter
it or draw a red flag to it before you signed, then you agreed to it and it may be legal.

Here is a clue for future - if there is any part of the contract you do not agree with, you change it and initial where you changed it. If the MTSO or company signs it with those changes, everything is fine. If they do not, then you don't work for them.
To MLS2, you should not have made a statement like that - you could not be more wrong - sm
you could not be more wrong. It was our fault for not looking at the service's work. The mistakes were absolutely horrendous. Our situation could have been a lot worse - if it had not been for that one doctor, our hospital could have been facing many, many potential lawsuits. The transcription service does not get sued, THE HOSPITAL DOES. Please think about that
That's a pretty ignorant statement - do you know what "customs" are???
Women are to be accompanied by men and are to follow the laws in the Middle East.
Yes Well Babs also made the statement at some awards..sm
to the effect... "The only regret I have in life is that none of my children were gay".... which obliterated any idea I may have had of her intelligence.... I am far from anti-gay, have many gay friends... relatives .... but the statement was without intelligence or common sense for that matter... and really no purpose other than drawing attention to a heated issue..... Celine has one of a kind ... flawless voice..
That is the most insulting, bigoted statement about homosexuals...
I have ever seen on this board. How dare you cram your narrow-minded, hateful, ignorant garbage down our throats when we read your thread in good faith that you had a brain. Shame on you.