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need advice /home-based hospital job

Posted By: Irish.Nana on 2006-05-27
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 I was offered a home-based MT job as a direct employee of the hospital with an extremely good per-line-rate.   But yes, apparently it was too good to be true!  Apparently on further consideration, the administrator now says it is too costly (technically) for home set-up; mentioned something about the Lanier DVI desktop and how costly etc. etc.  and some other MT has the license (?what's that about?); also mentioned "Cquence" transcription software program.   They presently already have 5 other off-site MTs.   Anybody out there with opinions and/or constructive advice...please.     Thanks in advance. 

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Former MQ here. I finally got a home-based hospital job.
Less flexibility, as in having to work set shifts, but the pay is great and I have all the great benefits.  I know there are so few hospitals that have their own department, but if you're in a populated area and can find a job, it will TOTALLY renew your opinion of this job. It has for me.
i would never give up my home-based hospital job....go for it
I work four 8 hr shifts, home based for hospital.. hourly plus incentive.
Home-based Pathology
Does anyone out there type for a Pathology Dept. or a medical examiner in the privacy of their own home?  I saw a message where one gal said she worked for a hospital Path. Dept. from her home which included benefits, etc.  I cannot find her message now, and am wondering if she is still out there and would answer my message.  I would love this as I really need the benefits.  Thanks  Del
Seeking home-based MT job from Canada!!!

Hello, I am seeking a full-time MT job from home (in Canada). I want to work for a great company that pays well. I also want my computer and all required supplies paid by the company. I will pay for high speed internet!! Where I reside, we have fibreoptic telephone lines - therefore it is the best place to do medical transcription, the quickest speed of voice data and the clearest in north america!! We also rarely have storms here! I live in New Brunswick, 1 hour for calais, Maine.

I have 5+ years of experience and I am also a coder trained in Toronto. HOpe to hear from you soon. Thanks!






Home-based Pathology, ME dictation

Dear Carrie Bella,

Could you possibly give me the name of the company that the New York ME's office uses for their transcription.  I am very much interested in either typing Pathology or ME's reports at home.  Thanks.  Del

Any hospitals/clinics hiring home-based employees on an hourly basis? TIA


hospital at-home -vs- national at home

I have an interview today with a hospital...work in-house for 3 months, then go home, paid on production. I don't know as of yet what they pay production, so my question is to anyone who works for a hospital at home AND has also worked for a national at home...

Which would be the best to choose? The hospital offers great benefits, but the national I work for now also has benefits, not as good as the hospital, though.  Any input would be most appreciated!

Not OP, but how does one go about getting an at-home hospital job..sm
I have 30 years MT acute care experience and think I would like working at home for a hospital (currently work for a mid size MTSO). I don't recall seeing those type jobs advertised. Can anyone give me advice on where to find those kind of jobs? Thanks for any help!
Hospital at-home job vs. service
Here is the scoop:  I work for a service now, but was offered an at-home position with a local hospital at $14.70 per hour with benes.  WHAT SHOULD I DO???????
hospital work at home
May I ask if it was easy for you to get the at-home job working for the hospital? I have a hospital very near my home and have been contemplating going there to see if they have at-home transcription jobs available, but haven't done so just yet. I would love to be paid hourly. I'm so tired of having to type my fingers to the bone to make good money. Hourly should would be nice, even if only temporarily. Thanks for any advice.
I work for a hospital but am home. nm
Home versus Hospital - sm
Speaking as one who was a unit secretary for many, many years, and now an MT working from home, I personally would NEVER, ever go back...but, the benefits of working in-house are much better than most MT companies offer. AND, your point of steady paycheck is a valid one. This is something you would have to sit down and write all the pros and cons, with your feelings included, to make a decision based on what is best for you. Good luck.
When I worked at home for a hospital
I had all of the benefits, but the hospital I worked at did not go by production.  They just basically paid per hour.  They did not expect a certain amount of work be done in a certain amount of time.  I had access to the software the hospital used.  This probably won't help you, but it has only been 2 years since I left the hospital.  I make way more with my own accounts.  If the benefits you are seeking have to do with retirement, then you may be better off setting up your own retirement account because if you are older, you will need to be vested before you even begin to think about a pension. 
MT working at home for hospital
I just recently was sent home from a local hospital where I work. I make $15.80/hour, no incentive, and we are required to type a minimum of 1200 lines per 8-hour shift.
I work at home for a hospital
differential, average around $18 to $22 an hour. I am not paid hourly, but totally CPL. I don't use any benefits because I am on my husband's.
Missouri hospital at-home MT..........
I have worked for a hospital for 15 years. They moved us home about 10 years ago. I make 11 cpl on a 60-character line. We have to maintain a 5000 line per two week pay period quota for health insurance which is free for employees, but I carry family plan and it is 110.00 a month (hard to beat that). We can type whenever we want, no set hours. We also rotate weekly on call schedules where we go on call from Midnight Sunday morning to the next Saturday at Midnight. Just for being on call, we get an extra 220.00 that week regardless if we receive any calls, but if we do get called, we still receive our 11 cpl pay as usual. This is a 270 bed hospital with all fields and specialties and pretty well all of the dictators are great. I am very happy with my position at this hospital.
I am, but I work for a hospital (at home). (nm)

