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we are not talking about a house in the assoc. The original poster lives in a regular home.

Posted By: no name on 2006-01-02
In Reply to: and you are incorrect - all condo and....sm - in Boynton Beach in condo assoc homes...

So they cannot tell someone else what color to paint their house.

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thats you. the original poster is not you.

original poster
My heart goes out to you.  The sexual harrassment i'm going through is not comparable, I couldn't imagine dealing with this if I were a child..  In a way, they are taking something from us, no matter what age, when they cross that border.  I have told someone, so its out.  But my mother is another story. She has been abused emotionally and physically by men.  Like I said above, she is in a horrible state of mind, depends soley on this man.  Thats why removing myself until I figure things out would be best.  I do notice on his side of the family, he is not near his grandchildren, or great grandchildren, and over they years, they have expressed their hate for him.  I just don't understand at his age how he could still be doing something like this and not learn from it, having lost his own family? He is a master at getting people to like him...my family would raise eyebrows at me if I brought this up.  But like I said, I told someone, she understands, and it has leaked around. Actually talking to my mother, she would do something to hurt herself.  She wouldnt be able to handle it.
It might not help the original poster (sm)
but if you think you need to have a hysterectomy, find a physician who can do it laparoscopically. I had that done in December 2003 and I was back on my feet within a week. I didn't go back to work (outside the home at that time) for three weeks, but I had to convince the doctor to give me that much time because he knew how fast the recovery was from a laparoscopic hyst.
To the original poster.....

You said "She was voted off because she sang a Christian song."  That is absolutely not true.  She was voted off because this week when she sang country she did not get enough votes.  If you want to get really technical with it, "She was voted off because she sang a country song." 

This had absolutely nothing to do with religion.  The week that she sang a christian song she did not get anywhere near being in the bottom three.  She was in a singing competition in which she would get a record deal if she won.  I don't think God would mind if she sang a song "out of her element" in this competition.  She did not commit any sin.  You sing what you have to, to get through the competition, if you win you chose whatever genre of music you want to pursue for a record deal.  Ruben did.  He sang all types of music during the competition and won it, then he made a religious album.

Don't come blasting on something you know nothing about.  You said you weren't an Idol fan, so why do you even care and why did you have to make it out to be something it wasn't?

By the way, I am a Christian.  I just hate it when people try to put religion in everything and twist things to make them look evil!!!!

Original poster. nm
not the original poster, but i will tell you what sm
a company did to me. we supposedly got paid for spaces. we were "required" to put two spaces after a period, etc. I kept struggling to get my line counts up to par thinking why is it taking me so long to reach my norm. finally one day i decided to compare line counts. what i came up with was higher than theirs. so i figured line count without spaces and was too low. i took the difference of with spaces and without spaces and divided spaces in half and bam, hit their line count exactly. so even they we were required to type two spaces after periods, etc., we only got paid for one. their system would take our spaces and divide those in half before giving us the line counts. i never typed another document for them after i figured this out and didn't even waste my time explaining why. i felt i had the right to do as i choose since i was flat out lied to. nothing is worse than dishonesty. no that company was not Transtech for those wondering. to me, the #1 priority is honesty, decent program, then good communication, decent pay, pay on time and as agreed upon, decent work and steady workload.
I am not the original poster
No, I did not complain that I was being asked to do work I was told I wouldn't have. I responded to a person who stated they did. My response was that many MTs are no longer being matched up with the work they are most proficient at, then clueless companies act surprised when it slows down efficiency or loses employees. That is fact I have observed, of late over and over again. Please go back and read the thread.

I won't even go into being "thankful" that a person is in a two-way contract that should benefit both parties, the employer and the employee, and honor about keeping to the agreement made.

Regardless, I'm done with this mad hatter's tea party conversation.

for the original poster or anyone

I would like to leave a web site about Daniel G. Amen, M.D.  It lists several books about how the brain works and techniques for ADD, depression, etc.



The original poster said
"they pushed me out of the room" She is talking about her minor child and she went out because they pushed? You are talking 11 years old versus a 17 year old, believe she said, still a minor.
If you'd look you would see that I AM the original poster....nm
You make me laugh, stating that I am trying to intimidate you? Please, you were the one who said I had incorrect information and then called it "crap" and now you call me "childish and churlish" when everyone who reads on this board can see that you seem to think you are an authority on ANY subject and will always make a debate or judgement on everything that is said.

