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Posted By: grec on 2006-06-09
In Reply to:

I downloaded Sylcount (30-day trial) and followed the instructions perfectly.  The first time I used it, it went fine.  Now when i use it, i get "Could not attach or start WinWord.Files cannot be counted & reported"  What did i do wrong??

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I just tried Sylcount and

I count by gross line and compared to MP Count, Sylcount counted a lot less lines for me! I could see where you could get a higher line count if you are counting by characters though since it offers the option of so many other keys you can include that are not technically characters but are actual keystrokes. 

Just thought I would let you know what I found when I compared the two by  counting by gross lines. :)

I like Sylcount.

If I remember correctly,  it has been a while since I used it, Sylcount stores by the file name after you count them, and keeps it or is easily recounted again.   I always name the document by date and then doctor initials, i.e. 6-6-07.jlc; 6-6-07.rbf, etc.  Then when I counted by Sylcount I would count all of those files with the doctor's extension and it would give me a list and a total.  It does not produce an invoice but if I remember correctly it does give you a list from which you can easily transfer or type into an Invoice, i.e. Quick Books, and also attach the list printed so they can see the daily totals.   Right now I just use a spread sheet, foro my 7 docs, do my daily counts, keep them listed and produce an invoice and attach a copy of the spread sheet for each doctor.  Again, all my files are easily accessible and countable since I can search from the extension of their initials.

Someone one else might have a better system I am sure.   Patti

Sylcount - great
I do not know about the other two but I like Sylcount because it can be set to count extra character for caps, bolds, underlines, etc.  
I tried the sylcount download too and
I did not care for them. I went with Spellex. Good program. Don't have to save files to any rtf. format, just doc. works good. They have a free trial too.
I just use Sylcount. You don't say what "reasonable" is but this is $99 and SM
has paid for itself with its invoice program.
I used Sylcount before too and it was great nm

I used to swear by Sylcount but recently
to Practicount. You get the same counts as you do in Sylcount but you don't have to save the files in the rich text format for it to work. I found it annoying to have to save everything in RTF and my version of MS Word would always ask if I wanted to save it in RTF, and I'd have to answer "yes" to two different pop-ups before it would even save. There might have been a way around that, but I found Practicount worked just as well without that bother so I switched.
Maybe that's it. Mine is SylCount Gold and relatively new.
Are y'all meaning Sylcount?
If you need an Expander too, you can get Instant Text, which has counting, invoicing, and reporting built in. :-)
I use the invoicing report that Sylcount produces.
Sylcount IV lines only. You can trial for 30 days.
Hmm, I use gross lines and Sylcount is always higher
I've compared Sylcount with several different line counting programs and Sylcount was always higher, even if it was only by 10 lines. I did find that PractiCount is the same as Sylcount and I ended up switching to that since you don't have to convert files to rich text format, but other than that, I always found Sylcount to be the best.
Might be a newer version. I used Sylcount a while back
I switched to PractiCount myself because it gives a line count similar to that of Sylcount but you don't have to save the files in any special format. When I had Sylcount, though, I definitely had to save them in .rtf format or it would tell me it was not a Sylvan .rtf file and that I had to resave document in that format to count it. I remember because anytime you reopened a file, you also had to save it all over again under .rtf format because it would default to something else. Real PITA!
Sylcount is good. It gave me a higher count
I use a line counter system similar to sylcount--sm
It has an invoice feature within it. I save my daily files by patient name and whether CN, H&P, etc. If I had to run an invoice like that each month, it would be much easier to have your files by each doctor and then run the invoice feature on the line counter. It would count each patient during that month by name and list it on the invoice that way, as well as including the line count and the cost. It would be much easier than doing it by hand. Good luck to you.