Internet based transcription - need advice on how to go internet
Can anyone offer any help/advice on how go about becoming internet based from a call in system, or how to keep the call in system for the docs and put transcriptionists on the internet?  Not sure where to start to get information on how to go about doing this. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
Need some advice on home decorating
We're moving into a rental that has blue carpeting.  Yeah, I know...blue.  ughh.  But, it's a brand-new carpet, very nice, and thick pad.  Our furniture is a sand colored, microfiber, with light maple colored coffee and end tables.  Our lamps are like a dark copper color.  I want to paint the walls so they aren't just plain white, but what color would go good with the furniture and blue carpeting?
At-home transcription advice
Hi! I'm a fulltime, working Transcriptionist with a Certificate in Medical Transcription from a local, accredited schoool and nearly 4 years of Clinic experience. I want to keep my fulltime clinic job but I would also like to start up my own at-home transcription part-time for extra income. I was hoping somebody could give me a little advice about start-up equipment and supplies/cost if any. I'm not looking for my own accounts, just working for/contracting with a company on here PT for right now.
Thank you for the work at home advice

I changed my phone number! I also signed up for a www.grandcentral.com #. I can give it out and change to voicemail when I am working.

Honestly we have had the best few days! :) We have had more time to homeschool and go out to play. I am getting my shifts in with less prep time.


Thank you for the encouragement and advice.

18 cpl straight from a hospital working at home. nm
24-yo female Missouri, PT at home, FT hospital
I worked for a hospital at home for 4 years. sm
We had to work set hours. My advice is allow youself 1/2 hour for lunch, and at least two 15-minute break periods. Work 2 hours, take a break, work 2 hours, take a lunch break, etc. Otherwise, you may find yourself having back, shoulder and hand problems. Working 9 hours may seem like a drag, but not being able to work at all is even worse. Remember, if you were working on site, you would not only have to work 8-1/2 hours, but would have travel time on top of it. Just my experience.
I worked at home for the local hospital here.
It was fine. They paid hourly and provided equipment. We had plenty of work and had to stick to a set schedule. They do use a service or two for overflow, but it is strictly overflow. The hospital still has employees working at home. They don't ALL outsource. (And ironically, some hospitals are taking back their transcription and hiring in-house and at-home MTs!)
I work for a hospital from home on my computer and they do this too. sm
I was told that it is becoming more and more common to see this happen as the internet can open the hospital to too many vulnerabilities. It's my computer but I am on their clock, so I am OK with it. I prefer my books to internet research though so it is not so bad for me.

Good luck with this.
Hospital job is "work-at-home" paid hourly
Thank you for well wishes.
Key words: Utah and Hospital. Different from working at home and different SM
from working in a state that has low tolerance for drinking.
I disagree. The best place to work is a hospital that has their MTs at home.
Why not work fulltime at home for a hospital with bennies?
Or look into the state children's medical program. Check into foodstamps and utility assistance while you're at it. The states also usually have a program to enforce child support, which can't be arbitrarily reduced if someone just decides to be self-employed and hide their income one day.

As for the savings and retirement, relax, you'll get there. As for life insurance, you can get a term or universal policy cheap. I can relate about the job situation. I'm teetering on bankruptcy myself now because I lost my steady job in October and have had two other jobs with no work or lousy platforms since then. I keep waiting for the utility companies to shut everything off because I can't pay.