By the way, those "switches" you keep referring to reside in the boxes at each zone.

Also, I DID live in a rural area when this whole situation came up for me and we could NOT get DSL until we had fiberoptic AND the equipment in the box was changed. As far as speed goes, when we lived in the RURAL area, AFTER the FO and equipment installation, we could get 6.0...the highest speed available. I live in town now, not even a mild from the "central office" and can only get 3.0. Distance is not as much of a factor as you think....fiberoptic and equipment in the box is the main factor.

As my mom always told me, book learning isn't always as good as good old-fashioned WORK experience. Have you worked out in the field, installing, laying fiber, actually DOING what you seem to have learned so much from being lectured by engineers? If I remember right, most of these engineers sit in an office and direct traffic, never actually driving anything.

Since I am probably talking to someone who will NEVER change their mind even when presented with factual arguments, I'm truly going to stop now. You can have the run of the board back and see how many more people you can call names and intimate that no one understands anything besides you. LOL :-)

For everyone else reading this, I truly only intended to help when I first posted and I truly know from first-hand experience what I'm talking about, not just because my husband did this exact job for so long, but because I read, I research, and I observe. Good luck to all of you and maybe this stimulus money that is supposed to go for "taking broadband to the suburban and rural areas" will be well spent.
The original poster got me, and that's what counted!
Sorry to disappoint, but she got my point!
isn't this the perfect example of what the original poster

but not in the situation of the original poster...sm
she sounded like somebody trying to get the quick fix of a new car. She's not an MTSO driving a high end vehicle and certainly had not done a financial analysis of the situation.  I agree, there are a few instances when you need to rent short term because of situations but bottom line is long term, renting or leasing can't be a better choice. Someone is making money off of you. The majority of people are working paycheck to paycheck and need to get past that illusion of "free money" from a credit card and leasing a nicer car than they can afford. I don't pretend to be a financial expert but most of the time spending money is about emotions than dollars. Case in point, leasing a nice car so you "look" better off. BTW, Suze Orman's books are the best I've seen yet...and I've read A LOT of financial advice.
I agree. I am the original poster
working as an IC for a service.
R U the original poster? confused...sm

IF you are the original poster, many feel badly for you because of YOUR words YOU typed....."my husband refuses to let me go back to dental hygiene school" or words to that affect.

Seems to me you lost control over your life...........

Hi Dianna and everyone- I'm the original poster for
rebound headaches. I'm so glad I posted this question - I have received some excellent information. We're just a bunch of smarties, eh?
I love it.
Yep, it means original poster. Sometimes
it can mean other poster, but usually original poster of a certain thread.
I have to agree with original poster though
I have gotten blanket emails from someone in my company recently who did not work with me or any of the rest on my account until the time of the email. She sent out an email addressing everyone when in reality there were a few of us that did what we were told and felt very offended to read it addressed and worded for all of us. I used to be a store manager in retail for years. One thing that I learned was if not everyone was doing wrong you should not address everyone as it makes makes those who did no wrong feel bad and can lead to decreased morale. You should address only those doing wrong. I have always agreed with this. I have read it in management books and been taught it. I have seen the negative effect of it when I did it in a store meeting. From then on I always addressed people individually.
Exactly! And now the original poster is arguing
with us about working Christmas when that was her supposed original dilemma - we can't win, eh? Unreal. And now that I feel like mentioning it - not having a contract is nothing to brag about - there are laws for patient's privacy issues, etc., and our industry is going to be challenged by US citizens who, while finding out about offshoring Indians transcribing our work, are also not thrilled at the idea of their next-door neighbor sitting in their living room with jammies on, transcribing their medical records without any legal contracts - scary stuff. Not professional to say the least. Of course, the original poster will now argue that she is a 100% pro - though she didn't know what her rights were when it came to working holidays...
To quote the original poster
Question was for original poster.
My question was for the person who posted the original message regarding ownership of the software. In my opinion, that person was either SS herself or the person who calls himself Leo and claims to be her husband.
I'm original poster -forgot to mention that I do.
I quit twice in my life, the last time for about 3 years.  Both times just made up my mind to - and cold turkey.  Just can't seem to do it now. 
This post was soo sweet. I am not the original poster, but was being

nosey and thought your post was so sweet.