We'll survive. I can't wait for tax refund time myself. You'll survive, too. You can do this. The best part is that you can do this without his help, and your kids will love and respect you for being the responsible parent.
I turned down a hospital job to stay at home and regret it. sm
The hospital jobs are much more stable, and you have the same docs over and over. Even if they are ESL, at least you can get good at them. Take the hospital job - the PTO and benefits are worth it.
I surely lost out on that, worked from home for a hospital
for 2+ years and required to come in house for meetings and never, never paid for my gas nor my time down and just asked to make it up. After that we got outsourced to a company and guess what again? Meetings at their place and again no pay!! I bet others who see this probably have had the same thing happen to them. Your place exceptional.
Take at home transcription job or unit secretary job at hospital?
I've been an MT for 12 years and have worked at home doing MT for 10 years. Recently got replaced by EMR so had to find work elsewhere. I took a job at a local hospital as a unit secretary working 3-11 now I have been offered a job with a national transcription company. I'm not sure if I should go back to transcribing since the line count/money making potential has me worried. I've been assured that I will never run out of work but I'm worried that I will actually be working longer than the 8 hour shift in order to make the amount of money I need. I would love to be back home with my kids typing again as I miss not seeing them as much as I used to and they want me to be home. I am just not sure if I should stay in a job at the hospital which has a guaranteed amount of money per pay period since I'm being paid by the hour and not by the line where my paycheck can vary. Any thoughts/suggestions/opinions, recommendations out there? Any and all would be greatly appreciated!!

i am an inhouse hospital transcriptionist who works at home
I am an in house hospital transcription who works at home. I get 19.00 an hour plus incentive pay which is 7 cents a line after 1,000 lines. and 7.5 cents after 1,500 lines.
Not stay at home, but opposite shifts. My advice:

Make sure you always say thank you.  It's a MUST for a man.  My husband and I decided to work different shifts years ago so that the kids wouldn't have to go to daycare.  Now I'm at home, but he still works 3rd shift for the same company that he's been with for 7 years because he likes it.

I've always thanked him.  I'd get home from work and he'd have dinner cooking and I'd say, "I"m so lucky to have you!"  And even if I didn't care for the dinner choice, I'd shut up and eat it. :)

Even just little things now, like if he washes the dishes or vacuums because he knows I'm on a deadline, I'll always say, "Thank you for doing that, you're such a big help."

Trust me, boost the old ego and those pots and pans won't sit in the sink. Complain one time that he missed a spot and you'll be scrubbing the broiler pan.

Any advice on the best anti-virus for home office??

I've got Norton 360 installed on my PC and kept getting a popup all day yesterday that said my PC was infected and that I should click "here" to download Personal Antivirus.  Yeah right!  I ran a Norton scan and it said my PC was clean, but this popup box came up over and over to the point, I had to call Dell because I couldn't download software from their site.

Anyway, I finally downloaded Malwarebytes (free version) and it found and removed 12 Trojans!!!

I'm definitely going to keep the Malwarebytes, but need a really good anti-virus.  I've done my research, but have read good and bad about all of them.  AVG 8.0 didn't have the good reviews that the 7.5 had, but I found out last night that AVG 8.5 is now out. Anyone use it?

Norton sucks!  As soon as I find a decent AV program, it's gonesky!


I think I misstated it - the at home people live within an hour of the hospital - sm
this is what the hospital is absolutely positively trying to avoid - having people all over the country doing the job. If the equipment breaks, if there are meetings, etc. - these cannot be done with transcriptionists all of the country.
great post - we have people that work at home in our hospital - sm
but getting them to work is like asking them to do a big favor. They constantly have the excuse "oh my kids are here, I have to play with them." "I can't work because my kids have a cold." "I can't work because my kids want to go outside and play."

I could go on and on and on. Those of us that work inhouse and have kids don't seem to have "the problems"
$15,000.... Hospital employee, telecommuting from home, working less than full-time.
I'm a hospital employee, working local at home, so I get a raise every year.
Line-based vs. hour-based requirement
Hospitals do have an hourly requirement, and generally incentive after a certain line level. MQ only has a line based requirement, which is 12,000 per pay period. The hourly requirement is strange, unless they now plan to convert to an hourly pay plan?
I have 13 years experience and just started a hospital job working from home making $16 an hour

and with a really good incentive plan.  I live in the Kansas City area.  $10 seems like a low starting point even with only two years experience which is the usual benchmark for hospital MT jobs. 

It's been my experience that the low end of the pay scale for hospital employed MTs was around $12 an hour.  Also, it's been my experience that the pay offered is usually based on years of experience and how well you perform on the transcription test.

I would say if their pay is that low, they should at least be making it up with incentive and it doesn't sound like they are.


When the kids started school I wanted a job in my home town. A hospital clerk position (sm)
came open. You started compiling charts, making copies, etc. Then I was promoted after a few months and began learning transcription and did that part of the day. Then a few months later they taught me coding and abstracting and I did that part of the day. It was a great learning experience to learn things from the bottom up. Needless to say, I am an old dog here who has been doing this more than 25 years now.
When the kids started school I wanted a job in my home town. A hospital clerk position (sm)
came open. You started compiling charts, making copies, etc. Then I was promoted after a few months and began learning transcription and did that part of the day. Then a few months later they taught me coding and abstracting and I did that part of the day. It was a great learning experience to learn things from the bottom up. Needless to say, I am an old dog here who has been doing this more than 25 years now.
Depends on what kind of hospital? Large urban hospital or small community hospital? SM

Also, is it a large teaching hospital? If so you have to consider there will be A LOT of different residents dictating, usually a lot of ESLs at teaching hospitals, and the residents rotate out and new ones rotate in every summer. So you can't expect to get the same dictators and build up your macros because the dictators change all the time.

I would say 9 cpl would be a pretty good offer for a small to medium community hospital where you will be doing the same dictators on a daily basis.  But for bigger, urban or teaching hospitals I would want at least 12 to 15 cpl. 

Help! Have face-to-face interview for at-home hospital job tomorrow and ....SM

I want to ask the most comprehensive questions I can so as to make the best decision possible.  I work for a small national right now, pretty happy but would like better benefits, especially more affordable and better insurance.  I already know this hospitals pays .09 cpl and .11 if you do more than 1200 lines per day.  It's been so long since I've been interviewed in person.  I need you guys to help me make a list of questions to ask so that I can just get it all down on paper and make sure I'm not missing anything.  I know they use ChartScript and Lanier and that they provide the computer.  What else exactly should I ask? 

working IN A HOSPITAL is different than working at home.
Someone can steal you identity from the internet if they want to. Why would you go to the time and trouble to jeopardize a job that requires some level of skill to steal someone's identity or medical records? You could get a job as a retail clerk and get info easier than going through the testing required to become an MT.
Advice to YOU..1st learn to spell before insulting poster and trying to give advice...sm

Sound advice from a fellow MT if you want advice or support (sm)

I have been an MT for over 10 years.  I also am getting burnt out, tired of my job, day in day.  However, I do love transcription and make excellent money at it, have grossed over $50,000 per year the last 5 years.  I decided to go back to nursing school and am very happy with my choice.  However, over these 10 years of transcription I have had my ups and downs.  My biggest issue with being at home working is lack of socialization, being home day in and day out with just the kids and the animals really gets to a person, sure hubby is home at night and thinks working from home is the easy life, thus the return to school and boy has my overall enjoyment of life changed once I realized I was the problem, not everyone else and I needed to find myself again.

Anyway, my biggest advice to you three-fold:

1.  Get into counseling for yourself, find out who you are and what your needs are, whether or not you think you need to, I sense you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone other than your family to talk to that can be nonjudgmental to your feelings and needs.

2.  If you're only making $100 after you pay preschool you can either keep doing it and be miserable, or quit because you are lucky enough to have a husband who can support the family without your income. (See how fast his mind changes just by losing the income you do have as to whether your job means anything.)  Or look for a different company or office that you like more and are more productive if you really want to do transcription (lots of fish in the sea as far as companies).

3.  Find a local "mom's" group where you can get out and socialize.  MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) is an excellent one that is nationwide, they have a website.  Also Mom2Mom is in a lot of areas.  They provide a once a week time for moms with kids the same age to get together, socialize, (some offer spirtual guidance some don't) and each week a different mom takes a turn watching everyone else's children at the facility that hosts it so the other moms can talk about things they have in common.  Every stay-at-home and work-from-home mom needs to socialize with adults, without their kids, or they will have a nervous breakdown eventually no matter how much they love their kids.

Sorry so long but it does get better but you have to take the first step at making yourself happy.

My kids have suffered greatly from me working at home with them home. SM
I have been working at home as an MT since my two kids were born. They are now 4 and 5. In the first few years, I had no help whatsoever. Their father was a bum who didnt work or take care of them while I worked. Your children get neglected while you work basically. And babies and young children desperately need your attention while they are home with you.

My kids have so many behavioral problems right now because of their neglect. I would try to set them up with things to occupy themselves, like coloring or a movie, etc.

I finally put them in day care and things have improved, but there are still a lot of issues because of the damage that was done. They still try to seek attention by doing bad things and they dont listen to me because they are so used to me letting them get away with a lot of stuff because I was too busy typing to discipline them in their early years.

If I could do it all over again, I would definitely have put them into day care from the very beginning.

My advice would be to seek PT care for your baby. Maybe you can do some work around her schedule a little when she is home, like when she takes a nap, and then bang out a bunch of work while she is in day care.