I have applied to 2 companies - Medscribe and an MTSO. I am not nervous leaving MQ.  Wow.  Looks like a ton of people are leaving.  I wonder if that means just great news for their Indian MTs....hmmm

Please note I'm the original poster and not azmt below. (sm)
I would never not proof as my original post said.

azmt there are many different names you can go by here and I'd rather not be confused with you.
No, I am not the original poster, smarty-pants!
To Patti - the lady who lives in a floating home - see message.
Patti, when you have time, could you please e-mail me?  Thanks, Kim
I believe the original poster is the one doing the scoring, and she is SHOCKED at how low the score
is for the MT, and she doesn't even know what to say to the MT under comments. I can certainly relate - lately, its abysmal in my company.  How, oh how, do these MTs get hired?  To me, that is the BIGGEST mystery. 
Sorry, last post directed to Trixi, not original poster. nm
I am not the original poster, but would love to know how to do this. what version of word are you u
original poster of prayer sentence information
I am the originator of the post on typing a sentence regarding praying with a patient.  I don't care that he did it one way or the other.  My concern was that I did not believe that it should be part of a dictated medical report.  We don't add patient names.  We carefully word sentences so that the patient is not denigrated in the process and patient care not impacted.  This is not relative to patient care, in my opinion.  I have been doing this job a long time and never had anything like that mentioned in a note before now.  Not at hospitals with definite religious affiliations.  Not when typing for a physician and his staff that regularly do it.  So, I asked a question here.  Based on the responses, it will be the last time I do.  Yes, I do "question' everything I haven't typed before by verifying the word, disease, medication, etc. 
I'm getting a regular full-time job outside my home.
For 3 or 4 years now, I've been fighting to be able to stay home and work a regular schedule (yeah, right) to take care of family. I was given a sort of intervention recently that I've become a very unhappy person who is always working or waiting for work or worrying about work. I don't laugh or have fun and I've isolated myself. I'm certainly not better off than when I worked in an office and I'm less free if most ways. It's not a good or profitable trade-off anymore. I'm looking forward to separating my home and work life, and to be able to sleep at night again.
Not the poster you are talking to but..

You totally miss her point.  She is not saying MQ is AOK.  It isnt even about MQ.  It is about complaining, complaining, complaining.  Continually.  WHY????  Do something about it.  Find a new job.  There are TONS.  Do you get it?  If MQ is so bad, why don't the MQMTs go find new jobs?  Take away their workforce, leave in droves.  Do something.  That will shut them down quicker than any lawsuit.  Oh and also, it would benefit the MTs because they would HAVE A NEW JOB. 

Why anyone would work 1 minute for a place that is cheating them is beyond me?  I'm sorry but that is DUMB.

CJ, sorry, I was talking to the poster above sm
Not you. I'm sorry I mistakenly used your name in my subject line. I was talking to the poster right above me. I hate that there isn't an edit feature on this board.

Your advice really helped me. Thank you!
I thought the poster was talking about citizens
who were born in another country.  Offshoring is another problem that allows corporations to cut costs to get bigger bonuses created by people in power who us little guys can't fight.  It's a crooked system and the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.  When's the last time you have had a raise?  You know why you will never see a raise.  They can ship the work offshore for cheaper than what we are doing it and as the offshore companies grow older and wiser, we may even have to take a cut in pay to compete.  Thank you government for that.
to poster below who is talking about working an 8 hour shift

I just read your posts and they are really bothersome.  Why just because someone asks how to achieve 1000 lines in 3 or 4  hours would you flame them like that?  Why would you assume that person would want to work less than 8 hours just because they asked that question?

Most people, especially MTs, want to make the most of their time whether it be 3 hours or 8 hours.  Most MTs want to be productive since that is how we make our living.  Why wouldn't anyone with a brain want to increase their line count from 1000 lines in 8 hours to 2000 lines in 8 hours if they could? 

I think it is a shame that so many get mad and become rude to others because they are doing more than them.  They are sharing their advice on how to become quicker and I wish that you would just let them do it for the rest of us! 

I mean, if you want to work 8 hours and make squat go ahead.  The rest of us would like to bring in the cash and double our speed and work the same amount of time thank you!

I've got my BP pills, but that is just what the poster is talking about isnt it?

Ummm, $98K, 30 hours a week. I believe that is what this poster is talking about. uh huh LOL. nm
But poster talking bout working through MTSO,
Got floor model of chair that was perfect fit. Final mark down was $40. Went got home saw original
Poster says she works from home
I bought my condo where I have a home office (35 y/o bldg) at one price and it has nearly doubled because of the area I live in. As I read it, the poster stated her house......
Home vs in house
The perfect solution is working at home for a doctor's office or hospital and being paid by the hour instead of the line.  It's so irritating to have to be online in for a certain time period, having NO work and making NO money.  At least hourly you're guaranteed income.  JMHO.
Home versus in-house
Let me answer before I read everyone else's responses. I worked at home and for awhile it was great, but I had kids underfoot, that didn't work out. So back to inhouse. It's nice having a regular paycheck and not having to worry about taxes, they're taken out. Also health insurance is a big concern. But I'm sick of the nitpicking and being treated like a child. I hate being spied on and I hate office politics. People are in close proximity when I'm transcribing and there is a lot of loud talking in the small room. Plus when the other people are crabby, it casts a dark shadow on the whole day.

I may soon have no choice but to work at home again, as my place of employment is rumored to be upgrading and at all other facilities owned by this company, that has meant shipping our work overseas. I don't dread returning home though. Just got a brand-new Dell computer, found and loaded my Instant Type and imported my PRD files. I will switch to my husband's insurance which is a kind I'm not crazy about but it's better than nothing. I have a tax guy now and I'll stay on top of taxes with my estimated quarterles. And there's a company I've been working for on and off for years that treats me like gold and will take me on anytime!

I'm the type of person who doesn't like being constantly monitored by an authority figure, particularly an ignorant one! It may soon be time to get out of the in-house and back to my home! We'll see. For now, I'm in-house. But maybe soon, I won't be.
Home Office vs In-House
What about transcription done in-house in an office or dept. where there is high traffic from MDs to janitors?

My dog watches me type and horror of all horrors, I usually have the dictation on speaker phone.

6 at home and 1 in house (first job) in 6 years
stay home or go in house....

I got offered a job in a small neurology office starting at $17/hr with a raise in a few months.  No working weekends or holidays and lots of vacation days.  Low stress.

I currently work at home for a pretty decent company with a pretty decent line rate, but am starting to feel pressure to produce more...my average pay at home is between $13 and $15 an hour.  It also adds stress when there is little to know work available and I am having to alter my schedule to "make up" time.

So, I would be making a bit more money, but I will have to have child care for the summers and for after school, so I don't know if it is worth it. 

Can someone give me some insight as to whether they were faced with this decision...what they decided and why?  I would really appreciate it. 

Stay home or go in-house?

Help! What do I do?  I currently work for a pretty good national company and I get to stay home and work in my PJs, but then... we ran out of work for a few days and I panicked.  I applied for an in-house position doing radiology, which I have never done before.  I am fairly certain they will offer me the position to work 24 to 32 hours, with many more hours if I want them.  It pays about 18.50 per hour during the week and 19.39 on the weekends, which I will work one weekend day.  So now what???

Do I give up the comfort of my home for a guaranteed paycheck and work in a cubical typing radiology notes for 8 hours a day?  UGH!  Tough to have such choices in this economy. 

Any insight or thoughts on this?  I do have young children, but they spend a lot of time at grandma's while I work anyway.


I've worked in-house and at home ....
I find that even when you're in-house, with the nature of the job, there's no time for chit-chat.  When I worked in-house we had production minimums and there was incentive to earn if you produced, so who has time to talk?  I'm with you.  I'm happy being here in my comfy clothing without all that aggravation.  Let is snow, I don't have to drive in it!
Along the same line, does anyone do coding at home or only in house? Does it pay well? nm
My 3 sons are eating me outta house and home too! :) NM
Majority of the jobs seem to be in-house. Never could find an at-home job that way. nm
Answer is get out of the house. Gym, dances, Home Depot.